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Old Man, The Sea And His Daughter

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I am not a sailor and I had never been more than a mile from shore in my life until my daughter Michelle said she wanted a month’s vacation on the Gulf of Mexico. Now when it comes to my little princess, it is hard to say, “NO I do not want to go”.

Michelle was about to turn 19 and her last year before college so I agreed with her as a birthday present to spend her vacation at sea. She told me she would take care of everything and I should not worry about anything. Of course, when it came time to pay, that was my job. I did not question her choices on the subject.

She has a way of getting me to do things that I would never think of doing except for her. When she bats her big sky blue eyes and pouts her bottom lip, as a dad and a man, no one could deny giving her the world.

About Michelle

Let me say that as far as women go, she is above all of them in every manor one could list. She is short in stature at just less than 5 feet in her bare feet. If she kept her clothes on and was soaking wet she still would not weigh more than 100lbs. and most of that is in her tits, (32C cup) and ass, a perky little bubble below her tiny waist that would make an M&M candy melt without being your mouth. Pixie blond hair just above her shoulders topping her off.

For the past few years, I found she was attracting the boys; some were older than she was and I had spent many days chasing them away. She would always try to reassure me that “I am a good girl Daddy, but then when the time is right, look out because I will be so good at being bad!” Those were her words not mine.

Her mother had passed away a few years ago, but had the smarts to leave her few presents to be given to her on her birthdays. On her 18th birthday, I gave her some audio and video tapes from her mom as guide for her life without a mother. Therefore, my life had been easier to deal with as well, but I never passed up spending time with my princess, not work, not golf or dating would come between her and me.

Our port of call was Tampa FL and when we went to board, I knew that she had a plan of some sort because of the crew. We were informed; that we had a crew of seven sailors, two busty female stewards, a chef, plus Captain Katie Malone would be at our command and only she and I as passengers on a 200ft yacht named “Down on Me II”. One of the pretty stewards gave us a tour of the boat, and she then led us to our staterooms. Michelle told me to get ready for the sea life and she would meet me on deck in half an hour.

I dressed casual, went topside to the dining room, and had a drink waiting on my little girl so we could have diner. She entered and when I saw, her, my mouth hit the table. She had on a very elegant dress that one would expect to see at maybe the Oscars. One of the Hollywood starlets would wear but she would have made them look shabby in comparison.

Her gown was shear in places, split in other places, and showed her body to be that of a woman on a mission.

Two of the sailors and both of the stewards were on a small stage playing music, very romantic music, as she walked across the room. I stood up and yes, I pulled out her chair, as a man would do for a lovely woman on a date.

Out of nowhere, an older woman came and introduced herself as the chef and server, I had no idea she was even on board nor at that moment did I care. She brought a bottle wine.

Michelle said “Daddy would it be ok if I have some wine with you tonight?”

I replied “Princess, thank you for asking and yes if you drink in moderation you can drink anytime we are on the ship.”

She just smiled and nodded her pretty head as she sipped her wine. The chef informed us of what our meal was to be for the evening and said if we would like anything, she could change the menu, but the menu was prepared in advance when Michelle booked the ship, and of course, I said it would be fine.

This was to be Michelle’s last meal as a high School girl and at midnight; she would be 19 so she wanted to be tipsy when that day came as she had said on a few occasions.

While she sat looking so beautiful, I felt the love of a father for his only child my heart began to ache thinking that she would soon be leaving me to find her way in life. My heart was breaking and I felt a tear in welling up in my eyes.

I stood up, stepped toward her, and asked, “My dear, would you care to dance with an old man?”

Michelle looked around and then back at me and said “where Daddy, I don’t see any old men around” and smiled at me as she reached for my hand.

We danced as I held her we talked and laughed it was one of the greatest dances I can remember. Holding her close and her perfume rose as if flowers were all around us and I pulled her closer.

My hand on her back was touching her smooth, silky skin and as I looked down into her blue eyes, I became aware of movement in my casual shorts I had on and suddenly I felt under-dressed. It was as though I did not ankara escort have enough material between this lovely creature and the devil growing down lower.

