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My Life Ch. 02

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I woke the next morning naked, sore, dirty and I am sure smelling like a well fucked slut. There was no one else in the room butt I heard someone in the bathroom taking a shower, I guess I dozed off again because the next time I opened my eyes my mom was sitting on the side of the bed caressing my back, Low and softly down over the cheeks of my ass.

“Good afternoon sweetheart, I was beginning to wonder if you were going to wake up.” It turns out that it was early afternoon.

I rolled over on my back and looked up at her, “god that was incredible!” I said as I lay there under her soft tender caresses. “Is it always like that?”

“No, rarely is it quite like that. You were a little over the top, butt enjoying your self. I loved watching you having sex. I have never watched you fuck before, you were sure enjoying yourself” She had walked in on me and a guy one time, I have spied on her and dad, and sometimes friends, fuck; butt that was the first time she had watched me really fuck. “You managed to fuck or suck everyone in the room, except me, and most of the guys more than once. I wasn’t sure you were going to stop.”

“I loved that and my pussy is really sore.” I reached down and felt my pussy, it was crusty , in fact my whole crotch area was, with the dried cum that had leaked, mixed with the gush of my own lubricating juice from my pussy, which had hardened. My mom had a soft washcloth in a bowl of warm water on the side of the bed that she now took and gently ran between my legs, it felt nice to have her softly cleaning my cunt with that wet warm cloth. She hasn’t done that since I wore diapers as a baby. I closed my eyes, relaxed and enjoyed the warm feeling. Next thing I knew she had some warm cream in her hand rubbing it in to my sore, used slit.

“This will help,” she said, “I discovered this balm several years back after I had a very busy night and was overly sore. She continued to rub the soothing cream into the folds of my slit, along the sides, between the inner and outer lips and over my tender, aching clit. The soreness started to fade and be replaced by another, more familiar sensation. I just lay there with my eyes partly closed as her soft hand explored the private areas sandwiched between my legs. My mom had never touched me this way before and I was enjoying it, I could see her watching me thru the lashes of my very nearly closed eyes, she was looking openly at my warm, soggy gash. I could feel it coming as she stroked my clit. Faster her fingers stimulated my sensitive, supple area, slipping along the sides of my clit, dipping into my now very wet vagina. I just lay there and let her play, the tension in my cunt started to rise, my breathing quickened as my back began to arch she moved faster, rubbing my clit, back and forth harder, faster her skilled fingers moved. My teeth gritted tight just as I started to cum, the waves of my orgasm washed over me and my mom buried fingers deep into my cunt, I came hard. The juice from inside me flowed out over her hand gushing as I whimpered while my hips shuddered forcing her fingers deeper into my sopping dark slit. The waves started to subside, my breath slowed, my heart was pounding as the last of my orgasm began to subside. My mom gently massaged my contented, sopping pussy as it came to an end.

“Ok baby, you need to shower”, she said when I was finished. “Your dad and brother are down at the restaurant waiting for us.”

“Thanks mom, I needed that,” I said smiling at her as I realized what had just happened, my mom had made me cum and it was mind-blowing to think about . I slowly got up my muscles were resisting me, the only place I didn’t hurt was my pussy where my mom had rubbed in that cream, I need to find out what that was I thought as I stumbled into the shower. I turned on the water and stepped in, the warm water washed over me and suddenly I realized that I really needed to pee, badly. Too tired to get out I just leaned forward, placing my head on the tile as the water washed over my hair and I let go. The warm water washing over me, I looked down and watched the dark yellow stream gush from between my legs, splashing over my feet as it blended into a lighter, yellow pool in the tub before disappearing down the drain. I was not sure which felt better, the warm water or the relief on my bladder as it drained. I just stood there and enjoyed the pleasurable sensations. The only feeling your body can give you with out having sex is letting your bladder drain when you really need to piss and I have all my life had a thing about the feeling of letting the flow loose as I pee. This is why I have chosen the name I have, butt more about that later.

