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Naughty Bridal Party Pt. 07

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Chad’s mother Laura was naked in the master bedroom, legs spread, her hands between her thighs, masturbating wantonly, pumping a 9-inch dildo in and out, her ass stuffed with a pleasing jeweled butt plug, fucking herself furiously as her fingertips were teasing her stiff clit. As she wildly pleasured herself, her mind was running the remembrance of her 2 monthly affairs.

The neighbor’s 22-year-old son Lance had come home from college for the summer, and she had been checking him out. With her husband’s lack of attention, she was sexually frustrated. Once a week, lights out, the missionary position was not even close to how much she needed. Lance was a well-built hunk, and the ideas of what that well-built body could do to her pushed her beyond the forbidden nature, if anything, it just made it even more tantalizing. She called him up, invited him over, and didn’t even try to play coy. When she’d led him to the bedroom and stripped naked, Lance had been surprised and revved up, he noticed that she was in great shape, she was 5’9”, and had been able to keep her weight at 130 pounds. Nice perky nipples atop a 34D chest, that was more than good enough for him. Great curves, a nest of blonde pubic hair between her legs, and a fantastic ass. She’d gasped and mewled with need when he stripped down, and his 9-inch lance rose. He eagerly lay back at her suggestion, she wanted to ride that pole.

Squatting over him, his cock poised at her entrance, she paused for just a moment, then she pushed down, letting out a growl as she felt the big head of his cock penetrate her, sliding his eager cock into her slick tunnel of tight, squeezing heat. Lance’s grunts joined in with her purrs of pleasure as she impaled herself all the way, the cunt stuffing pleasure made her mind whirl.

Laura cooed, “Oh yes such a nice big cock, I can feel you so deep inside me, let me ride, let my horny cunt milk you for every drop, I want it all!”

Laura set the rhythm, every thrust down to the balls, the pleasure as she was stuffed on every thrust was making her lust roar. Her fiery tightness eagerly worked on his cock, hungry for a big load. She tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed.

Lance had never felt such exquisite tightness. It was kinky and hot as hell, he was fucking a woman twice his age, but her tight cunt was the ultimate gripping receptacle, as tight as an 18-year-old virgin, fiery hot and juicy, it sucked and milked greedily at his throbbing shaft, demanding every drop he had. Lance held out for as long as possible, the gripping cling urged him on. He could feel the pressure building. Just as his cock jerked, swelling tight with a massive urgency, he felt her hand wrap around his balls, giving him firm, gentle squeezes.

“Fuck, oh yes, shoot your hot load deep inside me Lance, gonna cum, gonna cum all over your big cock, yes, yes, yes, I’m cumming, yes oh fuck I’m cumming, yes, yes, YES!!”

Laura’s voice rose to a shriek, her body shuddering in the climax. Lance groaned from pure pleasure as he reached his peak, her hand squeezing his balls, her pussy clamped tightly around his aching prick, spasming wildly. Lance felt the spunk streak up his shaft, exploding, his cock squirting wildly inside Laura’s hot tunnel.

Laura could feel the tremors around her 9-inch dildo, her asshole started to pulse around her butt plug, she gasped out, “oh yes, fill up my womb,” and as she remembered the rush of his hot spunk flooding her, she gasped and shuddered as she tumbled into climax, her plunging dildo squelching around the pouring juices. As eryaman escort bayan the last spasm shook her, she sprawled back on the bed, letting the afterglow fill her.

It had been an incredible 2 months, Lance was indeed a horny 22 years old, and she had been getting it at least once a day, sometimes twice. In the back of her Lincoln Navigator, out in the open fields behind their mansion, on his parent’s bed, on her marriage bed, at the top of Mount Baker, on the shore, and in the water out at Island Lake just after sunset, they had christened many places with hot, lust filled fucking.

He had also had the pleasure of taking her virgin asshole and christening it with a load of hot steamy spunk. With plenty of lube and a slow grunting reaming, she had been anally deflowered. She felt stuffed, her asshole aching at the penetration, as his hard, implacable 9 inches was stuffed up her tight hole. He had been slow and gentle, and the pleasure that started to build as he rode her was amazing. Their combined cries and grunts of pleasure filled the twilight night air at the shore of Island Lake as she got her first butt fuck, masturbating furiously as she was so pleasantly buggered. The last of the twilight had just faded and full night settled in as her shrieks sounded as she stroked her throbbing clit to orgasm, the feel of his hot rush of semen flooding her asshole had been amazing. She was glad it had been done, now she had 3 hot holes that were eager for his cock.

