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My Sister And My Niece – A Plan

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Saturday morning, I woke up with my arms around the cutest girl in the world. Lizzie was laying on her left side and I was laying behind her, spooning our bodies. We had both gone to sleep naked and we were still totally nude.

Apparently, Lizzie felt no self-consciousness about being naked with me; I think she had gotten up during the night to pee but returned to bed au naturel. I love waking up spooning with a naked female but hadn’t done so in several months.

My right hand was reached over Lizzie’s side and my hand was cupping her small but very firm breast. Her nipple was hard. I thought she was still sleeping but, as I rolled her nipple between my thumb and index finger, I could hear her very quietly moaning.

“Stop doin’ that,”she said quietly. “There’s somethin’ down south a little ways that needs some attention.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied. I left my finger tips on her smooth skin as I slid my hand towards her pussy. As I approached the destination, she rolled slightly towards me and lifted her right leg, draping it over my leg so that I would have easier access to her pleasure zone.

When my middle finger reached her clit, I began tracing small circles around it. “Are you a wet little girl?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “Maybe you should put your fingers in me to check for yo’self.” Southern girls are so damn sexy!

I lowered my hand on her mound and bent my finger so that it entered her hot honey hole. “My, my, you are so wet! What are we gonna do with you?”

“Well . . . either you’re gonna fuck me or I’m a gonna fuck you!” she replied.

I was sliding my finger in and out of her pussy, pushing and pulling the tip of my middle finger across the front wall of her vagina. It didn’t take long to find that G-spot that every woman has.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she cried out as I continued stroking the obviously correct spot. “I wanna come so bad. Ron, fuck me now.”

I got between her legs, facing her, and prepared to make an assault on her young tight pussy. I grabbed my pillow and put it under her butt, raising her crotch so I could have the maximum penetration.

“Don’t worry, I’m on birth control pills. Now . . . just stick it in me and make me cum!”

I lowered myself until the tip of my dick was against her pussy lips. She began thrusting towards me, trying to impale herself on my manliness.

“Do you want it?” I asked her teasingly.

“You know I do. Now just fuck me!” she responded.

“I wanna hear you ask for it. I wanna hear you say ‘Ron, stick your dick in me and cum in my pussy, please!’ You’re so hot!”

“Ron,” she began just as I had requested, “stick your damn dick in me and fuck me ’til I beg you to stop. I want your cum in me now, damn it!”

As soon as those words left her lips, I plunged forward until I felt my balls resting against her ass.

“Ahhh!” she cried out. “That feels so damn good!”

I began thrusting in and out, slow and first and then şişli elit escort gradually getting faster. Suddenly, I slowed down.

“Did you cum already? I hope not!” she said.

“Oh, no. Just teasin’ your pussy so you cum good and hard when you finally cum.”

I resumed my slow, deliberate strokes in and out of her tender young cunt. I had never experienced a tighter pussy and was really concentrating hard to avoid cumming too soon. I sped up momentarily and then slowed again. Finally, I began to increase my tempo.

I was able to support my weight and balance with my left arm so I reached under her with my right hand and placed the tip of my middle finger on her asshole. I pushed just enough so that the tip of my finger entered her back door.

“Shit, that’s so nasty but it feels so good! Stick it in deeper!” she begged.

I did not need any encouragement. I didn’t have any lubricant on my finger so I pushed gently and slowly as I continued thrusting in and out of her hot teen pussy. As my finger slid into her ass, her pussy started quivering and squeezing my dick like it didn’t want to ever let go.

“Fuck, Lizzie, I’m so close. I’m gonna cum in your pussy.” I placed my mouth over hers and penetrated her lips with my tongue.

“Here it comes!” I managed to moan as I felt my ball sack tighten up and the pressure pushing towards the end of my dick. I began squirting my cum into her young, tight cunt and it felt like the best fuck of my life. She wrapped her legs around my lower back and put both of her arms around my shoulders. After six or seven blasts of cum, I felt my orgasm subsiding.

“You feel so damn good!” I said to her. “I don’t want you to ever go home!”

“Oh . . . fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Holy shit that was hot!” she blurted out while panting and trying to catch her breath.

“So THAT’S fuckin’! I guess it makes a difference when you’re with somebody who knows what they’re doin’,” she said.

“Why, thank you ma’am. I aim to please,” I replied in my fake Southern gentleman accent.

“Let’s sleep a little longer,” she suggested. I had no reason to disagree with her, so we slept a little longer.

* * *

When we finally woke up, we stayed in bed for a few minutes, cuddling and whispering sweet things to each other. I told her how incredibly good she felt but I also told her what a sweet young woman she had become. She told me what a good lover I was and how much better she felt about herself because she had been able to satisfy me.

“But . . . ya know . . . you said somethin’ ’bout me never goin’ home and, well . . . I could stay here with you and be mighty satisfied, but . . . how ’bout you and Mom? She’s all hung up on you and I can’t let anything come between me and her.” Lizzie’s voice conveyed a caution, an apology, and a sincere regret.

“Yeah, I don’t wanna mess up Sarah. I need to get things right with her. Maybe today is the day to do that. In fact şişli escort . . ..”

I reached over to the bedside table and grabbed my cell phone. What’s Sarah’s number?” I asked.

