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Our Secret Ch. 03

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The chain reaction continues! Another mousetrap is sprung, flinging more ping pong balls into the air.

Each chapter is standalone. Each chapter adds to the tale of the Misty Valley Cooperative.

Chapter 3 – The Journey

Mom was the anchor that provided my father with the home life that allowed him to pursue aggressively his passion for IT. She maintained home and hearth while he immersed himself in his career. When I came along, she became full time mother and part time father. She never questioned these roles. She saw them as her duty.

Her family defined her life. Traditional roles defined these pre feminist decades. She saw her role as wife and mother as the summit of her existence.

As I moved from childhood dependency to teenage rebellion and ultimately to early manhood, a void developed in her life. She began to fill that void with the occasional glass of wine. The occasional glass became daily glasses of wine.

I have heard that alcohol loosens inhibitions and gives permission for behavior that one might otherwise find objectionable. It also provides the excuse for that behavior. If that is true then mom was always harboring a repressed sexuality. That raises the old chicken and egg paradox. Did she drink because of her latent sexual desires or did her latent sexuality cause her to drink.

It was in my late teens when mom became more touchy feely with me. The overly affectionate hugs, the clasping of my head to her bosom were signs that she needed to feel close to someone, to hold and to be held. To an 18 year old with hormones exploding through my body, it was like pouring gasoline on a raging fire. The normal youthful male obsession with his mom as the female ideal became an obsession with her as a sex object. I began to lust after my mother.

For her part, she never saw her overly affectionate treatment of me as an entrée to sex. She was lonely, needy, trying to hold on to last meaningful thing in her life, her son. The more I spread my wings and flew farther from the nest, with friends and girlfriends, the more sexual her behavior became.

It began more than twenty years ago. It was the decade of the 70’s. We had Watergate, the Nixon resignation and the Fall of Saigon and I started a lifelong affair with my mother.

Looking at me back then, nobody would have believed it. I was a skinny, snotty nose kid, barely eighteen and just out of high school. I had a circle of friends. We did the things all kids did. We hung out, rode our bikes and, when we got lucky, sneak a few beers.

It was shortly after I graduated from high school in 1979 that I experienced a disturbing instance of mom’s tendency to be overly affectionate when she had been drinking. It was the night after my prom. Dad was out of town and had left me the car. My buds and I scored a few beers and went to the lake to contemplate life and drink.

I arrived back home about 9, more high than any 18 year old driver should be. Luck was on my side. I encountered no police or any immovable objects. I tottered to my bed and collapsed.

Mom went to dinner with the women from the homeowners association. That usually meant a late night for her. I vaguely recall hearing the titter of female voices, followed by a car door closing. My next recollection was the smell of gin and a warm body next to me. I struggled out of my beer-induced coma to find my mom lying next to me. She was snuggled up spoon fashion, her large ass pressed against my crotch.

There was a certain amount of role reversal in this. When I was younger, thunder and lightning terrified me. My cries would bring mom to my room. She would crawl in bed with me and let me snuggle to her warm pliant body. In this refuge, I would drift off to sleep.

Lately, when mom was drinking, she would come in my room and get in bed with me. I recall my mixed feelings about the practice. On one hand, there was the guilt when the closeness of my mother caused a painful erection. On the other, there was the intimate closeness I felt. I would snuggle and let my cock settle between the cheeks of her panty-clad ass.

Usually dad would realize where she was and come get her. I recall his disapproving looks when he woke her up and took her to their room. Occasionally I caught scraps of arguments. The conversations contain words like “inappropriate”, “suggestive”, and “sick”.

That time she was dressed, as usual, in panties and bra. She rarely wore a nightgown when she drank. I sat up and shook her. She mumbled something incoherent. I glanced down into the valley of her cleavage. Her breasts heaved slowly as she slept in her drunken stupor.

I had two choices: I could leave her in my bed and sleep in their room or I could wake her and take her to their room.

I chose the latter. Yes, I knew the better option was for me to go down the hall to their bedroom.

As I stood next to her, I could see the dark mass of her neatly trimmed bush through the sheer white panties. Her large pink bostancı escort bayan nipples and dark areola were clearly visible through her matching bra. My cock tented in my boxers as I stood over her.

