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My Ex Girlfriend Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

Well, here it is. The long awaited chapter 3 of the My Ex Girlfriend series. Sorry it took me so long to write it, but my life is pretty busy and I don’t have much time to write.

Please note that this chapter follows directly from chapters 1 and 2. I recommend you read those before starting on this chapter.

English is not my first Language so it is possible there are a few mistakes in grammar. All characters are 18 or older.


It seemed to me as if I had been asleep for only a few minutes before I was rudely awakened by a female voice.

“Wake up!” she said while she was shaking me. I wondered who she was. And what was she doing in my bedroom?

“Jason, you have to wake up now!” she said and shook me harder.

“It’s no use. When he’s this far gone there’s only one way to wake him up,” another female voice said. Why the hell were there 2 women in my bedroom? And why was it so important to them that I woke up?

The next thing I felt was ice cold water splashing on my face and I immediately sat upright. I was about to curse the person who did it, but before I could a hand blocked my mouth so only some soft mumbling came out.

“See, now he’s with us again,” Dianne said and then I remembered everything. I wasn’t at home in my bedroom, I had fallen asleep in Dianne’s room with her and her sister Allison after a fantastic fuck session with both of them.

“Listen Jason,” Allison said. “You have to get dressed and go home right now! It’s already 2:30 AM!”

If the ice cold water hadn’t completely woke me up yet, that statement certainly did. “What?!” I exclaimed. “2:30 AM?! What time are your parents supposed to come home?”

“About 2 hours ago,” Dianne said. “But we got a call on our cell 5 minutes ago that they had missed their train and had to wait for the next one which came 2 hours later, but that they should be home any minute. That’s why you have to leave right now! They can’t come home to find a boy in my room at 2:30 at night or they’ll flip!”

I knew she was right. Dianne’s parents were nice people and they liked me, but they were very strict about the ‘no sex before marriage’ thing and would NOT accept me being in their house at 2:30 AM.

“You’re right,” I said. So I got dressed as quickly as I could and saw the girls put on a long T-shirt they usually wore at night. I gave each girl a quick kiss on the lips which they returned before I went downstairs and left the house.

Once I got home, I went to my room and was asleep as soon as I got in bed.


The next morning I woke up at 11 which was much later than usual for me but then, last night had been pretty exhausting. I went downstairs and ate breakfast. My parents had left Friday evening for a weekend away which they deserved in my opinion, leaving the house just for me.

After breakfast I got dressed and tidied up the house a bit before my friends came for the poker game we had every other week. Usually we played at Joe’s place because it was bigger, but since my parents were away, we decided to have it here.

Joe arrived at 12:30 which was half an hour earlier then I expected. “Hey man,” he greeted when I opened the door.

“Hey,” I said. “You’re early,”

“Yeah, I decided to come by early so the beer can get cold before the others get here,” he said showing me the crate he brought.

“Good thinking. Come on in. You know the way,” I said.

“So,” Joe said after a while when we were waiting for the others to arrive. “Had any more dates with your mystery girl lately?”

“Yeah, yesterday as a matter of fact,”

“Really?” he said grinning. “How did it go?”

“It was fine, although the movie sucked,” I replied.

“You know that’s not what I meant,”

“Yeah, I know,”

“What is it with you lately? You’ve been happier and more depressed then I’ve ever seen you. I know it’s got something to do with you date cause that’s when it started. What is it? Is she beating you up or something?” he asked.

“No, it’s nothing like that,” I said

“Then what?”

I wanted to tell him. I wanted to tell him that I not only had a date with 2 girls, but that I had also fucked both of them. But how do you tell that to somebody? And the fact the girls were sisters didn’t make it any easier. As far as I knew, incest was still a taboo and illegal. Add to that the fact the girls parents would never accept sex before marriage and I was in quite a pickle.

“It is very complicated,” I said after a while. “It will take some time to explain the situation,”

“Well,” he said “I’m not exactly in a hurry. Besides, it’s obvious you need to talk to somebody about what’s going on. Talk to me,”

“I will, but not right now. Bill and Scott will be here shortly,”

“Alright,” Joe said.

And as it turned out not 5 minutes later, Bill and Scott walked in.

“I hope you’re ready to lose some money,” Bill said with confidence when he arrived before we all burst out laughing. Bill always had luck with the ladies, with sports and even in school he did better maltepe escort then most, but when it came to poker he was terrible.

