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My Wife and 3 Daughters Ch. 08: Epilog

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Recap, if you have not read the preceding chapters:

I met a woman in Bangor Maine and moved her to Springfield, Missouri together with her three daughters. As a coast to coast mover, my home-life was limited and she was not happy. Her name was Charlene and she met a local man that she left with.

Meanwhile, I fucked all three daughters and the neighbor girl, Regina. They all four decided to stay with me and each had a room of their own in our four bedroom home. The oldest daughter, 20 year old Tammy had been my fantasy girl and was the last one I fucked. Wild, wonderful, 19 year old Linda was the first, after her girlfriend, Regina. Tina was the baby and I had not fucked her until her 18th birthday. In fact it was during the wee hours of the morning on that unforgettable day.

Tina always called me “Daddy” right from the beginning, even when their aunt called from Maine to make sure they were alright. The “daddy” name was cute when we were in bed. Tina kept my checkbook and ran the household finances. She did a wonderful job with my money.

Sometimes Tina and Linda liked to do threesomes with one riding me cowgirl and the other taking a mustache ride. Tammy and Regina were both more private, but there was never any jealousy. It was amazing how well the four young women got along and worked together to make our unique household run smoothly.

I ended chapter 7 by saying “We lived happily ever after. Well, almost.


It was decided that Tammy and Regina would take turns traveling with me. Tina and Linda would have me while I was home. This arrangement would be for the rest of their senior high school year. That worked out pretty good until Christmas break; that is when the girls decided that Linda and Tina could make a trip with me.

Charlene called on Christmas day and got mad when Tina and Linda were not available. Her anger flared when Tammy told her to call back when Tina was there. Charlene was yelling that she was the lady of the house and not baby Tina.

Tammy never got along with her mother and she did not appreciate her calling now and trying to play mother. Then she went on the attack, “Look, I told you to talk to Tina. You left us so don’t try to turn it around. Bruce takes good care of us and we are a happy family.”

“I don’t believe what I am hearing. I am your mother!”

“No, you used to be our mother. What happened, did your new boyfriend dump you? Where are you? I will tell Tina to call you.”

“I am at your Aunt Joy’s house.”

When we called home that night, Tammy was fighting mad as she repeated her conversation with Charlene.

So I called Joy and talked to Charlene.

She screamed, “Let me talk to Linda and Tina!”

Tina said, “Why are you screaming at my Daddy?”

“That man is not your Daddy!”

“And I suppose you are?”

“I am your mother!”

“No! You are not! You cheated on my daddy and abandoned us. We don’t need you back in our family. Maybe you need Daddy’s money or his big cock but he does not need you. We are a happy family. We have everything we need.” As Tina spoke, she was massaging my manhood and Linda was kissing me.

“How do you know about his cock? I went with another man because I had to get out of that crazy house.”

Then trabzon escort Tina slammed the phone down. She said, “Daddy, we don’t need her in our life. Let’s go out in the sleeper and do what we do best.”

My first instinct was to tell her that sex was not the answer to everything. But looking at her beautiful, petite little 18 year old body, I thought, maybe it was.

When the three of us got in the sleeper, Linda was pulling my pants off and setting my cock free. Tina already had it covered with pre-cum and Linda threw her leg over my head and landed her pussy on my mouth. As I started licking Linda’s pussy lips, Tina started rubbing the bulb of my swollen cock on her little pussy lips. It all felt and tasted wonderful.

Meanwhile, I wondered if Charlene could or would do anything about us. Is polygamy among consenting adults illegal?

Back to reality, Tina’s tiny pussy swallowed my entire cock. Linda was riding my tongue for all it was worth. I was playing with Linda’s clit with my thumb and one of Tina’s small tits with my free hand, while pushing back on Tina’s thrusts. We were all moaning. Then Tina and Linda started kissing. That is when it happened; we all three came at once. We were shaking, screaming, and pumping out our juices. Our orgasms went on for several minutes.

When our orgasms finally ended, my love stick was still hard inside Tina as she moved her pussy to my face and Linda’s pussy slid down my pole. What a wonderful life! We must protect it, even if it means moving.

We spend another hour sharing our sex with each other when an idea formed in my head. I had bought a computer for Tammy’s college work before she dropped out again. I called home again and asked Tammy to research all the state and federal laws. She was way ahead of me. She had found out that Missouri has no fornication or co-habitation law. Most bigamy laws are aimed at married people throughout the US. Now she was busy compiling a list of the laws in each state.

What a team. Tammy was busy protecting our family. Tina suggested that we see a lawyer when we got home.

Meanwhile, Linda discovered a new way for us to travel; reverse cowgirl at 70 miles per hour. Linda tried it first and it worked best with the seat back a couple inches and my but slid forward in the seat that same amount. When Tina tried it, she did regular cowgirl. The only difference was that Tina did not stop. After several minutes I could not hold back. My orgasm probably started in my balls but it went from my toes to my ears. It was earth shaking and I nearly went off the road with 75 feet of tractor/trailer. Maybe it was not a good idea.

Five hours later, I pulled into a truck stop and the girls took their positions with 19 year old Linda impaled on my swollen staff and 18 year old Tina fucking her pussy lips with my hungry tongue. I never liked big tits and Linda’s were huge. Tammy, Tina, and Regina all had B cups which turned me on. But Linda had a tight pussy that was always ready. In short, I loved all four.

When we arrived home, a group of women appeared out of nowhere and started asking questions. They were from several local churches and were demanding answers. Tina cut them off and told them to leave. When they kept going Tammy said, “There are no minors trabzon escort bayan here nor are there any married people, so get out like my sister said! I will call the sheriff.”

