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My Son Ch. 08

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We have two friends Jean and Len, who we meet up with about once a month. We’ve know them for years, our kids grew up with theirs, and we’ve been holiday with them. It’s always nice to catch up over dinner and a few drinks and it’s also a good excuse to get dolled up once in a while and go to a posh restaurant.

And that was why, last Saturday evening, I was wearing a new black dress that came to just below mid-thigh. It had very thin shoulder straps with a plunging neck-line that showed off my not insubstantial chest to its best effect. Something that Colin loves to look at when we are out. And I know he gets a kick out of other men looking too – as do I.

And it was one of the rare occassions that I got to wear stockings, suspenders and a matching strapless, lace, see-through bra.

And to please Colin, I had decided to go out not wearing any panties.

Much to his delight, as I knew that it turned him on knowing I was out like that (and me too), and it always seemed to help the night end with a bang when we got home.

But that morning, Colin woke up complaining he didn’t feel well and that continued as the day progressed, but he refused to cancel the meal as he was looking forward to it as much as I was.

We went by cab to the restaurant, meeting our friends there.

We were having a great time, the meal was very good and afterwards, the wine and alcohol was flowing freely, although Colin had decided not to have any because of the way he felt. Suddenly Colin had to rush to the toilets and Len went after him.

After five minutes or so they both came back, Colin looked grey and he had sick stains down his shirt. Len said he had almost reached the toilet pan before he threw up and he thought I should take Colin home as he obviously wasn’t well.

That sounded a very good idea so we tried to call a cab but being Saturday night and valentines night, which we had forgot about, they had a waiting time of nearly an hour. We couldn’t wait that long so I phoned home and spoke to Tom. I explained what had happened and asked him if he could come and pick us up.

He said of course and we waited for him to come.

He got there in about 15 minutes and our friends told us to go, they would be ok waiting for their cab.

So as Colin to get in the back of Tom’s car, he immediately laid down across the seats so I had to get in the front with Tom.

As we pulled away, I thanked him for coming out and said it was lucky he wasn’t out with Stacey, his girlfriend.

He said she was out with her friends tonight.

I turned around in my seat and leaned over the back of It and felt Collins forehead, it was very hot and sweaty. I asked him how did he feel and he said like shit. That wasn’t surprising really as he looked like shit. I said if he thought he wad going to be sick again, he had to say, so that we could stop.

I glanced across at Tom and said that I didn’t want him to be sick in his car so be ready to pull over quick if necessary.

He said ok, but it was then that I realised that he had been looking down at my legs.

I realised then that the way I was sitting meant that I was half sitting half kneeling on my right leg with my left one pushed out. This had caused my dress to ride up and my stocking tops were clearly visible to Tom.

I looked back at Colin and out of the corner of my eye I saw Tom glancing down more and more. That was when I remembered – I wasn’t wearing any knickers!

How much could he see I wondered?. I knew my dress was covering my pussy, but only just. I wasn’t sure if, as I had leaned forward over the seat, it had risen and given him a glimpse of my naked, smooth pussy.

I needed to know. So I leant forward again and felt Colin’s forehead. I felt my dress move up and I saw Tom’s head swivel round and the look on his face left me in no doubt…he could see it.

I was wet at the knowledge that he was looking at my naked pussy. I kept my hand on Colin’s forehead and asked him he did he feel now. With his eyes closed he just mumbled “shit.”

My pussy was so wet as I could almost feel Tom’s eyes on it but I knew that I couldn’t stay like that forever so I turned around and sat down again.

I straightened my dress a little and I crossed my legs so that it rode up a little more. I said “Thank you again for picking us up Tom”.” He said “No problem, how was your night otherwise?”

I said “Great thanks, it was still worth going.”

Then Tom surprised me by saying “You look great mum.”

I was genuinely surprised and I said “Oh thank you sweetie, that’s lovely. That’s more than your father has said to me” and I turned my head and said over my shoulder, “See Colin, at least someone appreciates how I look in this dress.” And I laughed. I looked back at Tom and I caught him looking at me breasts.

