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On Loan Pt. 02

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For this story to make any sense at all, it will be helpful to read part one of “On Loan.” If I do say so myself, it’s one of the most erotic things I’ve written to date, so hopefully you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

“On Loan” is meant as an homage to one of my favorite authors on Literotica, The Big Bopper. He wrote a one-part story called “Swap for a Period.” It reminded me a great deal of a real-life experience I had once, so I asked him if he would please finish it. While he indicated he had no desire to revisit his own material, he did give me his blessing to take his idea of a wife lending her husband out and run with it. Hopefully, he likes what I’ve done with it.

I would also like to thank my friend Kat for her editing efforts. I’ve taken the criticism that I could use an editor to heart. Any mistakes you find lingering in the text are my own.


Part Two

The days turned into weeks. Stephanie’s pregnancy continued and although she chafed at the confinement, she was doing well. She spent most of her time blogging and getting recipes ready for Amanda to post once she took over. When Amanda came home every day, they tried to work on it before Amanda’s homework pulled her away. Satisfied with their progress, she was grateful to have the extra time to get Amanda up to speed.

For his part, Jack was working harder than ever. His business had picked up at the worst possible moment. He hired more people, but they required training. He made sure to be out there with his crews, getting dirty along with the rest of them. His people were good at their jobs, and the gardens they created were gaining notice. There had been some writeups in the local paper so their phones were ringing off the hook.

Their household had settled into a routine. When he came home, he’d kiss Amanda “hello,” and ask her about her day. Then he’d hurry upstairs, kiss his wife, and shower. Amanda would bring them their tray and he’d remain with Steph until she kicked him out. He made sure never to be in a hurry to leave her, he never wanted her to grow resentful.

However, he’d be lying if he didn’t admit that he spent most of his day digging in the dirt, thinking about fucking his niece later that night. They would start off the evening by doing various things. Cuddling in the hammock, soaking in the hot tub, going for a run, watching something on TV. Sooner or later, every night without fail, he would wind up inside her tight, young body. Sometimes, they would fuck furiously, then follow that up with a long, leisurely bout of lovemaking to end of the evening.

Proving to be experimental, there was very little Amanda wouldn’t try. Jack had tied her up, spanked her, humiliated her, and she took it all and loved it. One night, they took a shower together and he decided to pee all over her body. She all but attacked him, surprising them both. Afterward, she laughingly got out a marker and wrote “Jack’s territory” where he had peed. After that, every time they were in the shower, he’d pee on another part of her body and she’d mark it up later. It was a good thing it was a washable marker, as she’d be covered in ink otherwise.

He was obsessed with her long, hair. Her shade of blonde was so fair, it was almost silver. He once spent an early part of the evening with her in front of the TV brushing the long strands. She jokingly showed him how to braid it and he could now do a serviceable French braid. He wasn’t sure if that skill would come in handy later in life, but it was now in his tool belt.

Jack would have to say, though, that the most magical time with Amanda was when they were making love, her legs wrapped around his hips. They would stare into each other’s eyes, their souls entangling along with their limbs and tongues. The intense pleasure was incredible, the connection electric. He’d thrust slowly, her hips rising to meet him, and he wanted to die of the bliss she gave him. It was getting harder and harder to leave her bed to return to his own. When he did, he’d crawl in beside his pregnant wife and hold her close. Sometimes, she’d awaken and hold his hand, commenting on the smell of sex. They’d kiss slowly, then fall asleep together.

While Jack was still madly in love with his wife and their unborn child, Amanda was taking up room in his heart. He knew it, even if he scarcely acknowledged it. He certainly never shared the information with Amanda or Stephanie. It was so confusing that he decided to Google to see if there was such a thing as loving two women at once. He found links to various books on the subject and tried to read up on it. There was only so much time in the day, however. If he had to choose between fucking his beautiful niece or reading a book, the niece won every time.

Amanda also followed a familiar pattern. She’d awaken, sometimes have sex with Jack, sometimes not. She’d get Stephanie her breakfast, then head off to class. Despite her very active sex life, she was keeping ankara escort up with her classes, which she found fascinating. After class, she’d check on Stephanie. If she was awake, they’d work on the blog until Amanda had to excuse herself to do homework and start dinner, often preparing some of the recipes that Stephanie had given her for the blog. Every day, when her uncle came home, she would feel a tingle of excitement between her thighs. They were both very cool about it. They’d share a kiss, but the early part of the evening was about Stephanie. Once she was ready to go to sleep, the rest of the evening belonged to them.

