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My Hot Aunt

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Big Dicks

This story is 10% fiction and 90% actual. The characters are real and the names are real. This story is meant solely for the reading of mature adults and is not intended for those under the age of 18.

* * * * *

Before I start this story let me first tell you a little about the two characters in this story. The woman is my favorite aunt. Her name is Grace. She is 56 years old, 5’3″, 110 lb., her breasts are a nice 34B, and her panties are between a size 5 and a 7. I am her nephew Jesse. I am 19 years old, 5’5″, 125 lb., and I have a seven inch cock and when fully erect it is a good nine inches.

You see this all started because I had a crush on her even though she is my Aunt. But what I didn’t now was that she knew that I had had a crush on her so every time that I would spend time with her she would give me the slightest hints like hold hands with me, place my hand on her ass or inside of her pants on her bare ass while walking down the street or wherever we may be. The time that I saw her in her bra and jeans while she was changing her top and talking on the phone to my mother who was at the hospital visiting my grandmother. The time that I saw her natural blonde bush because she wasn’t wearing panties under a pair of short gray shorts while she had her legs propped on her coffee table when she was reading the Sunday newspaper. The time that I went to go to the bathroom and accidentally walked in on her just steeping out of the shower. And the time that we French-kissed in her living-room all the while my uncle was only within an earshot away. When we both found out that are feelings were indeed mutual and she felt the same way the results beşiktaş escort are what happens in the story.

And now the story.

One hot day in June, I was out working on my ’86 Monte when I heard a car pull into a parking space two spaces from where I was working on my car. I looked up from under the hood to see who it was when I noticed that it was my Aunt Grace. When she got out of her car I noticed that she was wearing a pair of shorts just above her knee, a tee-shirt with an American flag on it, and a pair of open toed sandals. I also happened to notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra, which was a definite turn-on. As she got out of her car I turned around to watch her walk towards me. When she started walking over to me I asked her what she was doing here. And she said “I am today off from work and doing some errands in the neighborhood and decided to stop by to see if you were here.”

So I said to her “I am glad that you did and it was a good thing that I stayed home today.” When she finally got to where I was standing she gave my a hug and a great big kiss. So I said to her “What are you doing for the rest of the day? And she replied “You.” To that I said “What are you talking about?” Her reply to me was “You know as well as I do that you want me because I figured it out and decided to drop hints on you. Why do you think that every time that we spent time together I would always giggle at the things that you said to me.” At that I looked at her with a look of lust and told her “Well now that I know that we feel the same way for each other I think that there is something that we should do about it.” So I pulled beşiktaş eve gelen escort her close to me and started to kiss her, which turned out to be a wild and erotic kiss.

While we were kissing I started to run my hand up her thigh and under her shorts to the pair of bikini underwear that she was wearing; as I was doing this she started to moan and bleed for me to stop all while she was rubbing my hardened cock through my jeans. Finally I stopped and said to her “Why do you want me to stop? I know that you want it as much as I do.” She looked at me with this seductive look on her face and replied “Because I want to take you inside and Fuck You My Boy-toy.” So with that I picked her up and carried her into my apartment and laid her down on my bed. When I laid her down on the bed I started to unbutton her shorts and pull down the zipper with my teeth, and she was so horny that she kept begging me to stop teasing her and to play with her delicious pussy. So I looked at her and said “When I am ready I will eat you out to the point of no return. When I am done with you you will be begging me for more and you will definitely not want to return to that husband of yours.” I then got off the bed and walked over to the side of the bed where that fuckable mouth of hers is.

When I took off my jeans and boxers she grabbed my already hard and thick 9 inch cock like a tiger hunting it’s prey and started sucking it like it was an ice cream cone that was melting. While she was sucking my cock I ripped open her shirt and noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. So I said to her “You are a slut aren’t you? You had beşiktaş grup yapan escort this all set up. There is no way that you had errands to run in this neighborhood. This is most definitely the only errand that you had to run.” Seeing as though she was so busy sucking all she did was nod her head yes. At that moment I decided that she had enough sucking and it was time that I drove my cock into that wonderful looking pussy of hers. When I put the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy she started moaning in agony to put it in her. So ever so slowly I started to work it in her driving her completely wild.

By the time that I really started pounding her pussy she had three orgasms. This woman really loves to fuck. While I was fucking her pussy she started to scream and moan because the closer that I came to cumming the faster she was to reaching yet another orgasm. I started to feel my cock ready to explode with cum and started to pull out of her when she said to me “What are you doing?? Get that cock back in there. At this point I don’t care if you aren’t wearing a rubber.” At the moment I was not only happy to comply but shot load after load after load until it was leaking from her pussy. When I was done emptying my load I told her to lick me clean and she rubbed the mix of our juices all over her belly and all over her tits. After we fucked we showered and she left. As she was walking out the door she gave me another long passionate kiss and told me that she definitely enjoyed it and that we will do it often. She also told me that I am definitely her favorite nephew.

It is a year after this happened and ever since we have been meeting twice a week for lunch, which isn’t really lunch but an enjoyable fuck. This is not only a fuck to remember, but this is a relationship that will last a long time and never be forgotten.

* * * * *

If you like this story and want some more just email me your comments or stories that you would like for me to write and I will.

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