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My Friend’s Daughter Ch. 01

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All persons in this story are over the age of 18. This story is complete and utter fiction. But please read on for your personal enjoyment.

I had just quit my job three weeks before I was due to start my new one. I had plenty of money to carry me over, and just felt like taking a break from working for a while. I was sitting at my computer surfing thru erotic story sites looking for some stuff to read when my phone rang.

“Hello” I said into the phone.

“Hey Hun. What are you doing?” A female voice said.

“Sitting here reading some stories. What are you up too?” I said back recognizing the voice on the other end of the phone as that of my friend and playmate Karen. (Not her real name)

“Oh not much just driving around with Lexi.” She replied (Lexi being her daughter, also not her real name)

“Oh that’s cool. Where are you two headed today then?”

“Haven’t really decided yet, we just decided to take a road trip. So we are out driving across the countryside right now.” You respond

“Okay. Well if you finger out where you are going give me a holler when you get there and I will talk to you then okay.” I tell Karen, as I can now hear Lexi in the background.

“Well Lexi wanted talk to you for a bit.” Karen said to me.

“Okay well put her on then.”

There was a short pause and I could hear them in the background as they passed the cell phone across the car.

“Hi Daddy” came the excited voice of Lexi. Now I need to explain something. Karen and I had been talking for about a year, and I had been talking to Lexi for about 8 months when one day Lexi started calling me Daddy out of the blue. Later I was to find out it was because she wanted me to be her Dad, because her own biological father wasn’t the greatest in the world so to speak.

“Hey Daughter” came my reply, “What are you up too?”

“Oh not much, just riding around with mom. She wanted to get out of state, ……. Oh no.”

Laughing, I respond “Out of state, huh? I take it you weren’t supposed to say that.” As I hear Karen in the background saying “Lexi!”

“No I wasn’t.” Lexi said, “but anyway since I did slip, do you have any plans for like the next week or so.”

“Actually believe it or not I don’t have anything to do at all. I don’t start the new job for a while yet so I took a break to relax for a while.”

“Well would you like some company?” Lexi said.

“Sure I would love some, three in my bed would be nice to have.” I said.

Laughing Lexi responded, “Three huh? You sure you can handle that.”

“If not I will die trying, besides you would enjoy it too much.” Laughingly I replied.

I was treated with silence on the other end of the phone as Lexi caught where my mind was going with it. We flirted pretty heavily almost all the time, with lots of innuendos and open ended comments. Karen joined in a lot, having fun teasing her daughter.

“Well Mom and me are gonna be there in a few hours so can you have something ready to eat before we get there.” Lexi answered, trying to change the subject as she usually did when she wasn’t sure how to respond, or if she felt uncomfortable with the topic.

“Sure I think I can whip something up” I answered.

I heard Karen say in the background, “No chicken nuggets, or frozen pizza this time”

Laughing I replied, “Naw I got something else in mind. I’m actually gonna cook this time.”

“Okay we will call you when we are about 10 minutes away.” Lexi said as I could also hear Karen say that in the background.

“Okay I will talk to you both then, bye for now Lexi, bye Hun. Love you both.” I told them getting up from the computer.

“Love you Daddy, Mom said bye and love you too” came the response.

With that I closed my phone and headed to the kitchen, running an inventory of my food supplies in my head. I finally selected a fairly good sized roast I had in the freezer. I also had the side dishes for it, thinking mainly to have corn and mashed potatoes, and probably some stuffing as well. I took the roast out of the freezer and put it in the microwave knowing that it would take a few hours to cook the way I wanted. Then I checked the fridge for my supply of drinks. As usual I didn’t have much other then my pop. So I went down to my room and got dressed and went to the store to get some things.

I got home from the store and put away the things I needed, and set the wine I selected to chill in the fridge. Then I went around the house and got it cleaned up. Made sure most of my porn was put away but a few select things I left out in the not obvious places.

Karen had lived with me for a few months while working at a traveling job. During that time we had a lot of fun and had discussed quite a few things, not the least of which was me and Lexi together, sometimes with Mom in on the fun. That had led to some very hot sex between the two of us. I didn’t know if this was part of the plan we had talked about form time to time or not. But I decided to take a chance on ucuz escort it and leave the things that she and I together had come up with that would hopefully lead to me and Lexi sleeping together for later when her and I had a chance to talk.