About a month after their affair had started, Jack and Amanda decided to go for a run. He made sure he had his cell phone on him and they drove to a nearby park. It was a larger one, with lots of wooded areas. They ran a couple of miles, setting an easy pace. Jack let her run a little ahead of him, so he could enjoy the view of her ass in yoga pants as she ran. She would glance over her shoulder, her long silver pony tail bobbing along as she ran. Her eyes would twinkle, and her laugh would ring out. He loved that laugh, it was one of her best qualities.

Finally, he had enough of watching her ass. He steered her towards a deserted, wooded area. He pressed her against a tree, holding her hands over her head. He yanked her yoga pants down over her slim hips and started spanking her pert ass. Her cheeks grew red, each one having a perfect imprint of his hand. He made her count them out, not even telling her what number they were going for. It wound up being 32, the exact number of days that had passed since they became lovers. He whispered that in her ear as he spread her thighs apart and buried his erection in her tight cunt.

He brought his hands up under her shirt and sports bra. Jack found her small breasts with their peaks erect. He pinched her nipples, forcing a loud moan to escape her lips. He grinned and did it again. He loved making her do things he knew would drive her crazy. After all, Amanda didn’t want to get caught any more than he did. That didn’t stop her from responding to his touch, crying out the combination of pleasure and pain. In a month of wild things, this one was one of the best. And if they got caught? So long as the police weren’t called, who gave a fuck? If it were a man, they would share a look of understanding. She was unimaginably sexy. Who wouldn’t want to fuck her every chance they got?

“Amanda,” he groaned into her ear. “You’d better be quieter, slut. If a man comes across us, I’m going to let him have you. I’m going to let him shove his bare cock into you and take you right here. You’ll do it, too. You’ll beg for anything I require of you.” His hand found her neck and he squeezed. “I’ll let him do whatever he wants, but you won’t be allowed to cum for him, slut. Your cum belongs to me.”

Amanda loved the danger, the naughtiness of being fucked by her uncle in such a public place, even if it was heavily screened from prying eyes. At various times, they would hear runners jogging past on the trail a few feet away. Jack would cover her mouth and murmur “quiet, bitch” in her ear, continuing to fuck her slowly. Nothing would stop him until she had cum, then he was able to unload his ejaculate into her pussy. He kissed her ass cheeks, then pulled up her yoga pants. They would continue their run, Amanda’s face red as she could feel his cum leaking out of her tunnel.

One evening, they were cuddling on the hammock, fingers entwined as she read a book for class. He pulled out his Kindle and read the book he bought about loving more than one person. It was an interesting read. Some parts of it were rather arousing. The author maintained that this was all perfectly normal and no wrong way to do it, so long as there was open, honest communication.

That aspect was confusing to him. How could he be honest to anyone when he wasn’t sure what was going on in his own head? He would freely admit he was obsessing on sex with his niece, that she was in his head, and he spent way too much time thinking about her when they weren’t together. When he thought about his wife, all the passionate, loving feelings were still there. He could hardly wait until the birth of their son, so their love life could resume. However, he had no idea how he would go about giving up Amanda. Heck, he wasn’t even sure if Amanda wanted to stay, let alone if Stephanie would allow such a thing.

As if she could sense his disquiet, Amanda put her own book aside. “Hey, Jack. You’ve got something on your mind, I can tell.”

Jack glanced over at her concerned face, and smiled. “And how can you tell that, sweetheart?”

“Because you’re making this odd humming sound while you’re reading. You make that sound when you’re thinking on something really hard.” She smiled, a dimple appearing in her cheek. “I’m getting to know your little secrets, Uncle dearest.”

Sighing, Jack put down escort ankara his Kindle. “This thing we’re doing, Amanda, it wasn’t my idea. You and Steph cooked this up and I’ve been along for the ride. I’m trying to figure it out in my head. I guess, I like things to make sense. What are we doing? How long are we going to do it? Why do I feel like I have two remarkable women in my life, and I don’t deserve either of them? Why am I the lucky asshole?”

