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My One Big Affair Ch. 04

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Adriana Chechik

“Er, did you mean what you said yesterday Cat?” Jack asked as we tramped through the rather damp woods and fields the next day.

I looked at him, my eyes hopefully sparkling and a mischievous grin on my face as I slid my arm through his and pressed my boob against him.

“About what Jack? I said lots of things yesterday.”

“Oh come on you know full well what I mean.” He said laughing rather shyly.

I was a little worried that I may have frightened him off a bit by telling him several times in the room and again as we travelled home in the black cab that I loved him. But he’d expressed his love at least as strongly as me and I had absolute faith in him. I stopped and turned to him. Reaching up I put my arms round his neck and I kissed him deeply.

“Yes Jack I meant it with all my heart and soul” I said quietly, adding in an even softer tone as our eyes bored into the others. “I love you, darling.”

“Oh Cat, Cat, Cat,” he sighed pulling me to him and burying his face in my hair. “I love you so much, so very, very much, it almost hurts.”

We laughed and giggled our way through the rest of the walk holding hands, stopping frequently to kiss and cuddle but, strangely in some ways, not doing anything really sexual.

“How was it last night love?” He’d asked when we’d stopped for our coffee.

I told him that it wasn’t too bad and that Richard didn’t suspect anything adding. “Although as usual he didn’t get home until around eleven well after me. I asked him about Claire who he told me was in bed sound asleep so he was safe.

I didn’t tell him that Richard had wanted me. That he’d started pawing me as soon as I undressed. That he’d caressed my breasts and had got his hands between my legs almost before I knew it. I didn’t tell him because as Richard had done that so I’d found myself becoming wet. I didn’t tell Jack for as my husband’s mouth encircled my nipple and sucked on it like a baby I so wanted to be fucked that I could, I felt, have gone with almost anybody. A chilling thought indeed.

I had totally and utterly, amazed myself at my reaction. I was beginning to hate Richard and love Jack. We’d made love for hours just that afternoon and I’d had the most incredible series of orgasms. Yet as soon as my husband touched me I was like a bitch in heat. As soon as he started caressing me I wanted it so much. And willingly, avidly really I let him have me energetically and, I have to admit, satisfyingly. But after, as he lay beside me snoring, I sobbed myself to sleep, eventually, with just one thought in my mind, Jack.

As we both became accustomed to having an affair and accepted that was what we were doing so life settled into a pattern over the next few weeks as the good summer we had that year stretched into September.

And of course it all revolved around walking our dogs.

Now that we’d, as it were, broken our duck and had made love in grand surroundings having sex in the car, alongside it or anywhere in the woods or fields was no longer sordid. No it wasn’t at all sordid, but it was necessary, very exciting and amazingly satisfying. I guess it had to be for we couldn’t keep going to hotels although, perhaps every week or ten days, we’d manage to make up the excuses to spend an afternoon and the occasional evening together in a nearby Marriott.

We talked a lot. We talked about so many things but almost studiously we both avoided the longer term future. But as obviously as we avoided it, deep down we both knew that sooner or later it would have to be addressed. In those early days with the marvellous series of new discoveries that are the lot of new lovers we didn’t get round to it and as the late, glorious summer turned into an early, miserable autumn so we merely indulged ourselves in the sexual side of the affair putting all other considerations to one side.

It was as if Jack unleashed things in me I never knew existed. He brought out a side of me that with Richard I just didn’t, and maybe, couldn’t show.

Until then I’d only had sex in the open a couple or three times and then in places where the chances of being caught were minimal. With Jack and the adventure of having an affair caution was, rather foolishly, but so excitingly I guess looking back, somewhat thrown to the wind. Several times we came so near to being seen by others that in retrospect it was crazy, but then adulterers don’t have beds that often. So on the back and front seats of cars, against trees, in long grass, in woods and fields became our love areas. And we both loved it. It added even more to the sheer exhilaration of the affair.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful Cat?” he asked one afternoon as I lay in his arms in a hotel bed. “If we could just stay here for ever?”

Kissing him and letting my fingers trail down his chest so that they just nuzzled into the sprout of pubic hair above his genitals I replied softly.

