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My Obsession with Darth Vader Pt. 04

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I drop Charles off at the restaurant and he says he’ll call me later so we can figure shit out.

I don’t understand why this keeps happening. Is uncle Roddy going to show up in a Vader costume next? My cousin Leo? I scoff. I feel like I’m being too cool about this. I mean, I just fucked my own brother. Let him cum inside me.

And I’m hardly shocked. I guess after you let your dad cum inside your pussy, nothing will shock you.

I change before I get home and see that mom’s car is still gone. I need to tell my dad that we can’t fuck each other anymore. It feels incredible, yeah, but it’s so wrong. I feel so guilty towards mom.

I trudge up the stairs to my room and flick the light switch, but nothing happens. “Shit. Bulbs blown,” I announce to no one.

My room is dark, but I know it well. I drop my bag by my bed and hop in. I should really go find dad and tell him that shit has to be different. I’ve found a new Vader. One that isn’t married to my mother.

I sigh into my pillow.

A hand falls on the back of my head. “Mph!” What the fuck is happening? I can’t move. I can’t breathe! “Gfff.”

“You went out and fucked somebody else, didn’t you?”

I thrash wildly. Dad?

“Who’d you fuck, Madeline?”

I can’t breathe and I’m losing the strength to struggle.

When I still, my father’s hand leaves my head. I gasp breath after breath. When I gather enough strength, I swing my small fists at my dad’s huge body. “What the fuck is your problem, asshole?”

My dad chuckles. “Asshole? Is that how you talk to the man who made you gush twice today?”

I growl at him, swinging hard at his chest and stomach. His hard stomach. Oh.

Dad’s hand wraps around my throat. “You went out and fucked another man, while I sat at home.”

I grind my teeth. “I can do whatever I want. Fuck whomever I want. You are not my goal. Vader is.”

“Oh,” he growls. “So you don’t have a single feeling for me? You don’t want me?”

I falter in the darkness for one moment. “Dad.”

While one hand squeezes my throat, his other drags down my tee shirt, harshly fondling my breast.

“Mmf!” I whimper. Why? Why does it feel so good to be forced by him? “I have someone else!” I gasp. “I belong to someone else now!”

“Oh, Madeline. You and I are the same, honey. It’s not about love or what’s right. It’s about lust. It’s about what we desire and fuck all else.” His fingers dig under the waistband of my pants, til he’s wrist-deep. He swipes at my panties then pulls his hand out and forces his wet fingers into my mouth. “You see? You got wet as soon as you realized I was near you.”

My chest heaves as I swirl my tongue around his fingers. He moans and slides them down my chin.

“I want to be good!” I cry. “I don’t want to hurt anyone!”

“Too late. You fucked your dad. From the moment you took a stranger to your bed, it was too late. We’re the same, Madeline. It’s about lust, baby. Nothing else.”

Daddy’s words make my nipples so hard. My pussy becomes heavy. “No. It’s not about you. It’s Vader I want.”

“I see. So it was Darth Vader’s halkalı escort dick you spurted on? Hmm? It was Darth Vader’s hands on your clit, Madeline?”


He pushes me down to the bed, hard. “It was me!” he roars. “I fucked you! I made you cum like a little whore!”

“Daddy, please!” I cry. “Think of mom. Think of Charley!”

“You think of them.” His hands rip apart my tee shirt. “All I can think about is you.”

No! I can’t succumb this time! He’s not even wearing the costume! Even in the dark, I can’t imagine he’s anyone else but my dad. “Don’t. Mom will be home.”

“You still don’t understand,” Dad rasps. His fingers tear open the button on my pants and yank down the zipper. “Let her see. Let her see what my obsession has become.”

Why is my clit throbbing? Why do I want daddy’s dick in me? He’s not in the costume. But he’s that way. That forceful way that I like. And it’s what I want. Why shouldn’t I just take what I want? Why shouldn’t I give in to my desire?

