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My Bitch Sister

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Becca was a true and utter cunt. I consider myself a nice guy, and a gentleman at that, but when it came down to it there was no other way to describe her. Let me back up and explain what’s led me to lose my cool like this.

I’m a senior in high school. I’m pretty young for my grade, and turned 18 at the end of the year. Between being a pretty scrawny guy, and worrying more about my grades than my peers, I’m considered a pretty big geek.

I’m not too worried about it though, because I’ve gotten a scholarship to Yale and deep down I know that people there will look beyond the fact that I’m not rippling with muscles or 8 feet tall. In the meantime, it kind of blows though. I haven’t had much sexual experience…well, none outside of a girl that I dated for a year. But I’m not here to talk about that.

I am here to talk about the other sexual experiences I’ve had: Becca. Becca is my sister, and is the total opposite of me. She’s over six feet tall, and is an intimidating woman. Her athletic frame is matched with pretty large breasts, and though she has a pretty face she’s kind of a bitch, and it makes her pretty imposing. Boys and girls alike in school tended to yield to her, she’s an alpha female, if you will.

She’s also really unlike me in that she’s dumb as a bag of rocks. Becca barely graduated, and college wasn’t even a thought for her. Despite being 23, she’s still living at home with my parents. She works as a clerk at some fashionable store at the mall, selling skinny jeans to bitchy teens. She parties every night and has no real prospects for the future. I can’t emphasize how different we actually are, but the night that everything started is a pretty good example…

I was up late in my room reading a physics textbook. Despite doing very well in my classes, I wanted to get a head start on some of my college classes next fall. Becca always complained that the light coming from the crack of my door bothered her, so I had to read with a small clip-on reading light that also served as bookmark. There was no way she could see light from my room, but I didn’t have the energy or balls to argue it.

Despite the clock saying it was 2 A.M. I was wide awake. I thought about going downstairs to get some soda when I heard Becca come in. I could wait; I wasn’t thirsty enough to warrant an encounter with drunken Becca.

I heard giggling and extra footsteps as she stumbled up the stairs and past my doorway. We were the only two bedrooms on the top floor, my parents’ master bedroom was on the main floor. This happened surprisingly frequently: Becca would come home drunk with some random guy, give him a sloppy fuck, and then send him packing in the middle of the night.

No matter how I tried to time it, I never saw the guy in the house. I always wondered what kinds of guys she was bringing home, and could only see them as they walked down the driveway an hour or two after arriving. Becca was an objectively attractive girl, and I imagine she had her pick of the pack when she went out to bars. I secretly shuddered as I thought about my girlfriend being attractive and having sex with boys, and went back to my textbook.

I heard Becca’s door close as they went back to her bedroom. She was usually pretty quiet, but tonight she must have been especially drunk. I groaned as I knew what I was in for…a long night of hearing Becca’s sex sounds while I tried to study. It was pretty rude, not to mention undignified.

My physics book beckoned as I heard Becca go through the routines. Our headboards shared a wall, and I unfortunately knew too much about her sex life. First started the familiar slurping as I realized she was giving him head. I’d gotten a couple blowjobs before, and never really understood the appeal. Sure, it felt good…but not good enough to warrant all of the fuss people made about it. Maybe the girl just wasn’t good at it, I don’t know.

I started rooting around for my desk to look for my headphones. I tried not to make a lot of noise, because if Becca knew I was awake she’d get pissed at me and call me a perv for still being awake. As I started to open my desk drawers, I heard Becca burst out laughing. That was a new sound; I figured by now she’d be fucking him senseless.

“Shut up!” I heard the guy boom, too loud for this late at night.

“Oh my god, it’s so small!” Becca was making fun of this guy’s cock.

I felt bad, but also kind of intrigued. Having limited sexual experience, I saw most of the dicks I’d seen in porn, and knew that was hardly realistic. I figured my 6-inch penis was modest, but probably not huge. What if she was laughing at this guy’s 6-incher though?

Suddenly I felt really insecure. Becca had a way of getting under my skin, even if it pertained to something I didn’t know or care about. Before I knew it, I was tip-toeing to my door. I wanted to peek.

I’m not sure why, but some force was driving me to see this guy’s dick. Maybe that sounds like a gay thing, but it was entirely kağıthane escort an issue of insecurity and validation. I wanted to know how small he was, and if I was small too. I figured Becca and her suitor were too drunk to notice a Peeping Tom in the crack of the door.