I went alone to meet with a lawyer that afternoon. It was an old man and his wife had been among the gaggle of church ladies. I told him that we wanted help with the law, not his wife’s opinion. We agreed that he would not take the case.

The following morning I met with a young lady lawyer who had no prejudices. She offered to send letters to our distracters for a fee that I considered reasonable. Her name was Cynthia and I couldn’t help noticing her beautiful legs. In fact everything about her was beautiful. But, I had a happy home and did not want to mess it up.

Chances are Cynthia would not want the likes of me anyway. And I still had to catch up my homework. Regina and I had enjoyed a long session the night before, but I never got to Tammy. Poor Tammy had been my fantasy. Tammy had been the last to give it up. Now Tammy was being shoved to the back of the line.

Upon arriving home, the girls wanted to know all about my meeting with Cynthia. After bringing them up to date, I walked to Tammy’s bedroom and lay back on the bed.

Tammy said, “Well, do I get fourths?”

“I am sorry Tammy. Let’s make up for lost time.”

She lay down beside me and made no move, so I started kissing her. The kisses started on the lips at first and then her tits. Her little B-cups always excited me. She had nothing on under her thin bathrobe. Then my mouth found her waiting pussy. The love gash was already wet and every time I nibbled her clit, I was rewarded by her soft scream. I fucked her with my tongue for a long time while my man stick throbbed to remind me of my needs. But I owed her so my swollen member would just have to wait. Then she spun around and put my bulb in her mouth. Soon she was swallowing almost half my shaft without gagging. What a wonderful mouth. What a wonderful woman! After a while she changed positions again. Now she was rubbing my happy stick up and down her split. It felt so fantastic but it felt even better when she brought her weight down and forced me to enter her tunnel of love. Then she rode me cowgirl, and I began to lose reality. My eyes rolled back and my senses were only aware of the tight little pussy sliding up and down my swollen manhood. I was squeezing both of her sweet little tits and massaging her nipples with my thumbs. Suddenly Tammy’s moans turned into soft screams and she began screaming louder and shaking. Before her orgasm subsided, mine began and I blew a huge load of spunk into her hungry cunt.

We lay in ecstasy, with our combined juices running out of her tight little pussy. We were still connected and my member was rock hard. It remained swollen. I held her hips and kept her impaled on my cock. She started moving again and I matched her moves. She began moving in circles as the head of my cock was feeling wonderful. That is when it happened; she began shaking, screaming, and digging her nails into my bare skin. We were kissing and our tongues were fighting until her giant orgasm stopped everything, and time stood still.

It was close to an hour before either of us moved. Finally we ventured out in search of food. Tina escort trabzon had a message from Cynthia; she wanted to see me the next day.

I called Cynthia in the morning and she wanted me to come right in so I took Tina with me. When we got to her office, she acted surprised to see Tina. I introduced them but they acted cold when they met. She said, “Bruce, how old is this girl?”

Tina and I both said, “18.”

“She looks 14. No wonder you are upsetting people.”

“Yes, she looks young but she runs the house and does a wonderful job.”

“What else does she do?”

“What do you mean?”

Then Tina said, “I think she wants to fuck with you, Daddy.”

Then Cynthia said, “I am your attorney young lady.”

I added, “Please be respectful, Tina.”

“But look at her Daddy. She is not dressed to see clients. That thin, silky dress only says one thing and it says that one thing very well.”

“Okay Cynthia, what did you want to see us about?”

“I wanted to warn you that they can always find something. Like equipment violations on your vehicles or whatever. Maybe they will find some silly little law that has not been enforced for 100 years. You will need an attorney by your side.”

Then Tina asked, “Why couldn’t you say that on the phone?”

“It is an attorney/client conversation.”

“Well, if you do anything with my Daddy, keep it attorney/client confidential. I don’t think my sisters are ready to invite new members.”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. My little Tina was all but inviting Cynthia to have me for brunch. Then she started rubbing the tent that was forming in my pants. I lay back on the couch and Tina started dry fucking me, cowgirl. She told Cynthia to come and join us and Cynthia said, “What if somebody comes in? Let’s go in my back office. I have a twin bed there for when I work late.” She locked the doors and led us to the back office.

Tina pulled my pants off and freed my swollen member. Then she said go ahead and rub it on your pussy, Cynthia. I will take the first shift riding his tongue. Cynthia’s pussy was looser than what I was accustomed to with the girls but it still felt good. I love the taste of Tina’s tiny crack and her pussy juice. After a few minutes Tina said, “Switch!” Cynthia covered my tongue with her pussy and Tina slid my pole into her little cunt. Tina was so much tighter than Cynthia that I came right away. Even though I had fucked Tina many times, she still caused me to have a giant orgasm. When I started pumping my seed into her little pussy it went on for a long time. Meanwhile Tina started coming and making wild noises.

Then Cynthia said, “Oh my God! I want that. I want to cum like that.”

Then we moved her back onto my fat cock while Tina started kissing her. I was playing with both of her tits while she bobbed up and down on my swollen manhood. I never would have thought that I could cum again so soon but I erupted in a giant orgasm and so did Cynthia.

When we finally calmed down, we thanked her for the advice and promise of legal protection.

Back at home, the girls wanted to hear all about our meeting. Tina said, “Just don’t make waves. Cynthia will try and protect us if we are attacked but it is better if we don’t make enemies. She wants to meet with Bruce again the next time he is home. I will go with him.”

My little Tina loved her three ways.

Tammy and Tina began researching the profitability of putting more trucks on, but that is another story.

And once again, we all lived happily ever after.

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