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Photo Assignment

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As part of my art degree course I had to complete a portfolio of photographs which followed a theme. I had spent so long thinking about it that I was running out of time. The other day I came across some pictures by Frank Wallis on the Net. They were of nude and semi-nude women taken on the streets of New York. Most if not all were in public places. It was after seeing them that I decided that I wanted to try something similar. Unfortunately none of the models from college were interested. It was the end of the spring term by then so I went home for Easter.

Over the break I told my elder sister Amy about my problem. She liked Wallis’s photos as much as I did and told me she would ask her friends if they were interested. She went out on a girl’s night out that night so I was hopeful that she would talk some one into posing. I waited up ’till one for her to get home.

Amy came in and slumped down beside me on the couch.

‘Sorry Paul. I asked all my friends and even a few of their friends but no one was even a little bit interested. Sorry, I did try honest.’

I was shattered by the news her friends had been just about my last hope of finding a model.

‘I wonder if mom would lend me the money to hire some one?’ I was thinking out loud but in my heart I knew an agency model wouldn’t look right.

‘I’m sure something will turn up.’ Amy said as she went off to bed.

I sat alone on the couch and decided I would just have to find a different subject for my assignment. I was eating breakfast with mom the next morning when Amy came down, straight away she asked if I’d thought of advertising for a model in the paper. Mom asked why I needed a model and Amy came right out and told her and about Wallis and his pictures. I could have died, as we never mention anything like that at home.

To my surprise our mother was more than casually interested in what I was up to. She asked Amy to show her the pictures she had downloaded from the net. When she came back she asked me all sorts of questions about where I was going to take the pictures and what poses I would use. She more or less insisted that I show her my results. Which surprised me a lot as I had always considered her somewhat of a prude where sex and stuff like that was concerned.

Anyway they both agreed that it might be worth advertising in the local paper. Something like, ‘Amateur photographer seeks amateur model.’ While we were discussing that, mom asked if I had considered using an older woman, which I hadn’t. She had a wide circle of friends and could ask around. I had nothing to loose so I asked her to try. She also rang in the add which went in that evenings paper.

I waited in that evening convinced that some one would call. But after three days I had to admit that no one would. Amy took me out for a drink that night. We walked to the pub and by ten we were both ‘fairly merry.’ We were winding our way slowly home when we had to sit on a bench to rest. I started moaning about how I couldn’t get a model. Mom had struck out by then as well. I told her I couldn’t think of another subject and I would surly fail my course. Amy in her drunken state sympathized with me and told me if she had the nerve she would help me out. It took several minutes for this to filter through to my sozzled brain but when it did the answer was clear as crystal. I told her that if she remembered in most of Wallis’s shots the model’s head was covered with her dress or she had her face turned away from the camera.

Amy listened to me explain this and started giggling to herself.

‘You want to photograph me?’

‘Why not. You’ve got a great little figure. Your tits could be bigger but you can’t have everything.’ She punched my arm in mock shock at what I said but didn’t say anything at first.

‘Do you mean that?’


‘That I look good enough to be a model?’

‘Amy.’ I said in a slurred way. ‘You are easily as attractive as any model I’ve painted at college. Honest.’

We continued on our way home. Neither of us saying much. Once we were home I went straight to bed. Amy stopped by my door on the way to hers,

‘Does it really mean that much to you, the photo’s I mean?’

‘Yeah.’ I grunted ‘I just can’t think of anything else I fancy doing.’

‘In the pictures you want, you won’t see the models face?’

‘No, the beauty of it is that it could be anyone in the picture. Why?’

She was coy for a moment before she said came further into my room.

‘Well…if you really want some one to pose…I could do it for you, if you’re sure I look good enough. And if no one will ever know it’s me.’

‘Are you sure you want to, you know pose. I mean you are my sister and all that. What if mom and dad found out?’

‘They must never know. You can tell them it is some one who phoned from the paper. Besides you’d do the same for me wouldn’t you?’

I would I suppose and I told her so.

‘That’s settled then. You decide where and when and we’ll see how we get ataşehir escort bayan on.’

