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My New Neighbors Pt. 05

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For the past few days I have been in a state of euphoria with all the sex I have gotten. So far, everything had been great, thanks to Nick.

This one night Nick was out and it was me and Bob home alone.

That night Bob said to me, “Jo, you seem to be much more relaxed these last few days, like you have been sexually satisfied. What’s going on?”

I looked at him and replied, “You’re right. I have been. If you promise not to get angry, I will tell you everything.”

Bob looked at me and said, “Baby, you can tell me anything and I promise I won’t get angry.”

I started telling him the story…

Last week, Nick asked me if I would give up something to have and endless supply of cocks and pussy to please me. He even demonstrated how it worked and it did. All I had to do was ask for a guy with a big cock to please me and he appeared and sexually satisfied me, then left. One time I asked for six guys to each fuck me and fill me with cum and it happened. I even asked for a women and she appeared and pleased me. I was convinced it was for real.”

Bob said, “Jo, that can’t happen. Nick must have hypnotized you into believing that stuff.”

I replied, “Bob, it happened. And you can do the same. Just ask for something.”

Bob looked at me like I was crazy and said, “I want a woman who will eat my wife’s pussy as I fuck her and fill her cunt with a cup of my cum.”

In an instant a naked blonde appeared and immediately started eating me. Then Bob started fucking her from behind and came in her cunt. When he pulled his cock out,a cup of cum spilled out of her cunt. Then she left.

He looked at me and said, “You said you had to give up something. What was it?”

I told him Nick said I had to give up my soul for endless pleasure for the two of us and that I signed a contract.

Bob screamed at me and said, “Nick is the devil. He tricked you. Can you get out of the contract? I told him I could but would have to give up sex forever.

Bob sat in a state of shock for quite awhile in disbelief.

After an hour or so I went over to him, as I was crying, telling him I was sorry.

He pulled me to him and lovingly said everything would be all right. He told me that Nick would have to go though and I agreed.

When Nick came in, Bob politely told him he had to go and that he and I were making changes and he wasn’t part of those changes.

He accepted that and said he would be gone the next day.

The next morning came and there was no trace that Nick was ever there.

Over breakfast Bob said he would need some time to figure things out. I asked him if I could still ask to be sexually taken care of and he didn’t see any reason not to and told me I could. I then reminded him that he could do the same.

Bob looked at me and said, “You know Jo, that might not be so bad, if you really think about it. Let’s do it.”

We went and sat on the couch and tried to think of things we wanted to do for pleasure.

The first thing I thought of was having an orgy with men and women pleasing us every way possible.

Bob said that was good. Then he said he had an idea. What if we were turned into a huge porn stars?

We would make a ton of money and get all the cock and pussy we ever dreamed of.

I looked up at him and said, “But we don’t have the physical attributes of porn stars.” Bob said, “Well, we can ask for it. Let me show you.”

Jo and I want to be porn stars. Jo wants bigger tits that could give milk whenever she wants and a great body to go with them. I want a firm body and a 12″ cock and big balls with the ability to cum a ton at all times.

Just then the phone rang. It was a talent agent who said he heard about us and wanted us to try out for a leading role in a new porno movie. He gave us all the details and we were to audition tomorrow.

Bob got off the phone and said to me, “Jo, I don’t believe it but we have an audition tomorrow for a porno movie.”

We then got up to hug and then we noticed. My tits were much bigger and my nipples huge. There were even drops of milk on my nipples. It looked like I lost weight and now had a firmer body.

Bob also looked firmer and his cock was much larger and thicker than before. His balls hung way down and looked full of cum.

I went over to him and knelt down and started sucking his new larger cock. In seconds, he shot cum into my mouth, almost drowning me. After a long time, he finally stopped cumming.

I laughed and told him he almost drowned me and he laughed fethiye escort as well.

That night we had sex until the early morning.

The next morning we went to the address and met the talent agent. He introduced himself as Richard.

We chatted a bit and he wasted no time in talking business.

Richard said, “I understand you are into porno. If you two audition well and I select both of you, I will hire you. The pay is $100,000 for both of you and you will get a five movie guarantee at $250,000 per movie for the both of you.”

We looked at him and told him ok.

Then he said, “Get undressed now. When you are naked come through the door marked “set” and wait for me.”

We went into a room and undressed and went through the door and onto the “set” which was nothing more than a huge bed with cameras and mirrors all around.

We waited a bit and then Richard came in. Soon a couple of cameramen joined us.

Richard came over to us and felt every inch of my nakedness. He smiled when he saw some milk on my nipples. He looked at Bob and grabbed his cock and felt his balls then uttered “very nice” under his breadth.

He told us to get on the bed. Just then four guys and two women came in naked.

Richard Saida that I would get fucked by each guy and Bob had to fuck each woman and shoot his cum on them.

We nodded an ok and then the audition started.

I was to lay on my back and the first guy mounted me. He quickly filled my cunt with his big cock and started fucking me.

I could see Bob starting to fuck one of the women.

