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My Second True Love

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I had 2 hours to kill before my flight, so I stopped in the concourse bar. There was only one chair left and I slide up to it. The man on my left was a handsome man with bright green ostrich boots. The man to my right was also dressed in boots and a cowboy shirt. He had a shaved head and a phone to his ear. He was dressed like my husband dresses and that made me feel comfortable enough to begin a conversation with him.

The wine I was drinking had emblazoned me and I slipped quickly into my flirty behavior. I didn’t hesitate to say, “My husband would love that shirt. Can I have it?” He turned to me and gave me an approving smile. I felt his eyes go up and down my body, noticing my pink cowboy boots and tight jeans. He said “I would give you the shirt off my back, but what would I wear.” I replied with my best teasing eyes, “I may have something in my carry on bag that would settle that problem.”

After exchanging destinations with each other, we realized we were going to the same place on the same plane. We agreed to meet in the back of the plane near the bathrooms as soon as the seat belt light had been turned off.

While the passengers loaded the plane, we held back to the last boarding call. We walked down the walkway and when I found my seat, we learned that the seat next to me was empty. He quickly stowed his bag overhead and joined me in an almost empty row. It was a night flight and all the overhead lights were turned off for take off. This was looking to be an enjoyable flight.

We continued our conversation which was sprinkled heavily with double entendres and suggestive flirting. I felt as if we were meant to know each other and soon I felt comfortable touching his arm as we talked. He returned the body connections with his legs pressing mine. As I felt a warmth and wetness between my legs, I asked if he wanted to play out a fantasy. With his sexy smile, and intense look deep into my eyes, he said, “Most likely, but describe it.” I said, “Let’s be a couple who hasn’t seen each other for a long time. We took flights to the Denver airport to travel on together. We have shared enjoyable phone descriptions of what we would do when we met. And, here we are.”

I couldn’t keep my hands off of his face, his arm or his lap. He encouraged my touching with warm conversation and gentle touches. He didn’t let trabzon escort me return to reality. He contributed his own description of the fantasy I introduced. We stayed with the fantasy, thoroughly thrilled that our flight was a three hour one and that the lights were off.

I felt the first kiss down to my toes, tingling all the way. I saw his physical response to our kisses and connection by watching his pants rise with intent. Fantasy was interrupted by reality as we discussed our marriages, which we both described as lengthy and happy. The reality was tempered with our strong connection, developed from an immediate chemistry and sense that we were meant to meet. We were both astonished that our simple play felt so right.

Since he was traveling for business, he had hotel arrangements which he suggested I share with him. My only complication was that my sister had planned to meet me at the airport after her work day, meaning I had an hour or so to wait for her. When we landed, I called her and said that I had run into an old friend from college and that we would spend the rest of the night together. She seemed relieved to have the evening to herself. While my body was being caressed, I tried to concentrate on the plans my sister was making for our meeting in the morning.

I wished I had brought a carry on bag like my new lover did, so that we wouldn’t have to wait at the luggage carousel. Our passion was interrupted , but maybe the time added to the anticipation of what was to come.

He carried my luggage to the curb and hailed a taxi, requesting a trip to a nearby conference hotel. The tension was building, but only in a good way. It was difficult to ride in the taxi, not knowing how far we were going and how long I would need to keep myself restrained. I envisioned many different scenes of what we would do first, once the hotel door was finally unlocked.

At the stoplight, he gently turned my face with both hands and kissed me deeply. The intensity of the kiss startled me out of my dream world. I felt the excitement a new love could bring wash over me.

It was a necessity to discuss how intense the feelings were that we had for each other before we let the physical desire we interfere with common sense. It helped us to learn that neither of us had experienced these feelings for others trabzon escort bayan outside of our marriages. We both valued our commitments and decided that our connection wouldn’t interfere with the reality of our marriages. So with clear consciences and understanding between us, the taxi stopped at the hotel.

Sharing some deep kisses in the privacy of the elevator gave me a strong feeling of freeness. He opened the door and I found myself in a large suite, with a stocked bar and a hot tub on the private patio. He opened a bottle of wine while I removed my jacket, leaving my lace top to reveal my heaving breasts and firm nipples. His shoes, socks and pants were quickly thrown aside as our breathing deepened.

I realized that music would contribute to the total experience so I strutted over to the stereo, wearing my heels, short skirt, and lace top. I bent over knowing my black lace thong was visible from the couch where my lover sat. I heard him gasp and turned slightly to let him know I was reading his mind.

I carefully glided back to the couch, letting my long legs lead me to the moment we had anticipated. My skirt dropped to my feet and my thong was pushed aside by his exploring fingers. He told me that the wetness of my thong was a turn on.. He enjoyed knowing that our play that began on the airplane resulted in a feminine discharge that had hardened into a white coating on the rim of my trimmed pussy.

He asked if he could taste my juices and he did while I was standing in front of him. A desire filled me while his fingers and tongue explored my clit. I could hardly wait to take his cock in my mouth. He was hard and long, pointing to the ceiling. I got my hand around him and began teasing with my strokes. I brought forward the pre-cum that indicated he wanted more. I teased some more, kissing his mouth, and sucking his fingers. I wanted him to want my warm mouth engulfing his cock. We pleasured each other for some time with our mouths and fingers, murmuring and moaning. My thong was removed, his cowboy shirt gone and our hands were eagerly enjoying each other bodies.

It wasn’t long before I wanted to feel his cock inside of me and I sat down on his lap, guiding him into a wet and waiting pussy. I was facing him and dropping my breasts into his mouth. Before he could get comfortable escort trabzon with this position, I turned carefully around, so I could watch myself in the mirror. My back was to his face, and he enjoyed watching in the mirror too. I leaned down to caress his feet and he let out a frantic moan, grabbing my hips and pumping them to the music. He said he couldn’t wait, and asked if he could cum right then. I didn’t answer, only kept the motion going until he began squirting. I let him squirt into me for a second, but then sat back pulling him to my stomach to watch him give me the rest. I loved spreading his hotness over my breasts while listening to him groan with pleasure. I wanted to smell and taste what he had and when I did, I realized again that it was fate that we met. Nothing stopped me from wanting more.

We lay resting against each other, until our breathing became calm. The hot tub sounded like the next best step, so off we went. Slipping into the warm water was soothing and sexual at the same time. We slipped out of the hot tub after a short time and began to spread lotion over each other. He stopped at my clit and using his fingers to spread me and his tongue to tickle me, brought me to orgasm.

We lay in bed with only a sheet over us, holding each other. I said, “Do you think you can love two people at the same time?” He said, “Yes, I am beginning to think so.” After more talking, I found his cock hardening and we began enjoying each other again. We had a short sleep and when I woke, I was startled. “Where was I?” I looked over and a warm sexual feeling crept into me. I began massaging him, from his feet up. By the time I got to his cock, it was out and ready to for me to take him into my mouth again.

We spent the night learning the special ways to please each other. The morning light began peeking through the curtains, slowly jarring us back to reality. His conference was due to begin and my sister was scheduled to meet me soon. We had to squeeze in more reality conversation beginning with my question, “Now what? Is this the end?” We both were without an answer to this question and made plans to discuss our next step later.

We squeezed in more play during the shower we took together. We both were interested in watching each other completing the morning ritual of dressing and preparing for a day. It made sense to learn about each other’s habits. I found myself wondering what a day-to-day life with him would be like. As we left the room, I said, “I feel sad, yet happy.” He replied, “No matter what happens next between us, no one can take these memories away from us.”

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