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Our New Neighbor Ch. 2

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Every evening Kitty and I would be at my computer observing the activities of our sexy neighbors. Don, Kim’s husband, had left two weeks earlier so it was Kim and her step-daughter Nicole, that were home alone. They seemed very close and we never heard a harsh word spoken by either of them.

Other than their normal daily chores, they seemed to be O.K. with Don’s absence. One time I heard Kim tell Nicole that she thought that Don would be gone for a long time, but that they would be all right. Another time I heard Nicole say that she thought that I was real cute, (CUTE?) Kim agreed with her and told her that she thought that my sister Kitty was an extremely good looking sexy woman and that we should plan an evening with them.

In the evenings, Kim and Nicole would sit down together and either watch t.v. or read a book after taking their shower or baths. Kitty and I enjoyed that part because both women loved to masturbate while bathing, I guess it was because of the privacy.. It was interesting in watching the different ways that each of them got off. Nicole would get in the shower and after soaping her body all over, would take the pulsating shower head that was on a flexible hose and start rinsing her body off, but she did it in a way that she would tease her cunt by putting the shower head between her legs, directing the pulsating water to her pussy, for just for a few seconds, then she would point it at her breasts.

She rotated from her breast to her hot pussy and then the rest of her body. Kitty and I would make a bet between us as to which one of us would guess when she would give her cunt the final blast that would get her off. When she finally got off, she would throw her head back and her body would quiver like a bowl of jello as her legs would bend. Kitty usually won the bet and I would have to service her in any manner that she was in the mood for. After I stopped making these bets that I would always lose, Kitty told me she could tell when Nicole was ready to cum because Nicole she would take her free hand, and with her fingers, spread her cunt lips wide so that her clit was fully exposed to get the full impact of the pulsating water spray.

Kim, unlike Nicole that would be in a hurry to reach an orgasm, likes to take a bath and luxuriate in the tub for a much longer period of time, she wasn’t rushing for a quick orgasm, but went at it slowly, teasing herself. However Kim had several orgasms over a period of time. She would lay back in the tub and as a rule would have a novel to read. If she was reading a novel, from her actions it was more than likely an erotic story. As she was reading her free hand would wander all over her body, one minute she would be stimulating her breasts by pinching and pulling on her nipples, and then her hand would go under the water and we could see her playing with her clit. Every few minutes she would let out a soft moan as she closed her eyes and her head would rest on the cushion behind her head. She would go through these convulsions at least six or seven times before rinsing herself off and getting out of the tub, always with a look of contentment.

On one occasion, Kim was just relaxing in the tub, but instead of a book she had a battery operated rubber dildo that stimulated her clit and had as well, a curve on the dildo to stimulate her G-Spot. She was really getting into it and looked like she was ready to have a powerful cum, when there was a knock on the door and then Nicole came in. Kim quickly put both hands down on her crotch to hide the dildo.

Kim looked frustrated as Nicole came into the room. She looked over at Nicole and asked what she needed, Nicole just knelt down next to the tub and told her that she just wanted to talk about different things.

“Nicole, honey, can it wait until I get finished with my bath?” You could almost sense the frustration in Kim’s voice. There was Kim, with a look of frustration as she smiled at her step-daughter. I guess from the look on Kim’s face, that the vibrator was still on. Kim just closed her eyes and let out a stifled moan, still with her hands over her crotch.

“Kim, are you O.K.?” Nicole asked as she heard the almost silent moan. Kim recuperating from her orgasm nodded her head indicating that she was. I could see that Nicole was looking at Kim’s breasts in an admiring way and then Nicole said to Kim, “you have beautiful breasts and I love the way your nipples stick out, do you think my breasts and nipples will ever look as nice as yours?”

