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My Niece Puts on a Show

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This happened whilst I was working away from home. I was staying with relatives, my niece Alison and her parents. Alison is twenty years old at the time of writing this but was eighteen when the following occurred. She is five feet tall with large tits, difficult to estimate the size of them but they are prominent because of her slim build.

Her face is plain but her total appearance makes her attractive. At eighteen I got the feeling that she was not sexually experienced and was almost certainly a virgin.

Now for the story.

Most nights I would stay up with Alison. Her parents would generally go to bed early leaving us alone. We talked and watched TV. After the first few days we settled into a routine. I would sit on the settee and she would sit opposite on a large armchair covering her legs with a blanket. After a few minutes of watching TV she would discretely slip her right hand under the blanket. I would pretend not to notice. I could not see much, her legs were covered. However I could see the movement of her hand as she fingered herself. Sometimes when she started she seemed to struggle to get her hand in so I assumed she had her fingers inside her knickers rather than just rubbing on the outside. All the time we would talk and etiler ucuz escort watch TV and I would continue to pretend that nothing was happening. This would go on for about thirty minutes. She would then pull her hand out, say goodnight, and go to bed. A few minutes later I would also go to bed. My bedroom is next to hers so quite often I would hear her finish herself off. She is very loud, especially when she comes. Fortunately her parents could not hear as their bedroom is one floor above and on the other side of the house.

After a few weeks this changed. One day she came home very late from school after a netball match. Her parents were already in bed. As usual she sat down on the armchair, but the blanket was gone. She looked around for something else then decided to just use one of the cushions from the chair. Her hand went under the cushion and she spread her legs a bit. The cushion was small and her school skirt was short so this time I could see a lot of leg. She talked about the match, she was excited because they had won. We then got back to watching the TV. After a few minutes I noticed she had closed her eyes and that her legs were spread quite wide. I moved a bit so I could get a better view. The etiler üniversiteli escort cushion was not covering a lot. I could see her white knickers with two fingers inside. She was rubbing herself.

I had a really good view but suddenly she opened her eyes and caught me looking.

She quickly closed her legs, removed her hand, and got up from the chair to go upstairs. The news on TV was just finishing so I watched the end of it and was just about to go to bed when I heard the toilet flush and footsteps on the stairs. Alison had returned. She sat on the armchair again and very quickly it was as before, the cushion on her lap with her hand between her legs. She closed her eyes and this time spread her legs even wider. She had taken her knickers off. Her cunt was shaved and I could clearly see two fingers rubbing her clit. She rubbed vigorously, only pausing when she needed to insert her fingers deep to get more juice. There was a growing smell of sex and a slight slushing sound as she worked her fingers in and out.

She started to moan. Getting louder as she got more worked up. The cushion fell to the floor, but she didn’t seem to notice. She them slumped further down, putting each leg fatih escort over a chair arm. I had an amazing view of her bald cunt and large labia lips. All the time her eyes were still closed. She now didn’t care that I was watching. All that mattered to her was to reach a climax. Those fingers moved faster and faster and the moaning increased. She was obviously an expert at this and it was not going to be long before she exploded. She started to squeeze one of her big tits hard with her free hand. I was beginning to get worried that her parents might hear, even though they were two levels above. Then she suddenly came, a massive climax that caused her body to spasm. She was still for a while before opening her eyes and quickly closing her legs. She said good night before going upstairs to bed. The show was over. I then watched TV for another hour, but all the time I was remembering what had happened.

Should I have joined in? I think two things stopped me. I could not be sure that she wanted me to do that. Also we were not alone in the house. I don’t think her parents would be very happy if they came down stairs and found me between their daughter’s wide open legs fucking her tight juicy cunt.

From the next night on we often watched TV together but without her fingering herself in front of me. I think she realised that she had gone too far that night and it was better to return to a normal uncle/niece relationship. After a few weeks I returned home. Up to now I have not stayed with them again but I have fond memories of my time there, particularly that night with my niece.

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