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My Half Sisters Pt. 03

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Double Penetration

You may want to start reading from part 1. See my works for “My Half Sisters”.


“I want your seed in there, brother.” Remy is ready for me to fill her asshole with my white messy load, her sentence broken apart each time my balls rapidly pat at her taint, her voice weakening as my cock slides deeper. Her asshole squeezes me so tightly and I can feel her desire via the feverish heat that reaches from deep in her ass all the way up to her buttocks. It sears at my cock with hot slimy passion and wills my orgasm ever closer. The cucumber connecting her vagina to my asshole is failing structurally due to being cooked inside our holes. I stop for a second and pull the struggling vegetable from her engorged pussy, sliding it into my ass to withdraw it from her fully, before I pull it free from my own hole. It drips with our natural sex organ lubricants as I give it to Lelu and Jane, who are semi recovered from their ordeal and they immediately begin eating at an end each, Lelu enjoying the end that was in my ass, and Jane tasting the added flavour of her daughter’s perfect vagina.

I drive myself into my sister Remy’s cute asshole and give her short, rapid, thumping thrusts. She loves the doggy style position for how deep it lets her brother’s cock reach. As I lean forward wrapping my hands around her slender torso and cupping her breasts, she truly feels dominated and connected with me. I suddenly feel a gushing of liquid race over my balls and between my legs. Remy is squirting from a potent orgasm, and the gushes pulse outwards with each rending thump of my cock between her buttocks. Her moan equally quakes with interruption each time my rapid thrusts slam her soft bum into my hilt.”Oooo-ooo-oooh-hh!” Her feminine oobing feels like a dream. “Br-othe-r I — love — mm-mmh- yo-u…”

I can promise one thing right now. Your own sister’s moaning that she loves you, her words broken apart by your very own dick slamming her deep in her ass hole, musters a category 12 sperm hypercane deep inside your belly. It is such a strong feeling that it numbs your gullet, you get tunnel vision, your balls tingle with electricity and your thrusting goes rogue like a runaway train down a steep incline.

Unable to even speak a word, the noisy spatters of my balls smacking her labia and perineum, the heat of her ass and buttocks, her firm silky baps in my hands, her backwards thrusting to meet my cock even harder than before…

“Grhnnnhhhh!” Is all I can bring out as I deliver my final thrust and my filthy white load barrels down my cock, bursting into my sister’s guts. I squash her little body against mine with a firm, unshakable press — she knows she is mine and I am making it so, marking the very deepest parts of her body with my reproductive gunge. She feels the short thick hairs of my pubic mound grazing her tailbone, she feels the hilt of my cock spreading her tight asshole wider. More and more semen bursts into Remy. She kneels on her all fours paralyzed by my pressing grip on her body, only able to stay still and take what I give her. She feels my gasping breath wash over her back, ruffling her long brown hair. And she feels my semen, warm and fluid, filling her asshole up.

I finish my pumping orgasm and collapse on Remy, bringing us both face down on to the bed. Jane and Lelu look on in envious shock at the seeing to that Remy just took. I lay on top of Remy with my dick still lodged far down her asshole. I can’t move, nor do I want to, laying atop such a beauteous, soft, sexy model as her with my dick still deeply nestled inside.

I pass out, and so does Remy. We sleep for many hours, and Jane and Lelu manage to make us comfortable with pillows and throwing the duvet over us in our petrified, connected state.

Of course, many more sexual escapades would follow, but going over them all could take me forever. So, let’s leave Remy with an ass full of dick and semen, and time travel a bit to the future now that I am asleep.

My new life is as near to perfection as you can imagine — When I am not working my consultancy, I am balls deep in one of my sisters, or their mother. Unless we have visitors, such as other family or friends. We agreed to keep our dirty secret to protect our reputations from society. I don’t spend a lot of time at my own house now — unless one or more of the girls wants to come around.

Luckily for the frequency of our escapades, none of our family stay very close, so any visits are always announced ahead of time. This also means that sometimes one or more of us travels out to meet family.

One such time — the first time since our relationship evolved, and several months in to said evolution, I was planning a visit to my older sister, who you may have forgotten about, but I did mention her at the start of my story. Yes, she is not my half sister, she is my only other sibling and we share exactly the same blood. I was to drive down to her place and spend a few days there, before returning with her so that she could catch up with our half sisters beşiktaş anal yapan escort as well. This is the way it had to work due to the work or study commitments that everyone had.