I was familiar with my mom’s body. I had checked the laundry hamper many times. I would steal her fragrant panties and jack off in them. Because of those clandestine forages of her hamper, I knew mom’s bra size was 36D.

A sheen of sweat covered her body, causing the thin material to be even more transparent. My eyes trailed down from her nipples to the pooch of her abdomen. I continued gazing down to her panties. They had pulled into the crevice of her labia. The lips of her pussy were exposed. The exposed gusset of her panties were wet.

I shook myself out of my lecherous viewing of my drunken mom. I leaned forward. I wrapped her arms around my neck, placed my arms around her waist, and stood, raising her to her feet. Like a rag doll, she slumped over my shoulder. I shifted my arms to support her weight; my hands ended up wrapped around her ample ass.

Here I was at 18 with my semi-conscious mother slumped against my body. The object of my masturbatory fantasies lay helpless in my arms. Sweat covered both of our bodies. My rigid cock poked out of my shorts. It smeared pre cum over her belly. For a moment, I stood transfixed, looking at the glistening wetness.

I let my hands traced the pear shaped mounds of her behind down to her thighs. Mom moaned and pressed her crotch into me. Reflexively I squeezed her ass. Mom moaned and her arms tightened around my neck. I let my hand slide up the soft pliant mound of her ass to her waist. I caressed her ass again as I ran my hands over her. Mom’s thighs pressed harder into me; her hips gyrated slowly. Her breath was hot on my neck.

I pushed her away. I looked down and saw the wetness of my pre cum coating her abdomen. I shook myself to regain control. I noticed a strong pungent aroma that mixed with the smell of sweat. My head spun with lust. At 18, I was unaware that a woman’s arousal scent was designed to cause the mating lust in a man. Mom was in heat! I was the male her primal need was trying to entice.

I turned so that mom was next to me. I wrapped one arm around my neck. I circled her waist with my other arm. As I walked her the short distance to their bedroom, she mumbled:

“I’m going to be sick!”

I quickly shifted behind her. I locked my arms under her breasts and pushed her toward the bathroom. In this awkward position, my cock poked her in the ass, smearing my youthful pre cum in her crack. As I pushed her toward the toilet, she fell to her knees, pulling me with her. I found myself on my knees with my johnson poised at her ass. I could see the glistening wetness of my pre cum on her butt. I leaned forward and pressed my cock against mom’s anus.

Mom grunted and pushed back. I watched in fascination and lust as the head of my dick began to disappear into my mother’s ass. That is when she began puking. Most of it went into the toilet but she did soil her bra and panties.

I left her worshipping at the porcelain throne while I wet a towel. When I turned around, she was slumped against the wall next to the toilet. Her chin lay on her chest; her mouth gaped with drool dribbling down one corner. Her arms lay loosely, palms up at her side. Her legs were splayed open, the insubstantial material of her panties pressed tightly between her labia. Streaks of gray peppered her thatch. The gusset of her panties were soaked and glistening with its wetness.

The acrid smell of vomit assaulted my nose as I wiped her face and upper chest. I paused to consider my next move. She needed to get out of these vomit stained clothes.

“Mom…mom…wake up!”

Her reply was incoherent gibberish. I realized that I would have to undress her! Looking back, it was a crucial turning point. She was no longer just my mother, but a naked vulnerable woman. I made the mental shift to dominant male and protector.

I reached behind her and undid her bra. Her sizeable breasts tumbled out. Her nipples were rigid. They looked like hard pink erasers poking out from the soft mounds of her breasts. I could see the red creases on her shoulders where her bra straps struggled to contain their prize. I tossed it in the sink for later rinsing.

I reached behind her, hooked my fingers in the back of her panties. My eyes were glued to her crotch as I slid them down over her full hips, and well-shaped legs.

For the first time, I saw my mother’s bare pussy. It was damp, her labia tightly closed with a puffy slit down the middle. An image of me emerging squalling through those succulent lips filled my mind. I resisted the over powering urge to lean forward and kiss those moist inviting lips.

Involuntarily, my hand reached for the gleaming wetness of my mother’s pussy. She groaned loudly as I ran one finger down the dripping crevice of her labia. I let my finger run back up, ümraniye escort lightly touching the turgid pinkness of her engorged clit. She jerked as though a bolt of lightning had struck her. Her legs trembled and shook. A whitish liquid oozed from her pussy and coated my fingers.

