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My ‘Niece’ Jerri Ch. 04

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As always this story is my property and may not be republished or reproduced without my express permission. Any resemblance to people living, dead or non-existent is purely a coincidence.

Jerri lay in her hospital bed, little Rebecca cradled in her arms. She cooed and snuggled her beautiful little girl, this was the most amazing experience she’d ever had. She knew Joe and the kids would be coming to see her and the baby soon and her little moppet was due to feed any time now.

Little Becky won by a slight margin. Jerri had just got the baby latched on when Joe and the kids arrived.

“Oh god mom, really?” Max said with disgust in his voice and a grin on his face.

Jerri stuck her tongue out at him, “I told you, I know I told you! But no, you didn’t believe me!”

They all had a good laugh at Jerri and Maxie’s banter.

“Hey babygirl how are you doing? Little missy behaving herself?” Joe said as he gave Jerri and the baby a kiss.

“Hi daddy she’s an angel, hardly any trouble. Hi kids, you being good for dad?”

Zoey and Max both gave Jerri a kiss, and said they were behaving.

“So when did the doc say you could come home?” Joe asked as he stroked Jerri’s blonde hair.

“Doctor Young said probably tomorrow, she just wants to make sure we’re okay.”

Zoey was watching Rebecca feed very intently, “Doesn’t that hurt, mom? It looks like she’s biting you!”

Jerri laughed, “Not really sweetie, she doesn’t have teeth to really bite with, she’s actually sucking. But there is some pressure and discomfort at first, especially if I haven’t fed her in a while. Then after a bit feeding the baby feels wonderful. Knowing that I’m giving a part of me to help my baby grow, now that’s amazing.”

“Wow, that’s totally cool,” Zoey said with wide eyes.

“More like totally gross Zo,” Max said with a grin.

Joe chuckled, “You liked it when you were a baby Max.”

“Nuh uh! I ate beef jerky, you told me that.”

Joe laughed, “That was when you were teething. You got really upset when Zo was born and you weren’t allowed to breastfeed too.”

Jerri waggled her finger at Max, “Don’t even think about it mister, you have big choppers now!”

Everyone laughed as Max turned crimson, “Eww! I think I’m past that now mom.”

Max actually didn’t mind that Jerri breast fed Becky, he thought it was pretty cool. He just didn’t want Zo and Jerri to know. Even though Becky only ate, slept, pooped and puked she was a cool little sister. He liked cuddling her until she fell asleep, it made him feel really good.

Max was snuggling with Becky on the sofa, she’d fallen asleep and he was just holding her because she felt so warm and sweet in his arms.

Jerri came up and sat beside him, watching Becky squirm in his arms while she slept. “You’ve got a special talent Maxie, Becky doesn’t fall asleep that quick with anyone else. You’re going to make a great daddy.”

“I hope so. I never really got to do stuff like this with Zoey. Mostly she was just a pest, but now I like having her around.” Max said.

Jerri smiled, “Would you like to put her to bed honey?”

Max got up and slowly walked to his parents’ room. He gently put little Becky in to bed and gave her a kiss good night.

Jerri was waiting for him outside the door. She hugged Max tight and gave him a peck on the cheek. “You’re so good with her Maxie, I never have to worry about Becky with you and Zoey around. She’s got the best big brother and sister.”

Max blushed and hugged Jerri back, “Well I think we’ve all got the best mom in the world.”

Jerri looked up at her strapping step-son, “That means a lot to me Maxie, I’ve always loved you and Zoey like you were my little brother and sister. But now I get to be your mom and that’s way better.”

Max grinned at Jerri, “I don’t know if you’ll think this is cool or not, but all the guys in my class think you’re the prettiest mom in grade eight.”

Jerri laughed and blushed, giving Max another hug, “Well you tell all the guys I said thanks, okay honey?”

Zoey walked down the hall towards them, “God you two, you may act like you don’t like each other, but you sure are lovey-lovey.”

Max pulled a face at Zoey, “I’m just getting my hugs for being extra good sis, I can share if you’re feeling left out.”

With that Maxie grabbed Zo and gave her a big hug and smooch.

Zoey giggled and playfully punched Max in the shoulder. “Dad told me to tell you that the movie and popcorn are ready if Lee-Lee is all tucked in for the night.”

“We were just about to come down Zo, thanks for reminding us sweetie,” Jerri said as she gave Zoey a hug and kiss.

A year had passed since Rebecca was born. Young Zoey was most impressed with her little ‘Lee-Lee’. She watched everything Jerri did with her with great concentration, often asking her mom questions that she didn’t always have answers to.

“What’s it like mom?” Zoey asked one day while she was helping Jerri change Rebecca’s diaper.