I crept to the door and slowly turned the knob, waiting to hear a break in their conversation. They were bickering back and forth, and Becca was still laughing, more rambunctious than she was before. She was clearly more drunk than usual.

“Jesus Christ, you told me you were hung!”

“Well, I kind of am…” the guy was holding a pillow over his dick. At that point I probably could have left, it’s not like he was going to flaunt it.

“No, you’re not, Chad.” She held her hands on her hips, and I realized she was totally naked from the waist down. I guessed that the slurping sound I’d heard was Chad going down on her, because her vagina and thighs were glistening as though they were wet. “That’s the most pathetic dick I’ve ever seen.”

“It just needs to get hard!” Becca crossed her arms cynically. “Seriously, just…fluff me up a bit, you’ll see!” Becca approached him on the bed and stood between us, blocking my view. She got down on her knees and moved the pillow off his lap, bobbing her head up and down in tiny motions on Chad’s flaccid cock.

I felt my own cock starting to harden at the sight of this guy getting blown. I tried to keep my eyes off my sister’s sculpted ass as her body moved slightly with every bob of her head. “Well?” she asked as she took a break.

“Keep going,” he said as he pushed her head back onto her cock. “Yeahhh, just like that…” I slowly rubbed my cock as I watched my sister blow this guy through a crack in the doorway. Suddenly she stopped and looked up at him.

“Ok, it’s rock hard and it’s still tiny Chad. I don’t have time for this shit.” She leaned over and cracked her neck in discomfort, revealing Chad’s bright red dick. It WAS tiny. It must have been two or three inches, and thin as a pencil. I suddenly felt like a horse, watching this handsome, chiseled man shamefully cover his little prick.

“Fucking bitch,” he spat as he pulled his jeans over his dick and started to zip up. “Just as well, I probably would’ve gotten hepatitis or something from your ass.”

“Fuck off,” she shooed him toward the door. Realizing my compromising position, I quickly sprang back to my room and quietly shut the door. I clenched myself against it, hoping that I hadn’t been seen or heard. Chad stormed down the stairs and out to his car, and I called it a night.

The next morning, my parents and I sat at the breakfast table. It was a Saturday, and Becca had to work, but she was sleeping in of course. “Can you pass the orange juice, Ma?”

“Sure, sweetie.” My mother was a sweet woman, and I’ll never understand how Becca came from her. I clearly got my build from her, as we were both short and wiry.

“Someone wake her up,” my Dad barked from behind his newspaper. My Dad and I both had no patience for Becca. If my Mom didn’t have the patience of a saint, Dad would’ve kicked her out a long time ago. “She’s going to be late for work again, and God help her if she loses another job…”

“Oh honey, she’s just a kid.” I rolled my eyes at my Mom. “Dave, will you do it?”

“Sure,” I grumbled. I didn’t want to go do it, but Becca never got up unless it was me or my Dad…and Mom didn’t want that. I pushed my chair back and started to trudge up the stairs, afraid of awakening the dragon. “Becca?” I knocked on her door.

No response.

“Becca?” I tried again and waited, figuring I had to go in. “I’m coming in,” I called out as I opened the door, covering my eyes. I looked and saw Becca lying in bed on her stomach. A huge drool stain pooled from her mouth onto her pillow and sheets. She was wearing a tank top and a pair of pastel yellow panties. They hugged her shapely ass and caught the light coming through the window, and I felt a twitch in my pants. “Becca!” I shouted.

“Ugh, what?”

“You need to get up,” I tried to say over her groans. She was clearly in one of the most miserable hangovers I’d seen.

“God, tequila is not my drink…” I forced an awkward chuckle. “I don’t even remember getting home last night.”

“You don’t remember coming home? Or how you got here?”

“No,” she sat up and squinted at the sunlight. “Why, did something happen?”

“No,” I quickly responded. “You just fell coming up the stairs.” I was trying not to stare, but I could see her tits through the side of her tank top. It was loose-fitting, and her tits were enormous. It was taking all of my willpower to keep from getting caught. Just last night I’d seen her ass and pussy too, I was starting to get a little horny at the memory of it.

“I did?” she wiped the crust from her eyes. “That explains the pain,”

“Oh?” I was sort of surprised to hear she’d hurt herself, considering that kartal escort I totally made up the stair thing.