I started to put some space between my daughter and my body but as I tried to move back, she held on even tighter.

There I was with a growing presence in my shorts and my daughter holding on ever so close! What was I doing! I was ashamed and was afraid of what Michelle would think about me, getting an erection while dancing with my child? Was I a pervert? Would she ever want to dance with me again?

The music stopped and I quickly guided her back to our table. As I sat down, I have to admit I felt flushed and embarrassed doing everything to keep from looking at her.

Michelle made it simple by talking about the plans she had made. She told me about what we would be doing when we made landfall around the Gulf. The different cities and fairs she had heard of during her research for this trip. All I could do was nod my head and smile. I had hoped sitting down would give my erection and my perverse thinking a break but it was too no avail.

Michelle said something and it caught me by surprise and I had to ask her to repeat what she had just said.

She said “Daddy I know that you love me and you miss Mom, and I want to help you move on! That is why I have Miranda put Viagra into your food. I hope you will forgive me.

My reply was shock at first, but as she kept talking, I knew her intentions were meant to help but there would be little chance of fixing my loneliness on board the ship. That is when she said, “Remember the tapes mom left for me when she passed away?”

I said, “Yes baby, I don’t know what was on them but yes I remember.”

She said, “Mom told me that she knew you loved her and that you would have trouble getting on with your life and she wanted you to enjoy your time till you two would be together again.”

I wanted to cry.

My Princess kept talking, “Mom made a lot of tapes with different topics on them and she left other things as well. She had a space set aside in the old barn that was for my private place to watch and listen to her so I could cry and laugh and whatever else I needed to do. She said that if I reached 19 and you had not moved on then she wanted me to help you return to your former ways. She taught me different things to help you and during this cruse, we are to do those things. Mom said only if I wanted to, so I want you to know that what we do on this trip is my choice and of course you have to be willing to allow me to carry out mom’s wish list for you.”

I was shocked and yet felt my wife had more insight into me than I had ever thought possible. It seemed she knew me better than I know myself.

I cried like a baby! Michelle came to my side, hugged me, and ran her tiny fingers through my hair to calm me and she lifted my face to hers and then to my surprise, kissed me! It was not a father daughter kiss. It was an open mouth lover type very soft and tender yet passionate!

My head was spinning, not quite realizing the true meaning of all that she said. It was not what I was expecting but I just held her and enjoyed the moment.

It was just past midnight and Michelle was now 19 and an adult acting on her own accord. She took my hand and led me back to the dance floor and we danced a slow loving embrace. My erection was pushing into her tummy and she swayed to the music adding a more sensual movement against me.

After we danced she said “Daddy take me to your bed.”

I led her down the stairwell toward my stateroom, when we were standing outside the door, she said “carry me to our bed.”

I opened the door, picked her up into my arms, carried her to the bed, and set her down.

She said “Just a moment.”

She stood up and said, “I know you like to play rough and so here I am you can do whatever you like starting right now. Mom said you like to tear clothing and to use force, so do whatever you want. Take me anyway any hole anything you want, I am your slut!”

I had to stop and think about what was about to happen. I reached down, kissed her hard on the mouth, and forced my tongue into her waiting mouth as my hands reached around and found her open back gown and I ripped as fast and hard as I could. I tore the gown from back to front and up and down her body. I took a step back and saw her dress still clinging to parts of her lovely body as I felt the need to kiss every part of her. I knelt in front of my little princess, I slowly removed the remaining pieces of her torn gown and everywhere I pulled cloth, I replaced with a tinder kiss. As I removed the cloth from her breasts, I kissed licked and sucked her nipples. The areolas were a shade darker than her golden brown skin with the perky nipples pointing up at an angle as if to stare at the dim lights above us. Each kiss, twist or nibble she would moan and shiver as if she was ready to orgasm, but holding back. escort ankara

Then she started talking between each labored breath saying, “Daddy, I am a good girl but the time is right, and look out because I will be so good at being bad!” she added “Mom told me you would be pleased if you were my first and I hope she was right!”