Jerri had the sneaking suspicion that this yabancı escort was going to be a tough question, “What’s what like baby?”

“Well, being a mom. Having a baby. Being married, gosh everything I guess.”

“Oh boy, I knew one day you’d ask and hoped I’d have a bit more time before these questions came up, but I’ll do my best okay?” Jerri said.

Zoey smiled, knowing Jerri would give honest and open answers to her questions.

“Well here goes,” Jerri smiled. “Hmm, being a mom. Well I kinda jumped feet first into that when I moved in and it’s been great. But I’m spoiled because you and Maxie are so good. Having a baby hurt a lot, but the doctors and nurses helped me and now we have our Becky-button.”

At this point Jerri got a dreamy look in her eyes, “Well being married is wonderful, I’ve loved dad a long time. He’s my best friend, my soul mate and my lover.”

Zoey’s brow furrowed, “What do you mean about the soul mate and lover stuff mom?”

Jerri blushed a bit but soldiered on, “Well your dad and I have a lot in common, and share the same beliefs, so we’re soul mates. When I call your dad my lover it means that when we have sex he, ahh, makes sure that I enjoy it.”

Zoey giggled and grinned at Jerri, “Yeah, Max and me kinda figured that. You guys woke us up a couple of times.”

“Oh my god are you serious?” Jerri said as she laughed and blushed.

“Well yeah, mostly you though, dad’s pretty quiet.”

Jerri hugged Zoey and laughed again, “Well I’ll try to be more quiet okay? No promises though.”

“It’s okay mom, we know you and dad are having fun. It’s better than hearing our other mom yelling and throwing stuff at dad.”

Joe and Jerri were getting ready for bed that night.

“Joe we need to talk, Zoey and I were talking today and she said that her and Max have heard us making love.”

“Funny you should mention that, on our way back from paintball Max told me the same thing.” Joe said with a chuckle.

Jerri giggled, “Shit, what are we going to do daddy?”

“Well we could soundproof our bedroom, but that’s not a feasible solution. Better for them to learn about it from us than some kid in the school yard.”

“But they’re so young Joe, are they really ready for this?”

Joe chuckled again, “I seem to recall a girl not much older than Max is, asking me a whole lot of questions I didn’t feel one hundred percent comfortable answering.”

Jerri wrapped her arms around Joe’s neck and gave him a lingering kiss, “Yes that’s true, but I had a massive crush on you, and I had ulterior motives. I was getting ammo and building my case for future opportunity.”

Joe cupped Jerri’s bottom in his hands and gave it a squeeze, “And what if that opportunity never arose? What would you have done?”

“I would have died your maiden niece,” Jerri said with a grin.

Joe kissed her and squeezed her bum again, “You are so full of shit babygirl.”

“Okay, I would have moved on, but I would’ve always loved you first daddy.”

Joe picked Jerri up, making her squeal and giggle. “So it must’ve been a big relief for you when Tina left then my little cup-cake?”

Jerri caressed Joe’s cheek, “I only ever wanted you to be happy daddy, and I could see you and Tina weren’t. When she left I thought maybe I could make you happy again.”

“You have babygirl,” Joe said as he laid her down on their bed. “The past few years have healed a lot of old scars Tina left me with honey.”

Jerri held her arms open for him and Joe climbed into bed with her, letting Jerri hold him to her chest. He could hear her heart beating and let his hand slowly drift down her stomach to tickle the upper reaches of her slit. Jerri giggled and squirmed a bit.

“Daddy, what about the kids?” she whispered.

“Better for them to hear us loving each other than fighting babygirl, they got enough of that from me and Tina.”

Joe’s hand slid lower, opening her up. His fingers found Jerri’s clit and gently rubbed it.

Jerri inhaled sharply, arching her back. “Fuck daddy you’re evil.”

Joe raised his head and gave Jerri a wicked grin as he slowly started kissing his way down her body. He worked his way to her pussy and stopped for just a moment, then blew ever so gently on her lips, causing her to moan deep in her chest.

“Joe quit teasing me. You know what that does to me.” Jerri said with a gasp.

“What’s that? You want me to stop?” Joe said with an evil chuckle.

Jerri grabbed Joe by the hair and pushed his mouth back onto her tingling pussy. “Behave or you’re cut off for a month.”

Joe chuckled again, “Idle threats.”

He let the tip of his tongue touch Jerri’s clit and swirled it around. This caused Jerri to gasp and moan again. Next he hooked his tongue into her tender little hole and scooped out some of her sweet nectar. Jerri began writhing under him and swearing softly between moans as her pussy oozed fluids onto Joe’s waiting tongue.