“Yeah,” she swung her legs off the bed and put her elbows on her knees. She was bending down and staring at her feet like she was going to puke, but unknowingly giving me a wonderful view of her full cleavage. My cock started to grow to full length as I tried to turn my pelvis to conceal it. “I wouldn’t expect you to understand, since you’re a loser,” she scoffed and looked up at me. My eyes shot up to meet hers. “But booze does that. You wake up not remembering what you did or why you’re hurting. Happens to me all the time.”

“All the time?”

“Yes, Dave. That’s what happens when you have friends and go partying. You drink, you black out, who knows what happens. The next morning you rally and make it through a day of work, then go out and do it again.”

“Well, that sounds dangerous.” My mind was racing as I realized that my sister probably didn’t remember any of her late-night callers. How many dudes had she banged while blacked out? How much cum had she swallowed and never remembered? “I can’t imagine not knowing what happened for an entire night.”

“Well that’s cause you’re a dork,” she stood up and waved me out of the room. “You don’t understand anything fun. Get out of here, I need to get ready for work.”

I shrugged and walked away, closing the door. I left it ajar, standing around outside for a minute to peek again at her body. My cock stood at attention again at the sight of her removing her tank top. Her back was to me as she dug through her closet to get a towel and shower, but I could see the sides of her tits. She stripped off her panties and I was reacquainted with her beautiful, round ass. Even though she was a lean girl, she had a thick ass that jutted out like a shelf from her hips.

I bolted back to my room, feeling like my cock was going to tear out of my pants. Within a minute I had a wad of tissues ready in one hand, my eager cock in the other. I furiously pumped my fist up and down on my cock, thinking about Becca’s body. She was such a bitch, but she had a gorgeous pair of tits. I wish my old girlfriend Lizzy had tits like those. I imagined squeezing and licking them, and sliding my cock in between them.

That may sound weird, but I was still picturing my ex-girlfriend…just with nicer tits. My sister’s tits. And after a minute, my sister’s ass. My hand was flying back and forth over my dick, and all I could picture was those tits bouncing up and down while I pumped. I was even picturing Becca’s pussy. The sight of it soaking wet last night was stuck in my mind, plus it was the first time in a long time I’d seen a pussy in real life.

Before long, I was full-on masturbating to Becca. It felt weird, but I didn’t care. I felt the pressure starting to build up in my balls, but I cringed as I heard footsteps approach my door. “Fuck,” I thought. I had a spotless track record in terms of not getting caught masturbating. I should have just put my cock back in my sweatpants, but I felt like my balls were going to burst if I let go. I heard the doorknob turn just as I passed the point of no return, and cum started shooting out all over my arm and hand, missing the tissues. “Shit!” I struggled to put my cock away, but it was too late.

“Hey Dave, I just wanted to — ” Becca walked in, wrapped in a towel, to see me holding a tissue and what was clearly cum all over my arm. She started laughing and I put the wad behind me.

“What are you doing in here?!”

“What are you doing?” She kept laughing, trying to peek around me and see what I was holding. “Scratch that, it’s pretty obvious,” I was mortified as she turned around and started to head back out. “I was going to ask if you wanted a ride to the mall with me when I go to work, but it’s pretty clear that you’ve got all the friends you need right here.”

“Fuck,” I thought. That was embarrassing.

As the day went on, I stopped beating myself up about the whole Becca thing. She probably assumed I masturbated anyways, I’m an 18-year old guy. It’s no secret. Plus, she didn’t see anything, so I figured it could’ve been a lot worse. I knew she wouldn’t tell my parents or anything, because she knew I had a ton of dirt on her.

I had the house to myself while my parents were out furniture shopping, and found myself pretty bored. I would’ve liked to go to the mall, if the car ride wouldn’t have been so embarrassing. Still feeling kind of horny, I wandered into Becca’s room.

She could’ve just walked out. She didn’t have to laugh and make jokes about me jerking it, or point out how lonely of a person I was. So I didn’t fuck a different person every night, that makes me a bad person? I was proud not to be a whore, and the more I steamed about it, the more I embraced my anger towards her.

I started rooting around in her hamper, looking for panties. I found a few pairs, and started to hold them up to my küçükçekmece escort face to see which ones still smelled like her. The yellow ones from this morning had a strong scent coming off of them, and I felt my dick harden as the primal parts of me roiled up. I sat at her desk and started playing with her computer, slowly stroking my dick with her panties.