Abruptly she got up and said goodnight. Leaving me wide-awake. I had been so busy looking for a model, now I had one I realised I hadn’t thought of where to actually take the pictures. I fell asleep working on the problem and before I knew it, it was morning. Amy and dad had all ready left; mom did me some breakfast and sat at the table with me as I ate it.

‘Any look on the model front?’

‘Well a woman called yesterday while you were out. I’m meeting her today.’

‘That sounds great, I hope she turns out all right.’ Mom sounded a little subdued but I didn’t really think much of it.

‘Have you still got those pictures Amy showed me, from that bloke on the net?’

‘Yes, why?’ I asked beginning to get curious.

‘Oh nothing, I just wanted to have another look at them, that’s all.’

She tried to sound relaxed but I could see that she was up to something.

When I had finished eating, she took my plate away and after she had washed it she again asked me to show her the photos. She followed me to Amy’s room and watched as I brought them up with Paint Shop Pro. Mom asked me to enlarge a couple of them and even commented on how nice they were. She was looking at one of my favorites, ‘New York Railway’ it’s called, when she said,

‘She could be anyone couldn’t it.’

The next one she commented on was called ‘Canal Street’ A woman is bent over at the waist leaning into a car. Her bum and bare legs are on show.

‘I could do that.’ A simple statement but it sent a sock-wave through me as if I had been shot

‘Cobbles’ came up next, the model is walking away from the camera and is pulling her dress over her head.

‘I could do that as well.’ I wasn’t so shocked this time but still couldn’t speak.

The final one she looked at was called ‘Manhattan’.

‘If she had a hat on, that could be anyone as well.’ I finally found my voice after this comment.

‘Mom are you saying you’d pose for shots like these?’ I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation with my mother.

‘Paul, I know you think I’m a bit of a prude, but before I met your dad I was a bit wild. One thing I always wanted to be was a model. I used to dream of sitting for hours while some one painted me. If this woman doesn’t pan out what do you say? If you want to get your pictures that bad I don’t mine posing for them, after all no one will ever suspect it’s me in the pictures will they?’

She had a point there no one would ever think for even a second that mom would do anything like that. But how could I take pictures of my mom showing her bum and pubes to me?

‘It’s a great idea mom…but I don’t think I could, you know photograph you nude.’

‘Who said anything about nude? Anyway I’ve seen the paintings you’ve done at college, you’ve done loads of nudes.’

‘I know…but they weren’t you were they.’

‘I don’t see why that should matter. I mean one body is much like another isn’t it?’

‘I know.’ I said, knowing I was running out of arguments. ‘I don’t know if I can, with you.’

‘Do you mean you don’t want to even try?’

‘I want to don’t get me wrong I just don’t think it’s right.’

‘Let me worry about that. Are you game then?’

I had run out of excuses and to tell you the truth the thought of seeing my mom nude was hitting a spot I had never even thought of before. Whether it was looking at the pictures on the computer or my mother speaking like she was about posing for me, but I had a hardon that was making it’s presence known to me. I agreed to photograph her but told her I would see how the woman worked out today. She reluctantly agreed and went downstairs to do something or other. I went to the bathroom and shot a stream of sperm into the sink. Four strokes was all it took!

Amy rang at dinnertime and told me she had found the perfect place for a photo. She wouldn’t tell me where it was but later when she got home she told me to get my camera ready and she’d take me there. She asked me what I wanted her to wear and asked her to show me what she had. In her room she pulled out several summer dresses, any of which would do. I selected a loose short one and left her to put it on. I was shacking already and we hadn’t even started. A few minutes later she came into my room wearing the dress. Her small tits moved under the thin material of the dress, which reached to her mid thigh.

Before we went down stairs she put a coat on. We told mom Amy was driving me to meet the woman and left before she could ask any awkward questions. Amy drove us to the centre of town, parked her car and said it was only a hundred yards or so. We got out and walked towards the bank where she worked as a teller.

‘Here we are’ she said. She handed me her coat and stood in front of the main door of the bank. Her hands were on her hips in a Peter Pan stance.

‘Well get your camera ready, I’ll change my escort kadıköy mind in a minute.’

