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Playing Dress-Ups Ch. 01

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Cheating Husband

Fiona married a wonderful much older man. Only more passion and excitement in her love life would make her new marriage perfect. Alistair saw his wife’s level of desire as a ‘bit of a problem’ and encouraged Fiona to obtain assistance. Seeking the help of Doctor Love on how to fulfil her needs, she pleasantly discovered how much he had in common with Richard.

I absolutely love coming to the Practice. It’s such a wonderful place to visit and the treatment and service is amazing. The building is a beautiful old terrace home and the furnishings and décor are just gorgeous. I’ve been a Guest of the Practice for a couple of months and I’m always excited about my appointments with Doctor Love. It’s funny really, getting excited about seeing your doctor but that’s what the Practice does for me. More like an exclusive club really, but where women come for treatment and personal services. The Practice Manager, Maddisyn, always makes me feel welcome. They treat me like a Guest and that’s part of the attraction.

Maddisyn placed a silver tray with a glass of wine on the coffee table. ‘Enjoy you drink Fiona.’

Daydreaming about a holiday in France, ‘Merci beaucoup,’ I replied returning her infectious smile as I sat on the couch in the Sitting Room.

‘Je ne savais pas que vous parliez français?’ She surprisingly replied with an amazing accent.

I felt a little embarrassed. ‘Sorry. I only know a few words from when I was at school, I sheepishly laughed and added, you don’t have a French accent?’

She delighting me with another of her smiles. ‘I’m not French but I love the language.’

‘I’d love to have a French accent,’ I sighed.

‘You méan, zumtheng lik zis?’ Maddisyn answered with a beautiful French twang.

‘Ooh yes!’ I exclaimed, grinning excitedly.

‘It’s not hard. I can give you some tips if you like,’ Maddisyn kindly offered.

I gladly accepted, looking forward to an opportunity to use the accent. Maddisyn explained that there is no letter h and it’s left silent. The letter z is used instead of th sound and er at the end of a word is pronounced air. A short i is replaced with a double ee. Umm or ahh equivalent in French is euh or euhh.

‘Would you like some cheese and biscuits with your wine?’ She kindly offered.

‘Euhhh . . . zat would bé lovely. You aré zo kind,’ bringing a smile to Maddisyn’s face.

Maddisyn was still laughing as she went to the kitchenette behind her desk at the other end of the room.

The Sitting Room has two luxurious couches with soft cushions in front of a magnificent white fireplace. I looked forward to enjoying an open fire in the cooler weather. The period furniture and furnishings match the building wonderfully. There’s a warm feeling with pastel colouring and decoratively papered walls with lovely paintings. Sunshine glistened through the lace in the bay window onto the chandelier hanging above. The scent of potpourri filled the air. It’s such a comfortable room for Guests to relax before seeing Doctor Love.

Maddisyn returned with a selection of cheese and fruit. ‘Doctor Love can see you anytime you’re ready.’

‘Zank you,’ I grinned, causing Maddisyn to softly laugh.

I have Alistair to thank for suggesting the Practice. He discovered it on the Internet. It sounded exclusive and expensive. He said I deserved the best. He’s such a darling. Soon to be celebrating our first anniversary, things are almost perfect. I love the maturity and security that comes with an older man and I’m sure he enjoys an attractive young blonde as his wife.

I was initially impressed by his work as an investigative forensic accountant and his lovely and expensive apartment. It was exciting dating and older successful man, a real silver fox. Then I came to appreciate how kind and thoughtful he was and I liked the way I was treated. I know my friends are envious of his charming gentleman manner and have come to accept the 18-year age difference.

Alistair’s quite handsome for 50 and with a body I just can’t get enough of. That’s really why I’ve been seeing Doctor Love. Alistair is too kind to say it, but he thinks I’m over sexed. We have our moments but he’s really a once a week type of man in the missionary position with the lights off, if you know what I mean? I’ve had more exciting lovers but I haven’t loved them like Alistair.

The sessions with Doctor Love have been wonderful in helping me understand Alistair’s approach to lovemaking and dealing with my sexual frustration.

As I sat enjoying my drink and cheese, I thought how Doctor Love reminds me of Alistair in many ways. He’s several years older but both are striking men with a healthy physique and share the same gorgeous smile. They’re both gentlemen and know how to treat a lady. It’s quite exciting having such a good-looking doctor. I’ve always had a bit of a ‘daddy thing’ when it comes to men. I feel more relaxed and secure and find them so much more interesting.