I was finishing up dinner when my phone rang again. “Hi Daddy, Mom wanted me to call you and tell you that we are just passing Midway park.” Came Lexi’s voice over my phone.

“Good dinner is just finishing and it will be ready by the time you get here that way you two can bring in your bags and then get undressed and eat.” I told Lexi.

“Okay Daddy we will see you real soon.” Lexi replied laughing.

“Okay see you in a bit.” I replied

With that I hung up my phone and finished up supper and set it on the table. With in minutes, there was a knock at my door. I went to the door and I could see both of them waiting on the other side. So I quickly opened the door and ushered them inside.

Lexi wrapped her arms about me as soon as she was in the door, making me realize that I was wearing only my jeans as the cool air from inside the house hit her warm skin from outside. Her rapidly hardening nipples poked into my chest as she gave me a full body hug. I wrapped my arms about her and spun her around. I loved feeling those teenage breasts pushing against my chest, with her hard nips boring into my pecks. I set her back down and Lexi went to kiss my cheek and I turned my head at the wrong moment and I felt her soft lips press against mine. Then I felt her reaction to the kiss, her sharp intake of breath, the sudden pushing of her body against mine, and her eyes opening quickly and the sudden lustful look that overtook them. She broke the kiss shortly after it started as she heard the door open again as Karen entered the house carrying both of her bags. Lexi quickly stepped away from me and I turned to help with the bags.

“Where is my room at?” asked Lexi.

“Down the basement, if you want to get changed or clean up real fast the bathroom is the right over there.” I said pointing to the bathroom door. “I will take your bags down stairs.”

“Hey hun” I said to Karen as hugged.

Karen’s lips touched mine and we shared a kiss in which I could feel all the way down to my toes from her intensity. She made sure to press her chest up to me so I could feel those wonderfully hard nipples against my chest. My mind flooded with images of her and I together with and without our friends and things I had done to her.

With that I picked up the 3 bags they had brought in and headed down the basement with them. Karen followed me down the steps into my bedroom, where I was taking all of the bags.

“So what was that about that I walked in on?” Karen asked me with a smile on her face.

“Oh Lexi accidentally kissed me, but I think she liked it.” I answered her.

I took Karen in my arms and kissed her, my tongue sliding inside her mouth and wrestling with her tongue. “I think the game has begun but I would say the odds are stacked in our favor.” I told her, reaching my hand up to pinch her nipple thru her shirt and bra.

She smiled and laughed at my comment brushing my hand from her breast. I just smiled and turned to head up the stairs, “Come on lets go eat and see where the night leads, unless you want to get comfy first.”

She just shook her head and followed me up the stairs. We went into the dining room where I had already set the table, the candles lit and the meal spread out before us. The ladies dug in with gusto, quickly eating the meal. We all ate our fill of the supper and both Karen and Lexi complimented me on my cooking. Afterwards Karen and Lexi insisted on cleaning up, so I didn’t argue much and made my way to my den and sat down at my computer finding some stories I wanted to read and playing a video game.

Lexi came in and asked where her bag was so she could go shower and change, so I told her. A few minutes later she came up and asked me “So where am I gonna be sleeping?”

“Downstairs in the waterbed.” I answered.

“Aren’t you and Mom gonna be sleeping in there though?” She responded.

“Yes but there isn’t anywhere else for you to sleep unless you want to sleep on the couch and you can ask your Mom but I wouldn’t recommend it.” I said laughing.

“Okay?” came Lexi’s reply.

“Are you two done cleaning up supper?” I asked her.

“Ya, Mom is finishing up so I’m gonna jump in the shower and get cleaned up.” Lexi said.

“Cool, oh and by the way there are razors in the cabinet in there if you need them and shaving cream is on the counter.” I told her with a smile on my face.