I pulled my camera out, adjusted it for the light and looked at her through the lens. I saw a twenty-year-old woman who looked stunning.

‘Ok.’ I said, ‘I’m ready’

I saw her through the viewfinder look all around us before she took hold of the bottom of her dress. My finger touched the shutter button as she started to raise it up. First her thighs came into view and then of all things her knickers. I had expected her to be nude under the dress but didn’t say anything. The dress was quickly raised to cover her face when it had I took about five pictures of her exposed tits. As soon as I had taken the pictures she dropped the dress and we legged it back to the car. She drove away from the centre and didn’t speak untill we were half way home.

‘Well did you get the shot you wanted?’

‘Yeah…. I only saw you though the viewfinder but you looked just fine to me. Do you fancy another?’

‘I don’t know; Ok, you suggest something.’

‘What about some bum shots?’

‘If you say so, where?’

‘Pull in over there. We past an alley just now that will do.’

She pulled over and we walked back to the alley.

‘Amy?’ I asked her. ‘For the bum shot could you take your knickers off. I mean I’ll only see your bum.’

She thought about it but said she had thongs on and they wouldn’t show much. The shot wouldn’t look right with them on but I didn’t say anything. I photographed her as she lifted her dress while walking away from me. As she had said they were hardly noticeable but I knew it wouldn’t look right but what could I do? We headed for home after that. I had a small darkroom set up under the stairs where I developed the film and left it to dry. Amy had to go out and when we were alone mom asked me how I had got on with the woman. I told her I had taken some photos but wasn’t too hopeful.

I told her I had developed the film and was going to enlarge some shots in half an hour or so. Mom more or less insisted she watch me doing the blow-ups. What could I say so I agreed to let her watch me. As I got the chemicals ready she hovered around in the hallway. I couldn’t put it off any longer so we started on the photos. I knew there was none of Amy’s face but would mom recognize her dress and body? In the end she didn’t and like me was disappointed that Amy had kept her knickers on in both locations. None of the pictures were what I was after. Mom knew it as well.

‘They aren’t what you wanted are they dear.’

‘No. She had to be nude in all the right places, you know…’

‘I know what you mean. So are you going to give me a try now?’

I was running out of options, besides, ever since she had offered, I had thought of little else but photographing her. I still couldn’t help but be apprehensive about it.

‘Ok mom if you’re sure you want to.’

‘You bet, how about in the morning we have a go. I know just the place, it’ll be quiet enough first thing.’

We left the pictures to dry and went to the kitchen.

‘What will I tell Amy when she sees the photos?’ I asked.

‘Easy, just say another woman rang about the advert.’

I was drinking a glass of coke as she said this and I nearly choked. I gave up trying to talk her out of it and started to look forward to the morning. So much so that I had to jerk off again when I had a shower. Amy got back later and had a look at the photos she seemed happy enough with them and I didn’t have the heart to tell her they weren’t what I was after. She just said she should have worn flashier knickers, but not none at all.

The next day finally arrived. As soon as Amy and dad were out the door mom winked at me and said she was off to get changed. I all ready had my camera stuff ready so I sat at the breakfast table and finished my coffee. Mom came down five minutes later in a really nice summer dress. Her tits were only a little bigger than Amy’s but they moved freely as she walked into the room.

‘Mom you look great, how come you’ve never worn that dress before?’

‘Simple, I only got it yesterday. And look.’

As I looked she turned and flashed her bum at me, sans any knickers! I only saw her arse for a second but it was long enough to know it looked perfect for the job in hand. I was speechless once more at what she had done. But moments later I said quietly to her,

‘It’s on thing flashing your bum in here, but will you do it outside for me as well?’

‘Don’t you worry about that I’ll pose anyway you want me too, and I mean any way. Ok I’m ready when you are.’

I picked up my bag and said I was all packed. She picked up her keys, slipped a coat on and we headed for the door. I didn’t ask where we were headed but before long I guessed. There is a ruined abbey near where we live; we often walk there on summer’s days. Like she said it was always quiet especially on weekday mornings. Ours was the only car in the small carpark and maltepe escort we walked into the ruin confident we would have the place to our selves. I watched my mom walking in front of me and found it hard to remember that all my life she had been such a prude. In a few moments time she was going to expose all of her body for me to photograph. She came to a stop in the complete doorway for which the abbey is famous.