I’m not sure if the fact that Nicole was kneeling right in front of Kim, that this added to Kim’s increase in arousal, but I could see and hear in Kin’s struggle to respond to Nicole’s bostancı escort bayan question, that she was starting to cum again. Kim quickly regained her composure and said to Nicole, “hon, your breasts are developing just fine and in another year, if not sooner, they will look better than mine. Also Nicole, you have grown into a very beautiful young lady.” I could see that Kim was anxious to get out of the tub before she had an over powering orgasm and would not be able to cover it up. Then Kim asked if Nicole would please leave and that she would be out in a minute.

Two things that kitty and I seem to agree on. We were almost certain that Nicole saw, at least part of, the dildo. From our view on the screen when I zoomed in, we were pretty sure that a small part was not covered by Kim’s hands. We also noticed that Nicole would glance down to Kim’s hands from time to time. The other thing that Kitty and I agreed upon was that Nicole had the hots for Kim.

A couple of things I did when I installed this equipment, I had zoom lens on all of my cameras so that I could get either wide angles or close ups on the subject , I also coated the lens in the bathrooms so that they wouldn’t get fogged up. My outside cameras were the low light type so that I could see anything even if it was dark and there was motion in an area that the outside lights would not be activated. My cameras would only record where there was motion, inside as well as outside.

This thing of kitty and I watching these two sexy women was getting to both of us, more to Kitty than to me. We both worked out of the house so it wasn’t as if we were neglecting our work. I had salesmen out getting jobs, I had crews that were out doing the installs, they just needed me on problem cases. Kitty did most of her work in her room on her lap-top, but more recently, in my office where the computer was. I don’t think that a day would go by when Kitty and I didn’t have sex at least two or three times. Being a female, lucky Kitty would be able to masturbate herself to a couple dozen cums in a day. Let’s face it, Kim and Nicole were not sexually active every day, but more often than not the scene was too hot for us not to get turned on.

Kitty told me that she couldn’t take it any longer and that she was ready to make a move on these woman. She said to me, “Bob, you’re a great lover and you eat me as well as any woman can, but those two sexy gals are getting to me and I have to have them. The touch and sex with a soft woman that feels everything that I do is just too tempting for me just to watch.”

“Sure sis, I’m as interested as you are in having sex with them. Shall we have them over for dinner and see what we can size up? Maybe we can go over with a nice bottle of wine or champagne some evening and start from there.” So we decided to take a bottle of champagne, that very night. Kitty said, “Bob, since we know that poor Kim is as horny as hell because Kim’s efforts to have a few good orgasms was interrupted by Nicole, so why don’t we go over now?” I knew Kitty was on fire, I could smell her sex. It was still early Friday eve. and when we saw both of them in the family room relaxing, Kitty got on the phone and asked Kim if it was O.K. for us to drop in just for a little visit. Kim hesitated as neither, Kim or Nicole were dressed but just had on light robes. We knew that they both slept in the nude, Nicole usually on her stomach with her hands between her legs. (I loved to watch as she rocked on her hands.) Kitty didn’t give Kim time to respond and told her that we were on our way.

When we arrived at the door, Nicole greeted us and invited us in. She told us that Kim would be but just a moment. When Kim came into the room, we noticed that she had touched up her make-up and she looked sexy as all hell, I couldn’t think why a guy like Don would leave this hot, sexy woman home alone for very long. However, she still looked like she needed more time in the tub to take care of her sexual needs.

“We feel awful about Bob and I not visiting you sooner,” Kitty said as soon as Kim entered the room. Kitty continued by saying, “Bob and I have been very busy and we kept saying that we have to come visit you, but we just decided tonight that this would be a good time. I hope that you didn’t have any plans?”

Kitty was wearing a simple skirt, but it was a mini length and Kitty never wore any panties. Her blouse was sheer and she had no bra on, so her nipples were quite visible. Kitty seduced her victims by casually exposing as much of her body by not looking like she was aware of it. Kitty had a body that would get anyone’s attention. Perky tits that stuck firmly ümraniye escort out with nipples that looked like they were always aroused, long shapely legs that went up to nice tight buns. Nicole and Kim were well aware of Kitty’s looks and body and were having a difficult time from not staring at her. I knew before the evening was over, Nicole and Kim would be getting a good look at Kitty’s hairless pussy, Kitty would make sure of that.

