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My Friend Joana Ch. 01

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I was having a very bad day, so I decided to visit my friend Joana. She’s a nice looking girl, size fourteen with double D’s and quite a kinky personality, though we have never been involved sexually.

Think of it like the movie ‘Cruel Intentions’ with me as Sabastian and her as Sarah Michelle Gellar. She likes to think she has evil schemes but she’s actually quite harmless, I’m the dangerous one because I can put ideas in her head and make her think she thought of them… Anyway.

It was raining as I walked down to her house, down some roads, through the town centre, past a school and the train station and on to ‘North park road’. Well, she was the only one home as usual because she had pretty crappy parents who drank ALOT, so we had the place all to ourselves. What usually happened is I sat on the bottom bunk, she sat on the top and threw sweets and popcorn at me whenever she inevitably got bored from whatever piece of crap movie we were watching. This time was different.

This time she’d gotten a new bed, a king size one, because her and her little brother had switched rooms to facilitate all of her weird pets. A few years ago when we were at school together a guy visited with all kinds of insects and reptiles which I managed to convince her were cool. In her eyes I was the original cool so whatever I said was cool – well, it was cool. After that she got her parents to buy her snakes and dragons and other various reptiles (her parents got her whatever she wanted to make up for being drunkards).

So we were on the big kingsize bed together laid down sideways watching ‘the queen of the damned’. I have her snake wrapped pendik escort around my neck like I always did and she was stroking it laying sort of behind me.

“Joana I’m bored” I told her.

“Cant we just turn this off” I asked. She paused the movie and gave me quite an intense smile, her pretty eyes shining in the ‘I want something’ kind of way. “Whats wrong?” Then I realised. “You’re turned on aren’t you?” Her smile deepened, her eyes looked at me hard. She did this a lot when she wanted me to read her mind, especially when she was too embarrassed to say what she wanted. She could do the same thing over the phone with a variety of complex sighing sounds.

“You want one of my stories, don’t you?”

She nodded lightly, her eyes still fixed on me. Her eyes were so fucking pretty. Though Joana and I had never been sexual with each other, a while ago we realised over phone conversations that I had a talent for telling dirty stories that got her turned on, she would call me late at night and have me tell her one and though we had never discussed what exactly she was doing, I could hear her breathing get harder as each story progressed. If she was in the bath at the time I could even hear the water lightly splashing as she played with herself in the background of the call.

Once or twice, when I told a story I was particulate proud of, I would actually hear her climax with a hushed scream or a throaty moan. However, that had always been over the phone. Did she want me to leave the room and call her from downstairs? Over the phone I would imagine her naked body as she masturbated, would I see it this time?

“Are maltepe escort you sure you want to do this Joana?” I asked her.

“It’s just a story, we’re not having sex or anything” she said.

“Are you wanting me to turn away, or…?”

“Don’t be silly, you’ve seen me with guys before and not been bothered by it. I’m sure you won’t be scared of my lady parts. Not that you’ll see anything anyway.”

“You’re not going to strip?”

“No, why would I? I’ll just do it under the covers.”

When she said ‘you’ve seen me with guys before’ she was referring to once or twice when she has been majorly drunk or stoned and had sex with someone while I was in the room. I guess she just feels comfortable with me.

It seemed like a fair deal so I agreed. Her smile widened and she immediately took off her jeans under the covers (I got a quick flash of some cute pink French underwear) grabbed something from under the bed, and got comfortable. I laid down at her side like we were watching a film (monty the python had gone back in his cage). Our faces were inches apart and I was looking right into those sexy eyes, and she was looking right back into mine. I started the story, completely off the top of my head, and she kept on looking at me.

After the first few minutes I felt the covers begin to move and she was still staring right into my eyes. I started to get really hard, so I sat upright on the bed near her head with one arm almost around her, still looking her in the eyes as I told my story. Her breathing got heavier, the covers moving gently, then she placed her free hand on my lap and started stroking kartal escort my leg.

She just acted like this was completely normal, her body tilted a little towards me now, then as I continued the story she lifted her hand higher up my jeans and started to stroke my hard cock. I never stopped with the story, I kept on telling it, listening to her breathing get heavier and heavier. I undid my pants, giving her plenty of time to protest, but she didn’t her hand just stroked my boxers instead, her eyes unchanged, giving away nothing, just staring at me in that very sexy way.

I took my hard cock out of my pants and her breathing immediately sped up. I turned my body a little more sideways and she lifted her head up just a little, to get me into her mouth. I felt her wet tongue slide over the tip of my cock as she wrapped her hand tightly around my shaft and pumped me over and over, looking me straight in the eyes while furiously masturbating beneath the covers.

I slowed down in the story telling to facilitate my own heavy breathing but I kept telling it, and it was getting good. She sucked and licked down the length of my shaft as I told it, stopping every few moments to stroke my balls. She was a fucking pro. As my story reached a climax she pumped both me and herself hard and fast. When I came in her mouth she made a sound just for a second like she might choke, then righted herself again and swallowed down my big load.

She took me out of her mouth and still holding tightly on to my shaft, fucked herself harder and harder until she finally came. She took out from under the covers a bright purple wet dildo and laid it on the bed beside her while she relaxed, exhausted. I put my cock away and did up my pants. After a few minutes of recuperation she pressed play on the movie and we carried on as if nothing had happened. It seems I was wrong. She was the evil one all along.

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