I froze when those words sank into my head. I looked up at her and said, “May I look at one of your tapes to see what Mom was thinking before we go any father?”

Michelle said, “Mom thought you would want to know and she said if this night came then I was to give you this tape.” as she walked toward the desk. She picked up a tape that was on it and placed it in the VRC. Then she walked back to the bed, lay down, and made room for me. It was Maggie, telling me that she had trained Michelle as best she could from where she was and hoped that I would finish that training. She added that Michelle would fill me in on all the details, but not tonight.

I turned toward the beauty in the bed with me and kissed her genteelly but with more passion than a father and daughter should. I as moved from her lips to her cheeks placing kisses as I went. I nibbled her ears, trailing down her slender neck and once again her breasts. Squeezing, each one when not kissing or sucking, switching to the other savoring her perfect form. They seemed to be so sensitive to my touch. My hands were slowly tracing from her tits down to her sides. I was making love to every part of her young tender body. I reached her private area and inhaled the aroma of her honey hole. I massaged her legs I tried to resist touching her most secret place, but the moister was clearly flowing and adding her scent to the pleasure, was making my traveling more difficult. I placed my left hand on her clean-shaven mound and almost came from the baby softness of it.

She took my hand with both of hers, guiding it toward her clit and gently tried to move my hand on her hard little button. I knew what she wanted but I just applied pressure to her clit with one finger. When she would try to grind I would stop with the pressure and then she would whimper but stop trying to force my actions. I reached her knees and continued to apply gentle kisses over every inch of her pushing her toward the edge. Never stopping for too long but spending time learning how her body would respond. When she stopped grinding, I would start once again press on her clit with my one finger that was never too far from that magic little pleasure dome until she would start to grind again. I knew that her frustration was building and I wanted her to enjoy the release when I finally allowed her.

She had been on a mission and had used a drug to entice the mood, and I was playing with her as my way of saying, do not do that. A lesson she would learn soon to me again. I slowly kissed my way back up her thighs and spreading her legs as I did. When I was about an inch from her young virgin pussy I stopped all movement, just looked at the swollen pink lips of her labia, and gently allowed my breath to sweep across her pussy and using my left hand I pulled up on the hood that covered her clit and let the airflow over it. Shivering as if an earthquake was engulfing her, she started to beg for more crying out for more. When suddenly I covered her cunt with my mouth and shot my tongue deep into her with one swift movement. She screamed and came at that very moment. Her legs clamped together around my head and filled my mouth with the sweetest young fresh uneaten pussy juice. Still I used my tongue to fuck her as she was in cum mode her juices were flowing so heavy that I could not swallow it all but I gave it hell trying.

I still had very little contact with her clit and I knew that I was going to make her my own forever once I finished. Her legs started to relax as she came down and in her mind, she had had the best orgasm ever, but Dad was not done. I grabbed her thighs and forced them apart, moved up about half an inch and clamped down on her clit and she lifted off the bed, was immediately pushed back down and held so she could not move away from my prying tongue and the sucking of her clit. Her cum was coming again. She screamed and went silent with no movement at all. She had passed out.

While she was resting, I decided that I should get undressed for our next session, taking her virginity!

When she started moving I looked at her, tears were running down her cheeks and she looked at me and asked, “What happened Daddy? Did I miss anything? Did we fuck?”

My answer was, “not yet my Princess. I wanted you to be awake and conscious when that happens, I want you to remember this for the rest of your life.” I added, “Please do not ever slip any drug into my food or drink again, even if you think it might help.” Then I laughed and gave her a tender hug. I was on my side facing her, with my cock resting on her thigh.

She reached down, felt the tip and said, “Mom showed ankara escort bayan me some things and I have practiced on some of the toys she left me and I want to try them on you if you want?”

I was not sure as to what “things” mom had trained her to with toys but I replied, “As long as I can stop you if I don’t like what it is.”