Kitty broke the ice after we had finished the intros and said, “Bob, why don’t you pour us all some champagne so that we can make a toast to our beautiful neighbors.” Then she turned to Kim and Nicole and said, “Bob tells me how much he has enjoyed working on your home while he was installing the security system.. He has told me more than once that you two were a couple of knock-outs, now I see what he meant, both of you are so beautiful.”

Nicole jumped up and told me that she would get the champagne glasses. When we got into the kitchen she looked at me and said with a big smile, “Do you really think that me and Kim are beautiful? I mean, did you just say that to your sister or did you really mean it.?” I told Nicole that I meant it. But I have to admit, I had a difficult time answering her because she only had on a short, light robe and when she got up on a stool to reach for the glasses from a high shelf in the cabinet, I could see right up to her bare ass. Then when she leaned down to hand me one glass at a time, I got a full view of her developing, young breasts. Damn, I was getting a hard-on.. Who is going to seduce whom??? I should have worn a jock strap. I’m quite certain that Nicole could see the bulge in my pants, but there was nothing I could do about it.

After I filled the glasses and we went back to join Kitty and Kim, I noticed that they were into some heavy conversation. I gave them the drinks and told them that I wanted to make a toast to Kim, Nicole. Their well being and that to the fact that Kitty and myself were there for any of their needs. (I should have said for their sexual needs.)

Kitty then looked at me and said, “Bob, I was just telling Kim that Don must be very trusting to leave two such beautiful and sexy young women home alone.” Both Kim and Nicole blushed slightly. Again, Kitty being Kitty said, ” Don must certainly be aware of the needs of young women, I mean, I would be crawling the walls if it wasn’t for you and my girlfriend.”

That got Kim and Nicole’s attention in a hurry. From the puzzled look on their faces I could tell that there was a lot of confusion as to exactly what Kitty was implying. “kitty was content with her brother and her girlfriend?” Did Kim and Nicole think to themselves that Kitty was fucking her brother as well as her girlfriend?

After clearing her throat and pausing for a moment, Kim said, “we consider ourselves very fortunate to have such nice and friendly neighbors as the two of you. Don told me before he left that I could trust and depend on both of you for any needs that we may have.” Kitty’s eyes lit up when she heard, “for any needs that we may have.”

Kitty started the conversation again and telling them that she thought that they had done a terrific job in decorating their home. As Kitty was talking, she turned towards Nicole and Kim, that were sitting on a couch opposite of her, and then started to cross and un-cross her legs. At this point, I was fully aware that Nicole and Kim were getting a flashing glimpse of Kitty’s bald cunt, Nicole was almost staring.

Kitty was moving her body in such a way, that I think even a blind person could get a look at her cunt. When I say a look at her cunt, I don’t mean one that’s closed like a clam, but one that is wide open, puffy and wet. My gaawd, I could smell her sex juices from where I was sitting, so I’m sure that Nicole and Kim could, just as well.

Kitty asked if she could take a tour of the house, (she has seen every inch of the house on our monitor.) Kim said that she would be happy to show her around, but mentioned that she wasn’t expecting anyone so for us to excuse any mess.

As we went into the hall, Kim led the way, followed by Kitty, then Nicole in front of me. As we were walking down the hall, Nicole abruptly stopped a couple of times and I bumped my rigid cock right into her ass. She pretended as if nothing had happened, but I knew she was fully aware of my cock being as hard as steel and if she did it anymore, I probably cum in my pants.

When we got into Kim’s bedroom where we had watched her and Don have some pretty wild sex, Kitty made the comment of how sexy that Kim had decorated the room. Then as Kim was about to lead us out back kartal escort into the hall, Kitty said to Kim, “oh Kim, I wanted to see what your bathroom is like and how you decorated it.” Kim’s face turned red and then responded by saying that she just got out of the tub and it was too messy for us to see.

