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My Morning Of Light (The Story) Ch. 02

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I lay on my bed slowly running my fingers over my hot swollen pussy. Feeling how hot and sopping wet it was. My juices were spread all over my inner thigs and ass. God I was hot, in more ways than one.

I had just finished fucking myself with my new dildo to another mind shattering orgasm, cumming abit more louder than the first one and wondering if the neighbours had heard me though the open bedroom window. Ever since my son Billy had fucked me two weeks away, I have tried to control this irresistable urge to fuck. That was the first time I had ever been fucked by a cock that was bigger than Henry’s. May he rest in peace.

I don’t know what was happening to me. I couldn’t get the feel of it out of my mind. Even the new dildo I brought, which was twice the size of my old one, couldn’t match the feeling I had when Billy was ramming my unwitting pussy. I knew it wasn’t right, a mother shouldn’t put demands on her son but he started it. He was the one who had practically raped me, especially when I thought Jessica and Billy had gone out. It wasn’t my fault I was feeling horny and when the sun had hit my bare backside, I just couldn’t help myself.

For two weeks I have been replaying the scene of Billy fucking my wanton pussy as he had me bent over the bench. His massive cock stretching my pussy to the limit. Me pleading with Billy to stop before losing control and crying out for him to fuck me and make me cum. It was like a dream, a dream I couldn’t get rid of. Oh god I want that cock of his back inside my pussy. I want to feel that pulsating piece of meat pounding in and out of me. The walls of my pussy stretching to accommodating his cock.

Okay I was overly horny again and I did what I normally do when I think about Billy’s cock fucking my pussy, I fucked myself stupid with my dildo, cumming for the third time that morning. What was I doing to do. I hadn’t spoken to my son about what he had done but everytime I thought about it, I lost control and had to fuck myself to relieve the sexual tension I felt inside. We had acted as if it hadn’t of happened. When we did talk, we talked about school, shopping and what was on T.V. Never mentioning anything about sex or anything personal. Even though I couldn’t help but fantasize about having his huge cock stuffed inside my pussy again.

I tossed my big plastic cock onto the other side of the bed and delighted myself in the feeling of having such a wet horny pussy that wouldn’t give up when I heard my bedroom door open.

“Jesus mum, what gives, everytime I walk in you’ve either got your fingers or that damn dildo of yours stuck up your pussy” Jess said picking up my dildo and waving at me.

“I can’t help it” I said thinking of something to say to defend myself again.

My daughter Jess had now caught me eight times fucking myself stupid just because of what her brother had done. I think she had gotten use to seeing me sprawled on the bed, totally naked, withering in esctasy as I pumped either my fingers or my dildo in and out of my pussy, crying out before cumming. The first time she walked in while I was finger fucking myself silly. I think I was more embarrassed than she was. My daughter Jess just smile at me and sat on the end of the bed and chatted with me while I hurriedly dress.

“What has gotten into you, you never use to be like this, well not since the week before last anyway, did something happen here that we should know about, this has been going on for a fortnight now, you’re also fucking yourself stupid” Jess said sitting down on the bed, totally ignoring the fact that I was totally naked, with my legs spread wide, showing off my soaked pussy.

No matter what I said, she knew I was lying. God I thought I was on trial. I couldn’t believe the speed at which she threw questions at me. Like a prosecutor in court. Beating me down until finally getting the truth out of me. Jess just looked at me in surprise.

“You’re kidding me…Billy…..my baby brother…..fuck me”.

“No he fucked me”.

“Jesus….and you let him fuck you…..kinky shit”.

“I didn’t know it was him until it was too late…….I was enjoying it…..he had me pinned….what could I do…I thought it was a burglar”.

“Have you told anyone else……christ I would of shit myself if that happened to me”.

“Well it happened, don’t tell anyone I told you Jess, I haven’t brought it up with your brother….everytime I start to think about it….this is what happens”.

“God mum you enjoyed it….you really enjoyed having Billy fuck you”.

“Yes, okay Jess yes, I really enjoyed having my son, your brother fuck me and if I had the nerve, I would get him to fuck me again and again and again”.

“Geeze mum, take it easy or you’ll make yourself orgasm”.

“Then give me that damn cock of mine so I can make myself cum……” I said grabbing my dildo off my daughter, who was slowly stroking her hand up and down the shaft and plunged it deep into my pussy.

“Ooooohhhh that feels better” I moaned as I plunged the dildo in and out of my kağıthane escort pussy as fast as I could.