Snorting, Amanda laughed. “Well, you got the asshole part right.” She let out a long laugh as he tickled her side. “In my head, I must hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Once the baby is born and Steph has recovered, she’s going to want you back. I’m going to have to let it happen, even though it will be hard, a lot harder than I would have thought.” She kissed him slowly, then pulled away. “Maybe there will be some way to continue this, but I can’t let today be marred worrying about it. We have right now, this moment. We can’t control time to come, but we can enjoy what’s right in front of us.”

Jack thought for a moment, then pulled her head up for a kiss. He was a decade older than his sexy niece, but in her own way she was so wise. He wasn’t sure if her answer would work for him, but at least it was an answer. It was also reassuring to know that Amanda felt the same way. They settled back into their reading until the light started to fade. Then he carried her upstairs and made love to her, their cries of pleasure filling the house.

The next day, when Amanda served Stephanie her breakfast, she was greeted with a tired smile. “How’s it going, Steph,” she queried, as she set down the tray. Stephanie had more trouble eating in the morning, so Amanda had learned to fill her tray with really simple things like sliced fruit, toast, and yogurt.

Standing for a second, Steph walked out a cramp in her calf. “If anyone ever talks to you about the wonder of pregnancy, slap them for me, okay? There’s not one thing wonderful about this, except the fact I’ll get a baby at the end of it.” She sat down on the edge of the bed and grabbed some fruit, munching on it. “I hardly slept at all last night. I must have gotten up 15 times to pee.”

Frowning, Amanda put her hand to her aunt’s forehead out of habit. “Are you feeling okay?”

Laughing, Steph said, “Oh, I’m fine. Just pregnant. I read in all the books that this is normal. It’s like god’s practical joke on women, so we are willing to go through labor just to make this stop.” She spooned some yogurt into her mouth. “Did you add some honey to this? It tastes wonderful.”

Nodding, Amanda replied, “My mom used to do that. She didn’t like the flavor of artificial sweeteners, so she masked them with a little honey.”

Stephanie looked over at Amanda. She really was quite lovely and had grown even more so during her stay. “This might be an awkward question, but are things going well with Jack?”

Blushing, Amanda said, “Oh, sure. Fantastic. It’s been a godsend to me, a way to get my needs met rather than rushing out and finding some variation on Mr. Stupid.” She quickly made Stephanie’s bed, shooing her off the edge. “He’s really rather inventive and just an excellent lover. You chose well.”

Satisfied, Stephanie nodded. “He’s always been wonderful in bed. His sex drive is off the charts, which is why I asked you to sleep with him while you were here. I must say, based on the sounds I hear every night, it’s been working out even better than I could have hoped. I would be so much more stressed listening to him masturbate in the bathroom every night.”

Smirking, Amanda asked, “Is that what he was doing?”

Stephanie giggled. “Oh yeah. He would think I couldn’t hear because I had headphones on, but he’s hardly subtle when he’s cumming, as you know.”

Since they were talking so frankly, Amanda decided to confide in her aunt. “I know he’s enjoying himself, but he’s troubled, too. I know it bothers him to be unfaithful to you, even though he seems to crave the sex. Trying to balance it all his head has been a process, but that doesn’t stop him from showing up every evening for another helping.”

Looking thoughtful, Stephanie ruminated on what Amanda had to say. “I can see where a man like Jack would have to turn things over in his mind. Nothing is every truly straightforward for him. In that way, he’s different from a lot of men who would just take what you’re offering without a thought.” Sighing she finished the last of her breakfast. “Do you think it would help if we all sat down and talked about it? So that he’s reassured?”

Nodding slowly, Amanda chewed her lip. “I think so. It would be helpful to know that we’re all on the same page. Jack is a thinker, it might help him to know that we’re all thinking the same things.” She stood, taking the tray. “I have to get going to class. Thanks, Stephanie.” She turned and left the room.

Later that day, Jack came home to find ankara escort bayan Amanda in the kitchen, as usual. He kissed her softly, then wiped at the smudge of dirt on her face. “I’ve been thinking about doing that all day, beautiful.” As the slow smile crept across her face, Jack kissed her nose, then dashed upstairs. He found Stephanie surfing the net, looking at nursery items. Boxes had been arriving several times a week. Jack had been assigned to decorate, which he found amusing. Fortunately, nothing had been as challenging as setting up the crib.