When he had gone back to college two weeks ago, which was on the other side of the country, that cut off any weekend trips to go and visit him for more. She was still randier than hell at 45, more than she’d ever been at any time in her life. Not wanting to fuck around, and have it be discovered, she’d bought the 9-inch dildo, a couple of vibrators, and the butt plug. Now that her asshole was no longer a virgin, she enjoyed the feel of her butt plug stuffed up her, making her tight back door quiver wildly as she reached the orgasm, god, it was double the pleasure. They got her off nicely, they were employed every day, to get the relief she needed from her revved-up sexual drive. After floating in the afterglow for a short time, she got up, got redressed, and rejoined the party.

Chad’s Dad Tom was revved up, god, fucking Malena’s sweet pussy had really stirred up the lust. His cock was back up to a raging hard-on, he looked around and quickly made his way over to his wife Laura. He needed to ride inside her and explode the building load. He came up behind her, cupped her ass cheeks, and pressed his body against her, letting her feel the stiffness of his cock press against her ass.

Tom whispered, “Let’s go, upstairs baby, I want to rock your hot sexy body!”

Laura had been pleasantly surprised, since their once-a-week session had been two days ago, she assumed that it would be another five days before she could get it again. Even then, it was pretty mechanical, she chalked it up to the fact that they were both 45, and maybe it was a natural part of the male to slow down at that age, even though he worked on keeping himself in shape, being in the class of movers and shakers of high finance. They did not want some overweight porky investment advisor handling their money. With her husband getting frisky, she was eager to take advantage of his need, her masturbation session had sharpened her appetite for more.

They quickly made their way upstairs, and in the bedroom, Laura slithered out of her dress, she saw her husband’s eyes full of lust as he drank in her body. ankara escort Her perky 34D’s were uncovered, she enjoyed his eyes lingering on them, making her nipples stiff. For the wedding, she’d decided to do something she’d never tried, and had herself waxed bare and smooth. She usually kept herself trimmed to a tidy patch, but she’d felt sexy and daring, and watching Tom’s eyes as he stared at her bare, smooth mound, brought out goosebumps of pleasure. When Tom was as naked as her, she saw he was more than ready for her, Laura purred as she saw his 8-inch cock swollen and stiff, eager for her.

”Oh yeah lover, come to bed and give me that hard cock!”

Tom growled, “On your hands and knees wifey!”

Laura felt another surge, they hadn’t had anything other than missionary for the last few years. She wondered why he had gotten so frisky. Probably the sight of Malena’s bridesmaids crossed her mind, they were all very young, nubile ladies. Whatever had gotten him so worked up, she didn’t mind, so long as he brought his lust to her to spend on her willing body. She felt her husband’s body behind her, his swollen cock head nudged against her, he grabbed her hips and powered it in. Ohhh good that felt so good, his cock buried itself, his balls swung down and smacked against her pussy.

“Oh yeah lover man, fuck my pussy, really ream me out!”

Gripping Laura’s hips tight, he did just that, powering his bloated cock in and out with fierce thrusts, his mind replaying his hot fuck with the bride. He overlaid that with the fact that he was fucking his wife right after fucking his daughter-in-law, his lust was really climbing. He rammed Laura’s eager heat over and over, his wife was going to get a long hard ride.

“Ooohhh… Oh, my God!!” Laura moaned. Her husband was taking her like a tiger, she was getting the hard fuck she’d been yearning for. Her head drooped down, she pulled over a pillow and lay her head on it, she felt her head being pushed against the cushion over and over from her husband’s powerful, beast-like fucking. Her mouth was open, and she was letting out continuous sounds of pleasure, god it was fantastic. She could feel his prick hitting the pronounced ridges in the upper part of her vagina, oh yeah, she could feel the orgasm closing in.

Tom could see her head in profile on the pillow, mouth open, with a look of absolute bliss. The ridges of her pussy were really stimulating his cock head, and he felt her pussy clamp around him, then the wild quivering starting.

“Yes, yes, oh god YES!”