“Here let me do it for you, just lie back and enjoy me fucking you……..Sylvia lets me do it all the time for her, she lays back and gives her tits a good massaging” Jess said calmimg me down when I felt her hand on mine, grabbing the dildo out of my fingers.

I shouldn’t of let my daughter do this to me but I was past the point of no return. Jess was curtainly good. Rubbing her fingers softly over my sensative clit as she pumped my dildo in and out of my pussy, twisting it slightly as she pushed it in.

“Ooooohhhhh Jess, make me cum baby, make me cum” I moaned enjoying what Jess was doing to my pussy.

I lent back against my pillows, spreading my legs wider as my daughter Jess went to work on my pussy, running her fingers gently over my swollen clit. Pushing the hood back to expose my pride and joy. God it was so entralling. I have never had another woman do this to me. I still couldn’t believe I was letting my daughter do this to me.

“Feels good doesn’t it, having another person fuck you while you lay there, having her play with your clit as she fucks your pussy……” Jess crooned making me gasp and whimper as she gently pinched my clit a the same time as burying the dildo deep into my pussy.

“Ever had another woman lick and suck your pussy”

“Nnnnnnnoooooooooooo” I moaned as I swayed my head from side to side, grabbing handfuls of my tits, massaging them while squeezing my rock hard nipples.

“I have, I thought I was in heaven as Sylvia pushed up my skirt and pulled my panties aside and ate me out, god she made me orgasm a dozen times continuosly, she ate my pussy all night, driving her tongue so deep into my pussy, I thought I was going to die……” Jess said telling me about her love affair with her best friend.

The more she talked about it, the more my orgasm built up inside me. I knew this one was going to be more powerful than the rest. But what really blew my mind was the feeling of my daughters mouth locking itself onto my clit.

“Oooooohhhhhh god Jess, what are you doing” I cried out, looking up to see my daughter sucking my clit softly between her lips.

I watched in fasination as she rolled my stiff clit with her tongue before gripping it between her teeth, pulling on it gently before sucking it into her mouth again.

“Aaaaaaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh” I moaned out loud as that orgasm of mine finally blew my mind, crashing my head back down onto the pillow as Jess went to work on my clit as she pumped my big thick dildo in and out of my hot pussy.

I was on my way to having a beautiful tremdous orgasm again as my daughter sucked on my clit as she pounded my pussy with my dildo. Oh god it was glorious. This was the first time another woman had made love to me. I was absolutely hetrosexual but I think my daughter Jess has changed my mind about that. The only time I let another girl touch my pussy was when I was in hospital and a nurse had to help me wipe myself when I went toilet.

“This couldn’t be happening……it’s too good…..oh fucken hell it’s too good……oh it’s fucken too fucken good…..oh Jess fuck me Jess…oh fucken hell fuck me” I cried out cumming again.

“Oh yeah mum, I’ll fuck your pussy as much as you want, I’ll suck and fuck you senseless” Jess moaned as she rammed my pussy, pumping that dildo of mine in and out of my pussy.

I bucked, trembled and shook, crying out for mercy from my daughter as she fucked me into oblivion and back again. I never knew I could of been multi-orgasmic. Usually I had to practically fuck myself raw to have another orgasm but Jess was making me cum, one after another. I just couldn’t believe what she was doing to me.

The best orgasm she gave me was when she parted my ass cheeks and slowly inserted two fingers up my ass.

“Oh gggggeeeeezzzzzzeeeeeuuuuuuussssss CHRIST……..FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, NNNNNNNOOOOO……..OOOHHHHHHHH GGGGGGGOOOODDDD NNNNOOOO” I screamed, cumming again as my darling daughter made me cum in a totally mind shattering orgasm.

In the end I had to curl up into the fetal position and hug my knee to my breasts to try and control myself as my body went out of control. I just laid there, curled up in a ball as Jess slowly fucked my ass with her fingers and my pussy with my dildo, easing me down from one hell of an orgasm. I think I must of blacked out because I woke to the feel of a cold towel being laid on my head and one being laid carefully against my aching sensative pussy.

“I told you you have to be gentle when you make love to another woman, god you are so domineering, how many times do I have to tell you not to go over board, god you must of fucked your mother senseless” a strange voice said.

“God Syl, I love you very much but man can you bitch” I heard Jess say before things went silence.