“It would be marvellous darling if we could just stay here the night. I would so love to wake up in your arms.”

“God yes marmaris escort Cat, to be with you all night, to have you all night.”

“Mmmmm, yes darling yes” I sighed bending my body and taking him into my mouth.

We made love again and as we lay there dreading the moment that we knew was not far off when we’d have to leave, Jack said softly.

“Darling, I’ve got an idea.”

“Go on,” I replied.

“Well I’m speaking at a conference and training event in a few week’s time.”

“Yes, so?”

“Well it’s a three day event at the NEC near Birmingham and it’s on this technology I told you about and showed that first day remember?”

“Well I certainly remember the day Jack” I said turning so that my bare breasts pressed into his chest as I kissed his lips. “It was the first time we did this.”

That stopped further conversation for a while as our mouths ground together our opened lips squirmed and our tongues plunged nearly into the others throat.

“The thing is Cat is that we’re promoting the world wide web very heavily to advertising agencies and I wondered whether you could persuade one of those you work for to send you.”

It fell into place then. I gushed.

“So we could have two whole nights together?”

“Yes,” he responded his face lighting up with a beaming smile. “And most of the days as well for I only have two speeches to make.”

“What about me learning?”

“Well quite frankly love I could tell you enough in between shags for you to know more than anyone else in your agency. “What do you think?”

“Oh yes Jack I’d love to.” I enthused getting out of bed and walking over to my hand bag to get my organiser. Standing beside the bed totally naked and not feeling at all self- conscious with him I asked.

“When exactly is it?”

“Oh shit I’ve got two things on those days.”

“Bollocks, still never mind I’m sure another chance’ll come up soon.”

“No, no sod it I’ll do it, I can change things around.”

I felt a little guilty as he leaped out of bed and took me in his arms for I was about to cancel seeing Sarah in a play and going with her and Richard to his mother’s birthday dinner at a local restaurant.

“Fucking hell Cat, what’s got into you?” Richard said very sharply when I told him I had to go to this conference thing. “You don’t need to bloody well work and you’re only a sodden freelancer why do you have to go?”

It was equally difficult with my daughter and for the next couple of weeks I felt an absolute shit as the date for the conference grew nearer. Several times I came close to cancelling it but the draw of being with my lover was too strong. The attraction of actually sleeping with him, of waking up in his arms and, of course, having almost endless sex with him for the best part of three days was so powerful I began to understand just how strong a force love really is.

Jack was only occupied at the conference for a few hours on each day so it really was a wonderful time for us. It had been worrying and traumatic when I’d packed to leave, for Sarah was looking on as I got my clothes and laid them neatly in my case. After I finished she walked out without saying a word. I then repacked putting in a suspender belt, stockings and a couple of thongs. Richard had studiously avoided having hardly anything to do with me for the few days before my departure and I didn’t bother to kiss him goodbye. He didn’t even bother to come out of his study when I called out that I was leaving. As I drove the car out of the curved driveway of the house it was almost as if I was leaving for good. And symbolically I suppose I was.

It would be overindulgent of me to describe those marvellous three days in detail. I know that some readers of this would like to hear about every little sexual action that went on but, quite frankly, there were just so many and varied that this account of that very special time of my life would become even longer than it is already.

The first evening and night though were very special.

I arrived at the country house hotel we’d booked into, separate rooms of course for both our partners had the phone numbers, just in case, around four. I had a long, luxurious bath, washed and dried my hair and generally pampered myself getting ready for my lover.

I wasn’t at ease, not relaxed, not yet into the spirit of the affair or the right mood for the two whole nights with Jack. I was worrying about the lie and deceit. I didn’t think I’d made any mistakes even going to the length of leaving my delegate pass and programme around so Richard and Sarah would see them. The only slight chink in my armour of lies was that I’d said an agency had made me go and had mentioned the name. So there was the one in a thousand chance that he might phone it. I didn’t think he would but that little potential slip made me feel sick with worry.

Jack called at around five thirty to say that he’d turned off the M6 and would be at the hotel in ten minutes or so. I didn’t bother getting dressed so I just slipped marmaris escort bayan on the dark red, almost crimson, silk robe I’d brought with me and tied the sash round the waist. I poured myself a glass of wine and the soothing effect of the alcohol and the expectancy of shortly being with him helped me relax and start to put the outside world out of my mind.