She turned a bit red but I saw the light dancing in her eyes as she looked at me. I stood up and she could finally read the story title on the computer screen “My Daddy and Me”. I noticed that she started to glance over the words on the screen and her blush deepened even more as she realized what I was reading about. She turned to me as I stood up, her eyes going to mine. My arms ümraniye escort went about her waist and pulled her too me. I gently and softly kissed her on the lips, her eyes closed as she felt my lips touch hers and she couldn’t look me in the eyes any longer. I heard her breath get sucked in, and her body pushed more into mine, bring those breasts in contact with my naked pecks again. Then I felt her lips part and her tongue slide into my mouth very tentatively. We kissed like that for a minute before I broke our kiss then whispered in her ear, “Make sure you shave in the shower, we might have some time alone here soon, okay.”

She looked at me, her eyes a little wide. She then looked down and said very quietly, “Yes Daddy, I will.”

“That’s my good baby girl, now go get to the shower.”

With that she left the room headed for the shower a bounce in her step that wasn’t exactly there before. I turned back around the computer screen, and heard the bath water start then change to shower. I went back to reading the story on the computer, but in a few minutes I heard the light fall of footsteps on the carpet behind me. I turned my head to find Karen moving towards me, she had gone and changed a little she wore her t-shirt still but her legs were bare, and I knew she only had her panties were on. She walked into my den, a faint smile on her lips.

“What?” she asked, “What are you grinning at?”

“Your Daughter, and her Mom.”

“Why is that?” She answered me.

“Cause the Seduction of Lexi isn’t going to be as difficult as we though it was going to be. When you were in the kitchen finishing up the dishes, she came in here to tell me she was going to take a shower, and saw what I was reading. She turned red but when I told her to shave she said okay.” I replied.

We moved to the living room and sat down on the couch. I kept my ear open listening for the shower to stop as well as we discussed what we were going to do that evening to continue the seduction. Karen planned on hitting the hay early since it had been a long drive, to give Lexi and me some alone time and see what developed. She could always look in on us in the living room if we got too quiet. The whole time we were talking she was wrapped in my arms with my fingers playing with her nipples or cupping her breasts. Her hand strayed down to my leg sometimes rubbing my cock thru my pants, sometimes running her fingernails up and down the inside of my leg, driving me nuts.

“So how far do you want me to go with her then?” I asked.

“How far do you want to go?” Karen responded.

“That’s not fair I asked first. You can’t answer a question with at question.”

“Yes it is. If you are asking if I want you to stop somewhere and not push it further then that tell me.” Karen answered.

“Well to be blunt I guess I’m asking if you want me to go all the way if she wants too.” I responded, “but you know if she tells me to stop no matter where we are I will. I do have enough self control to do that.”

“I’m not worried about it hun, if I was I wouldn’t have asked you about it in the first place. If Lexi wants you to be her first then go for it.” Karen said.

Soon after, as we were talking we both heard the shower stop. Karen and I moved apart with just my arm around her neck and her hand resting on my thigh. Minutes later, Lexi emerged wearing only towels, one around her head and the other around her young shapely body. I looked up and smiled. She said “What are you two talking about? Me?”

“Maybe we were.” I replied laughing, “No, we were just discussing what movie we were gonna watch and fingered that you would want to pick it out.”

“I’m gonna let you two do what ever you want I want to get in the shower and get the road grime off me.” Karen replied.

“So do I get to pick out the movie Daddy?” Lexi asked.

“Sure if you want.” I told her.

Lexi’s face split with a huge grin and she almost ran to the bookcase with the movies on it. Karen and I just shook our heads as we stood up and Karen moved out of the living room heading for the basement to get her things for her shower. I went to the couch and sat down taking my pop with me. Lexi selected her movie and I then had to get up and show her how to operate my system. We settled in to watch the movie, while Karen went to take her bath.

“Here Lexi sit down here, and let me give you a shoulder rub till your hair dries then I will brush it for you.” I told my daughter.

Lexi’s eyes lit up as she sat between my legs and I pressed play on the remote. I started rubbing her shoulders letting my hands slide over her soft skin, feeling the electricity between us. After a while of this I unwound the towel about her head and picked up her brush to start brushing her hair. As I looked down, I could see the towel about her body had loosened a little showing a little of her cleavage. Karen had a 38 C chest and Lexi was not quite as big, she looked like a 36 B or so. So I figured that mother and daughter would üniversiteli öğrenci escort be about the same, genetics after all. Lexi’s hair was soft and still a little damp as I began to brush it out. Several times I heard her breath catch as I continued to brush and it wasn’t from snags or tangles. Chuckling to myself thinking, that this is going real good.