I heard the faint sounds of two people kissing before I felt jessica’s or the other girls hands on my sensative kartal escort pussy. I tried to open my eyes but my vision was too blurry.

“Hello Mrs Chambers, how are you feeling……wait let me wipe your eyes, you have dried sweat in them….is that better”

“Who are you” I said, my voice cracking as I tried to wipe my eyes and sit up.

“I’m Sylvia, Jessy rang me when you blacked out, I’m afraid you gave her quite a scare, blacking out, I don’t know how many times I’ve told Jess not to fuck other woman raw…. does this feel better” Sylvia said ringing out the towel in a bowel of cold water.

“Yes thank you” I whispered, shivering when the cold towel came in contact with my pussy again.

“Come on sweet heart, lets leave your mum alone for now so she can get use to the idea of being fucked by her daughter” Sylvia said taking Jess my the hand and leading her out of my room, closing the door behind them.

I must admit that Sylvia was one hell of a knock out. No wonder Jess had scored her. If I was a full lesbian, I would of gone after her. You could say a perfect 10. She must of stood at least 6 foot. Bleach blonde and sun tanned all over. Beautiful firm breasts that were held up by a string bikini top and a great set of very firm ass cheeks that poked out the bottom of her cut-off demins. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and she knew, bending over in front of me a couple of times to show me that she wasn’t wearing panties as the seam of her cut-offs rode right up between her puffed pussy lips.

It took me about half an hour before I could get myself under control again and get dressed. My legs even felt weak and I thought they were going to give out on me when I walked in the kitchen. Sylvia and Jess were sitting at the breakfast bar, laughing and giggling, giving each other casual kisses as they watched me woddle in.

“How are you feeling mum”

“Are you alright Mrs Chambers”

Both girls started to laugh when I tried to sit down, wincing when pressure was put on my raw sensitive pussy.

“You try sitting down after your pussy’s been fucked raw” I said a grumply but still excepting a helping hand from Sylvia who came over to help me get comfortable on the couch.

“Sorry mum” Jess said bringing me the coffee she had made me.

“It’s alright dear, you weren’t to know how sensative my pussy was in you came in”

“So how many times did you make yourself cum” Sylvia asked placing her hand on my thigh, inches away from my pussy.

I felt an electric shock shoot right though my spine and down through my pussy as her fingers gently squeeze the soft flesh of my thigh.

“About….about three…three times” I stammered looking into Sylvia’s clear sparkling blue eyes.

“And how many times did Jessy make you cum”

“About five or six times……I don’t really know, I wasn’t really counting” I sighed parting my legs slightly.

“You must be tender down there” Syliva said slipping her hand closer toward my pussy.

Oh god, I was about to lose it again. My pussy was dripping. I could my juices flowing slowly down the outside of my pussylips and over my asshole. Good heavens, what was happening to me. I tried to concentrate on Sylvia’s face, trying to take my mind off sex but it was impossible. My eyes kept travelling down to her breasts. Watching as her nipples stiffened under the thin material that covered them. My breath was heavy and labored as I watched Sylvia slowly part her legs.

“Oh god what was her pussy like……can I go through with it……can I make love to another woman….how do you have sex with another woman……is she turned on by me like I am for her…please slide your hand closer to my pussy….please touch me” I thought as I watched her breasts rise and fall as she breathed.

And then it happened. Sylvia’s hand slid slowly up my leg and stopped just short of touching my pussy. She must of known how wet I was. She had to have felt the heat that was eminating from me. Oh god let this happen.

I didn’t know if Sylvia was still talking to me or not. I took a few sips from my coffee just to get the dryness out of my throat. Everything was dead quiet, moving in slow motion as I stared into Sylvia’s eye. Looking for something that would tell me this was really happening. Was she going to make love to me. Did she want me to make love to her.

What broke me out of my dream was the pair of hands that slowly and gently cupped my breasts. The soft kiss to the side of my cheek. The fingers that finally searched out the folds of my pussylips. Dipping slowly, gently, softly into the hot deep canal of my pussy.

I looked to my right and saw the smiling face of my daughter Jessica. Her hand softly kneading my breasts. Squeezing gently on my rock hard nipples that poked out of the material of the short skirt I wore. I looked at Sylvia who now had moved off the couch and was kneeling between my parted legs.

“I like a woman who doesn’t wear panties” Sylvia said softly, looking down at my exposed küçükçekmece escort pussy lustfully as she untied the string ties to her bikini and let it fall to the floor.