I had just made my mother have an orgasm! Her juices coated my hand. I held my hand up and watched the liquid slide down my fingers. It pooled briefly in the junction of my fingers. My vision blurred as I brought my cum covered hand to my mouth and licked it clean of my mom’s juice. The sound of my blood rushing through my veins thundered in my ears.

I dropped to all fours. My breath was coming in short gasps. My heart was trying pound its way out of my chest. Barely two feet away, the source of this intoxicating nectar, lay shiny wet and dripping.

I rocked back on my haunches. What in the fuck was happening to me!? This was my mother! An overwhelming lust, tinged with disgust shot through me.

Mom was a full figured woman but not fat. Today they would call her curvy. Her thighs were large but firm. Her breasts sagged generously on her chest.

My mother lay naked, snoring loudly. I began toweling off her body. I lingered over her breasts. I will never know where the courage came from, but I tweaked one nipple, then the other. Mom moaned. She tried to raise her head but it just slumped to the other side.

I held each breast in my hands. I was surprised at their weight, the softness of the pliant flesh. As I washed off sweat and traces of vomit, I lingered over her nipples. Mom’s hips thrust up as I pinched each one. Her mouth formed a moue, her lips pantomiming sucking. When they were clean, I sucked each nipple. I nibbled lightly at each one. Again, mom moaned. Both of her hands found their way to her crotch and she humped them.

I was drenched in sweat. My heart pounded in my chest, hammering out the rhythm of my arousal. I could hear my blood rushing in my ears.

I stood, turned on the water in the face bowl and rinsed the cloth. I washed down her belly and over her sex. I rewet the towel and washed between her thighs. Mom moaned loudly. Her hips attempted to move up and press against the towel. I pressed the towel hard between her legs and watched my drunken mother hump the towel. Her ass rose and fell rhythmically, her mouth lolling open. Both of her hands covered mine, holding the towel tightly against her pussy.

“I’m sorry Justin, she moaned!” She thought I was dad.

“It’s ok, mom, I’ll take care of you.”

In the tight confines of the bathroom, the aroma of mom’s arousal replaced the stench of vomit. Mom’s ass rose and fell rhythmically from the cold tile of the bathroom floor. Her breathing became harsh. She began to moan. A low guttural scream came from her mouth as she pressed hard into the towel. Again, I sat back on my haunches. I had just helped my mother cum. As I removed the towel, I watched a shiny wetness cover my mother’s labia.

I looked down and found my hand was slowly stroking my rigid eight inches as I watched mom slide two fingers into her pussy. My cock leaked pre-cum all over my hand. Again, her hips began a slow rhyme as they rose to meet her thrusting fingers. Her eyes opened. Drunkenly she licked her lips as she watched me stroke. Her free arm rose, the hand flopping loosely. I stepped closer. Her hand brushed my rigid sex then she slumped and passed out again.

I bent over, placed my arms under hers, and lifted her to her feet. I rotated behind her and locked my arms under her breasts. I duck walked her to her bed, my cock poking at her ass and smearing pre cum all over it. I dumped her face down in her bed. Her sibilant snoring announced she was out.

I knelt between mom’s legs and beheld the pink fullness of her ass. With my eyes, I traced the line between her ass cheeks to where her clamshell pussy began. I leaned forward and caressed the soft cheeks, gently separating them. The starfish of her anus seemed to wink at me. I found myself bending over and kissing the magnificence of her ass. I let my tongue trace the same line down her ass cheeks that my eyes had surveyed.

Mom moaned and raised her hips in the air when I kissed her starfish. I forced my tongue into the tightness of her anus. The musty/sweet smell of her arousal was a narcotic. I was out of body and felt I was surely losing my mind. I was tongue fucking my mom’s ass!

I was going to cum! I could feel the itch at the base of my balls the rocketed up through my balls. It surged up the large vein under my cock. Panicked, I tried to sit up. All I succeeded in doing was raising my cock to the level of mom’s ass. I spewed my seed all over her magnificent ass. It covered the pinkness of her ass in the white gooey mess of my seed.

I cursed myself for the fool that I was as I observed, with a mixture of disgust and lust; my seed ooze down the cleft of my mother’s ass and onto muffin of her swollen labia. Obscenely, it streamed kartal escort in a small rill over her Mons.