I dialed the number and Sarah answered almost immediately.

“Hi, Sarah. This is Ron.”

There was absolute silence on the phone.

“Lizzie came over to my place last night and, in fact, she ended up spending the night here. We spent some time talkin’, and . . . that’s a real good girl you’ve got there, Sarah. You’ve done a fine job of raisin’ ‘er. Well, anyway, she told me that you’ve been unhappy for some time and it somehow involves me and . . . if I had ever known about this, well, his thing wouldn’t have drug on for eight years, but, anyway . . . you and I need to talk and I’d love to see you. Why don’t you drive up here today and we can go out to dinner and talk about things.”

I stopped talking, hoping to hear an immediate reply but there was none.

“Sarah, I love you and that hasn’t ever changed. If you don’t drive up here to see me today, I’m gonna drive down there and keep knockin’ on your front door ’til you let me in!”

“Ron, I know you’re right and I’m glad you called. What’s the address?” she asked.

The conversation didn’t last much longer. I gave her the address and she said she’d be here around 4:00 o’clock. I suggested that she bring a bag so she could stay overnight if she wanted. She didn’t make any promise about overnight and I didn’t want to make her feel pressured.

“Ron, I’m so glad you made that call, and I really want you and Mom to get things worked out, and . . . who knows what might happen, but . . . this might be the only time that we get to hook up like this, and . . . Mom’s gonna be here in five or six hours, so let’s go get in the shower and you can make me cum with your tongue!”

“Damn, girl, there ain’t nothin’ bashful ’bout you!” I replied.

We got in the shower and I washed her back and then I washed her front. Having my hands on her hot, young, and innocent body gave me a boner in seconds. I stood behind her and reached around to wash her front. In this position, my hard dick slid between her cheeks and I started moving up and down to slide my dick against her behind. Oh, what heaven!

Then she washed my back and then she washed my front. She applied soap liberally to my dick ‘to make sure that it was clean’ she said, and then she instructed me to turn around. She poured some liquid soap on her finger tips and then I felt her middle finger sliding between my cheeks until her finger tip came to rest on my asshole.

“I wanna make sure you’re clean all over,” she explained as I felt her finger pushing into my anal cavity. With her other hand, she reached around and grabbed my dick and resumed stroking it as she pushed her finger in and out of my ass.

“You’re such a quick learner,” I commended her. “And that feels so damned good!”

“Good. But I’m not gonna let you cum şişli eve gelen escort like this. Let’s get back in bed and do that 69 thing!”

Again, I needed no convincing. We rinsed the soap off our bodies, got out of the shower and toweled ourselves dry. She walked out of the bathroom ahead of me and went straight for the bed, laying down across the bed so that her knees were at one side with her legs hanging over the edge. I climbed aboard and stopped with my knees against her shoulders. I then leaned forward until my face was between her legs.

Ordinarily, I would have started slowly but I was all worked up from the hand fucking she gave me in the shower. I dove into her pussy and started licking like it was the last pussy I’d ever get. She raised her legs up and brought her knees up towards her shoulders; I moved my arms so that she couldn’t lower them. While I was sucking on her clit, she was licking and sucking on my dick with enthusiasm that more than compensated for her lack of experience. In fact, her lack of experience made it even hotter.

As I licked on her pussy, my eyes were staring at her asshole. It was pink, not brown, and the skin around it wasn’t brown either. She obviously shaved her asshole as well as her pussy because I didn’t see a single strand of hair between her cheeks. Her pussy was so wet that her juices were flowing out of her cunt and onto her crotch, flowing on all direction, including her asshole.

I brought my right index finger up to her perineum and coated it in her juices. I then placed my finger on her asshole and I immediately felt her trying to thrust to get my finger inside her. This time, I didn’t tease or go slow. I firmly pushed until my finger was inserted up to the first knuckle. I then began sliding my finger in and out of her delicious ass while I sucked on her clit and tongue fucked her pussy.

“I’m gonna cum soon!” I said.

“Oh, oh . . . cum in my mouth but don’t stop what you’re doin’!”

I did as instructed and continued to worship her pussy with my mouth while I pressed my index finger in and out of her ass. I began to make my finger wobble as it penetrated her, so that it was pressing against one side of her asshole and then the other.

“Oh, yeah, oh yeah, oh!” she moaned. I felt her sphincter tighten around my finger and then loosen, repeating this several times, and I knew that she had orgasmed with her ass as well as her pussy. As soon as I felt her anus tighten on my finger the first time, I stopped trying to hold back and I began cumming in Lizzie’s mouth. She didn’t miss a beat. She continued to lick and suck until she had consumed every drop of my man juice.

I rolled to my side and dropped down to the mattress. “Oh, fuck, I want you forever!” I exclaimed.

“Maybe that’ll happen, but, right now, I need to get back in the shower . . . and you’d better let me get in there alone or we’ll never get cleaned up before Mom get’s here!”

“Okay. You’re right, of course. I’ll go get some breakfast started, sweety!” I got out of bed and started putting on a bathrobe and slippers.

Lizzie got up and started towards the bathroom but then turned and walked over to me. She kissed me very gently and sweetly on the lips and said, “Whatever happens, I love you and I always will!”

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