Dad yanks my pants down to my knees. “Was he in a costume?”


“The guy you fucked. Was he in a Vader costume?” He forces my pants past my ankles and tosses them to the floor.


I hear him gasp. “You really did fuck somebody else.”

“Yes. I did.”

“Was he gentle?” Dad sneers. “Did he take it slow? Did he tell you he loves you?”

His words hurt me. “It’s none of your business!”

“Oh. I was spot on. Poor Madeline. Don’t you know that all men want is right here?” His fingers dig my panties into my cunt.


“If he promised you anything, he just wants you to come back for another good fuck.”

“No! He loves me.”

“Did he fuck the hell out of you? Because if he did, he doesn’t want anything else.”

“You’re just saying this to hurt me!”

“Ohh, baby…” he moans, rubbing his body against mine. “I’ve found something I like, and I’m not giving it up. It’s your fault, you know. Coming to that convention, rubbing yourself on me, telling me you wanted to fuck me. I never thought about putting my cock in you until you put the idea into my head. And then having you under me…” his hand rubs over my panties “having you begging for me. I knew I wanted it. This pussy. This body.” His words entrance me and I don’t protest when he pushes down my panties. “So I fucked you. I came in you. And it felt so good.” His hands run up my bare stomach to my bra. His hands cradle, fondle. “But I could have stopped, Madeline. I could have stopped there.”

He rips my bra apart and rubs my tits.

“Daddy!” I squeal.

“I could have stopped, but you called me. You wanted it again. It was you, Madeline. It was you. You wanted this cock. You wanted me inside you. You wanted me. Me. Your own father.”

I writhe beneath him. I’ve messed him up. I’ve fucked with his mind. He’s crazy for me. The power I feel is incredible. “You want your own daughter? You perverted fuck?”

He collapses on me with a moan. “You’re such a little slut, baby.”

We hear the front door close and my dad slides to harbiye escort the floor. He pulls me down on top of him.

“No,” I utter. “She’ll find out.”

His dick crams around and hits my clit. I inhale sharply.


I can hear my mother coming up the stairs as dad slides his cock into me. The pleasure is incredible and I have to bite my lip to keep from crying out. Oh, God! Daddy’s inside me and mom’s in the hall! I pump up and down on him with a sick urge to make him moan, make mom hear me fucking him. I want to claim him as my own.

In the small amount of moonlight, I see the whites of Dad’s eyes. His jaw is clenched.

Suddenly, his eyes close, his head turns to the side and he fucks me back.

I’m already so close to cumming. It feels so wrong, so good. I let out the tiniest whimper.


My brother’s voice is like cold water on my back. My dad stares in panic.

I’m too far. I fuck harder, faster, slapping my tits against dad’s chest. Dad tries to hold me still, but I’m cumming. I bite his shoulder and I feel him jerk and spurt into me. His fingers dig into my hips.

“Madeline?” Charley says again, sounding unsure. I hear him flick the light switch, but of course nothing happens.

Dad pushes me off him and slides under my bed.

Still throbbing, I slide under my covers.

“Charley?” My voice quivers.

“Hey. Sorry, were you asleep?”

“Um. Yeah.”

“Listen, I thought we shouldn’t wait. We should talk about—”

“Charley,” I murmur, trying to sound sleepy. I need to shut him up. If dad hears what happened earlier, there’s gonna be a fight. A physical one. “I’m really tired. Stay on the couch or something. Let’s talk tomorrow.”

After a moment of quiet, he says, “Alright. I’ll wake you up before I leave.”

I hear him go down the stairs and then I lean over my bed to watch my naked father slide out from beneath.

His dark eyes stare into mine. He gets up, stares down at me. He’s working it out in his brain, I can tell. He’s thinking about the guy I fucked earlier. Thinking about how Charley came home to get his costume.

I grab my dad’s hand and pull him down onto me. “Daddy,” I murmur. “I want you.”