I walked the few steps to the bathroom. I rinsed and rewet the washcloth. When I returned, my drying cum was smeared over her ass. As I tried to unravel this mystery, I saw mom’s hand in her mouth. She reached back behind her, smeared more of my seed on her hand and returned it to her mouth. She sucked her fingers greedily. A mask of drunken lust covered her face.

My cock was still rigidly hard. I knelt between her legs and leaned down. I could see the whiteness of my juices sliding over the wetness of mom’s pussy. Before I realized it, I was laying between her thighs, licking hungrily at our juices.

Her moaning grew louder as I traced the line to her pussy with my tongue. It gleamed wetly at me and exuded an intoxicating aroma. Almost impossibly, my cock grew harder. My vision blurred with lust as her pheromones filled the air and my nose. Her ass pumped rhythmically up and down.

Mom’s hands appearing between her legs interrupted my enjoyment of this sweet nectar. From my vantage point, inches from her sex, I watched first one then two, and then finally three fingers enter her steaming fuck hole. She frantically humped her fingers, the squishy sound of her arousal combined with her arousal aroma to fill the air with a miasma of sex.

Her moaning became a guttural growl. My hand found my cock. I was on my knees, my head between my mother’s legs watching her fingers invade her juicy pussy, and I pounded away on my throbbing sex. We came together, me spewing my seed on her glistening wet fingers buried in her pussy, Her growling loudly, pounding her hips into the mattress.

I staggered back to my room, filled with shame and lust.


She and I have discussed that long ago night. She admits now that she was dimly aware it was not dad. Even now, she will not admit that she let her son feel her up. Nevertheless, one of our favorite foreplay is for me to lie between her legs and watch her masturbate.


Then one night over dinner, dad dropped a bombshell

“I have been offered a position with a company in Scotts Valley, California.”

The tremor in his voice betrayed his excitement. Someone had seen his paper on database technology and offered him a well-paying job. He had strived his entire career for this type of opportunity. To this day, I know he has no idea of the impact of the events he put in place.

Even my mom, who was loyal to a fault, expressed her misgivings about such a move.

“Justin, I am happy for you but I don’t know about making such a move!”

“Helen, it means twice the money I am making now.”

“But all of our friends are here. I have my clubs, the church….”

Her voice trailed off. Her chest heaved disturbingly. Mom was not a strong woman. I knew that dad would prevail.


From dinner that night, the pace was dizzying. The movers came and packed our furniture. The moving van was due the next day to load the furniture and our car.

Dad had decided to drive our Dodge cabover. This would be challenging because mom did not drive. Moreover, even if she did, her incipient drinking problem was an issue. Dad and I would share the driving for our entire trip.

The company in Scotts Valley arranged for a house. They had a compound where their executives lived. The house was part of the benefits package. They wanted dad there as quickly as possible.

I learned later that the sheer speed of events were deeply disturbing to my mother. Emotionally she was a delicate flower, ripped from its nurturing soil. She would struggle to put down new roots.

When we finished loading the RV the only empty space was the master bedroom in the rear and the convertible couch in the kitchen area. The plan was to take three days for the trip, spending the night at campgrounds.

Boxes of clothes, China, and furniture filled the entire first floor of our house. The movers would be in early to load their van. They had left out my parent’s queen size mattress for them to sleep on that night. I had my sleeping bag on the floor of my bedroom.

The house was dark, lit only by the light of the quarter moon streaming weakly through the windows. The house felt unusually cold because of its emptiness. It and we were in transition.

I had spent my last night out with some friends. When I got home, I was surprised to see my mom asleep on the mattress. The homeowners’ association farewell barbeque/dance was supposed to go to midnight. It was barely nine. She lay on her abdomen, one leg slightly bent at the knee toward the other leg and that leg splayed to the side. She was clad in her usual panties and bra. Their satiny fabric seemed to glow in the dim moonlight. Despite the coolness of the night, she had kicked the cover off her.

I felt a stirring in my shorts as I beheld her lush figure. A scant two weeks prior, I had stripped her naked. The image of my tongue fucking her ass and licking my cum from her pussy flashed through my mind.

Her panties had ridden up exposing one pink cheek. Her head lay cradled in her crossed arms. Under one arm a breast formed a sizeable mound. The faint burr of her snoring wafted out to me.

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