After about 25 minutes into the movie I noticed that her towel had slipped down even further exposing almost all of her breasts, her nipples were still covered though. Then Karen emerged from the bath, her body wrapped in a towel. We both looked up when she came out, and her eyebrow rose curiously.

“I guess it’s my turn for a shower now. Did you leave me any hot water hun?” I asked Karen.

“Of course I did.” She replied laughing.

“Daddy are you gonna finish the movie with me?” Lexi asked.

“It won’t take long for me to get a shower, sweetheart. I will be back in fifteen or so.” I told her.

I got up as Karen and Lexi sat on the couch to continue to watch the movie. I got to the bathroom, and not thinking I left the door open. In the shower I washed up and then I shaved my groin to make sure I was baby smooth. Then I got out and shaved my face leaving my short goatee in place. When I came out of the shower, with just my towel on as the women had, Lexi was not on the couch. I entered the living room, and she was over at the movies again looking for a different one.

“Where’s Mom at?” I asked Lexi.

“She said she was tired from the drive and went downstairs. I got bored with the movie and I am trying to find something else. That okay with you Daddy?” Lexi replied.

“Sure baby girl. I’m gonna go check on mom and then I will be back up.” I told her.

I went downstairs; Karen was lying in the bed naked, reading her book. “There you are.” I said drinking in the sight of her laying naked on my bed again.

“Yes, I was a little tired and the shower felt so good, made me more tired.” Karen replied rolling over on her back to talk to me, letting me see her bald pussy again, sending more images flooding into my mind from the past again.

“I kind of figured you would be a little tired from the long trip, so go ahead and get some sleep. Lexi wants to watch a movie with me so we will be down in a few hours. Besides I have a feeling things might happen while you are down here, so if you want to see, you will just have to be real quiet and sneak up to watch.” I said laughingly sitting down on the bed reaching out to pinch a nipple.

She chuckled and then said, “That might be something I will do. Be interesting to see what she does.” Then reaching her hand up under my towel to run her nails down the inside of my thigh.

“Better be careful hun you might get me a little excited and then Lexi might have to come down to investigate.” I said

“Maybe thats what I want.” Karen answered.

“Well im gonna get back up there and see what she’s up too. I will be down later if I get too excited and need some relief if Lexi don’t want to take care of it.”

I kissed Karen and headed back up the stairs to the living room. Lexi was still looking thru the movies when I had returned. I stood in the doorway for a second watching her and her towel move. I could see her ass framed by the towel and it looked real good, then the visions started running thru my head. “Find anything interesting Lexi?” I asked.

“No not yet. I was looking for …. Mmm you know.” Lexi replied to me as she jumped from me surprising her.

“Adult movies?”

“Yes” She said, her face turning bright red.

“You sure you are ready to watch one of those with me? Or do you want to wait to watch that when we have some more free time?”

“Okay we can wait for one of those. I was just hoping that you might have some things to show me.”

“We have plenty of time for me to show you a lot of things, my daughter.”

With that she just nodded her head, and came to join me on the couch. We restarted the movie that she was watching before I took my shower. Lexi cuddled up next to me on the couch my arm instinctively going around her to hold her close. I looked out of the corner of my eye and I could see that cleavage again as the towel started to loosen up. I started moving my hand up and down her upper arm and shoulder. I noticed her hand dropped to my lap and her hand was beginning to move on my thigh. Lexi turned her head towards me as I turned mine towards her and then our lips moved together and we shared a soft gentle kiss. Tentatively our mouths opened and then our tongues touched, then Lexi’s arms moved quickly around my neck pulling me towards her as our tongues fought with each others.

I gently moved her to lay down on the couch as we continued to kiss. I love the feel of her lips on mine. Her soft skin under my hands and against mine. Her legs parted as I slid between them moving far enough up on my hips so I could feel her freshly shaved legs against my skin. Our tongues intertwined, wrestling with each others. The softness of her lips as I pressed against hers, her welcoming the kiss eagerly. I moved my lips to the side of her neck, and placed gentle kisses against her skin. Hearing the intake of breath as she feels my soft lips against her neck and the short hair of my goatee pressing into her neck.

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