After his shower, Jack settled down on the bed next to his wife, rubbing her belly. They kissed slowly, enjoying some quiet time together. Jack felt his cock stir at the feeling of his wife’s body pressed against his own. He had this gorgeous nymph attending to his needs every evening, but that didn’t stop him from desiring his wife, no matter how swollen she became. The mother of his child was utterly beautiful to him and he craved her touch as much as anything.

He smiled at Amanda as she entered with their dinners. She had her long blond hair in a ponytail on top of her head that she had braided. The braid was like an arrow pointing at her pert ass. She was wearing a tank and some tattered denim shorts. Jack could easily make out her nipples through the thin material of her shirt. He took a good long look, then turned to see his wife watching him with a smirk on her face. Blushing, he stood to help Amanda with the tray. Once they were set down, he wrapped his arms around her from behind, kissing her shoulder. Feeling brave, he brought his hands up to cup her small tits. She leaned back against him a moment, enjoying the contact, then stepped away. To his surprise, instead of leaving, she sat down on the foot of the bed.

Immediately suspecting something was up, Jack looked at both of his women. “What did I do?” He grabbed one of Amanda’s rolls, smothering it in butter and popping it into his mouth.

Amanda looked pointedly at Stephanie, who reached out to touch her husband’s arm. “You didn’t do anything, babe. I just wanted for the three of us to talk about what’s been going on with you and Amanda. She confided in me that you’ve been troubled, and I wanted to see if I could understand what you’re going through, so I can help.”

Closing his eyes, Jack grimaced. “I love you, Stephanie. That’s all you need to know.” He leaned over to kiss her cheek. “You just be pregnant, I’m going to be fine. You’ve been so accommodating and sweet.”

Stephanie smiled. “Nonsense, Jack. If you are conflicted at all, the three of us need to talk about it. We’ve been good at keeping things compartmentalized, but there are times when it will be necessary for the three of us to communicate. It’s healthy.”

Jack threw up his hands. “I’m surrounded by women who are way smarter than me. No more education for your sex, I swear. It’s embarrassing.”

Amanda spoke up. “I think we need to establish a rule up front. This is a “no offense” zone. We’ll never been able to get through this honestly if one of us gets butt hurt about something.” As her aunt and uncle nodded, she was satisfied. She looked to Stephanie to continue.

After some thought, Stephanie spoke up. “I can tell by the noises from down the hall that the two of you are enjoying the sex. I want you both to know that while the first night gave me butterflies, it has not bothered me since. I know you are both enjoying each other, and it gives me this warm, bubbly feeling inside. I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m happy that you’re making each other happy.” She laughed. “A lot of people would tell me to get my head examined, that my husband is fucking this nubile 21-year-old every night while I’m heavy with his child, but it seems like the most natural thing in the world.” She looked to Jack. “So, can you tell me what is troubling you, my love?”

Jack had just taken a bite of his chicken. He chewed slowly, thinking. Swallowing, he said, “Amanda is an amazing lover, we’ve been having a great time together. There’s a connection there that is unique to her, just as the love you and I share is unique, Steph. I feel like I’m two different men, one who is Amanda’s lover and one who is your husband.” He paused. “I am having trouble reconciling how I can be so deeply in love with you and our unborn son, yet crave what she gives me at the same time. I am panicked at the thought of losing you, yet I find myself unable to stay away from her bed.”

Smiling slowly, Stephanie looked at her husband like he was a mental patient. “And why would you lose me, Jack? The baby and I are still here, we aren’t going anywhere. This was my idea, I have no objections to you being in Amanda’s bed.”

Closing his eyes for a minute, Jack gathered his courage. “Because, after the baby is born, and you’ve recovered, you and I are going to resume our sex life. I can’t wait for that,” he said, darting a nervous glance at Amanda, who waved her hand as if dismissing any offense. “But at the same time, I’m scared shitless at the thought of letting Amanda go.” He hung his head. “I’m such a selfish asshole. Now that I have you both, I don’t want to lose either of you.”

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