When I was finished pissing and felt that relief, I started to wash. It was interesting where I found the dried crust of cum from last night had ended up, my tits, my ass cheeks, the back of my neck, and somehow in the back of my knees. As I washed I found more sore spots and a small bruise on my right tit, my asshole was sore and it took a moment for me to remember who all had been back there that would have made me sore. There were a innovia escort couple of guys that had fucked me from behind and especially I recalled once when I was on top and fucking Susan’s husband Tom, I felt a fairly large cock force its way in there. My cunt was filled with a hard black cock as I felt the head of another slowly press and stretch my anus open and then felt it close a little around the hard, smooth head before the shaft began to push itself deeper, slowly filling my bowels with that smooth hard cock. It was great to feel 2 cocks buried inside me and as I fucked harder on Tom’s cock. I felt them both moving inside me. My brother leaned over my shoulder whispering in my ear, ” this is the only place I haven’t fucked you before, butt your cute, pink asshole looked like it needed some more attention and I knew after you had taken a couple of guys in there and the cum leaking from your ass would make it slick enough to fit my cock.” He started moving faster as he pounded his hard cock deep into my entrails. A hard cock slamming deep into my anus as I looked down into Tom’s dark eyes while his dark brown shaft was filling my dripping gash. My asshole was smarting because of the bulk of his rock-hard shaft but the slight pain just added to the pleasure, two hard cocks sliding quickly in and out of both of my slick, musky, cum filled cavities. Standing there, thinking about what I had done last night caused my cunt to begin to ache again there in the shower. I reached down and rubbed my tender clit a couple of times butt I thought mom was waiting, so rather than soothing my cunt again now I decided to wait and finished cleaning up.

After I dried, I went out with just a towel wrapped around me to find my mom just sliding her pants back on, ” what’s going on here?” I asked as she buttoned the fly on her slacks.

“Well, playing with you got me in the mood and I had to do something,” she said winking at me.

“I could have helped you.” I had never watched my mom cum and the idea of doing so added to my hunger.

“I know butt we didn’t have time right now and I took care of it, another time I am sure we will have a chance” she smiled.

I got dressed in some clean clothes that someone had brought for me and left the panties off mom noticed that and commented on it (I have not worn panties regularly since that night) and we went down to eat, I was famished.

I was kidded at the table by my dad, brother and Susan and Tom who were the only people left from last night. I was the butt of quite a bit of kidding and sexy comments while we ate butt other than a little secret fondling as everyone found I didn’t have panties on the meal was much like everyone else in the room. Things were somewhat uneventful for the next several days. My brother and I got together a couple of times and I masturbated almost every night while I relived my birthday night and then usually again in the morning. I still do to this day when I think about that special night.

My boy friend, Rick came home from collage about 2 weeks later for summer break. He knew that my family and me were nudists and open but not to the extent things had gotten nor that my parents were swingers. I had introduced him to nude beaches when he was last home and he knew my parents and I came here sometimes. He would learn a lot more about his girlfriend and her family that summer.

The night after he got home we went to a party across town. I was wearing my usual party clothes, something loose, revealing and easy to get under and into, no panties. There was a lot of dancing and anyone who bothered to look was treated to flashes of my naked pussy and tight smooth butt. I had several drinks, hits from several joints and a few lines of coke. Iwas feeling no pain. After an hour or so, I was getting very horney. I could feel the slick wetness making my thighs slide against each other and I needed to go somewhere to satisfy my itching cunt. My boy friend and I searched around looking for a room that was empty, or at least partly available. Every room was busy and filled with people having sex with one or more people, including the bathrooms. One room had only one couple fucking furiously on a large bed. I saw my best friend Lynda was on top, I had no idea who the guy she was fucking was and knowing her, neither did she (and he probably wasn’t the first that night, Lynda was the only girl I knew that had probably fucked more guys than me), we watched for a couple of minutes as she moved her well fucked cunt up and down his hard, glistening cock. We were at the foot of the bed and from vantage point we had, I could see her pink asshole winking at me as his cock slid in and out of her sloppy wet gash. Rick slid his hand under the back of my skirt and a finger found its way to slide just the tip of one in to massage my anus as the others dipped into my wet snatch. I stood there and watched them fucking, my eyes focused on her brown, furry, wet pussy and puckering pink anus. I bent forward just a bit and paced my hands on the foot of the bed to allow his fingers better access and istanbul escort get a closer view. Rick was fingering my hard little clit, fingers buried deep into both of my holes. I was about to cum, my knees started to buckle, so we moved over to share the bed. When the guy fucking Lynda noticed us, he said they wanted to be alone (I think he was shy). We didn’t join them on the bed as they went back to their fuck. I noticed there was a private bathroom in that bedroom and we went in there.