“Beautiful” I whispered, looking straight at Sylvia’s breasts standing full and firm in front of me.

She smiled at me as I watched her glide her hands over her stiff nipples, giving them a soft squeeze before sliding them down her stomach and into her shorts. I watched as she pushed her hand between her spread legs, cupping her pussy, closing her eyes as she moaned as she either slipped a finger inside herself or she massaged her pussy before pulling her hand out again to pull down the ziiper before buttoning them. Jess grabbed my cup before it fell from my hands as I gasped when Sylvia pulled her shorts down her thighs to her knees to show me one of the cleanest shaved pussies I had ever seen.

All I could do was stare at her as she stood up and pulled her feet out of her shorts. My goodness, she was like a goddess, standing there absolutely naked in front of me. And that wasn’t all. I knew I could hear some russling behind me but didn’t take any notice of it till Jess walked around in front of me. She had also gotten undressed and was now standing next to Sylvia.

I had never pictured my daughter as being beautiful but when she was standing next to Sylvia naked, she too also looked like a goddess. Jessica’s breasts were also firm and very tanned. Her stomach was also muscular like Sylvia’s and her pussy was also shaved clean like the woman standing next to her. Both girls stood in front of me. There arms around each others waists. There hips touching. There other hands on each others breasts, kneading them softly, pulling gently on each others nipples. There lips touching gently before going into full blown kisses.

I didn’t know what to do. I just sat there with my hands pulling at the seam of my skirt as I watched Sylvia and my daughter kiss and fondle each other. Oh god why wasn’t it like this for me. The tenderness. The love. The lust.

Jess and Sylvia finally parted from there kiss and looked down at me smiling. Noticing how my skirt was now up around my waist. My entire lower half exposed to them and who ever else might of walked into the room.

Jessy was the first to kneel between my legs. Pushing her hands gently against my knees so that they were spread wider. Sylvia knelt down and put her hands under my ass cheeks and gently pulled me towards her so I was now in a half sitting position and a half lying position.

Both girls looked at each other before kissing deeply then looked at me. I knew what was going to happen. I actually wanted it to happen. And it did.

Sylvia lowered her head down between my thighs and gently ran her tongue up between my ass chheeks, over my bumhole, though my pussylips, into my pussy canal and up over my clit. I couldn’t help but cry out. It was so intense. So heavenly. I wanted her to do it again but instead of Sylvia doing it, Jessy did but time I felt her tongue press hard against my bumhole, forcing her tongue in slightly before continuing up into my pussy canal where she lingered for awhile, flicking her tongue around before continuing up to my clit. I cried out again as my daughter sucked heavily on my clit, making me moaned loudly as I felt her tongue flick over it as she clamped it in her mouth.

Jessy and Sylvia took turns licking and sucking at my clit and pussy but Jessy was the only one who continued to force her tongue into my bumhole, getting me use to the feeling of it there. Only if I knew what she was to. I was in heaven. My hands on each of the girls heads as one after another they licked and sucked on my pussy. Driving me insane with lust and passion.

It was Sylvia who finally stood up in front of me and helped me up onto my feet. Some invisible signals passed from Sylvia and daughter, who got up and walked down to the bedroom. Sylvia helped me off with my skirt and held me gently. Kissing my lips with baby kisses before with started kissing deeply. Our tongues meet and wrestled. Our hands glided over each others bodies. Touching, exploring each others breasts and nipples before sliding down between our legs to touch and fondle our pussies.

Sylvia was hot and very wet. Her muscles clamped on my fingers as I pushed them inside her. She moaned as I finger fucked her. Her fingers slipping finally into mine. Our kissing becoming more lustful. The heat between us intensifying. Our moans becoming louder. Our hands pulling each other closer. Our breasts squeezing together. Nipples poking into the soft flesh of our breasts.

I felt Sylvia’s muscles inside her pussy clamp harder onto my fingers as I drove them up inside her. I felt her body tremble and shake. I felt an explosion of heat surround my fingers and flood over my hand. And then…….She became tense, almost rigid, her fingers squeezing into my ass cheeks painfully. She let out a loud squeal before turning it into a low deep groan. Her eyes clamped shut as her mouth stayed locked with mine. I had made her cum.

I wanted to taste the fruits of my labor so I broke the kiss and slid down Sylvia’s slightly swaying body. kissing my way down her neck, over her breasts, sucking gently at her stiff nipples. Kissing gently down her stomach till my mouth was directly in front of her pussy.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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