His eyes get darker, his hands move to my tits.

Maybe I managed to stop his revelation about me and Charley. I’m not sure, but he happily runs his hands over my body, licks my chin and neck. “Madeline,” he rumbles. “You’re doing something very wrong right now.”

“I know.” I run my hands down dad’s chest and over his stomach. He’s so fucking sexy. How did I never notice that before?

“I thought you felt bad about this. I thought you were worried about your mom’s feelings.” I feel Dad’s hard dick press against me. “I thought you were worried about Charley’s.”

I moan greedily as I wrap my legs around my dad’s hard waist. I lift my hips, tempting him to fuck me.

“Madeline,” Dad groans. “You’re mine now.”

I squeal as Daddy thrusts into me. It’s not right. I know it’s not. But I like that. That’s

definitely what ikitelli escort I like. That’s what I love about Vader, too. The wrongness of wanting to fuck a villain.

And that’s what Dad is, I realize. Daddy is a villain. I moan loudly and his hand slides over my mouth.

“Quiet,” he utters. “If you’re quiet, I’ll let you cum.”

Pleasure shoots from my clit up my belly. I want to moan, but I buck against him instead.

“Yes,” he groans. “Fuck. Yes, Madeline.” He holds still, letting me writhe against him. Letting me do what I want. My hands spread across his hard chest. I twist his nipples as punishment for his hand over my mouth, but he moans and his dick pulses inside me.

Then he takes control away from me and plunges deep and hard as my hands slide over his muscled stomach. I lick his hand and he lets me pull one of his thick fingers into my mouth. I suck it firmly, thinking of how I’ve sucked Dad’s dick before. I remember that salty taste. The way he forced his cock deep into my throat.

So wrong.

I fuck back, hard. I realize that I like a bit of pain before I cum, so my legs pull him so hard and deep that it aches. I bite my daddy’s finger as my orgasm hits, so I don’t scream.

Daddy’s mouth hangs open as he watches me cum, then he slides out and pulls me up. I’m still throbbing as he stuffs his juice-covered cock into my mouth.

He gags me, forcing into my throat. “Oh God, Madeline. Your fucking throat.”

I can’t breathe, but he keeps fucking. His breath is ragged. He’s going to kill me!

He pulls back quickly and I gasp air. He rubs his cock around my mouth, hitting my chin and nose while I recover. Then he forces back into my throat again. This time he holds the back of my head and jerks, again, and again. Short jerks that threaten to gag me. My throat convulses with the urge to breath and daddy’s cum pours out of his dick.

I’m dying to breathe, but he seems like he wants to just stay in my throat, twitching. I pinch him and he slides out and falls back on my bed. “Fuck,” he says.

I fall back on my pillow, gasping. Oh God, I’m so nasty. Because I liked this so much. So, so much. This whole day. I even like keeping Charley and my dad in the dark about each other. Something is really wrong with me. “You better get back to bed,” I say.

My dad sits up and stares at me. “Madeline?”

It’s my daddy. My daddy that cares about me, not the one who’s only interested in fucking me. “Are you okay?”

I wonder about that. “I’m not sure.” My body is so happy, but my mind…

He frowns and gets up. “It’s sex. It’s just sex. It has nothing to do with how I feel about you.”


“They’re two different things, sex and love.”

“Okay, dad.”

“I’ll stop. If you want me to.”

I wonder if that’s true. “So stop.” I’m awful. It is my fault after all.

He nods. He reaches up and twists the loose bulb more firmly into the socket. “Good night.”

That was so freaking weird. My dad has a split personality or something.

After he walks out, I stare up at my poster of Vader. For a second, I have the urge to tear it down. To throw out my costume and chop off my long, brown hair. To move out and stay with Dana. Or check myself into a mental hospital.

I hear my dad’s shower go on and I imagine him washing away the traces of my scent.

Sleep doesn’t come for a long time.

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