Even though we played poker, it was more for fun, then for profit and so we all pooled in 5 bucks and the one with the most chips after 5 hours got all of it. We made the time limit of 5 hours cause we didn’t want the game to go on till deep in the night.

It turned out Scott was lucky today cause he won and to celebrate, he bought pizza for all of us. We ate and the guys went home at 7 PM with the exception of Joe cause he offered to help clean up the house. An offer which I gladly accepted. Cleaning up was always a bitch.

“So…” Joe said after a while. “You gonna tell me about the situation with your girl or what?”

I knew he was gonne bring this up sooner or later and had decided on a good approach to tell him. Just be straight.

“First of all, it’s not ‘girl’ but ‘girls’,” I told him.

“Oh okay,” Joe said but about a second later he froze up as my statement suddenly hit him. He turned around and stared at me dumb struck for a few seconds. “Did you just say girls? As in plural?”

“Yeah,” I said. I couldn’t help but grin as I saw the expression on Joe’s face.

“Fuck!” Joe exclaimed “Two girls at the same time?! Fuck! And Bill keeps talking about you not getting lucky. Fuck! How the hell did this happen?!”

So I gave him the short version of what had happened and his expression changed from shock to anger to envy.

“Fuck!” Joe said explaining his thoughts in one word. “Well Jason, of all the things I imagined, this was not one of them. You’re fucking 2 girls at the same time, they happily participate, and are even willing to do each other. On top of that, they’re sisters which makes it incredibly hot! Most guys would kill to be in your place right now. So what is the problem man?” he finally asked.

“The problem is that I’m not sure how they think of me,” I explained. “Are they serious about me or do they think I’m just a fun toy? And if they are serious, how is it gonna work out? Do they wanna marry me some day? How would we tell our parents? Polygamy isn’t exactly a normal situation, or at least not in our country. Or what if they force me to chose between them? Or what if-“

“Whoa, calm down there buddy, before your head explodes,” Joe interrupted. “Listen, thinking ahead is one thing, but you’re talking about years from now. How long have you been together? Two weeks? They are not even thinking about that now. They just wanna have some fun. If, at some point in the future these things come up, then you can worry about it. But for now, just have fun,”

I thought about what he said and realised that he was right. Why the hell was I worrying about things that would come up years from now? “I guess you’re right Joe,” I said. “Thanks for the advice,”

“No problem buddy. That’s what friends are for,” he said.


Cleaning took about half an hour and when we were done, we talked for a bit more before he had to go home. I took a quick shower before I called Dianne.

“Hey,” she said after she picked up.

“Hey,” I said in return.

“Sorry about kicking you out last night, but if our parents had caught us…” she began.

“I know,” I interrupted. “We would have had trouble if they did that. It’s fine. I’m not angry or anything,”

“Oh good,” she said sounding relived.

“Hey! Why didn’t you call me to say Jason was on the phone?” I suddenly heard a familiar voice say. She sounded like she was standing in the hallway.

“Hello Allison,” I said.

“Hi,” she replied now much closer to the phone. “Are you still mad at us for kicking you out?”

“What? I was never mad at you,” I said.

“Oh really?” Allison said with a hint of disappointment in her voice. “That’s to bad. Cause if you were, I know a great way to make you forgive us,”

“You horny slut!” Dianne laughed.

“That’s me,” Allison replied happily.

“Well…” I began. “Maybe I am a little mad for that glass of water in my face,” I said causing giggle from both the girls.

“Yeah right! You just want to know what we would do to you!” Dianne said.

“Can you blame me?” I asked playfully.

“No, we can’t, ” Allison said. “Hmm, tell you what, come by tomorrow at 7 and we’ll show you. Deal?”


“Yeah, I know a way to get Dianne to help me,” Allison said. “You know how ‘convincing’ I can be,” I groaned knowing what she meant by that.

“Yeah okay. I’ll be there,” I said.

We talked for a few more minutes before they had to go and hung up. I spent the rest of the evening playing a few computer games but went to bed early since the buzz of alcohol wasn’t making it easy to stay awake.


The next morning I woke up at 10, earlier than the previous morning, but still much later then I usually did. My head was protesting against getting up but I knew I had to, so I went downstairs to eat breakfast and just as I sat down, my parents came home.

“Hey mecidiyeköy escort honey,” my mom said.

“Hey mom. How was the weekend?”

“Oh, it was great. Just 2 full days of doing nothing and 2 night of non-stop fucking,”

“MOM!” I exclaimed.

