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My Stepdaughters Friend

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Clare had a reputation and I hoped to find out if it was justified. My stepdaughter had told me stories about her friend and even showed me a picture of her at the school leavers party where her fancy dress outfit of choice was a naughty schoolgirl complete with short skirt and stockings.

Clare and Kimberley had stayed in touch since Clare had left at 16 to go to college and Kimberley stayed on at sixth form. Now both just turned 18 they were planning university or starting work.

The girls had their weekend planned. Cinema on Friday night, shopping in town Saturday and then a party that night.

By the time I got home from work on the Friday they were just getting into my wifes’ car. I said a general “Hi”, and the only one who really responded was Clare. A flirtatious smile and eyes like a sexual predator she got into the car and moments later, with her waving at me they drove off.

My head was full of erotic thoughts about what I would like to do to her and I wondered how close to these thoughts I might get.

The girls were getting a taxi home and after my wife had gone to bed I settled down to watch television before going to bed myself. A little after 11pm the front door opened and they came in. Passing the living room door I asked my daughter if they had enjoyed the film. We chatted for a few minutes and then she said she was tired and going to bed. Clare paused for a moment or two and looked like she was about to say something when I heard Kimberley calling her. With an agonised smile she went upstairs. Disappointed, I gave her a few minutes to come back down but she didn’t so I went to bed.

The following morning I took the family dog for a walk as usual. My head was still full of thoughts about Clare. I imagined what she looked like naked and how she would feel to hold and touch.

On my return I could see someone using the bathroom. I tried to make out if it was Clare or Kimberley but wasn’t sure due to the frosted glass. Walking slower I tried to make out any detail. I could feel my heart beat in my cock as it began to swell in my jeans. I stopped and took in what detail I could until I realised that I may be getting an erection over my stepdaughter.

I hurried in, removed my coat and boots and hung the dogs lead up. I then spent time tinkering with the range and emptying the ash pan. I was suddenly aware I had an audience. I looked round and saw Clare standing there, hair wet and a towel wrapped around her. She smiled and asked me about the range, the dog, the house, in fact anything and everything other than anything connected with the fact that the only thing that protected her modesty was a towel.

She maintained eye contact all the time, her fingers fiddled with the towel several times and she hung upon every word I spoke. We must have chatted for ten to fifteen minutes and then she seemed to become very aware of the situation. Fiddling with the towel again she said,

“Have you ever seen Kimberley naked?”

The question hung in the air and her tongue darted out and moistened her top lip. She awaited my answer with her mouth slightly open, I noticed her breathing and her eyes moved down from mine to my groin and back again.

“No and I think I would feel uncomfortable if I did.”

My reply was honest but left the conversation open. Clare was a clever girl who apparently had a healthy interest in sex and sexuality. She fiddled with the towel again.

“Has she şişli elit escort ever seen you naked?”

Her next question hung in the air like the first and I could feel my mouth go dry and adrenaline surged through my body. My mind raced again. Why was she asking me this? What was her motive? Once again my cock began to harden.


It was all I could utter. My heart was racing and I began to feel a little sick.

“If you was my stepdad I wouldn’t care if you saw me naked.”


She fiddled with the towel again. This time she opened it and adjusted it around her. My eyes desperately trying to take in as much detail as this brief flash would allow. Her breasts were firm. Not large by any means but not small either. Round and pert and topped off with hard pink nipples. She stood on the other side of the dining table and so I caught glimpse of her pierced navel and little else. Frantically I tried to replay what I had seen in my mind and so I only half heard what she said next.

“Sure, why not? I’d even let you fuck me if you wanted to.”

Inside I was screaming. I was ripping away the towel and lifting her onto the table while pulling my erection from my jeans.

“Maybe you should step away from the fire, you look like you’re getting hot.”

My mouth opened to say something. Anything. I wanted to tell her that I had seen the picture of her dressed as a schoolgirl and had taken it from the packet and had it hidden between two books in my office. I wanted to tell her that I had fantasised about her and had masturbated many times over it.

“I’d better sort my hair out before it dries too much.”

She touched my arm as she walked past and headed towards the stairs. The towel came undone and she caught it just in time. With a glance towards me, she walked out of the room.

Kimberley had the room above the dining room and I heard voices, a hair dryer and then music. I made my wife a coffee and took it up to her. The door to Kimberleys’ room was firmly shut. I could hear them talking and music playing still but not much else. I considered telling my wife what happened but decided against it. In a hour or so I would be alone in the house and I would relive and revisit the encounter in vivid detail while I masturbated.

The next eighty-three minutes passed excruciatingly slowly. I called out my goodbyes and watched them get into the car and drive away. I was sure Clare knew what effect she’d had on me because she glanced up at the bedroom window and while I doubt she actually saw me, she blew me a kiss.

I threw myself on the bed ripping my clothes off. I still seemed to be erect from earlier but I knew this was yet another erection I was going to have over this little temptress, probably for the rest of my life.

Drained and happy but still feeling very horny I went downstairs, showered and was heading back to my bedroom to dress when I stood in Kimberleys’ doorway. I could see Clare had a small bag. It was done up and positioned in such a way that it might be obvious if I tampered with it. I went to my room and dressed.

Thankful I was having no part in this shopping trip I got on with some work and kept myself busy until they eventually got home. My wife and stepdaughter did their usual “show and tell” of what they had got. Clare joined in and shows me a short dress that she had got for the party, a pair of lace trimmed şişli escort hold-up stockings and a pair of black high heeled shoes. There is a flirtatious look in her eyes when she shows me these, as if she wants me to see her in them and maybe even out of them too.

