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My Mother’s Mission School Ch. 02

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( All persons having sexual contact in this story are over eighteen years of age. The terms housegirl and garden boy come from common language usage in white controlled countries in southern Africa during the period in which the story takes place. They do not refer to an age of a person.)

My mother had given me the right to decide to stay with her and my sister as they milked the four male trainees of all their sperm or go with our housegirl Emma and watch her bathe the two female trainees. (Read Chapter One if you are lost at this point.) It was really not a hard decision to make at all. Although I liked seeing the white junk come shooting out of those big black penises, I was more fond of watching Emma do anything. She was a pretty girl.

The two female trainees were fresh in from villages from a neighboring country. Four more from the same village were to arrive soon. I hoped tomorrow. When I got to the bath house, Emma had the two female trainees standing up on the stools and she was closely examining their pubic areas.

“What are you doing Emma?”

“Come look Sir. Their little penises are uncovered and sticking out,” Emma replied without even turning around to look at me.

I walked over pangaltı escort and what I saw was a shock. The two girls had been operated on and their clitoral prepuces had been removed. The skin or hood over their clits had been circumcised leaving their sensitive clitorises exposed at all times. Both girls were rather fat and had big boobs and big butts. They also had very large clits. I walked over and started playing with both girls’ clits with each of my hands and they started moaning and pulling on their big nipples on their fat black tits. Emma just stood there like she had been struck by lightening.

“Get them sitting down on the stools with their legs spread wide and their feet high in the air” I said to Emma. “Make sure I can get to those fat cunts.”

“Ready Sir”

Emma had them just as I had requested and she was going back and forth playing with their exposed clitorises which caused the two female students to make the most sexual animal sounds I had ever heard. The sounds they were making alone would have made me have an erection, but add the visual with the sounds and my cock was the hardest it had ever been. Even before I got to the student on the left, my cock was dripping pendik escort pre-cum from its head. When I got to the girl I put the head of my cock on her engorged clit and started rubbing it back and forth. She started moving her big ass around trying to get my cock inside her pussy.

“Don’t even try”, I said as I reach for her fat titties and pulled on both of her nipples hard and kept right on rubbing her clit with my cock head. Emma was tonguing the other female student’s clit.

“Don’t let us stop you”, mother said as she and my sister walked into the room. “You like those exposed clits don’t you?”

“Yes mother” I answered without stopping what I was doing. My sister with only a short skirt on came over and took hold of my big cock and started moving it faster over the female student’s clitoris. She also spanked the butt cheek that was close to her. With each smack the girl would let out a primal scream that made me almost cum. Mother walked up on the other side of me and took my cock away from my sister and rammed it into the female student and held her right leg and had my sister hold her left leg. I could get my full cock all the way in and with each thrust my pelvic bone hit rus escort her exposed clit and she would let out another one of those animal screams.

“Don’t you dare cum quick or I will spank your bottom raw. I want her well fuck.”

I knew my mother meant what she had just said. She had Emma get behind me and lick my balls and asshole as I fucked. My cock was hitting the back of her pussy and I knew when I left my load in her it would be as near to her uterus as any man could get it. The thought made the head of my cock swell more and again I buried the entire nine and one half inches into her cunt and felt the skin over my pelvic bone hit her exposed clit. This time I left my load in her.


Emma had bathed me and I had gone to sleep only to be woke up a couple hours later when my mother brought both the female slaves into my bedroom and told them they were to sleep with me and take turns making sure my cock stayed hard all night while I slept. She then walked over and pumped my cock hard.

“I mean make sure it does not go down or you will not like what I will do” she said as she turned and walked out of my room.

They were both naked except for crotchless panties which exposed their clits. They got in bed with me and one started sucking on my erect sex organ while the other put one of her big fat tits in my mouth. The truth is I would have rather had my mother stay and play, but these two would have to do.

End of Chapter Two

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