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My Cousin Julie Ch. 02

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I was bolted out of sleep when something wet fell on to my face. “Come on, sleepy-head, wake-up!” Julie giggled. “I showered over forty-five minutes ago, but you’ve been out like a light! I’m heading inside for breakfast, and if you don’t hurry I’ll go out of my way to make sure there’s nothing left for you.” I pulled her wet bath towel off my face just in time to catch a glimpse of Julie scampering downstairs, presumably to head inside for whatever breakfast Grandma had prepared for us.

Grateful to have some alone time, I walked into the bathroom and shed my clothes, turning the shower on full blast. The activities from last night raced through my mind and I still couldn’t imagine I had made out with my cousin. Hell, if she wasn’t my cousin I would have gone a lot further than making out, but being related to her was making everything more complicated. As I continued to bathe and think about last night my dick began to swell up, but I didn’t have time to jack off if I was going to have anything for breakfast. I finished up and dried off, ignoring the raging hard-on between my legs. After toweling off I pulled on fresh clothes and hurried to the main house to grab some food.

True to her word, Julie had helped herself and then fed the leftover sausage to the dog. She stuck her tongue out at me as I walked in and held out the last sausage link, making the Labrador’s tail run at fifty miles an hour as it scarfed it down. “You snooze you lose, cuz,” Julie teased, then walked through the door into the living room. Even though I was upset and starving I didn’t want to push my luck any further; I grabbed a packet of Pop Tarts and sat at the table.

After sitting through an hour of boring conversation and Julie constantly teasing me I decided I had had enough and needed to go for a run, so I headed out the front door and took off. There was fresh snow on the ground and it was bone-chilling outside, but I just needed time to think so the cold wasn’t the slightest concern. Of course my day got worse when some moron driving by sprayed me with snow, sleet, and salty water from the road–I was soaked and freezing. Shivering I rushed back and headed right to the garage so I could change into something dry.

I stripped off my clothes and climbed into the shower and just let the hot water run over me, trying to warm up. While trying to get my body temperature back to a somewhat normal level I worked on washing the sludge off my body. After a few minutes I was warm and clean, so I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower to dry off. While running the towel through my hair I headed back into the living area to get dressed and noticed Julie’s laptop sitting out. I realized the transmitter had kicked on, so I figured I might as well check my e-mail and plopped down in front of the laptop.

When I clicked off the screen-saver I didn’t find myself staring at some unicorn desktop background, but a porn site, specifically one geared toward girls being dominated. This site has page after page of women handcuffed, chained, blindfolded, and gagged. The girls were defiled in every way imaginable, with dildoes and vibrators forced into every hole and sheets of cum covering the strained bodies. I realized that ucuz escort despite her good girl image, my cousin had a dirty little fetish. I decided I’d have to use that new found knowledge of her to embarrass her that evening and closed the window, but what I saw next was even more shocking.

Julie was apparently a writer and working on a story about a young girl heading off to college on her own, but ran into one sexual mishap after another. She went into elaborate detail about how this poor girl (who just happened to be named Julie as well) was dominated, controlled, and violated in every way imaginable. The more I read the harder I got and I think I doubled in hardness when I reminded myself that my innocent cousin was the author of this depraved work. Since she was writing using Google Docs I used her GMail account to forward myself a copy of her story, knowing that she’d never be able to deny the origin (bless Google and their data retention).

As I was about to sign out of her e-mail I found one last gem waiting for me. Julie had sent a friend from her junior college a letter describing making out with me last night and revealed that she loved it. Apparently she had only planned on a quick kiss to shock me, but after she started she didn’t know how to stop. The teasing this morning had even been a rouse designed to get me out of the house so Julie could run back up here and finger herself silly!

I forwarded the e-mail to myself and finished getting dressed. I knew I had Julie over a barrel, but I hadn’t figured out exactly how I was going to deal with her just yet. I smiled to myself and went back inside the house, content that I’d think of something when the time was right.


The ladies again prepared an incredible dinner, and this time Julie didn’t have a chance to keep me from eating. She did spend the entire meal teasing me and trying to get under my skin, but with the new knowledge I had on her nothing was going to bother me tonight. Even though I’m not much of a drinker, I decided to indulge a bit (mostly to calm my nerves when I confronted my cousin later). After finishing the meal, I excused myself and went back to the loft to wait for Julie.

She came up about 20 minutes later to find me laying on my mattress, already changed for bed. “Geez, Bill. You only had a beer and a little bit of champaign and you’re already exhausted?”

“Look, Jules, I don’t know what your problem is. You’ve been a total bitch to me all day for no reason at all.”

She glared at me. “You shoved your tongue in my mouth last night, Bill. That’s not exactly something most cousins do together.”

I returned her glare. “Maybe, but most girls don’t write erotic stories about being used by every male they come across. Or enjoy porn about women being used as nothing more than cheap sex objects. Or sneak up here to masturbate because they made out with their cousin.”

The color drained from her face, and for the first time I saw my cousin vulnerable. “Bill, how did you–“

“You left your computer out, Julie. You even stayed signed in to Google, so I have copies of your e-mails and erotica stories.”

The little bit of color left drained ümraniye escort from her face. “Bill, what do you want? You have to delete those right now! You’ll ruin my life if any of that gets out!”