As I mentioned nothing remotely dodgy had ever transpired between us and I hadn’t even thought about a thing like that happening. As I left an upset trio of girls, emotional myself that I wouldn’t see them for a whole week, I started to wonder about my older sister, 37 year old Elle.

She doesn’t have anyone special, and there is no real reason she shouldn’t. Smart, slender, kind, quiet, many sought after qualities. Maybe there are no guys out there who are worthy. As I got in my car, I mirthed to myself aloud. “Hm!” I thought, yes, it would take someone special to deserve a woman like Elle, and she knows it.

It was a Friday. As I drove the 4 hour drive to Elle’s, many things crossed my mind, many times. First, about society in general, and how to me, it seems like there is a thin social veneer that is ready to peel away at any moment and reveal a visceral, passionate, uninhibited behavior where people would just lose their filters and begin having sex with each other all the time, speak their minds all the time and many truths would come to light within various relationships.

Hey, it was a 4 hour drive OK? But what else also ran my head through many times, was.. How common is my situation? Fucking my sisters every day… You will never know to what extent people’s personal private lives do not fit in with the supposed values in a society. I think it’s way more common than could be imagined.

Which led me on to my sister Elle. What is her game, what is her attitude to life, love et al? We know each other well, but under this veneer of societal pressure there may be more to her that I don’t know. This is clearly true when it comes to my deviations – she thinks I am pretty normal.

But how would you breach a subject like this to someone without giving yourself away and stepping in to the firing line of judgment and potential disaster and disown-age? This is why I think it’s more common than we hear about.

I became nervous and excited at the idea of my sister being like me. On some level this is completely stupid, I am not attracted to her in any way at all, but, she is a great person, and she is a woman with, you know, womanly areas…

By the time I had arrived, I was really nervous. A bit tired but unaware of it due to my racing thoughts.

“Hey sis, here I am at last!” I said to her as she let me in the door and we hugged. She had coffee on the go, and served me a cup, remembering just how I like it, milk and a small one.

“So good so see you, it’s been too long this time!” She welcomed me to her small lounge with a 2 seater couch. Cosy, but well lit so it was.

We started catching up. Elle was asking me about life and the usual, I told her, avoiding the obvious change in my life and reciprocating her the questions, however I did sneak in questions about her love life such as “seeing anyone at the moment?” to which the answer was no. Then we quickly got talking about video games, movies, books she was reading, and all the other stuff we had in common, which was a lot of stuff. It was the small hours before we thought about giving it a rest. I was really tired from the drive, so she showed me to her spare room, which was small, a single bed with a desk and sideboard. It was nice and warm though, so we sorted ourselves out for the night and settled down.

Through the night I thought about her language, both body and spoken, that she had always used with me. It was different to when there were other people around. A bit more… Intimate? No, more like nurturing, close, and more personal than usual. Not suggestive in any way, but it was clear she deeply cared about me as I did about her.

Unusually that next morning, I awoke before my sister. The late night of catch up had taken it out of her, and I was a bit more restless than normal. I got dressed in my jeans and a fresh tshirt, I put the kettle on and made coffee. I thought to myself this would be a good time to bring my sister some coffee to her bedside. Just then, the thought of going in to my sister’s bedroom excited my dick a bit. I had to adjust my boxer shorts so that my cock came out alongside my right leg.

I completed 2 mugs of coffee and took them to my sister’s bedroom. I slowly opened the door without knocking, and she was fast asleep in her double bed. Her room was a fuchsia colour scheme which looked great at the mid morning sun cascaded through the windows and illuminated the curtains. I left them drawn and popped both coffees on her bedside table.

“Morning, sis.” I said, sitting on the edge of her bed, placing my hand roughly where her arm would be under the duvet, using a gentle, deep and quiet voice. She slowly stirred, wrestling reluctantly with the covers and resisting the fact that she was waking up.

“Ooh, uuh morning.” beşiktaş bdsm escort Her voice was ratchety and trailed off at the end as a big yawn overcame her.

“Yep, that’s what we get for staying up late!” I kid on, lifting her coffee over to her.