The setting was perfect; plenty of light and the smooth lines of a naked woman always look good against rough stone. I pulled out my camera and set up a tripod. I knew I would need it as my hands were shacking terribly. Mom was standing looking at me in exactly the same way as Amy had done last night. Just like Peter Pan.

‘Ok I’m ready, are you sure about this mom, I mean if you….’ My voice trailed off at this point as I watched her lift up the hem of her dress to firstly reveal her smooth thighs then her neatly trimmed pubs came into view. The dress carried on raising and mom kept smiling. I was unable to move as I saw her flat stomach just ahead of her tits. At this point she covered her face with the dress. I just looked at her open mouthed.

‘Paul,’ she said ‘Are you going to stare at me all morning or take my picture?’

‘God mom, I’m sorry, it’s just you’re so beautiful. Hold still while I take a few pictures.’

I took some where I was and also some from closer. I told her she could loose the dress and once more her smiling face came into view. I asked her to stand nearer the doorframe and asked her to lift her dress once more. She did as I asked and this time I asked her to stand with her feet slightly apart. I wanted there to be a gap at the top of her legs. That little detail made all the difference and when I had got her arms into just the right position by lifting them for her I was completely happy with the pose.

Being so close to my naked mother had the inevitable effect but I managed to over ride it by concentrating hard on what I was doing. Once I started to think of her as ‘just’ another model it became easier but not that much. We tried a few walking shots and a few more posed ones. We had been there at least an hour when as mom lowered her dress from in front of her face she saw an old man out walking his dog looking at her with his mouth wide open. Mom just said good morning and carried on with him watching! The poor man had the surprise of his life as she flashed her pubs at me.

We left the ruin after that both of us were eager to see what the pictures would be like. I developed the films and we sat in the kitchen waiting for them to dry. Mom was still buzzing from what she had done and I suppose I was as well. She still only had the dress on and was completely at ease wearing it and nothing else. Whenever she leaned forward the dress drooped enough for me to see all of her tits. Although I had seen them at there best for most of the morning seeing them like that still grabbed my attention. Everytime.

When the film was dry we squeezed into the dark room. It is cozy in there and our bodies often touched. As I had to reach across in front of her quite often I regularly felt her tits rub against my arm. She often placed her hand on my lower back as she leaned over me to watch me and I in turn put my hands on her hips as I looked over her shoulder. Our touching started to become more frequent as the session went on. Where my hand on her back had started around the middle of her back it was soon very near the top of her arse. She in turn was started to make very crude remarks about the pictures. Words like tits boobs ming and pussy were coming out of her mouth.

While we were both watching a print in the developer start to appear I noticed her absentmindedly scratch the top of her thigh. As I watched, her hand moved higher up her leg untill she was actually touching her pussy. I only watched out of the corner of my eye but what she was doing held me spell bound. In the end it was her saying she thought the print was ready that snapped me out of it. I transferred the print to the stop bath and then into the fixer. Mom continued to play with her pubes with her fingertips.

It was too much for me I had had a hardon since shortly after we had gone in there and seeing her casually playing with herself made me forget she was my mother and I stood close behind her. I had my hands on her hips for a second before sliding them onto her tummy. She continued to play with her pubes although now I think she was working on her clit. Her breathing had become heavier and I moved my hands up to her tits they felt just terrific through the thin dress. As I squeezed them in my hands her whole body shuddered in a violent orgasm. When it subsided she seemed to come out of her trance. She turned towards me, said she needed some air and went outside.

Alone in the darkroom I looked at the prints we had already made. Everyone was perfect admittedly they weren’t set in the town like I had first hoped but they were close to what I was after. As I studied the prints there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find Amy. She came in before I could say anything and saw the pictures of our mom drying. In none of them could mom’s face be seen but that didn’t stop me from thinking Amy might recognize her.

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