As soon as we were in the bathroom I went to my knees, pulled his zipper down, pulled his hard cock out and wrapped my lips around the head. Now Rick’s cock was not very large but it was the first uncircumcised cock I had had up to that point in my life and loved the difference. When he was hard only the tip stuck out thru his foreskin, the little slit there was leaking some clear sticky pre-cum. This added a little extra flavor to his cock. Whenever I sucked his cock I would first lick the tip, sticking the tip of my tongue into that little hole then slide the flesh covered head into my mouth. I would grasp the shaft firmly and slide my hand down, pulling the skin with it and feel the skin pull out from between my lips and the smooth tender head would reveal itself to my tongue. His cock always had a nice taste, slightly saltier than most cocks because of the foreskin, but pleasant, and the taste would reveal itself more as the head became bare inside my mouth. I would suck gently on the head, running my tongue around the sensitive rim. With the head protected the way it was the flesh of its head was softer and smoother than most cocks. I loved sucking his cock and would lose my self in the taste and feel of his hard cock sliding into my mouth, touching the back of my throat before I pulled my head back, sucking the shaft as I moved it in and out. My hand grasping the firm shaft as it slid up and down following my mouth, I knew this would make him cum fast. I was getting into it, almost in a daze thinking about nothing other than that hard warm shaft of skin filing my mouth, I could tell he was going to cum soon when he grabbed my head and pulled his cock from between my lips.

“I want to cum inside you first time tonight, I haven’t had your sweet pussy for too long” he said as he turned my head up to look at him. He pulled me up and kissed me, his tongue replacing the hard cock in my mouth and his hands grasping the naked cheeks of my ass. “I like you not wearing panties, I can get to you easier like this” as he squeezed them firmly. Kissing my neck, he turned me around and pushed me forward to lean over the lavatory counter where he kneeled down behind me and with his thumbs spread the cheeks of my ass wide open. I felt his cool breath blowing over my warm, damp anus and the wet lips between my thighs as he brought his face between them. He slipped his wet tongue into my tight brown, puckered hole and pressed it in. I felt his tongue pushing in, opening my sphincter and press more untill his nose was pressed tight into the crevice, sandwiched between my ass cheeks. I just lay there as his tongue probed deep inside my anus while his fingers diddled with my hard clit. his fingers exploring deep into my wet, slippery cunt. I closed my eyes, feeling the cool tile of the counter top on my cheek as the tightness began deep inside me. Moaning as my breath coming faster. The focus of my being was on the tender flesh of my hard clit and the tongue massaging far inside my anus. I exploded. Over and over again the waves of my orgasm came as the fluid from my hot slimly slash flowed out dripping from his chin. I moaned loudly as he pressed his tongue as far into my bowels as he was able while I felt the tip squirm around inside me against my taut sphincter. The waves expanding throughout my body as I leaned there on the cool tile and allowed the pleasure to take me.

My orgasm was not quite complete when I felt him take his lips from my throbbing crevice and instantly I felt his hard cock slam its way in, burying deep into my scorching, still contracting hole. His cock filled my cunt and he started to move, pulling back and slamming his hard rod into my aching, slippery hole. He was pushing me with every thrust, grunting with each penetration my face sliding along the counter top feeling the cool tile on my cheek until my belly came to the edge and pressed into me just above my pussy. I felt the sharp corner of the counter top press against my mons. With each pound of his hips the corner was forced to jab harder into me.

“Stop” I cried. “We need to reposition,” He stopped moving and I felt his hot rod slowly leaving my dripping chasm. Once his cock was out I sat down on the furry bathroom rug, my face just high enough so that I could lean in and kiss the head of his slimly cock. Sucking a little I could taste my self on him. After a moment I laid back, my head beside the toilet and pulled my knees up so my open slit and brown asshole was well exposed and available to his view, he knelt behind my ass, pushed my knees further up, and placed the point of his rigid kadıköy escort pole at the opening of my cavity. He thrust hard and deep, I love the feel of a hard rod quickly filling my gaping maw and this was no different. Instantly, I was back to the edge of an orgasm as Rick began pumping his hard shaft of skin in and out of my cunt. In, out, in, out, faster he moved his hips as his cock alternately filled and emptied my dark, velvety sleeve. I could feel the orgasm building. I was looking into Rick’s eyes as he fucked me and could tell he was on the edge himself, his eyes half closed as though his whole existence was focused on the flexing of his ass and the smooth slippery feel along the rigid stake boring deep inside me………..

