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Perfect Union

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He had arrived and taken the room first, then phoned her the room number. She knocked a short while later and he opened the door.

The room was darkened by drawn curtains, lit softly with candles, and smelled of incense. She was only a silhouette against the bright daylight outside, but when he closed the door behind her, she grew brighter in a thin summer frock that delicately revealed the curve of her hip, and low cut to insure that the top of her ample breast would be plainly revealed. The delicate material of the dress perfectly suited both the warmth of the day and the roiling heat inside them both. She wore no bra and, he was sure, no panties to further hide the passion underneath such a narrow boundary that separated him from her.

For his part, he had no under ware on either, and the skimpy hospital tie-belt scrub pants he wore were entirely inadequate to contain the thrust of his erection so obviously there for her. Without word, he took her hand and led her the few steps across the cheap motel room to the edge of the small bed already turned down for the occasion of their tryst.

He had imagined this moment many times before, their first physical liaison since meeting briefly so many months before. They were two married people among a mixed group who mostly didn’t know one another, at least not well. It was only at the end of that short and very public socializing that they discovered the passions that lay inside one another’s heads, and that these passions extended, from each to the other. During this few days they had rarely touched other than in informal gesture, or brief hug. But they knew, viscerally, that each was the spark for the other.

Both she and he had, many times, brought themselves to the pinnacle of autoeroticism thanks to a titillating correspondence. There was no doubt in either of their minds what they were here to do in this place, deliberately chosen to be far from the haunts of either of their social circles, an otherwise sleazy motel room. Each imagined what this delicious first meeting would be like. Whatever the differences between those fantasies and what actually happened, they performed like two dancers destined to be among the world’s greatest partnerships. Neither said a word…

Each drank in deeply the other unashamedly with their eyes. Her eyes widened as they crossed the bulge in his pants while the unabashed lust in his eyes for her caused a tingling in her groin. Her knees buckled slightly. Their chemistry meshed perfectly. He grabbed her tenderly but firmly by the shoulders, lifting her just a little, and drew her to him.

He bent his face while she turned hers upward and their lips met. Their mouths opened and their tongues began to dance with one another, gently at first then, as their arms drew one another into the tightest of embraces, more and more forcibly, each giving everything they could eryaman escort of their mouths to the other.

His kiss said “this is how I wanted so to kiss you when we last parted. It has been too long. Your smell is so arousing; your body feels wonderful against me. I am boiling over with lust for you. I am here to satisfy your every carnal demand. I beg you, command me!” Her kiss said.

“You can have what you want. I am yours darling and I will not deny you anything. Your scent inflames my passions; the heart in your bare chest beats against my breast likewise yours for the asking. I know that you will always give me what I need, and so I do not hesitate to give what-so-ever you should want of me, you have only to command me!”

They broke apart. Both stood staring at the other as their hands moved to undress themselves. He had only to pull a drawstring letting fall the pants constraining the engorged organ he craved to bury in her, and she to have. For her part, it only took a few simple buttons and her simple dress fell around her delicate ankles revealing all of her to his gaze for the first time ever. Her body glowed radiantly in the candlelight that suffused the room.

They stared openly at one another, both allowing their own insecurities about themselves (they were not, after all, perfect specimens, but ordinary people) to fade into the background against the recognition that each of them was arousing the other even further. Her scent grew deeper for him, his erection noticeably more intense to her. After a few seconds that seemed much longer, they stepped up to one another, their hands, lip, and tongues quickly beginning a through exploration of one another’s bodies.

Playfully they ducked, bent and wove in and out of one another’s light touch as they sought to bestow on every inch of one another some kiss or touch. Quickly they lost their balance and fell so conveniently onto the waiting bed, as their explorations became more urgent and each allowed the other briefly to pause and explore a particularly erotic spot, an occasional kiss becoming just the smallest bite. The room had been kept deliberately warm. A thin sweat covered them both, lubricating their motions against one another. Each shivered a little with the sensations.

Presently he knew one of them would have to dominate, and of all his promises, this he would keep, making sure she experienced the first climax of their union at his tongue. She felt his change, his demand that she submit to him. She was wondering herself when it would happen and was preparing to push him forcefully down onto his back and impale her self upon him so urgent her desire to have him and give herself! He held her first though, the weight of his body on top of hers, his sweaty scent dancing in her head. He forced her to slow her breath just a little and look him in the eye. For a brief moment, she wondered sincan escort what he would actually do. Would he give her to tongue job he so often promised, or enter her passion with his throbbing staff. She couldn’t decide which she wanted more, and the prospect of either caused her legs to reflexively open and let him have his way.