“Mmm fuck daddy that feels so good, you have a magic tongue. Lick your yeni escort baby’s hot little hole daddy, make me cum please.”

Joe moaned into Jerri’s pussy, making her shiver with pleasure. He raised his head for a second and grinned, his mouth and chin glazed with her juices. “You sure you don’t want me to fuck you babygirl?”

“A-after daddy, just please make me cum.”

“And if I make you cum?”

“I’ll give y-you head like I’ve n-never given you before.”

Joe smiled and attacked Jerri’s excited cunny, slipping a finger into her as his tongue danced around her clit. Jerri snarled like a wildcat and her heels did a jig on the bed.

“Fu-fu-fuck daddy, a little more I’m a-almost there!”

Joe slipped a second finger into her and teased her bum with his pinky as he nibbled on her clit and lips.

Jerri arched her back like she was going to snap in half and screamed out, “Oh God Jesus daddy I’m cumming! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! OH GOD! OH GOD!”

Slowly, very slowly, Jerri’s body relaxed and the tension left her. She raised herself up on her elbows, looked at Joe and whispered, “God do you think they heard me daddy?”

Joe moved up the bed and lay beside Jerri, “I’d be surprised if they didn’t babygirl.”

Suddenly there was a knock on their bedroom wall and Max called out, “God you two, some of us are trying to sleep!”

Joe and Jerri started to laugh. Then they heard Zoey pipe up from across the hall, “Jeez, really!”

The adults tried to stifle their laughter as Jerri slid down Joe’s body. She took Joe’s cock in her hand and slowly stroked it while she held his tip in her mouth, sucking it softly.

Joe moaned and stroked Jerri’s hair, “Mmm, that feels so good babygirl.”

Jerri popped her mouth off his cock and grinned at her husband, “Ooh, does daddy like it when his little niece sucks his big cock?”

“You know it babygirl, I love it when my naughty little niece sucks me.”

Jerri’s tongue slithered around the crown of Joe’s cock, playfully tickling his ridge as she lightly sucked him. Her hand stroked him gently, Joe’s pre-cum oozing down his shaft every time Jerri pulled him out of her mouth.

Joe was moaning and lifting his hips, trying to get more of his cock into Jerri’s mouth.

Jerri slowly increased her tempo and how deep he went into her mouth. She got to the point where he was tapping the back of her throat then slid it down her gullet.

Joe groaned loudly, begging Jerri to finish him off. She popped him out of her mouth and snickered, “Does my daddy want to cum in my mouth?”

“OHHH fuck yeah babygirl. Daddy wants to cum in your mouth so bad. I want you to swallow my cum babygirl. Can you do that for daddy?”

Jerri promptly took Joe’s cock deep into her throat and sucked his cock hard as she hummed and licked the under side of his cock.

Joe’s cock throbbed and jerked then began to spill his seed into her mouth. Jerri worked her throat and mouth on Joe’s cock, taking every drop of his cum into her belly.

Jerri crawled back up the bed and cuddled into Joe, a pleased smile on her face.

“Did I do a good job daddy?” She asked in an innocent voice.

“Yeah you did baby,” Joe chuckled. “Daddy is very happy you did such a good job. Did you have fun baby?”

“Oh yes daddy! Can we do that every day?” Jerri asked, keeping up the charade.

“Only if you’re a good girl baby.”

Jerri grinned and giggled, “But what if I’m naughty daddy?”

“Then you have to do it twice a day babygirl.” Joe said as he smacked her bum.

“Ooh yummy!” Jerri replied as she rolled over to face away from Joe and they spooned under the covers. Joe eased into Jerri from behind and they made slow, gentle love to each other, with the occasional giggle or chuckle. When she came Jerri smothered herself with her pillow so the kids wouldn’t hear her cry out again.

The next morning Max and Zoey were smirking over their cereal as Joe and Jerri entered the kitchen.

Jerri stuck her tongue out at them and grinned, “Yeah yeah I know, we woke you up!”

“Guilty as charged,” Joe said with raised hands.

Zoey giggled and Max called them horn-dogs. Jerri made another funny face at the kids which made them laugh again, then handed Becky off to Joe and moved to make coffee.

Joe hefted little Becky in his arms, making her giggle. “Man it’s hard to believe our little button’s already a year old, hey babygirl?”

Jerri smiled at Joe and Becky, “I know, she’s gotten so big. I almost can’t remember how small she was when she was born.”

“She was teenie-tiny,” Zoey said with a grin at her little sister.

Becky cooed and held her arms out to Zoey. Joe bounced Becky again then handed her to Zoey where she immediately put her hands into Zo’s breakfast. Zoey laughed and moved Becky away from her bowl. “Oh Lee-Lee! You’re a messy girl.”