“Hi I’m here darling,” Jack said down the phone.

“Good,” I, for some reason, whispered. “Get your ass down here and quick, I want you.”

There was little ceremony, build up or foreplay. None of those were necessary. We hadn’t had sex for a week so what was needed was a quick hard fuck. And that’s precisely what we did.

As I walked across the room to open the door to his knock I undid the tie of the robe. As I opened the door I pulled the robe back and as I ushered him in I slipped it off. We were immediately in each other’s arms kissing urgently and together pulling at his clothes until he was as gloriously naked as me. And there, on the thick pile carpet, just inside the door to the small suite we made love. And it was exactly what we needed, a quick, hard fuck!

Jack went back to his room and returned with a small case. We’d discussed how we’d do this as we certainly couldn’t register as Mr and Mrs anything just in case! We badly though wanted to live together as much as we could during these stolen three days. It wasn’t just about the sex, sleeping together and waking up in each other’s arms. No what we both wanted were all the other little intimacies. Me watching him shave and him looking at me as I painted my toe nails. Dressing together, bathing together and spending ordinary, non-sexual time in each other’s company. So what we’d agreed was that we’d live in my room but he’d go back to his after breakfast, ruffle up the bed and then rejoin me.

“You won’t need these, Cat,” he said taking the white lace panties from my hand.

“What do you mean?”

“Well we’re only going downstairs and you won’t be twirling around so why not keep me aroused all evening. “He replied tossing the panties onto the bed.

Looking at him and smiling as I stood there in just my white see bra and hold-ups I replied, nodding at his semi-erection.

“It’s not going to take that much to get you aroused is it?”

“Shall we forget dinner and just fuck all evening?” he laughed.

“No,” I replied. “Let’s have dinner and then fuck all night,” as I unclipped my bra, slid the stockings off and threw them at the panties on the bed. “In for a penny and all that” I smiled.

I had a nice tan for it had been a great summer and although we hadn’t been away, other than for a week in the South of France, mainly because I didn’t want to leave Jack for long, my legs, particularly, and most of the rest of my body still had a nice golden hue to it and I had only the smallest of white patches.

Thus, I’d decided to wear a white dress.

Made from a very thin material it was loose and flowing with a knee length, pleated skirt that had the, fashionable at the time slits up both sides and the front. The top had a vicar’s collar with a silver button on my adam’s apple, a long slit down to another button half way up where my cleavage would normally be. Without the support and uplift of a bra though, my boobs were all over the place so the end of that slit nestled snugly between them. It was sleeveless with fairly wide holes for the arms so as I passed the mirror I could see the rather dangerous situation I’d be in. Lean forward and the dress would gape both at the front and in the arms, raise an arm and the material would be pulled tightly across my breast illustrating my bare nipple, move too quickly and my boobs would jiggle so much that anyone would know I was braless under the dress and stand with the light in the wrong place and some might even think I was naked under it. ‘Well, well’ I thought as Jack said.

“You are ok with this aren’t you Cat?”

As it happened, looking at myself and having all those thoughts had rather excited me. I was, in a strange way, quite looking forward to being dressed, or undressed I suppose, like that in the rather stuffy, conservative atmosphere of the old fashioned country house hotel.

“Yes darling, if this is what you want I’m only too happy to oblige” I said in what I thought was a sultry way as I realised I wasn’t doing this completely for him!

Old buildings, especially in England, are never the best insulated. Although it was autumn we were having a cold snap so as we left the relative compactness of my room and went into the vastness of the barn-like main part of the hotel so the chill hit me. The gorgeous and horrendously expensive, thin material of the dress, though covering me, did little to warm me. So as we walked down the wide, creaking staircase I could feel the slight chill in the air all over me for I felt as though I was completely naked. Inevitably my nipples hardened. This time though, not just with sexual arousal but with cold as well. Looking down escort marmaris they seemed amazingly obvious to me.

“Jack am I alright?” I asked.

“What do you mean love?” he asked looking me in the eye.

I lowered my eyes and nodded downwards.