After dinner my wife suggests that I take the girls to the party. She has had enough for one day and wants an early night. They aren’t planning on leaving until nine so I make myself busy while they get ready. Eventually, Kimberley tells me they are ready to go. I gave her the car keys and tell her to get in the car while I find my shoes.

A few minutes later I get into the car. They are both ready to go and so we leave. It isn’t far to where the party is being held. They chat on the way, Clare in the back and Kimberley in the front.

On our arrival Kimberley got out of the car. She casually flicked the lever to release the front seat to allow Clare to get out and went to greet some friends. The seat tilted slightly but didn’t allow Clare to get out so I leaned over and released it and slid it forward. With a word of thanks, Clare touched my arm and maneuvered herself to get out of the car. As she went to step out, she opened her legs. It was almost as if she waited for me to notice and take in the view. My eyes ran up her legs, taking in as much as I could. They hovered over the lace detail of her stockings. The ones she had shown me earlier. Shadow began to obscure any further up. I was frustrated by the lack of light and wanted to reach out an lift her dress a little in order to expose her fully to my hungry gaze. I need not bother. As she slipped forward on the seat her dress rode further up. Expecting a matching pair of black lace knickers I was surprised by the view the met my eyes. She was completely exposed to me. Every inch of her sex was there for my eyes to examine. Then she was gone. With a wiggle of her hips and the slightest of movement her dress returned to its’ rightful place. She turned round to shut the door and smiled.

“See you later.”

I don’t know how she could make three simple words mean so much but I was left flustered and with yet another erection. I watched her disappear and headed home.

My wife was asleep and so I ventured out into the cold to take the dog for another walk. When I got back, I made a hot drink and curled up on the sofa to watch a DVD.

Half way through a second DVD, Kimberley phoned me and said they were ready to be picked up. I told her fifteen minutes and paused the film.

The girls were watching for me to turn up. A flurry of hugs and kisses later and Clare was getting into the car followed by a very tired Kimberly. On the way home Kimberly was moaning about never having any energy and not being able to deal with late nights. I was aware of Clare stroking my shoulder.

Once we got home, the girls went upstairs and I locked up and sat down to watch the rest of the film.

It could only have been ten minutes when i heard someone coming down the stairs. I looked towards the door and Clare appeared.

She was naturally pretty. While she had worn a little make-up to go to the party, she had removed it and looked fresh. She was wearing a simple over sized t-shirt which gave nothing away except the gentle swell of her breasts.

“What are you watching?”

Her voice was soft and she stepped forward in order to look at the television screen. I told şişli eve gelen escort her the name of the film and she replied that she liked it too.

“Kimberley is asleep already.”

“Yeah, so is Colleen.”

I had decided that I was going to make the most of her advances if she decided to carry on from before.

Clare knelt on the floor with her back to me and leant over the coffee table to watch the film. While what she was wearing covered her modesty, it did so in such a way to conjure up so much more. I enjoyed the view of her rounded buttocks immensely, despite the cotton separating my gaze from her bare skin. I tried to work out whether or not she had anything on underneath. The absence of any tell tale signs led me to believe that she wasn’t.

She passed a few comments about the film and then she made her intentions absolutely clear.

“I suppose if we are quiet we won’t wake them up.”

At this moment I realised that I had been staring at her buttocks for about five minutes without a break and I noticed that she was looking over her shoulder at me.

“Do I have to make it any more obvious you silly man?”

Her hands reached back and clutched at the hem of her t-shirt. Inch by agonising inch she lifted it up past her waist and opened her legs slightly. She smiled and looked back towards the film.

I swallowed hard and took a deep breath. I reached out and the tip of my index finger touched her soft warm skin. I traced the shape of her buttocks with my finger then between them, over her anus until I met wetness. I explored her further with my finger. Entering her briefly and then resting upon her clitoris. I began to rub in a circular motion and she began to move in time with me. Until she eventually spoke.

“Get undressed.”

I didn’t need further instruction. She pulled her t-shirt off over her head and then she watched while I slipped out of my clothes. When naked she pushed me back onto the sofa and moved between my legs. She closed a hand around my erection and got closer. I felt her breath on the tip of my cock and then her tongue brushed over slit as she tasted my pre-cum. Her lips closed around my cock and she began to move her head up and down while maintaining a consistent pressure. Her tongue moved within her mouth licking my swollen cock. Her free hand caressed my balls and I could feel my orgasm building.

She could sense me tense up and stopped sucking me. We swapped positions and I started to explore her pussy with my tongue. She tasted divine and my attentions were soon rewarded by her shattering climax. She bit her lip to stop calling out but still let out a moan.

We held each other for a while and kissed while she casually played with my cock. She then got back into her original position bent over the coffee table. I moved behind her and pressed the tip if my cock into her wet hole. She pushed back onto me and I started to fuck her harder and harder.

“Cum inside me please.”

She half whispered half begged and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I did as she asked. Her vaginal walls closed around my cock as she orgasmed again and this triggered my own explosive jet of hot cum deep inside her. She buried her face in her arms to stifle her cries of pleasure again.

After I pulled out I lay on the sofa. She lay on top of me and we kissed again.

“Do you think we dare doing that again?”

She looked at me with questioning eyes. My mouth was about to reply when my cock gave it for me and twitched against her body. She murmured something and adjusted her position so that she may take it in her hand and caress it. Just as she was about to lower her mouth around my cock again I finally gave my reply.

“Well, maybe once more.”

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