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My Mum, My Cum Ch. 04

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She brought me more water, and smiled. She had a rum and coke.

“Daniel?” She asked, holding the glass at my chin. “Please spit in it.”

I did. “Mum?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Your face is a mess.”

She drank her drink. She sat back and again opened her legs to show me her panties.

“Son?” She asked. “I don’t think I can ever kiss you.”

“That’s okay, I guess.” That was all I could say. Kissing was farthest from my mind.

“Why, Mum?” I interjected.

“Your father. I used to vomit on his cock when it was in my mouth. Then he would kiss me.”

“Gross!” Said I.

“Then he would kiss me and swirl my puke inside my mouth. He liked it, I didn’t. Made me want to vomit again. I puked in his mouth a few times. I think he liked it.”

“Wow he was gross!”

My Mum scratched at her cheek, and looked at her nail. Dried up sperm. She put it to her mouth and sucked on it.

“Want another drink, babe?” She asked.

“No! HA! I gotta piss like a racehorse!”

“That’s my plan, son!”

“What is your ‘plan’, Mum?”

She lay back, and wiggled her head between my thighs. She was lying back, looking at me right in the eye.

“Daniel?” She asked, her head in my lap, body strewn along the couch.

“Yes Mum?”

“Do me a favour?”

I looked down at her face. It was smudged şişli grup yapan escort and smeared.

“Spit on me?”

“Pardon?” Was all I could manage.

“Make me wet again.” She requested.

I spat on her face. Dripped slowly from my mouth. My saliva fastened itself along the bridge of her nose. She was a mess!

“Son?” She asked.

“Yeah?” I answered.

“You have phlegm?” The question hung in the air like a stench. Even I was getting turned off.

“Why Mum?” I asked, a puzzled look on my face.

She sat upright, all of a sudden full of energy. Like an excited schoolgirl in her plaid skirt, she sat crossed legged on the couch.

“I want you to mess up my face as much as you can, then I want you to clean it off. Your dad used to make me a mess, and he liked it. I want you to make me your mess. I want to do this for you. Then you can clean me.”

“How, Mum?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

She took my hand, softly scratching at my palm. Her other hand went on my thigh. She slowly slid up to my stomach, and I swear I could have pissed myself right then!

“Mmm…hard. Guess you’re full, huh?” She said, giggling. I liked the way her cleavage opened and closed as she laughed.

“Mum, I like really gotta go!” I pronounced the words slowly, in şişli masöz escort a whisper. It was all I could do to hold it back.

“Then come, Daniel!” She was up in a flash, dragging me by the hand. She led the way upstairs. I watched her skirt sway back and forth as she climbed each step.

Then we were there! The bathroom! I quickly pulled my sweats down over my hips and headed toward the toilet. But my Mother had a different plan…

“One more minute, Son,” She said as she climbed into the tub and laid back. “Just let me get comfy!”

“Mum??” She looked like she could have a nap, or a bath if she wasn’t dressed.

“Come on in, and stand up by the taps, Son. Take off those sweats, and your underwear.”

“You sure, Mum?” I asked, doing as I was told. She did a longing sigh that said she was getting impatient.

I stepped into the tub, and leaned back, my ass on the taps.

“I don’t know if I can do this, Mum.” But fuck I had to piss!

“Start low,” She suggested. “Wet my shirt. Then work your way up to my face. I’ll close my eyes so you can get started.”

A trickle came out. Splashed on my feet. Then it stopped. Another trickle, dribbled down my leg. I watched as my Mum slid her hands down her panties and spread her legs. I could see the outline of her hand ‘neath the şişli otele gelen escort crotch of her panties.

“Pee on me,” She pleaded, eyes closed. “I can’t wait.”

It was like something inside me opened up. All my inhibitions were gone. Due to the fact that I just had to fuckin pee!!

Slowly it came. Arced onto her leg, dripping back to the drain at my feet. I pulled my foreskin back and wet her panties under her skirt. I was pissing straight as can be. I pulled up and did her shirt. Watching as her nipples shown through the fabric. Wow! What a wet t-shirt party!

“Face, Daniel! Face!!”

Her head came forward, trying to catch some of the piss.

“You sure, Mum?” I asked, pissing on her tits.

“Wash me, baby!” She hollered.

I zig-zagged up to her chin. To my amazement she opened her mouth! Wow! She swallowed some!

I did her face, washing off the cum and makeup. Back and forward I went. I did a good job!

She opened her mouth again, and I filled it. She gulped it down. She opened again, to show me it all gone. I filled it. It bubbled around her lips. She swallowed it all again.

Then she did an amazing thing!

I was just about finished and she took me in her mouth. I’m talking right in her mouth, nose to pubic bone!

I’m sure the final drips went right down her throat. No taste buds involved!

She held me there, hugging my ass, holding me in her mouth.

Her finger went on my asshole and I grew again.

I grew, but her mouth never moved. I swear I was getting hard in her throat!

“Mum??” I asked. “You’re gonna make me come this way!”

“Spit on my face, Daniel,” she managed.

I did.

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