“Oh boy,” She moaned, slowly sliding herself up the headrest, revealing her slender body covered in a pink, lacey nighty. Her arms were bare, she was even thinner than I thought. She wasn’t too fussed by my looking at her body, or she didn’t notice. She rubbed her eyes, then slowly and carefully took the mug from my hands.

“Thanks bro, argh.” She was really tired.

“Anything for my sis.” My corny reply was well received, luckily. Damn it was bad. I reached for my own mug and took a few big gulps of the aromatic coffee. Elle was inhaling the comforting smell of the mug’s contents, and slowly started to become fully awake.

“What shall we do today?” I ponder out loud, too cowardly to tell her what is really on my mind.

“Oh, anything you like, except things like running or mountain climbing…” Elle is a sharp, witty girl with a sweet measure of sarcastic tone whenever she can get away with it.

“Hah! No way.” I agree. “Since we are both so tired, we could just make it a day of movies and games in bed?” I suggest, beckoning at her media setup at the end of her double bed.

“That actually sounds perfect…” Elle wearily smiles at my great idea.

We both have a weakness for hollywood action, so I throw on a Mark Wahlberg classic, Shooter. I climb under the cover next to my sister and settle in close to her but not too close. Like, arms occasionally brushing against each other close. We exchange banter about what a dude Mark is, how the opening scene is so amazing, and enjoy the rest of our coffee.

The somewhat taboo scene with the main character and his dead friend’s wife inevitably shows, which is pretty kinky. I am feeling a bit hot and bothered by this stage. Elle and I have been enjoying this lounging in her bed so much, the perfect warmth of being under covers is also an ideal temperature for encouraging strong erections.

“Sis, these jeans are just annoying me now, I might just throw them off if you don’t mind.” I try my luck as nonchalantly as I can, popping my empty mug on my side of the bedside table.

“Yeah go ahead, I ain’t got trousers on either.” Elle makes a good point, so fair is fair, I hop out of my side of her bed and slip off my jeans quickly, as if it is totally normal to be in bed with only underwear on with your own sister! She is in her pink lace nighty and probably briefs, I don’t know. I am in a tshirt and baggy boxer shorts, however the size of my cock suddenly becomes an immediate issue. As I turn around I tuck my hard penis back into the body of my boxer shorts, otherwise she would have seen it running half the length of my thigh. The bulge is obvious but at least there is no visible part of my phallus as my sister looks on while I hop back under the covers. Elle does do a sort of double take, as if she wasn’t sure whether the bulge in my boxers was a trick of the eye, or actually a huge big cock hanging from her brothers crotch, fighting the fabric of his boxer shorts.

“Ahh, that feels much nicer!” I exclaim as my bum hits the soft linen topped mattress.

As the movie clatters on with another action scene, Elle totally catches me unprepared by asking me an out of the blue, unnaturally timed question: “So are you seeing anyone at the moment? You did ask me yesterday but I was rude and didn’t ask you back!”

“Oh! Um well, that’s OK, there is nothing official going on with me…” I awkwardly answer her pertinent question.

“But, well, sis, there is something I planned on telling you.” I stammer.

“Oh? That sounds promising!” She sounded pleased there might be something to my love life.

“Yeah.. OK sis, please don’t be mad, but you deserve to know and be involved in my life, so I will just tell you…” I brush her right arm with my right hand as if to placate her before she is even mad at me.

Her face seems more serious and concerned now, like she understood the importance of what I wanted to say. “I won’t be mad bro, you know me, what is it?” I press pause on the remote control.

“My.. Our sisters…” I pause as I look at her, probably my face looks like I saw a ghost, I hope so desperately that she will understand.

“We started… having sex… Sorry.”

Her face is a look of pure surprise, confusion, bemusement, like she heard an off colour joke that failed to be funny in any way. I look downwards hanging my head, expecting all hell to break loose.

“Are you serious?” She asked in a worried tone. “Both Remy and Lelu?”

I struggle to meet her stare and make eye contact, but I manage it. Her face is one of shock, but I can’t see any anger mixed in with her expression.

“Yes Elle. I am… I have been sleeping with them both for nearly 4 months, almost every single beşiktaş elit escort day.”

All I get in return from Elle is “Oh…” Her face goes from shock to some form of negative feeling, like she is upset with me.