I looked pangaltı escort down at where he had been looking and looked back at him and smiled. I thought he was going red but I couldn’t really tell.

I said “I’m glad someone is appreciating this dress, it wasn’t cheap.”

Tom said “Well I do, you look fantastic in it, if I may say that to my own mother.”

I gave a great big smile and laughing said “Yes you can, you charmer!” I reached across and squeezed his left thigh a little higher than I meant to, almost at his groin and he jumped.

For something to say, I said “What’s Sam doing tonight?”

Tom said “He’s round David’s.”

We carried on back in silence after that and when we got home, I had to wake Colin up.

We went in and I took him upstairs to our room and he got undressed and climbed into bed.

I took his soiled shirt into the bathroom and I rinsed it in the sink. Then I took it downstairs and I put it in the washing machine. I asked Tom if he would take a bowl up to his dad in case he wanted to be sick again which he did. He came down and said that his dad was fast asleep so he left the bowl on the bedside cabinet for him.

I thanked him and I looked at the clock, it was only 10pm.

I said I don’t know about you but I need a drink. He offered to make me a cup of tea and I laughed, saying I needed something stronger, I needed alcohol.

I told him to make me a vodka and red bull and I went and sat down in the lounge.

He bought it through and handed it to me. He had a bottle of cider.

I had sat on the sofa but I noticed Tom took the chair opposite me. I crossed my legs and his eyes immediately went to my hemline which had slipped up a little.

I sipped my drink and said “God Tom, how much vodka is in this?”

He shrugged and said “I don’t know, I don’t drink it.”

I asked him how Stacey was and he said fine.

I asked him about how things were going between them both and as we chatted and drunk our drinks, I had leant right back on the sofa and I had slid down a little more and my dress had risen further up.

I noticed his eyes were having difficulty staying focused anywhere but on my legs and I glanced down and saw why.

My dress had almost reached the top of my stockings, and although I still had my legs crossed, I knew that the tops of them were visible along the side of my thigh.

Tom’s eyes confirmed that!

I finished my vodka and held out my glass saying “Same again please young man, but not so much vodka this time or you will have to take ME up to bed this time.”

Tom smiled and said “I think I could manage that.”

I looked at him and I said “Oh could you?”

He nodded and said “Definitely” and before I could say anything else, he walked out to the kitchen.

I was feeling so horny and wet. Here was my son, ogling my legs, after already having seen my naked pussy and I was sure that he was just hoping for another display. And now he was making cryptic comments!

He came back and handed me my drink. I sipped it and pulled a face saying “Jesus Christ Tom, that seems even stronger than the last one!”

He shrugged saying”I’m not a barman.”

I said “Are you trying to get your mother drunk?”

He smiled and said “You don’t have to drink it.”

I told him to go and put some more red bull in it or I was going to bed. He laughed but went back into the kitchen.

When he returned I tasted it and it was better – but not by much.

We chatted again, with Tom always keeping an eye on my legs but they remained firmly crossed.

I finished my drink and said I think I need my bed, as the wine and vodka seemed to be having an effect. I asked him if he would help me up and I held out my hands. Tom came over and holding both my hands, pulled me upright. I was standing right in front of him and we looked at each other and I saw him glance down at my chest.

I said for him to give his mother a kiss goodnight.

He leant forward and went to kiss my cheek but I turned my head and kissed him full on the lips.

Very quickly but firmly.

He looked shocked but said nothing.

I said “That’s for picking us up tonight and for saying what you said about me earlier.”

He said “What did I say?”

I said “that I looked good in this dress.”

He glanced down at my breasts and said “Well you do.”

I said “Hey young man, my face is up here.”

He looked at me, his face going red and said “Sorry.”

I laughed and said “It’s ok Tom, you’re a man, I shouldn’t expect anything else, especially in this dress. Now I’m off to bed, see you in the morning.”

He said “Ok.”

As I turned to leave he said “Can I have another kiss goodnight first?”

I turned back pendik escort and said “If you want one sweetie.”

He said “I mean just like the last one.”