“Let’s see what you’re up to, you fucking bitch.” I went through her picture folders, hoping to find something good. There were some shots of her kissing guys and girls, and a few of her squeezing her cleavage together in low-cut tops. Nothing great though. I dug around and still couldn’t find any sex pics or videos, and sat back to sniff her panties some more.

Then her email chirped. She’d gotten a response from her friend Laura, to an email entitled “omg dave.” I opened it up and dropped her panties at what I saw. She’d emailed Laura right after walking in on me jerking off!

This was bullshit. The email detailed how she walked in and found me “plastered in my own cum.” She said that she knew I was a loser, but didn’t realize that I sat around masturbating all day. She and Laura had exchanged a few messages back and forth, with Laura being an even bigger bitch and saying that “she knew all along that I was a pathetic loser.”

I was livid. I hated Laura, and always had, but for some reason I was disappointed in Becca for sharing such an embarrassing moment. If she had a shred of social grace she would have kept it to herself, but that’s not Becca. My cock dropped instantly as I thought about Becca and Laura laughing at me with their friends, a few of whom I’d had a crush on since I was younger. I truly was a loser. Downtrodden, I put her panties back in the hamper and stormed back to my room.

The rest of the night was bad for me. Mom and Dad’s anniversary were coming up, and they always got touchy and gross. Luckily, it was late and they were in their bedroom downstairs, so I didn’t have to witness anything after the dinner-time gropefest.

I spent that Saturday night the way I spent most of them: alone, reading, and miserable. I buried my head in the books, figuring that I was better off if I stuck to something I could understand and master. Nothing to judge me or make me feel insecure, just facts.

I was still fuming though. The worst part about the whole situation was that there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t tell on Becca for betraying me without incriminating myself for jerking off. I couldn’t confront her about it, because she’d just make me feel more miserable. As always, I was totally powerless.

My watch beeped to indicate that 3 A.M. had rolled around, and Becca still hadn’t returned yet. I was sort of relieved; usually if she wasn’t home by now she was staying at a friend’s house or something. Unfortunately, I heard the front door a few minutes later as Becca started her trek upstairs.

The footsteps were loud and uneven, and it sounded like she was alone. I unconsciously clenched my fist into a ball, still pissed at her. I could embarrass her too, but she knew I never would. I could tell everyone how big of a whore she was. Or point out the obvious: how big of a failure she was. She thought she was so pretty, so smart, so popular…and what has she done with her life? All she apparently did was black out every night and teleport home.

That’s when the most dangerous thought occurred to me. She blacked out. A lot. I could do all sorts of shit to scare her. My mind started racing at ways to pay her back. I could leave her hand in water and she’d pee herself. Wait, what was I, 8 years old? I could leave a broken condom next to her and freak her out. I could take pictures and put them on the internet.

I made the familiar creep to Becca’s room and tapped on the door to see if she was awake. “Becca?”

“Ngh,” she grunted back at me.

“Are you okay?”

“Mhmm,” she gargled back at me. She was absolutely hammered. “I just need to go home,”

“Ok,” I played along and gently closed the door behind me as I entered the room. She was ass naked, lying on her stomach on her bed. “Why do you need to go home?”

“To sleep,” she mumbled. This was priceless. I thought about going to get my camera to record it, but I was frozen at the sight of her buck naked, only a few feet away from me. She rolled over to face away from me, her tits swaying as she clumsily tried to kick her sheets down. It was a pretty hot night, and her fan was off.

I felt my cock hard as a rock again, and looked down at her body. The moonlight came through the window and made her pale skin almost glow. She had a very pretty complexion, and it was ass if the night was highlighting her body in the dark room. “Becca?” She didn’t answer.

“Well shit,” I thought. There was no use recording her if she wasn’t saying stupid stuff. I let my eyes take in more of her as I got closer. I was standing over her bed now, stroking my dick as I neared.

Her body was so perfect. I wished she wasn’t my sister, and that she wasn’t such a bitch. If only I’d dated a girl like her, I would’ve felt like a million bucks. I probably wouldn’t have been such a nerd, such a late bloomer in life. I was fully masturbating as I hovered over my sister now, my eyes glued to her ass.

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