“Excuse me,” a voice that didn’t belong there penetrated our revere. “Excuse me, but if you don’t mind I really have to pee.” Rick froze in mid thrust, his orgasm again cut short by a distraction but his cock remained throbbing deep inside me. It was Lynda. She and the guy she was fucking apparently had finished so she needed to pee. “I can make it quick.”

“Sure,” I said. “Go ahead,” I could tell by the look on Rick’s face that that wasn’t what he would have said. Lynda walked into the room naked and flushed. I had to shift just a little to give her some room to get to the toilet and she stepped one foot over my head. Her slimily fir covered cunt with her still engorged lips were still swollen wide open directly above my face. I stared at her cunt as cum from her recent fucks oozed slowly from between her full labia. A small drip fell and landed on my lips, the unexpected flavor suddenly filling my mouth. I noticed Rick was enjoying the view, in his position he was much closer and I am sure he could also smell the pungent odor of Lynda’s just finished party.

Now Lynda and I have been friends for several years at that time and she was one of the few girls I had played with often and the only one who knew all about me and my family (I’ll tell you more about her in another chapter). She had some unusual quirks one of which was that although she would fuck almost any guy at any time, she wouldn’t sit on a toilet that wasn’t at her house. She lifted the lid stood with one leg on each side of the toilet and squatted. I have seen Lynda using the toilet several times over the years but never from this angle. As she moved into position over the toilet I saw Rick staring at her wet cunt like me as he again started plunging his cock inside me. Lynda squatted there over the toilet and from where I lay I had direct sight at her puffed-up labia and wet, shiny pubes. I noticed she was looking directly at my face as she let the gush begin. The pale yellow water flowed from the tiny hole at the front of her damp slit spraying out,I felt a few warm small drops hit my body. She must have had quite a bit to drink that night because it seemed to continue for a long time. I lay there, my eyes fixed on the urine pouring out of her cunt, Rick’s hard cock slamming in and out of my cunt as my head began to reel. I knew I was going to cum and I could tell by the jerking of Rick’s hips he was right there with me. Her slimy cunt with the yellow liquid draining from it and my cunt being fucked was the focus of my world at that moment as the feel of another orgasm built inside me.

The flow began to dwindle a bit and I noticed her shifting. Lynda was reaching for the toilet paper to wipe her wet cunt. “Stop,” I moaned. She froze the flow from her pussy stopping, and again, poor Rick did the same (if there ever was someone with blue balls it was Rick at that moment). I looked into her eyes and said softly while laying there in my daze ” let me,” licking my lips while looking at her cunt. It took a moment but she quickly understood and smiled at me. She stood, moved into position with one leg on either side of my head. Rick had never been with more than one girl before and had for sure never watched a girlfriend eating out another girl’s pussy, this was a whole new thing for him. She squatted slowly bringing her cunt down to my face, as she did white, creamy cum oozed out from the depth of her gash. Her cunt was inches from my lips and the white sperm was about to drip from her. As I opened my mouth and reached out with my tongue to taste the discharge I saw her muscles flex just a little and a small spray of salty, yellow liquid squirted out of her little pee hole and into my mouth giving me a new and unexpected splash of flavor. This was the first time I had tasted someone else’s piss but didn’t have much time to think about it because her cum flied cunt covered my face the salty drops remaining from her piss clinging to the hair around her slit. I could taste the cum from whatever guys Lynda had fucked that night oozing out of her cunt and into my mouth as I sucked greedily on her full red lips. Rick by this time was fucking my aching pussy hard and fast as he watched me eating my best friends well-fucked cunt. He was slamming hard and fast into me and I started to cum again the taste of cum, piss and pussy in my mouth and a hard cock slamming hard and fast deep into my agonizing cunt. I came hard. Lynda was rubbing her cunt back and forth furiously on my face, moaning as she was cumming. I felt Rick slam his rigid cock hard, deep against the lips of my cunt he pressed it there tight jerking as his cock finally emptied it’s full load deep inside me.

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