Maddisyn temporarily distracted me from my dreamy thoughts. ‘Would you eryaman escort like me to take the tray?’

‘Thank you. It was lovely. I’ll visit the lounge and then I’ll go through to Doctor Love.’

Maddisyn’s attractive and about in her mid-20’s with a lovely figure. I couldn’t help but notice the swing of her hips as she walked away. Maddisyn was smartly but conservatively dressed in a black and white patterned dress just above the knee and had a black jacket. How lucky to be working with the dreamy Doctor Love I thought?

I began to imagine how wonderful it would be working at the Practice. I know I’d be wearing a shorter dress and showing some cleavage to attract his gaze, or maybe one of those sexy nurse’s outfits. My mind was running wild with the possibilities, fuelling that wonderful surge of arousal. Alistair wouldn’t approve of such fantasies. I sighed and picked up my shoulder bag and made my way to the Guest Lounge.

The lounge is a lovely room for freshening up before seeing Doctor Love. It’s like a large ensuite and even has a spa and massage facilities. I tidied up my makeup and grooming and checked myself out in the mirror. The tight-fitting dress displayed an hourglass figure and showed off my long smooth legs. The neckline was low enough to generate interest in my firm ample breasts. It was my favourite dress and black high-heels completed my captivating outfit.

I made my way through the side door to the passageway that lead to Doctor Love’s suite at the rear of the building. My excitement was building with every strike of my high-heels on the polished floorboards with my heart thumping wildly in my chest. The thought of turning on Doctor Love was exciting and naughty given how inappropriate it was, adding to my arousal. The door was open and I walked in and shut it behind me.

Doctor Love was at his desk and noticed me enter the room. ‘Hello Fiona, please come and make yourself comfortable, his warm welcome accompanied by his heart-melting smile. You look lovely as usual.’

I never tired of his flattery and it brought a generous smile to my face. Doctor Love is greyer than Alistair but it made him look even more distinguished. Both have that irresistible charming manner and wonderful dress sense and grooming. Doctor Love’s tailored 3-piece suit showed off his attractive athletic build.

I find older men different and exciting in a naughty way. ‘Thank you,’ I simply replied returning his sexy smile.

‘Please, let’s take a seat,’ directing me to one of the two luxurious couches.

I sat down and placed my bag on the floor while Doctor Love sat opposite. The suite is another wonderfully appointed room. The couches have soft cushions with a matching covered footstool between them. The ornate fireplace with a large mirror dominates the room. A lovely chandelier hangs overhead from an ornate ceiling rose painted in bright intricate colouring. It must have taken ages to paint the fine detail. The period furniture and soft lighting provides an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. I was looking forward to continuing the counselling with Doctor Love.

‘How were things with Alistair this week?’ He asked, providing the opportunity to let him know about some developments.

‘I took your advice and talked with Alistair about what we discussed, I replied. It was very helpful and explained a lot. What you suspected was right.’

I inwardly smiled to myself noticing that familiar smile that slowly formed on Doctor Love’s face when his thoughts we proven correct.

I explained that we talked about our approach to lovemaking and expectations. It was such a relief to hear what Alistair had to say. My high sex drive and Alistair’s conservative approach had been a sensitive issue. Alistair was concerned about pleasing me, to put it simply, knowing I always wanted something more. He worried that he was far less sexually experienced than me.

Men couldn’t wait to get into my panties and usually didn’t want to leave. Alistair was different. I realised what I found attractive in him as a gentleman was also how he was as a lover. Alistair is such a kind and caring person. He couldn’t bear to disappoint me and it troubled him.

Doctor Love’s smile was comforting, as if he understood. ‘Did you discuss both your levels of desire for intimacy?’ He so eloquently inquired.

I’m always comfortable talking with Doctor Love about my relationship with Alistair. It was enjoyable in fact. I hardly ever felt embarrassed or concerned no matter how intimate the details were. He displayed sensitivity and empathy and I had confidence he understood. His questions and observation just seemed to guide the conversation and without realising it, arriving at what I needed to know or do. It’s also enjoyable having a therapist as handsome as Doctor Love.

I couldn’t help but return his lovely smile. ‘It seems his work, our age difference and interest in sex are all factors,’ I answered enjoying his gaze.

I mentioned that Alistair worked long hours and the sincan escort work could be stressful. He’s often tired in the evenings and likes to retire early, often lacking the energy for sex. We wondered if the age difference was a factor, Alistair tiring while I’m always ready for more action. He’s always had a low sex drive and we both realise he’s not as broad-minded as me in what turns us on.

