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Philip Becomes a Man

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Our neighbour must have just arrived home from work, looking dressed up in her black saree and brown blouse. Philip was told that Rekha was over forty, but it was hard to believe. She was so slender and well shaped. And she has grandchildren! Everything about her, her walk, her movements, her hairstyle, exuded sex appeal. Alone in his house in the dark, peeking through the window, Phillip started rubbing his teen-aged dick through his Pants. When Rekha entered her house, he kept watching and rubbing his hard long dick.

Days after Rekha called Philip on phone and said that her bathroom sink was clogged and could I come over and fix it. When I got there she answered the door in her saree well dressed showing her deep naval and her sexy cleavage my mouth watered seeing her and my cock saluted her body with full attention.

Philip got some tools and started to take the tap apart. He was lying on back to get to it and she was standing by watching me. She had to know, that by standing the way she was, she was giving me the best view I’ve ever had. It was hard to concentrate and my cock was hard. The way it filled my crotch area she had to notice. The job took longer than it should of and when I was through my cock needed relief. Philip finished the work ataşehir escort and when he was about to go out of the bath room Rekha was standing by the door way she did not move he nudged closer to Rekha his swollen member pressing against the back of her saree covered ass. Philip stood there still not able to move she responded back with a little amount of pressure to his crotch. She thanked Philip and invited him to have a coffee after that she came near Philip Her left hand was circling around his chest She came a little closer. Her face was separated only inches. Philip heart was hammering fast. He could smell her breath on his face. Then she did something I’d never allowed her to do. Her hand grabbed his crotch. She was squeezing the developing erection in her hand. Her mumbling something under her breath. I could feel her large breasts on my stomach. She was moving all around my crotch, making my erection harder. Making my penis grow to full size. Her lips touched his neck, and then he felt her kissing my chin. There lips met slowly. She didn’t kiss me with any passion. Just an innocent kiss on the lips while she rubbed my cock through my jeans.

She opened her mouth and slid her tongue out, and Phillip entwined his tongue around hers. kadıköy escort bayan Rekha pulled Phillip so close to her that he could feel his erect cock press into her groin. She slid her hands up and down his back and shoulders, and Phillip mimicked her moves, feeling her above the saree I removed her saree and she was in her blouse and petticoat. When Rekha’s hands gently lowered over Phillip’s butt, Phillip put his hands over her petticoat and untied it exposing her brown panties he undid that which exposed her bare ass, and gently squeezed. Rekha was breathing slowly and loudly.

Phillip moved his right hand up her waist, then to her chest, and massaged her naked breast. He gently squeezed it, and rolled her hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Rekha moaned as the teen kissed her and played with both of her breasts. She rubbed her crotch against his protruding erection.

Rekha released her grasp of Phillip. Smiling, she reached down and grabbed the hem of his t-shirt, and pulled it up. Phillip helped her pull it over his head and drop it. Rekha reached down and unsnapped and unzipped his pants. She tugged his pants and underwear together, until they fell to the ground. She stood up again, wrapped her right hand escort maltepe gently around Phillip’s hard, perpendicular cock, and slowly stroked it. Phillip reached down, and slowly rubbed Rekha’s pussy mound over her forest of pubic hair.

Rekha slowly dropped to her knees, and gently put her mouth over Phillip’s dick head. Phillip looked down to see Rekha’s mouth stretched wide over his cock. She slowly took his shaft into her mouth and sucked his engorged member. Rekha put her left hand on Phillip’s bare butt, and gently massaged his balls with her right hand.

Rekha sucked faster and faster. With almost no warning, Phillip felt himself Cumming. He blurted a quick “I’m Cumming,” to Rekha, and then squirted a full load of cum into her mouth.but he kept on humping rapidly while she thrust up to meet him. She clamped her thighs tightly around him, and threw him from side to side. With one long wail, she completed her orgasm, and relaxed.

Now Phillip was close to Cumming, and he continued pounding rapidly as the bed squeaked. He shot a load of cum into the age-old pussy, and lay silently on top of her. They two lay in bed next to each other, relaxing and kissing a little. Phillip felt like the most virile man in the world.

The smiling Rekha sat up, “That was wonderful. Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh yea, it was fantastic,” exclaimed Phillip.

“If we’re discreet, I hope we can do this again sometime,” said Rekha.

“That would be great.”

With that Phillip got dressed, kissed her goodbye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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