“Oh Christ darling, are you alright? You’re fucking amazing, your tits look incredible.”

“I meant to go into the bar?” I said quite sharply.

“Oh right. Yes. Er, um see what you mean,” he mumbled.

There was, however, no viable alternative so I had to walk into the fairly small, quiet bar holding my lovers hand my nipples swollen and projecting for the six couples or so who were in there to gaze at. Most of them were clearly older than us but there was a foursome about our ages sitting round a table just inside the door. I felt the two men’s’ eyes burning into my breasts as we walked through the bar to the table that had been reserved for us for drinks.

Sitting down was hardly any less of a trauma for me. As I sank into the deep sofa so my bottom went down beneath the level of my knees. With the slits in the skirt causing that to fall away from my bare thighs on either side I really was putting on one hell of a show I thought as Jack ordered us both gin and tonics.

It was one of those really posh places where the guests feel intimidated by both the old style aristocratic country house atmosphere and by the snooty staff. It was obviously very down market to have anything so vulgar as music in the bar and restaurant, that was off to one side so most people spoke in rather hushed tones. There was, inevitably, the typical loudmouth talking at the top of his voice about how he’d done at the races that afternoon and the foursome just inside the door chatted in normal level voices, but the rest of us conversed in little more than whispers.

“Mmmm quite an entrance,” Jack whispered.

“Yes it was rather” I smiled back.

We finished our drinks quite quickly and made our way, with every eye on us or so it seemed, into the restaurant.

“You alright?” He asked leaning forward and, rather too obviously I thought, peering down the front of my dress as his knee pressed lightly against mine under the cover of the crisp, white linen tablecloth.

He left his knee pressing against mine as the snooty waiter took our orders. As I asked for the quails eggs and sole so I felt him pressing more firmly as his eyes swept rather obviously up and down my chest. Somehow and for some reason the combination of what Jack did, the proximity of the waiter, the presence of the other diners and my undressed state all started to get to me.

As I said, “Dover sole please,” and looked up into the waiter’s eyes so I saw him quickly drag his gaze away from my chest. The fact that he’d been staring at my unfettered breasts covered by the thinnest of materials sent my temperature and my pulse racing. As he walked away I felt myself becoming incredibly aroused. I felt a heat spreading from the pit of my stomach, through my thighs and chest and into my breasts.

“Oh God Jack,” I whispered squeezing his hand and pressing my knee hard against his.

“What is it, don’t’ you feel well?” he asked his voice full of concern

“No I don’t feel ill, far from it” I whispered squeezing his hand harder.

“What then?” he said quietly his eyes glistening a little as I think he began to work out the problem.

“Oh shit,” I stammered looking around fearing, ridiculously really, that some of the other diners may have noted. I also looked down my body, but fortunately the way I was sitting didn’t stretch the material across my breasts and thus my nipples, that I knew were poundingly hard, wouldn’t be on show nor would the sticky dampness that was seeping onto my thighs.

“I feel so aroused Jack” I whimpered as he somewhat infuriatingly smiled, rubbed the palm of my hand with his finger and continued pressing his knee into my outer thigh.

It had never happened to me before. I’d never become so aroused in such a public place. I’d never experienced the sheer madness of wanting nothing more in the world at that moment than to tear my clothes off in front of those stuffy diners and have my lover Jack fuck me right there and then with them all looking on.

And as the meal progressed and we drank two bottles of delicious and ridiculously expensive wine the sensations didn’t subside. I was on heat all evening. I had no idea that I had such an exhibitionist streak in me for it was the fact of my near nudity and all those people looking at me and seeing parts of me they shouldn’t that was the turn on I suppose.

As we sipped our coffees back in the bar I chatted to Jack about it in very hushed tones and he said how the times we’d made love in the woods and the fields he’d been so much more aroused due to the danger. The possibility that we could get caught turned him on and he suggested that it was that which had probably started these feelings in me.

“So darling” I said smiling at him and, in the relative seclusion of our table that was sort of hidden a little by the bar, crossing my legs so the splits in my skirt tumbled off my legs leaving the tanned skin of most of my thighs bare. “It’s you that’s made me an exhibitionist is it?”

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