‘How did you both feel after the discussion?’ He continued.

‘We both felt relieved and have a better appreciation of each other’s feelings,’ I answered with a sensitive tone.

‘Go on,’ he softly urged.

Alistair’s concern for not wanting to disappoint me touched me and I felt a little guilty with my thoughts of his lack of interest in sex. I didn’t think Alistair could ever disappoint me and I told him. Alistair said that he loved me more at that moment than at any time in our relationship. Our lovemaking was special to us both even if our expectations were different.

‘How was the sex?’ Doctor Love calmly asked with a confidence that comes with previous discussions.

I’ve always found our intimate discussions exciting. It was one of the many things I enjoyed about the sessions with Doctor Love. The thrill of arousal helped the discussions flow. It was like being seduced emotionally. The thoughts and images that came to mind and our discussions fuelled my desire. Drawn to answer, I knew what it would stir within me.

I felt a surge of wanting and moisture forming between my legs as I contemplated my answer. ‘It was lovely but you know what I really want.’

Doctor Love listened intently and rarely interrupted. My heartbeat pounded and felt flushed under his sensual gaze as we discussed what I would have liked different. My nipples hardening against the fine fabric of my bra as I provide the intimate details. I wanted Alistair to take control, ravishing my body roughly and passionately. I longed for oral sex, engaging in talking dirty and hearing him utter my name while consumed with lust. I was practically desperate to be satisfied by the time I’d finished.

‘Have you asked Alistair how he wants to be pleased?’ Doctor Love asked.

‘Not really, I answered with a sightly perplexed look. Probably the same as always.’

‘I suggest you ask Alistair and endeavour to please him in the way he would like, he offered. Sometimes the secret to lovemaking is satisfying each other and then discovering new things you both like.’

‘I’d never thought to ask and just assumed, . . . but he’s not like other men I’ve been with,’ I started to ponder.

‘He sounds sensitive and caring and sometimes passion comes out in other ways. Try gently gliding your fingertips over his back or trailing sensual kisses over his chest, gentle sucking at the skin with your lips,’ he described so poetically.

I felt my nipples throb and wetness seeping into my panties as I listed to his description. ‘I’d like that as well,’ I sighed.

I recrossed my legs, squeezing my thighs together and unashamedly pressed the palms of my hand on my crotch. It did little to ease the wanton feeling running rampant within me. I knew, however, that my yearning would soon be satisfied. My mind began to wander to our therapy session and what I had planned.

I searched Doctor Love’s eyes and found the same desire. ‘Shall we start the sexual therapy?’

‘Yes, I think so,’ Doctor Love calmly replied suppressing any emotion.

‘Do you mind if I use the ensuite and get ready?’

‘Certainly,’ Doctor Love answered and stood up as I left the couch.

I picked up my shoulder bag and walked towards the archway to the bedroom, swingling my hips suggestively, sensing Doctor Love’s gaze. I couldn’t resist glancing back and caught him having a peek and his gorgeous smile sent a little tingle through my body.

It’s exciting having that effect on Doctor Love, making him want me. It felt a little naughty going to the Practice for his therapy but that was part of the attraction. Doctor Love had a way of bringing the naughty girl out in me and the therapy was always wickedly good.

The ensuite off the bedroom has a dressing table with a chair and large mirror. It’s another lovely facility for women to enjoy. I slipped off my high-heels and removed my dress, bra and sodden panties and removed my change of clothing from my bag. I almost couldn’t contain my excitement as I neatly placed the short black dress with white lace edging on the dresser. I added a small white lace apron, head-piece, stockings and frilly white lace panties. It was a French maid’s outfit.

I slipped on the dress and tied the apron around my waist. My breasts nestled perfectly, held in place by the white lace shoulder straps. The touch of my hands gliding up my legs heightened my arousal as I straightened the mid-thigh stockings and then slipped on my high-heels. I hung my dress up and took a white feather duster out of the bag. The outfit looked incredibly sexy in the mirror, especially with batıkent escort my long-toned legs, enticing cleavage and flowing blond hair. I felt like a saucy little wench as I walked back into the suite.

‘I’m Fifi. Ai ‘ave come to cléan yur ruhm,’ I announced in an accent I had Maddisyn to thank for.