Michelle smiled and said, “Oh Daddy, mom told me to never do anything to hurt you. She said you would stop me and might even get mad. I never want you to be mad at me.”

I relented and said, “Go ahead and show me what you have learned baby girl.”

She got onto her knees and throwing her legs over my chest, started kissing me, as she moved down my body, sliding her petite frame down as her kisses covered my body. Her skills made me think she had done this before. If I knew her mother then she had many toys to play with. My daughter had eased herself down my body and now at my cock and she stopped, I looked at her and she had a strange expression on her face and I asked if everything was all right. She asked me, “How big is this cock Daddy?”

I replied, “Sweetheart,” I said, “it is seven inches long and about 5 inches around why?”

She quickly answered and said, “It looks much bigger in real life than what mom showed me on the tape.”

I laughed and said, “Baby don’t let it scare you, if mom taught you then you will do very well.”

With that all said and done, Michelle wrapped her little fingers around as much as she could and I reminded her that her moms hands were larger than her own and if she did as her mom had said she could do anything with my cock.

She stopped questioning, started to stroke and gently rubbed my dick. It was a little dry so she took her hand down and pushed two of her fingers into her wet little cunt and pulled out some of her juices into her palm and then reached up and rubbed it on to my cock to make it slippery. I was amazed, that is what her mother had always started not for the lubrication so much but because she loved to eat pussy even if it was just her own.

To my surprise and pleasure, Michelle wrapped both hands around my cock and inserted the mushroom head into her mouth and used her tongue to lick around it while still sucking. I closed my eyes and remembered how her mother had done the very same……oh shit this had never happened with her mom, but out of nowhere Michelle had dropped her lips all the way down to my pubic hair and without any time needed for adjustment. With no, gag reflex or hesitation, just sucking and that wild tongue! I almost came right then; after all, it had been years, three and a half to be exact.

I cannot remember anything as wonderful as the sight, sound, and feeling of my daughter sucking my cock and knowing that the best was yet to come. With her tiny hand expertly massaging my balls and the other stroking as she used her mouth and tongue on the shaft and when she thought I was about to cum she would push on my taint to cause me to delay, but she never stopped with her work. She was just like her mother only younger and more willing to take her time, never having tasted cum how could she know if she liked it. She was about to find out. I lost all control after about 15 minutes and I could feel the cum building, I reached down grabbed her hair and she knew at that point that I was not going to be able to stop until I came in her mouth if her mom had told her the signs. I felt my cock explode and streams of built-up cock juice shoot out in massive streams. Michelle never stopped sucking and swallowing but she just could not handle the quantity of cum, as some came out of mouth and nose but she was giving it all she had. My God, my wife had created a true cocksucker from heaven.

After I had shot my last bit of jizz down her throat, Michelle cleaned off all the remaining cum from my dickhead and pubic hair just as her mom used to do.

To my surprise, my cock was still raging hard with no relief. Damned Viagra anyhow, I wanted to rest. Michelle wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard using her tongue to battle mine, while constantly rubbing he nimble body against me. She had a plan, and was not going to stop.

When her pussy lips had found my shaft, her rubbing became a downward push and grind along the length just enough to keep it from entering her but as if to jack me off. I was in heaven. I lifted her away from my body and somehow spun her around 180 degrees, bringing her wet tight cunt down on my face. I pushed my tongue deep into her and swirled as far and fast as I could through the tightness. Her taste was magnificent, sweet yet pungent with a musty aroma.

She once again started to stroke my cock while kissing and licking just the head, the tenderest part of my cock. At that moment in time, she stopped sat up, turned looking into my eyes and begged me. She said, “Daddy, I can’t take it any longer!! Please fuck me! I want your daddy dick to fill me up and I want to feel your cum wash my insides. So you know that it is safe I have been on the pill for 2 full years, so don’t stop till you are done and abuse me anyway you choose just like you used to do with mom! Slap me bite me kiss me but really fuck me.

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