Kitty never takes no for an answer and said, as she pushed her way into the bathroom, “don’t be silly Kim, from what I’ve seen of the rest of the house, I bet it’s beautiful.” Kim let out a few buts,but,but however, Kitty knew that Kim hadn’t put the dildo away when Kim dashed out of the bathroom, knowing that Nicole was waiting for her in Kim’s bedroom. As soon as Kitty was in the bathroom, her eyes immediately focused on the dildo, Kim immediately was aware that not only Kitty, but Nicole as well were looking at the dildo that Kim just a short time ago was using. Kim lowered her head and started crying in embarrassment. Kitty looked at me and motioned me with her eyes, for me to take Nicole and leave the room. Taking the hint, I told Nicole that I would like to go to their great room, where they have a pool table and shoot some pool. Nicole hesitated as her eyes were glued on to the dildo that evidently held a great deal of fascination to her, but I pulled her by the hand and we left.

Kitty was now alone with Kim in the bedroom. Kim was still sobbing and was telling Kitty how embarrassing it was for all of them to see the dildo. Kitty pulled Kim to her and told Kim, “Kim, let’s face it, if you didn’t masturbate I’d think that there was something wrong with you. I masturbate frequently, as well as Bob. We are all sexual creatures and this to us is no different that eating, drinking or going to the bathroom. I can imagine how difficult it is for you sexually since Don has left. Kim seemed to take comfort in Kitty’s arms.

All that happened in Kim’s room with Kitty was on my recorder. I kept watching in amazement as how my sister, Kitty, was able to manipulate the situation with Kim in a manner that would eventually lead to Kim’s submission.

Kitty lead Kim to her bed and without any resistance, Kim let Kitty lay her down on the bed. As Kim was lying down with her face a blank, just staring at the ceiling, Kitty picked up a manuscript that was on Kim’s nightstand. I saw Kitty skim through it and then held it up to show the camera that it was the story of “O”. I had read the story a long time ago and it was about a woman that was trained to be submissive.

Kim stopped weeping and softly said to Kitty, “I’m so very embarrassed about what all of you saw in my bathroom, I really don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to explain it to Nicole, what is she going to think of me??

Now it was Kitty’s turn, she gave Kim a pat on the hand and then ran her hand through Kim’s hair. “Kim, now you have to listen to me. Don told Bob and me to take care of both of you while he is away. First of all, don’t act like a child, we all masturbate one way or another. Now I’m going to talk to you in very blunt terms. I’m bi-sexual and I love sex. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and since then I masturbate frequently. Because of my strong need for sex, I also have sex with Bob, he’s a great lover and can satisfy some of my needs for sex. What he can’t satisfy, I satisfy myself. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

As Kitty was talking to Kim, I was in the great room at the pool table. Just thinking of what was taking place in the bedroom with Kitty and Kim, had my cock in a constant state of arousal. I told Nicole to rack up the balls so that we could play. She did as I asked and then told me that she really didn’t know how to play, I told her that I would teach her. After I showed her how and where the balls should be placed, I reached over and picked up a stick and gave it to her. “Nicole, I’m going to teach you how to aim the stick at the balls that you want to hit and then how to shoot.”

I took my cue stick and bent over the table and aimed it at the cue ball, then I looked at Nicole and said, “Nicole, now I want you to position yourself just as I did and I’ll stand aside to see if you’re doing it correctly.” She did as I asked and she bent over the table with her cue stick and pointed it at the cue ball. As she bent over, her short robe rode up her back and exposed all of her sexy, tight naked ass. I’m not sure if she was aware of it or not but it was making my cock throb. Then I said to her, Nicole, stay just as you are and I’ll get in back of you and will guide your stick as you get ready to hit the cue ball.” I got behind her and grabbed her hand that was going to hit the cue ball.

To be continued. Please let me know if you like it so far. I love getting comments, good or bad, in either case let me know what you like about it or dislike about my story, and finally, I want to thank all of you that have written me. If you want a response, please tell me, I love communicating with my readers.

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