Both of us were enjoying getting fucked and the first guy came in me then the second guy got his cock in me.

I noticed that Bob had his cock out and was jerking it off and shot a ton of cum all over the woman.

She was quickly replaced with the other woman who started blowing Bob’s still hard cock.

The second guy came in me and then I was told to get on all fours. The third guy fucked me from behind and filled my cunt.

The last guy slipped his cock in my ass and fucked me until he shot his cum load in my ass.

Then I heard Bob say he was cumming. The woman sucked harder and Bob drowned her in cum.

Then Richard told us to stop but Bob came over to me and started fucking me as his cock was still hard.

A few thrusts and he shot his cum in me, then collapsed on top of me.

Richard yelled out to stop. He called us over, cum still oozing out my cunt and said we were hired. He also said he wanted to manage us. Then he told us to clean up and get dressed and go to his office.

Bob and I smiled and kissed and did what he said. Soon we were in his office.

He looked a us and said, “You guys were fantastic. I want to manage you two. You will make a fortune.”

Bob told him that we would only work together and only on top notch productions and have full control of the “scripts” even though they would just be a fuck movies.”

I said to him, “I only want men with big cocks. Also, Every guy who fucks me or a woman Bob fucks must have a valid health certificate.”

Richard agreed to our requests and said he would get back to us.

We left and went home to celebrate.

It was afternoon when we finished, I told Bob that we should get away for a couple of days and suggested the nudist resort. He agreed and we booked a cabin for the weekend.

It was great walking around naked, seeing all the cocks and pussies. Bob and I got our share of stares which made us both feel good.

Many people came up and said hello as we laid by the pool. One couple whispered that there was going to be an orgy tonight with a handful of people and asked if we were interested. We told we were and accepted their invite. They told us the time and place.

A young couple stopped by and the woman smiled and said, “May I ask you something?” I replied “You may ask us anything.” Then she asked, “Are you guys in the adult entertainment business?” I asked her why she would ask that. The young woman said, “Look, I don’t mean anything, but if me and my boyfriend looked like you two, we would be. I then told her we were in adult movies. They smiled and said they thought so and told us we looked terrific.

The woman said she was 18 and her boyfriend was 19. Her name was Lisa and his name was Ed.

I figured Lisa was 5’6″, about 110, and was about a 36 b, blonde and smooth. Ed was about 5’8″, 145, blonde, smooth with about an 8″ cock.

I told them to join us for a walk along the trail and escort fethiye we got up and headed out. Ed walked with me and Bob walked with Lisa.

As we walked, I said to her, ” Would you really want to be in porno?” She replied, “Ed and I talked about it since we watch it a lot. We know a lot of it is enhanced but we still would like to try it and maybe make some big money.”

I said, “Do you do everything? Are you bi? Would you be jealous when Ed was fucking another woman? Will he be jealous when he sees you with another cock in your cunt?”

She answered, “We discussed it and we wouldn’t be jealous.”

We walked about 30 minutes when we found a secluded spot and stopped. I asked them if they wanted to fool around and they said yes.

I turned and kissed Ed and felt his hard cock pressing against me. I told him to stick his cock in my cunt and fuck me. He looked at his girlfriend who told him to fuck me. I bent over and let him slide his cock in my cunt from behind.

As he started fucking me, I saw Lisa with her mouth on Bob’s swollen cock.

It wasn’t long before Ed said he was cumming and he sure did. I could feel every stream of cum hitting me. He filled me.

Just then I watched as Bob’s cock exploded and filled Lisa’s mouth with cum, which she was able to swallow most of.

We all said that it was amazing and we rested a bit before heading back. Lisa said to me, “Well, how were we?” I smiled and just told her they did fine.

I told them that they would be great in porno and they laughed. I then asked them if they would spend the weekend with us in our cabin. Lisa looked at Ed and they both said yes.

For the rest of the day we chatted and got to know each other better. Bob told them that we were meeting up with some people tonight for an orgy and asked them if they wanted to join us and they said yes.

The four of us left the pool and went to our cabin. As soon as we got in, I pulled Lisa to me and kissed her. Our bodies pressed together, my tits pressed up against hers. Soon, her tongue was in my mouth and we were feeling each other up.

Then, I felt hands on me and saw it was Ed. I let him do whatever he wanted as I reached down for his cock. I started jerking his cock as Lisa and I kissed. Soon, her mouth was sucking my nipples and my milk started flowing.

Lisa started sucking my nipple harder and Ed joined her, sucking my other nipple and tasting my milk.

Milk was streaming out my nipples as they feasted on my nectar.

I then noticed Bob kneeling aside us and he started eating Lisa then, the next thing I saw was Bob sucking Ed’s cock. He was alternating between her pussy and his cock.

I told everyone to get on the bed and we all started playing with each other until all four of us had orgasms and/or shot their loads in or on us.

We were exhausted.

I told Ed and Lisa that they were very good and asked them if they really wanted to get into the business.