“What honey? You don’t think your father and I still fuck?” she said grinning. “Well let me tell you something, your father is one big stud!”

“Not to mention you’re still the little slut dear,” my father said as he walked in.

“JESUS! I’m gonna go to the gym. I don’t need to hear all the details of my parents sex life,” I said as a grabbed my stuff and left.

“Well, I guess that means we have the house to ourselves for another couple hours. Hmm, what shall we do?” I heard my mother ask before I closed the door. I vowed not to come back home until dinner.


Time flies when you try to forget your parents sexual activities. Okay, not really. It was pretty much the longest day in my life. Not only because pictures of my parents having sex kept popping up in my head, but also because I couldn’t wait until 7 when I would be going to Dianne’s place again. I couldn’t wait to be with her and Allison again. God, I got hard just thinking about it.

When I got home around six I was relieved to find my parents had prepared dinner and didn’t mention their sexual escapes anymore. So after dinner and catching up a little with my parents, I took a quick shower before I left to meet the girls.

When I arrived there around 7:00, Allison opened the door not long after I rang. “We’ve been waiting for you,” she said.

“Hello to you too Allison,” I said. She was wearing a T-shirt that showed off all her curves and a skirt that came halfway to her knees. She looked absolutely stunning.

She pulled me inside and gave me a deep kiss once the door was closed. A kiss which I happily returned.

“Why do you keep hogging my boyfriend?” I heard Dianne say giggling from my left. I broke the kiss and looked at her. She was wearing a simple red dress that made her look beautiful. The smile on her face would melt the polar ice in a heartbeat. She walked up to me and gave me a kiss as deep as Allison did.

“Come on, we promised you we’d make it up to you,” Dianne said with a horny grin.

“And you call me a horny slut!” Allison said.

“I never said I wasn’t one,” Dianne shot back.

So, we went up to Dianne’s room and once there, Dianne dropped to her knees and started tugging on my pants. When she got them off she immediately put my semi-hard dick in her mouth and started sucking while Allison put her arms around my neck and gave me another deep kiss.

It didn’t take long before my dick was fully hard with 2 beautiful girls willing to fuck me. I had no idea why I was so lucky, but I thanked the heavens for sending them to me.

“Oh God!” I groaned when Dianne took almost my whole dick in her mouth and throat.

“You like that?” Allison asked. “I thought her how to deep throat yesterday with a cucumber. I figured you might like that,”

I did like it. The sensations I felt while my dick was in her throat is something I’ll never be able to describe. I briefly wondered where Allison learned how to deep throat but at that moment, it didn’t matter to me that much.

Dianne kept my dick in her throat for a little while longer before she let go of my dick and came up for air. “I’m sorry for throwing that glass of water in your face last night, so to make it up, I want you to splash everything you got in my face,” she said before she resumed sucking.

“Yeah, do it!” Allison whispered hotly in my ear. “Come all over that slut’s face. Drown my big sister in cum!”

With the sucking of Dianne and all the dirty talking of Allison I wasn’t far from cumming. “Oh God! Here it cums!” I yelled before I took my dick out of her mouth and started spurting my load all over her beautiful face.

It went everywhere. On her cheeks, lips, eyes, breasts and even her hair. When I was finally done, she was a total mess. It looked like at least 2 or 3 guys blew their load on her face. I never knew I could produce that much cum before.

Click! We suddenly heard. It was then I realised Allison had gone to the desk and gotten the camera that was on there.

“Now, that’s a good look for a slutty big sister,” Allison grinned. “I think I’ll send this in to playboy. I wonder how many copies they’ll sell then,”

“Allison, if anyone ever sees that picture, I’ll kill you!” Dianne said.

“Don’t worry sis. Your secrets safe with us,” Allison said before she saw my dick. “Ooh. Looks like somebody isn’t finished yet,”

Allison took off all her clothes, laid down on Dianne’s bed and spread her legs. “Come here Jason, fuck your girlfriend’s little sister,”

Who was I to disobey? I took my T-shirt off so I was naked as well, got on the bed in between her legs and slowly put my dick in her pussy. “Oh yes!” she moaned as I entered her. Once I was fully inside, I started moving in and out merter escort slowly setting into a nice rhythm.

“Aw, I wanted him to fuck me,” Dianne said. While we were on the bed, she had cleaned off enough of my cum to open her eyes again. I also noticed she had undressed as well giving me a good look at her beautiful breasts.

“No way sis. You got his first load, I get his second,” Allison said as she locked her legs around me and started fucking me back.