“I’m so sorry Elle, I wanted to tell you the whole time. I didn’t want to leave you out of things.” I frown and genuinely as I say this to her I feel like I want her to be a part of my new relationship. Only when the words came out did I realize how much I wanted her.

She sees my face and hears my words, taking a few seconds to absorb the meaning of it all. I am so nervous, I am squeezing her arm firmly and clawing at my own leg. I just want things to work out.

“What do you mean, leave me out?” Of course she would ask that, with her mind as sharp as it is, I won’t be able to get anything past her. I hope she likes my answer…

“Well, sis, you know…” I start, looking her up and down bashfully. “It doesn’t seem fair that I would treat you any differently to our sisters.” My grip loosens on her arm, and I begin dragging my fingers up and down it, slowly caressing her to help clarify my intentions.

“Brother, I… Don’t know what to say.” She ponders, looking at me with her glistening brown eyes.

“Elle, the choice is yours, I am not forcing anything on you. Just know that it would make me happy to be with you like with our half sisters.”

She thinks again, “But, you are taking me to visit them next week, how will something like that work?”

I instantly reply “They would love to have you included, trust me, I know them inside and out now.”

She insists, “Are you sure about that? This feels so wrong!”

I reassure her: “Jane is in on it as well, just as much as they are. I have had a lot, lot lot of sex with her, well, with them all – at the same time.”

“Their mother is…!? As well? Oh wow.” She covers her mouth at the thought of such a lewd picture.

“Elle, all I know is that I love them so completely that everything feels so good and right. I feel the same about you as well, so please…”

I lean in closer, looking at her wantingly, and putting my left arm on her bare right leg under the duvet. She quivers at my touch.

She remains silent and frozen for several painful moments, I wait for her move. She finally moves. Her hands grab my lower torso as she leans in and our lips connect perfectly. In a second, our arms are wrapped around each other and we slide down flat under the duvet from our initial sat-up posture. Her lips feel soft and wet, they are big for her frame. A sweet coffee scent exchanges in our mouths, our tongues start licking at one another. I cross her hips with one leg, gaining the upper ground over her so she is partially under me and we continue filling the otherwise silent air with lewd licking noises and rustling linen. Followed immediately by short moans of pleasure as our lips passionately clash.

We just make out like this for 10 minutes, building the suspense and wonder to a consuming crescendo as she feels my raging hard penis pressing in to her torso and I feel how smooth her slender frame is through the lace of her nightgown. Our legs entangle every which way, and we rarely come up for air.

I rend my lips from hers, wanting to tell her; “I love you like this Elle, this is how we should always have been.” We kiss some more and she replies in kind;

“I feel like I waited half my life for this, I just didn’t know it was this I wanted. Brother, I love you.”

Our hands run over one another’s bodies, I feel her small bumps and her stiff nipples fighting to be free of her clothes. Her tummy is flat and smooth, her skin feels gentle and warm in my hands. We kiss some more, and then her hands start clambering under my shirt and across my boxers. I grab her hands with my own to stop her.

“It wasn’t an illusion that made you ask about my love life, sis. Do you want to see it now?” Calling her bluff, I kneel myself beside her, the duvet hanging over my head like a tent porch, so we can see the length of eachother’s bodies. She is wearing white briefs, her legs closed together so I can’t see much except her black bush silhouetted inside the front of them. I pull off my shirt and look at my sister laying there on her back.

“Elle, look at my penis. Don’t move, just look at me.” I order her as I slide my boxers downwards. I reveal my penis to my sister tip to base, fully erect, absolutely fizzing with precum at the tip. Her eyes sparkle and her hands clasp in her lap as my 7 inch phallus hangs over her, pointing skywards. To give her a good show, I place my fingers under the base so she can still see everything, and I draw back the foreskin to reveal the glossy, bubbling glans, complete with fresh secretions of precum oozing from the tip.

“Don’t touch me yet sister. Take your clothes off and show me the real you.”

Elle gasps in awe and drags her nighty off. Her small tits are very erect, her skin is smooth looking with a slightly aged texture.

“So beautiful, my sister.” I stroke my cock above her as we ogle each other like total perverts.

“Show me your pussy…” her hands follow my gaze almost telekinetically as I watch her crotch intensely. Her thumbs slip under her briefs, her bum lifts, and she gracefully whips them off in one movement, sending them to the other side of the room.

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