A smile filled Doctor Love’s face. His eyes were instantly drawn to my beguiling cleavage and thighs before admiring the lovely outfit and discovering my feminine curves it so perfectly displayed. His interest was obvious, sending a thrill of excitement surging through me. He chuckled as he noticed the duster and head-gear and his eyes finally settled on mine. He stood up to greet me, grinning as my wild fantasy unfolder before his eyes.

‘You stai on seat and see Fifi do a good job, oui,’ I continued in character, unable to contain a broad smile.

‘Thank you. I’m sure you’ll put that duster to good use,’ he smiled and sat down, obviously enjoying my performance.

I paraded around the suite dusting the furniture while not so subtly wiggling my backside. Even the slightest bending over gave Doctor Love a lovely view of my sexy lace panties or breasts. I moved to the couch opposite him and bent over. I felt the warmth of his eyes as I fluffed and straighten the cushions while flashing my panties. I then went around to the back of the couch and lent over, my breast teasingly on full display.

I reached down and slightly adjusted the cushions. ‘Zey feel zo smooth ét soft. You lik ‘ow zéy are fair you?’ I inquired meeting his gaze and giving him a cheeky grin.

‘They look wonderfully arranged. They’re absolutely beautiful,’ he smiled returning my innuendo and entertaining my fantasy.

I went over to the fireplace and stood on the tips of my toes causing the short dress to ride up even further and dusted the mirror and mantelpiece. Down on my knees and bent over to dust the tiles in front of the grate, I continued to wiggle at Doctor Love.

‘Fiyaire eez vairy dustay. Fifi fix good, you lik what you see?’ I continued to tease.

‘It looks lovely. Very nice . . .,’ I heard him sigh.

I stood up and assumed an innocent girly pose with a slightly bent leg and swivelling on one foot. ‘You tell ajency Fifi do good fair you, oui?’

‘I certainly will. Especially if you continue doing such a great job,’ Doctor Love reassured me with a wide grin.

I sensually strolled over to between the couches where Doctor Love was sitting and placed one foot on the footstool, paused and looked up at the chandelier that hung overhead. I glanced at him and he was enjoying what was on display between my legs. I felt my pussy tingle as I recognised the outline of his arousal in his trousers.

I placed my hand to my chest and feigned my concern. ‘Le light eez vairy ‘igh. You ‘uld Fifi?’

‘Yes, of course,’ he eagerly replied, rising to his feet and extending me his arm while placing the other hand on my hip.

I stepped up on the stool and positioned myself in front of Doctor Love. His hands were on my hips but couldn’t help but drift to below the helm of my short skirt. They felt warm and smooth against my panties and bare skin. My pussy brushed his chest as I dusted the delicate pendants of the chandelier while my breasts swung in front of his face.

‘You ‘uld Fifi tightair please,’ I ask placing a hand on the back of his head.

Doctor Love grabbed the cheeks of my backside and pulled me into him, holding me tight against his body. I pulled his head in to my chest, his face buried in my breasts as I continued to dust.

I continued rubbing my pussy and breasts against Doctor Love. ‘Ooh oui, zat bettair,’ the tone of my French accent teasing.

‘I’m happy to help,’ his muffled reply only just audible.

‘Weehl Doctair Love please ‘elp Fifi down?’ I asked, removing his face from my cleavage.

Doctor Love took a firmer grip and spun me off the stool. I shrieked playfully as I slid down his chest until my feet found the ground with my hands resting on his chest.

I gaze into his sensual eyes. ‘You strong man and zo ‘andzum,’ I flirted, gently biting my bottom lip.

‘Doctair sit on ze otherair seat and ai fix zis un,’ I said indicating the couch he had been sitting in.

Doctor Love took his seat and I tidied the cushions and continued to put on a little show for him.

Turning around, I moved towards him with a naughty grin. ‘Fifi feel funny. Ai ‘ot et a lit-tell wet,’ I quietly moaned raising the back of my hand to my forehead and dropping the duster on the footstool for effect.

Doctor Love had a concerned look on his face. He moved forward to the edge of the seat and placed a hand on my forehead.

‘Non, non, non Doctair Lové not zeré, I said and adding, ai show you,’ our eyes firmly fixed while taking his hand and placing it between the top of my thighs.

‘Down haire. See ‘ow wet Fifi eez?’ I moaned enjoying his touch as he began to caress the crotch of my panties with his other hand on my backside.

Parting my legs, ‘Zat feel zo much bettair,’ I purred while rolling my eyes in pleasure.

‘Doctair Lové fix Fifi lik zis?’ I begged, forming a circle between my thumb and finger and stroking a finger from my other hand through the hole.

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