Max laughed, “She eats just like you sis!”

Zoey made a face at Max, “More like you ya walking stomach.”

“Enough you two, you both eat like half-starved wolves, so Becky yenibosna escort fits right in.” Joe said with a laugh.

Jerri shook her head, “Speaking of hungry little wolves, Becks is due to get fed. Whose turn is it today?”

“Mine mom,” Max said as he gobbled down the last of his cereal.

Joe made Becky her breakfast as Zo got her into her high chair.

Max managed to get most of her cereal into Becky without too much mess.

Later that day Max and his friends were shooting hoops during gym class.

“Man Max how can you stand it?” one of his friends asked.

“Stand what?”

The guys laughed, “Duh! Having the hottest step-mom in the universe?”

“Jeez guys we’ve talked about this before. She’s my mom!” Max said as he dropped a perfect three-pointer.

His buddy Austin laughed, “Well my mom doesn’t wander around the house in her bra and panties!”

Max tossed the ball to him with a grin, “Yeah, well your mom has a fat ass.”

The other guys hooted, “Scorch!” “Pow!”

Despite his best efforts Max knew that Jerri was totally hot. He hated the fact that all of his buddies bugged him endlessly about it. Austin was the worst though. There were a few times when Max had been near the breaking point and was ready to pound the shit out of him.

Max knew he had a huge crush on Jerri, but who could blame him? It just felt really weird, considering she was his step-mom and he’d known her all his life. He knew she loved him, and he loved her. Jerri would always be his mom no matter what. Max, being very practical, knew he just had to wait it out. He just hoped the wait wouldn’t be too long.

Eight years after Becky’s birth.

Max was now finished his first year of college and at twenty a virtual clone of his dad at that age.

Zoey had just graduated from high school with honors. She was a stunning, petite eighteen year old who’d left a string of heartbroken boys in her wake.

Eight year old Becky was the spitting image of her mom with long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and a mischievous personality.

Little Alex at six and the youngest of the brood was the family thinker. He always planned and analyzed everything, even more so than his sister Zoey did.

Max was sitting in his room, which had been the family room in the basement but was converted in to his bedroom after Alex was born. He was fooling around with his guitar and checking out Facebook at the same time.

“Hi Maxie, what ya doin’?” Becky said from his door.

Max grinned at his little sister, “Hey Becks! Nothing as important as my baby sister! Come here cutie.”

Becky climbed onto Max’s lap and snuggled into her big brother. “I missed you when you were at school Maxie, you’re always silly.”

“Not always,” Max said as he crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue.

Becky giggled and hugged Max. She worshiped her big brother and followed him around like his shadow. Max loved his baby sister, he’d had an important role in raising her thanks to his folks’ trust in him. He couldn’t help himself and started tickling Becky. She squealed with delight and squirmed on his lap as he dug his fingers into her ribs.

Zo heard Becky’s giggles and raced to her rescue, “I’ll save you Lee-Lee!” she said dramatically as she put Max in a headlock. Soon the three of them were wrestling, rolling and laughing on the floor.

Alex also heard the commotion and ran into Max’s room, he saw his opportunity and piled onto his brother with his sisters.

Jerri came down, leaned on the door frame and watched for a few minutes. Zoey was on Max’s chest and the younger kids were pinning his arms.

Zoey had her fist cocked by her ear, “Yield, Villain!” She said in her best super-heroine voice.

The two younger kids were giggling as Max tickled their bellies.

“Never Super Zo! You’ll never take me alive!”

“When you’re done battling the forces of evil get washed up kids, dinner’s ready.” Jerri said with a chuckle. She shook her head with a smile and went back to the kitchen.

Joe pounced on her when she came into the kitchen. He grabbed her around the waist and kissed her on the neck just below her ear.

“Gotcha babygirl! The kids coming up?”

“Yup, they were super-heroes today. You know it’s funny Joe, when me, Max and Zoey were younger we were more like brother and sisters, then we got married and they were more like my kids. Now we’ve gone full circle and our age difference doesn’t seem that great anymore.”

“I know sweetie, you’ve all gotten really close these past few years. The best thing though is how well the four of them get along.”

Jerri turned in Joe’s arms and kissed him softly. “Yes, they all love each other to bits.”

“Ahem, are you two done sucking face now? We’re hungry.” Max said from the door as the other kids grinned with him.

Dinner at the Curtis house was a raucous, loud affair with all the kids chattering and passing food around.

Jerri looked at Joe across the table and grinned. The four kids, well she couldn’t really call Max and Zoey kids anymore, but all of them were so close. The two older ones treated Becky and Alex like equals. They always talked to their little brother and sister like they were just smaller adults, and it showed in how the younger kids acted and talked.

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