Ed said it would be ok with him. Lisa said she would be ok with it if Bob and I mentored them and took them under our wing. I told them we would do that but they had to do whatever we tell them. They agreed.

I immediately called Richard and told him I found a young couple who we wanted to be in our first movie. He said he would hire them on my say so and he would pay them $25,000. I hung up and told them they were now in porno.

That night, the four of us headed to the address we were given and spent the night enjoying a great orgy. Lisa and Ed said they had a great time and Lisa said it was good practice if they were going to do porno. We all laughed.

The next day Lisa and I chatted and found out that neither one of them had family and it was just the two of them on their own and it was tough but they were getting by. She said they wanted to go to college but couldn’t afford it but that they are both working and doing the best they can.

When I had the chance, I spoke to Bob about our new friends. I then suggested that maybe we could help them until they established themselves. He said that was a great idea.

That night over dinner I said, “First, I want to tell you guys that we really like you, not just for sex but for yourselves. Next, Bob and I would like to help you, until you guys get established. That being said, we would like you two to live with us until that time. Once you are established in porno, then we will throw you out.” We all laughed.

Ed then replied, “You two are nice people, excellent in bed too. We do fethiye escort bayan appreciate and accept your offer and you wouldn’t have to throw us out, we would leave voluntarily.”

We all smiled and laughed.

Over the next couple of weeks, Ed and Lisa moved in with us. They had their own bedroom but many a night was spent in ours.

We finally got them to meet with Richard who gave them a short audition and he hired them to be in our first movie.

By the end of the month we had seen and read the script which wasn’t much, just outlining by scene what we were going to do and with whom.

There were going to be Bob and myself, Lisa and Ed, four guys and two women. The movie was going to be only one hour long but the actual shooting would take at least four hours.

The movie was being shot next week at some rented mansion and we would be taken by limo the night before.

We had a few days to rehearse our parts which was going to be fun.

The first scene we had to rehearse was me and Lisa getting fucked by two “intruders” side by side.

Lisa and I were to be showering together then come out and dry off and go to the bedroom where two intruders were waiting. Then they were going to attack us be we convinced them that if they didn’t hurt us, we would let them fuck us.

The rehearsal begins…

Scene 1

Lisa and I are in the shower enjoying each other’s bodies as the hot water cascades over us. We get out and dry each other off and walk to the bedroom. Suddenly, we are surprised by two male intruders.

They look like they were going to hurt us but I tell them that if they don’t hurt us, we would let them fuck us. They don’t say anything but the apparent leader nods an ok.

Lisa and I get on the bed and tell them to join us. We watch them as they get naked. The leader has a huge cock and his partner has a big one as well. They get on the bed and I get the guy with the huge cock.

They waste no time in ramming their cocks in our cunts and start fucking us. As they thrust their cocks in and out, Lisa and I are holding hands. After only a few minutes, I can feel my guy is ready to cum. He lets out a scream and unloads stream after stream of cum into my cunt that it hurt. Then Lisa’s guy cums in her.

We thought they were done but they switch, their cocks are still hard and now the leader is fucking Lisa. He just rams his cock into her and in a few minutes is filling her cunt with a ton of his cum and I am getting the same from my guy.

They finally pull out of us, dress and leave. Lisa and I just lay in bed, their cum pouring out of us.

End of Scene 1

We rested awhile and got ready for the next scene which was just going to be lesbian sex with me and Lisa.

Scene 2

I am laying naked in bed and I have a big dildo in my cunt and I am ramming it and out of my cunt. My eyes are closed and my moans are loud and I don’t hear my 18 year old sister come in. Suddenly, my eyes open and she is standing in the doorway watching me. I stop and try to cover up but she tells me to continue.

I go back to using my dildo and I watch as she starts to undress. Soon, she is naked and joins me in bed. She takes hold of the dildo and starts ramming it in me harder ands faster. I yell out that I am cumming and the next thing I know is my sister is kissing me and I am kissing her back. Our hands are all over each other. My body starts shaking as orgasm after orgasm takes over.

Then my sister goes down and starts eating my pussy. I am in ecstasy and can’t believe what is happening.

After a few minutes, my sister yells out that she is cumming and I go down on her and start eating her as she explodes in one orgasm after another.

The scene ends with us falling asleep in the 69 position with my sister.

End of Scene 2

The next scene, Scene 3, is supposed to be an orgy scene with six men and four women.

Now, we couldn’t rehearse that scene, so we improvised and did an orgy scene with just the four of us.

For this scene, we swapped and traded partners and fucked each other. The girls got fucked a few times and the guys came quite often.

Like I said, we simulated the orgy scene…Lisa and I were on all fours and the guys switched back and forth, fucking us doggie style.

Lisa and I gave blow jobs as we switched partners often.

The guys even fucked our asses more than once.

It wasn’t perfect but we did the best we could under the circumstances.

The four of us were ready for our first porno movie.


Jo has taken the next step and is on her way to fame and fortune. Will she take Lisa and Ed with her and Bob?

Please let me know if you want to continue the journey with her.

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