“Oh God!” I moaned. “Allison you feel so good!”

“Yeah, you like my pussy? It’s all yours Jason. Nobody gets me but you!” Allison moaned.

“Yeah, do it Jason!” Dianne moaned. “Fuck my little sister until she can’t live without your dick!”

I don’t know what came over me, but I suddenly wanted to take control of the situation. Up till now, the girls had always told me what to do but now, I wanted take the wheel.

“Allison,” I said. “Finger Dianne’s pussy!”

I could see she was surprised by my sudden change in attitude, but she quickly got over it and started fingering her sister.

“Oh yeah! That feels good!” Dianne started moaning. “God yes sis!” she yelled before she fell on top of Allison and started making out with her.

All of this, fucking a tight pussy, seeing my girlfriend and her sister kissing, was quickly bringing me to another orgasm.

“I’m about to cum,” I warned.

“That’s okay, I’m close too. Cum in me. Cum inside my pussy,”

“Yeah, I’m also almost there,” Dianne said. “Keep fingering me sis!”

“Oh God, here it cums!” I yelled and started pumping my entire load into her 18 year old womb.

“Yes!” Allison screamed as she started cumming as wel. “Cum in me! Cum in my hot, young pussy, give me all your cum!”

“Yeah, HERE I CUM!!!” Dianne yelled.

All 3 of us kept cumming for what seemed like a long time but only lasted a few minutes. When I was finished. I pulled my dick out of Allison and lay next to her on the bed. Allison and Dianne laid on top of each other riding out their orgasms as they trying to catch their breath.

For a few minutes, that’s all we did. But before long, Allison’s horny mind took over again.

“Dianne, lick his cum out of my pussy, before it drips out,” she said.

Dianne wasn’t even trying to object, she just crawled down and went to work.

“See how well I got her trained?” Allison asked as she was obviously enjoying her sisters pussy licking. “She will do pretty much anything I tell her to do. Like I said, she’s my little fuck toy,”

Dianne certainly seemed to like it. She slurped all the cum she could find up and swallowed it so she could find some more. The show the 2 sisters were putting on brought me to another hard-on which surprised me since I just had 2 of the biggest orgasms I ever had.

Since I’m not one to ignore my hard dick when I have 2 very willing nymphs nearby, I crawled behind Dianne and put my dick in her pussy.

“Oh yes!” she moaned. “Yes, fuck me Jason. Fuck me!”

I eagerly complied with her request and started pounding her with all I had. Every time I slammed my dick in her pussy, her face got shoved into her sister’s snatch causing Allison to moan even louder.

Even though I knew all of my cum must have been scooped out of Allison’s pussy, Dianne still kept eating her. It wasn’t very surprising to hear Allison screaming in ecstasy as she came a little later. That in turn, caused Dianne to cum as I kept pounding her. I had come twice in the last hour so I was still pretty far away, but was thoroughly enjoying the feeling of Dianne’s pussy around my dick.

It wasn’t until after the third orgasm of Dianne that I finally felt the familiar tingling in my balls.

“Ooh, here I cum!” I yelled before I filled Dianne’s pussy with cum. I didn’t cum nearly as much as the previous times, but I was still able to squeeze 2 or 3 jets out of my dick.

As I pulled out of Dianne and laid down on the bed, I wanted to fall asleep and not wake up until tomorrow, although I knew I couldn’t.

“I didn’t expect you to do that you know,” Allison suddenly said.

“What?” I asked

“To just order me to finger Dianne just like that,”

“Oh that,” I said and I could feel myself turning red. “I don’t know what came over me. I suddenly just felt like telling you what to do,”

“Well, whatever it was, I liked it. I never thought I’d be able to get turned on from being ordered. If you ever feel like it again, don’t hesitate to do so,” she said as she crawled up against my side.

“I certainly liked it!” Dianne chirped in as she crawled up to my other side.

“What?” Allison asked smiling. “The fingering or the ordering?”

“Both. The fingering cause it felt good, and the ordering cause it was fun to see you being ordered around for once,”

We stayed there for quite a while, just holding each other and talking about small stuff. I think I realised then and there that I truly loved both of them. No matter what we were doing, I just wanted to do it with them, even if it was just hugging each other. I didn’t know if the girls felt the same, but I figured it wasn’t important at this moment.

I realised it was already 10 so I decided to head home. I put my clothes on and helped the girls clean up the room as best as we could to make it seem we didn’t just have amazing threesomes.

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