I sat up and walked over, stopping right in front of her. I stared down at her, directly into her eyes while Julie looked up at me, eyes wide and filled with fear. I opened my mouth, planning on telling her to just stop being a bitch and I’d never release anything. Before I could get a syllable out, Julie threw her arms around my neck and shoved her tongue in my mouth. She pushed me back on my mattress and quickly scurried on top of me, immediately sliding her tongue back in my mouth once she was close enough. Julie’s tongue pierced into my mouth, massaging my own and poking into every corner. As my arms slid behind her back I reached down and shoved my hands down her pants, directly on her firm ass. I squeezed and she moaned.

After a few more minutes of passionate kissing, she pulled away and looked in my eyes. “I know you like this too, Bill. I’ll be nicer to you and we can do this every night before bed during this trip. The mornings too if you want! Just please keep those e-mails private. I’ll do anything!”

At the last sentence my rock hard cock twitched. I don’t know if it was the fact that I had something to drink, my hot cousin was offering limited use of her body, or some combination of the two, but I decided to try my luck and go for a hand job. I grabbed her hand and pulled it to the bulge in my shorts–Julie tried to flinch back when she touched it but I held her hand firm.

“If we make out like this I’m going to keep getting hard ons, Julie. It wouldn’t be very nice of you to get me all hot and bothered, so you better be willing to deal with anything that ‘pops up’ because of our sessions. Get to it or I’m grabbing my phone and forwarding those e-mails to Aunt Sarah and Uncle Joe right now.”

Julie lowered her head in defeat. “Bill, I’ve never done this before, not with any of the guys I’ve dated.”

I knew she was trying to guilt me, but the liquid courage was paying off. “This isn’t a negotiation, it’s terms of surrender. Get to it or I’m grabbing my phone.”

Sighing in defeat, Julie slid down my body and slipped her fingers in the waist band of my shorts. I raised my hips so she could tug them off more easily, exposing my rock hard cock to her. Now I’m nothing too special–only about seven inches, but knowing I was going to be the first cock her hands touched chased any concerns out of my head. Then my gorgeous cousin lowered her head and took my dick into her mouth.

My eyes shot open with surprise, but I realized my cousin had assumed I wanted her to suck me off–this night was getting better rand better. I slipped a hand around the back of her head and pulled her further down on my cock causing her to gag slightly. I eased up, but kept the pressure and forced her to slowly bob her head on my rigid member. Julie’s technique was pretty bad, but since I was her first I wasn’t going to worry too much–there would be plenty of time for lessons throughout the week.

Even though her technique was sloppy, two days without an orgasm üniversiteli öğrenci escort was taking its toll and her mouth was warm and wet; I held her head in place and shot torrent after torrent of sperm into her mouth. Julie tried to moan something and pull away, but my hand kept her in place. “Swallow,” I growled. Julie stopped her resisting and I felt her start swallowing my seed. I held her head in place while she gently sucked on my deflating cock, only letting her off when I felt the last bit of sticky cum wiped away by her soft tongue. I looked her in the eyes and said, “Alright, Julie. Time to lose your clothes.”

Julie sobbed a bit (no tears though, so I think she was faking) and began slowing disrobing. First she lost her t-shirt, then the shorts, but she seemed reluctant to go any further. I was about to growl at her when I noticed the massive wet spot in the front of her panties and smiled. “Looks like you enjoyed this almost as much as me, Jules.” Her face instantly went a deep shade of crimson and she turned away from me to avoid my gaze.

I stood up and walked over to her, turning her chin so she was forced to look into my eyes. “Lose the bra, then lie down on your mattress. I’ll let you keep your panties on tonight as long as you follow my instructions.” I figured if I pushed hard enough I could get her completely naked, but as long as she was enjoying it too I assumed biding my time would pay off in the long run. Realizing it was hopeless, Julie reached behind and released the clasp on her bra, revealing two small globes with very erect pink nipples. She slowly walked to her bed and laid down on her back.

“It’s not fair that I got to orgasm, but you’re still wet and horny. I want you to enjoy this as much as I do, so start masturbating.” Julie started to protest but I cut her off. “You’re going to have an orgasm tonight one way or another. If you’d rather I do the job I’d be happy to, but if you want to keep those panties on you better have your hands down your panties in the next three seconds.” Julie’s right hand instantly shot between her legs and based on the movement under her panties I knew she was going to town.

I watched her for a few minutes, enjoying the sight of my cousin pleasuring herself because she got horny blowing me. Her eyes were closed and her head was turned to her left shoulder. Her right hand was still busy in her panties and her left was slowly massaging her raised nipples. I wrapped my hand around my cock, once again hard as steel; I began slowly masturbating.

I could tell by her moans she was getting close so I increased my pace. Julie arched her back, moaned loudly, and raised her hips off the ground–that motion put me over the top and a stream of sperm flew from the tip of my dick and landed on her face. Julie opened her eyes in shock, only to watch another spurt land on her left breast while the last few drops dripped to her belly. I kneeled down and wiped the tip of my dick on each nipple, leaving a small amount of cum on each. I looked her in the eyes.

“You’re going to sleep just like that tonight. I don’t want you changing your clothing at all and you’ll leave my cum on you all night. If you wake up before me I want your lips around my cock–you’ll blow me awake.” I bent over and pressed my lips against hers, roughly shoving my tongue in her mouth. “Good night, Julie.” I turned off the light, and went to bed, leaving my cousin still speechless, covered in cum, and horrified. Little did she know, we were just getting started.

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