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Only Wednesday Night

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He was growling, I was screaming. Thank goodness we were alone at the family cabin for Thanksgiving.

From my earliest memories of the place, my brother Derrick and I had always shared the queen-size bed in the smaller of the two bedrooms whenever the family had come here for a short vacation. Ours was one of eighteen cabins surrounding a large lake, with a sizeable wooded area between each of the cabins to help provide some additional privacy. During the summer, nearly all of the cabins would be in use on any given weekend, and being only a forty-five-minute drive from the city, a few of the cabins were permanent residences. Thankfully, the cabins adjoining ours were empty during the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend: One had just been sold and the new owners had yet to arrive, and the other belonged to a family who we knew were visiting relatives in Minneapolis for Thanksgiving.

Our own parents were enjoying their twenty-fifth anniversary in Florida, meaning that my brother and I were on our own for Thanksgiving. “You’re both grown adults,” Mom had said, “so you two can figure out what to do for Thanksgiving and how to unwind from college for a few escort ataşehir days.”

Coming to the cabin for the holiday weekend was a no-brainer decision. The illicit relationship which had started between us nearly two years earlier and which had been kept hidden as best as possible on campus and at home could finally be unleashed. For once, Derrick and I were free to express our love for each other, and given the cold and icy winter weather, the chance that someone would be coming unannounced to the cabin was virtually nil.

We had counted on that.

On the same bed I had shared with my brother for nineteen years whenever the family had come to the cabin, I was naked, my legs in the air and hooked over Derrick’s shoulders as he stood beside the bed. Instinctively, I was pulling fiercely at the old bedspread as I screamed yet again. My body was being violently rocked as my brother kept plunging into me, stabbing me with his cock, his primal growls loud and possessive as his arms tightly seized my thighs and used the leverage to rut faster and harder into me.

I had no doubt that in the years before we were born, our parents had engaged kadıköy escort bayan in similar activities in the larger bedroom, their bedroom in the cabin. It was then all too fitting that, at least once during the holiday weekend, I was giving my body to my brother on the bed that he and I had shared at the cabin for all those years, that we were making sounds not uncommon in adult bedrooms, but still profane given our shared blood.

His growls increased in intensity as he erupted inside me, stilling his hips as his love was volleyed into my all-too-willing body. After three orgasms of my own, I was quite delighted to feel his cum filling me, and given the roughness of the sex, I was already feeling slightly sore from the battering I had joyfully and loudly endured.

Even after his orgasm had ended, my brother remained within me, his arms still hugging my legs tightly. No longer was I being jostled, no longer were the bedsprings protesting. I could still feel my heart being much faster than normal, and my eyes were still slightly unfocused from the adrenaline and lust surging through me.

With his head tipped back, his eyes clamped escort bostancı shut, and his mouth agape, I knew that Derrick was reveling in the final throes of pleasure wracking his body and causing him to twitch inside me. I squeezed his cock as tightly as I could, causing his breath to catch audibly. Only then did I finally release the bedspread, and only then did I realize that even my fingers seemed to ache a little, such was the ferocity of the pounding I had endured and the pleasure my brother had thrice inflicted upon me.

At last, Derrick released his grasp on my legs and looked down at me, amazement in his eyes. I felt the astonishment as well, for we had never previously been able to give in to the primal lust which we had each kept caged for nearly two years. The best we had previously been able to do was a terse fondle in a bedroom, a quickie in a dorm room, a fast blowjob in a darkened classroom, or a very cautious masturbation in a study room at the campus library.

He spread my legs, looking directly down to where we were joined. I looked as well, overjoyed to see his cock coated in our combined love as he finally withdrew from my body. Almost immediately, I was standing before him, seizing him, his seed slowly oozing from me.

And the best thought of all was that it was only Wednesday night. We had another four days and three nights together at the cabin before we had to return to campus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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