Laura let out a loud shriek as she climaxed, and Tom was still ramming her, making her orgasm climb up again, oh fuck, another orgasm rushed in and Laura was letting out squeals of pleasure as she felt her pussy wrench wildly again, she reached between her legs and started stroking at Tom’s swollen balls, eager to coax out the hot load of cum for her, and as she crested to a third climax. Laura heard her husband’s answering grunts as he exploded, mmmmmm, she adored the feeling of his rush of warm cum blooming inside her, and her pussy milked hard, wanting every drop of his hot load.

When Tom pulled out, he stood up and ordered her, “On your knees, my hot wifey, suck my cock, get me to rock hard again so I can fuck you again!”

Laura didn’t need to be ordered twice, she was on her knees in a few moments, and swallowed his cock with gusto, tasting her juices and his cum smeared all along the shaft. She felt his cock start to reverse course as her mouth rode wetly up and down, sucking and slurping him eagerly. sincan escort bayan She knew how to give a first-class blowjob, Lance had told her how great a cocksucker she was, and she took that as a badge of honor. She kept going on him, sucking Tom back up to a stiff, ready erection, and she felt the tingle of quickly building lust between her thighs, oh yeah, she was gonna get another fuck, and she was more than ready.

She pulled back, and purred, “Lay on the bed lover, let me ride your cock!”

Tom quickly did so, and Laura saw his cock ready for her. Mmmm, she mounted up, and grunted with pleasure as she lowered her hips down, Tom’s grunt of pleasure joined hers as she swallowed his cock in one go, right down to the balls. She started to slide her pussy up and down, then alternating, forwards and backward, then side to side, and finally in a circular fashion. She mixed the movements, and alternated them, all the while slowly rising on her knees and slowly sinking back down. She enjoyed the look of lust on Tom’s face as his cock was sinking in, touching all over deep inside her pussy, which felt so good.

Tom was amazed, looking up at his wife, she was a sex-hungry lady, he’d thought she was not that interested in sex, she’d never complained about their once-a-week session. She saw her toss her head back, her movements picking up speed, her hands came up, cupping her boobs and tweaking her stiff, swollen nipples, letting our growls of pleasure. Tom was realizing that his wife needed more than a once-a-week fuck, he was going to give her as much as he could muster. With the vision of his hot fuck with the new bride in his mind, he was going to remember it, and be powered up for a long time.

Laura could feel another orgasm coming for her, after that first one, she had discovered that they came much faster, thanks to Lance’s every ready 9-inch lance. Thank you, Lance, she thought, and with that thought, she tumbled into orgasm, letting out howls of pleasure as she felt her pussy tighten down, milking Tom’s prick.

Tom was still working on building a load, and when she whispered, “Roll me over and pound me to the bed!” he happily did so, keeping his cock buried deep as they rolled over. On her back, her thighs spread wide, Tom really started to drive it in, power fucking Laura with fierce thrusts. His mind again conjured up the vision of Malena, tied to the headboard and blindfolded, not knowing her own father-in-law was fucking her. Damn, his son and daughter-in-law were kinky as all hell, he knew he was only the first in a line of guys who were going to fuck the new bride. He gave Laura a long, pleasure-filled ride, enjoying the sounds of pleasure that filled the bedroom.

Laura felt a third orgasm grab her, then a fourth, and poised on the brink of a fifth, she heard Tom grunt, “Oh fuck, cumming, yes, fuck, FUCK!” Laura felt a rush of sperm-laden wetness being pumped over her pink walls as Tom flooded her hungry pussy. That pushed her over the brink, she came very, very hard, clutching tight around his cock, as her pussy walls rippled and massaged his shaft, her cum splashing along his length as he pumped his load into her eagerly accepting the heat.

Floating in the afterglow, Tom spooning her, he whispered, “Damn, that was so good. No more once a week Laura honey, I’m going to be wanting your hot sexy body every day!”

Laura heard that, and she cooed, “Oh yes Tom, I’m going to love it!”

Laura had an idea, she could introduce her husband to the joys of fucking her tight ass, oh yeah, it was going to be great. She again wondered what had gotten into her husband. Considering that she now had a sex-hungry man, she thought she wouldn’t mind even if he’d fucked one of the bridesmaids to get him so revved up! She would not know how close she came to what actually occurred.

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