He slid slowly down her sweat sweet body leaving a trail of saliva down her neck, around each nipple in turn, then her belly, finally ending in the mossy mound so delicately covering her coral crevice. As he teased his way up, down, and around her quivering lips his fingers danced on her thighs and around her sumptuous buttocks. Her womanly perfume made him giddy and he immersed himself deeper and deeper into it as his tongue separated her lips, stretched to their utmost as it stroked the sides of her cave, and arrived, eventually, to find its way to her outstanding clitoris pulsing for attention the lone sentinel at the head of love’s canyon.

She adored him more than ever. He was giving her what she most craved, boundless lascivious attention he obviously enjoyed focused utterly, for the moment, on her wet and oh so sensitive succulent pussy. His tongue’s rhythmic pulling at her clitoris was controlling her now. Her legs were thrust wide apart and held high in the air to expose it as much as was possible, he enhancing the effect by opening her channel with one of his fingers now soaked with her juices. Her hips heaved involuntarily towards his mouth it seemed with every stroke. He took his clue from this and used her thrusts to strengthen his pressure on her swollen clit.

Her orgasm built quickly after that and she cried out “Oh God I’m co… co… OH! OH! She stiffened under him and froze for a moment, then convulsed like a violent shiver that kept growing from muscle to muscle, nerve to nerve as she cried out. Her release washed over her in convulsive waves as her hips collapsed back on the bed, her own juices grown so copious that they covered her thighs and his face. He sucked it down like custard, and finished her off with another grand tongue tour of the dewy slit that lay under the beautiful curly moss of hair that was the center of her so exquisite pleasure. She groaned and convulsed again, wanting him to stop and have her.

He stopped then with her final convulsions and looked at her. She lay with legs dropped, but spread wide, arms splayed out over her head, her eyes opened but unfocused upwards, trying to catch her breath. He had imagined this moment numerous times, but never had his fantasy given way to such physical lust. He wanted to fuck her for his own pleasure more than he had ever wanted a woman like this before. At just that moment, she widened her hips for him even more than seemed possible before. It enflamed even further with lust for her as her eyes lost their unfocused appearance batıkent escort and held his in supplication. He grabbed his own rod and kneeling between her outstretched legs, placed it at the entrance to her sweetly yearning grotto.

As her body collapsed from the orgasm she actually wondered for a moment what would he do? She wanted to be fucked. Hard. More than she ever remembered wanting it before. Her legs spread at the thought of it and her eyes came to focus on his as he knelt there between her limbs. Yes! She knew in that moment that he would fuck her. The head of his ram was already at her gate. She willed it wider still as he crushed himself down upon her, his penetration causing waves of pleasurable convulsions along her every sensual nerve path. She met his downward thrust with an equally forceful upward one. He lay there now with his full weight upon her. Oh how good his cannon felt inside her. She adored him! His pressure on her mound swelled her clitoris again, and she suddenly realized that his savage ravishing would soon bring her to new heights of carnal pleasure.

She was hot, so hot and fluid on his probing lance. The wetness and the sucking sensation were heavenly to him. He began to grind his pubic bone into hers, their hairs tangled wetly one another as he began rhythmically to pull out of her and ram himself back in to the very hilt, his testicles brushing her ass with every thrust. He pictured doing this so slowly at first, making their initial intercourse last a long time, but he and she both knew that was not to be now. He was wild with passion, and he crushed groin against groin as he savagely penetrated her. Her legs alternately splayed wide and then surrounded and gripped him, pulling him tightly to her heaving hips. Their eyes stayed locked for a time, and then both lost their focus as they concentrated each on their coming. Oh how good her cunt felt to him. He adored her!

Moments later they achieved what most only dream of. “Oh…” they simultaneously vocalized one another’s name, and smiled, for their passion was not humorless after all. They both erupted. Orgasmic waves convulsed her. Her grotto contracted rhythmically. They groaned in unison. He poured himself into her. The contractions in the wet warm walls that held him began to milk from him the most powerful orgasm he had ever felt. His stream reached far up into her belly, she felt its extra warmth. It went on and on for what seemed like ages of erotic time.

When it was finished he collapsed on top of her. Pulling himself up on his elbows and still inside her, they gazed into one another’s eyes. “Hello” she said, verbally greeting him for the first time that afternoon.

“Sorry about that” he returned with a smile. “Something possessed me. I had to do it that way.”

“You were wonderful! I loved it.” Her words caused a small stirring of his genitals. He knew she wouldn’t let him be finished so quickly. There was a lot of afternoon left. She felt him stir deep inside her still clinging vagina and knew that he would not leave her with merely two, albeit marvelous, orgasms so early in this afternoon.

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