I looked at him and said “you want one like that do you?”

He nodded.

I said “Ok, I suppose you’ve earned it.”

He stepped forward and leant in towards me. My heart was racing a 100 beats a minute as he is lips closed on mine.

He kissed me full on the lips, gently at first then I felt his lips press against mine, just a little harder.

I felt his lips part and his tongue touched my lips. I pulled back, I didn’t mean to, it was instinctive.

He looked at me in panic and I smiled and said “was that what you meant?”

He just nodded.

I said “Good. Night night sweetie” and I walked out of the lounge, still reeling from my son’s blatant attempt at French kissing me.

I started up the stairs. I had only stepped up onto the second step when I realised that I was still wearing my 3inch high-heeled shoes. I went to walk back down, but stopped myself.

I turned on the stairs and sat down on the step. I called softly for Tom.

He came into the hall and I said “I forgot to take my shoes off sweetie. Be a dear and undo them for me please.”

I lifted my right leg straight out towards him and I raised it up towards his chest. That made my dress fall right back to the top of my legs, revealing my stocking top, suspended belt and bare thighs.

His eyes almost popped out of his head as he looked at me.

He came over quickly and kneeling down, took hold of my right foot and placed it on his knee.

I turned it inwards so that he could get to the small buckle that connected the strap around the top of my ankle. This also made the rest of my leg turn inwards too.

I saw Tom’s eyes follow my leg all the way up to the top and I saw him freeze at the very moment his eyes locked onto my naked pussy. He fumbled with my foot and I whispered “Be careful Tom, they are new too.”

He was finding the buckle hard to undo and I said “Shall I do it Tom?”

He shook his head saying he could manage. At last he undid it and slipped my shoe off. He then moved my foot to his left, opening my legs even more as he put it down. I lifted my left leg and he took hold of it, now making no attempt to hide where he was looking.

God I was so fucking wet!

He undid that buckle and he then moved that foot to his right as he put it down. I was now sitting on the stairs with my legs open, revealing my wet pussy to my 19 year old son.

I smiled at him and said “Thank you Tom, I hope you didn’t mind helping me with them.”

He just looked at my pussy and shook his head.

I said I had better go to bed now as the wine and vodka were starting to kick in. I stood up and said goodnight Tom, sweet dreams. He said goodnight and he stood there watching me as I went up to my bedroom.

I walked upstairs and on the landing, I could hear Colin snoring through our closed bedroom door. I opened it very quietly and saw that he was lying on his side, snoring deeply so I closed the door and I went into the bathroom. I cleaned my teeth and then I opened the door and went back into my room, noticing that Tom’s door was now shut.

I stood at the bottom of the bed and as I looked at my husband as he slept, I slipped my arms out of my dress. I was thinking of Tom and of how he had been looking at me over the past few weeks as I teased him. I thought of that second kiss, of how he had wanted it, had instigated it.

I suddenly didn’t want to go to bed just yet.

I crept out of my room, closing the door quietly and I walked up to Tom’s door. I stood there holding my dress up against my breasts and I suddenly found myself knocking gently on his door.

He said come in so I opened the door and walked in.

My blood pressure went through the roof. Tom was just wearing his Calvin Klein shorts. And they were quite tight on him.

I said “I need help, my fingers aren’t working, too much alcohol I think.”

He looked at me and said “What’s wrong?”

I said “I can’t undo my zip, I think it’s caught. Can you unzip me please?” and I half turned side-ways on to him.

He just nodded and moved around behind me.

I said “It’s under my arm” and I raised my left arm up into the air.

Tom was just taking hold of the zip as the left side of my dress flopped forward a little, exposing a little of my left breast in its black, lacy, see-through bra.

He started to pull the zip down but it actually was difficult. Those little black plastic zips can be buggers sometimes, especially if the dress is tight, which in my case it was.

I felt him slip two fingers inside my dress behind the zip and then he pulled it again. It started to go down. He had rus escort got it about half way down,when the left side of my dress fell forward more. Now my whole left breast was visible to him.

His hand stopped and I looked at him. He was looking at my breast. I looked down and saw that my nipple was clearly visible through my bra and it was so hard and erect.

I looked at Tom and whispered “Are you looking at my breast Tom?”

He looked at me and said “Sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

I smiled and said “I don’t mind sweetie, I’m just surprised you want to that’s all.”

He said “Why wouldn’t I? They’re fantastic”.

I smiled and said “Do you really like them?”

He just nodded.

I let go of the right side of my dress and it fell down to my waist, revealing my breasts completely to him.

I said “You haven’t finished with my zip.”

He pulled it all the way down to my waist and I looked down at his shorts.

I could see he had an erection. It was outlined beautifully against the grey material.

I listened out for the sound of snoring and I was very pleased to still hear the deep rumbling of Colin’s snores coming from our room.

Tom was standing there, like a statue, just looking at my breasts.

I looked at him and said “Do you want to see them properly Tom?”

He looked at them and said “Fuck yes.”

I reached behind and undid my bra.

My pussy was dripping.

I was going to deliberately show my 19 year old son my breasts.

I turned to face him as I pulled it off.

He looked at them and whispered “Fucking hell.”

He said “Can I touch them?”

This was it.

This was crossing a big line.

I said “Yes.”

He reached out slowly.

I watched his hands as they got closer.

I held my breath.

Then I felt his hands on my breasts, my nipples against the palm of his hands as he gently squeezed them.

I let out a long deep breath and I watched Tom’s face.

He seemed mesmerized as he stared at my breasts.

I was so wet, I could feel my pussy contracting and then Tom pinched my nipples.

I closed my eyes and gasped as I felt him pinch then pull both my nipples between his finger and thumb. The feelings running through me were just so……….indescribable.

I looked at his shorts and I saw the outline of his cock again.

I said “Did I do that?”

He just nodded.

I could still faintly hear Colin snoring from our room and I knew it was a risk but a calculated one as I said “I want to see it.”

Tom looked at me and he just took hold of his shorts and pushed them right down to the floor. He straightened back up and I got my first proper look at my son’s cock.

It was beautiful.

It wasn’t massive, or thick, just a normal cock for a normal 19 year old.

But it was my son’s cock.

And it was hard and erect.

He had a small bush of pubic hair above it and a little bit on and around his balls but not much.

His cock was standing erect and proud and then he took hold of it and pulled his foreskin back. I gasped as the head appeared, dark red and it seemed to throb as I looked at it.

Tom’s hands returned to my tits and his thumbs rubbed my nipples.

He said very quietly “Touch it.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock but his comment made me look at him.

I whispered “You want me to touch your cock?”

He was looking at me as he nodded.

I said “I can’t.”

He said “Why not, you want to don’t you?”

I looked back at it and said “Your father is next door.”

He said “He’s asleep.”

It was then I realised I couldn’t hear any snoring anymore.

I panicked.

I pulled my dress up, slipping the straps back up and I spun around and dashed to the door. I looked at our bedroom door but it was still closed.

Tom whispered what’s wrong but I told him to get into bed quickly. He didn’t ask why, he just jumped straight into bed, pulling the covers up to his neck.

I slowly walked up to my door and very slowly opened it.

Colin was still in bed asleep but he had rolled over onto his other side which had stopped the snoring.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief and decided I had taken enough risks for one night.

I got undressed and slipped into bed beside Colin, but I couldn’t sleep.

I lay there thinking of Tom.

I knew I had crossed a line tonight. I knew that it wouldn’t have taken much at all for me to have touched him.

I had wanted to, so, so much. I realised that I hadn’t said no it was wrong, I had given a reason why I couldn’t!

I remembered how his hands had felt on my breasts. I closed my eyes and I could still feel them there.

My hands caressed them, they were Tom’s hands.

I found myself imagining it was his hand that was slowly making it’s way between my legs.

I couldn’t stop myself thinking it was him who was now playing with my clitoris.

God it didn’t take long at all for me to cum.

I lay there wondering how I was going to face him in the morning.

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