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Poking the Bear

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I flew straight into Albany from Chicago for my ten year high school class reunion. Even though I had very regular contact with my dad and his side of the family, I was always happy to be back on the Hudson. Something magical about the region. Fitting, too, that our planning committee had chosen the week after the fourth of July to launch the party. I was going home for more than a week. Plus, Independence Day always held a special meaning for me.

My mom always helped me out when I was out of town. Watched my two cats. She had moved straight back to Evanston after she and Dad separated. They were still friends – and officially married – but not in the least bit interested in living together. My sister lived down in Dallas. Of the two of us girls, my parents both saw me the most.

In Chicago I had recently started dabbling in Tantra. A warm, sensual guy led an active group there. It was just the beginning for me, though. Something was shifting in my sexuality, my power. Intimacy felt more like an exchange of The Force. My skin, my nipples, my hands, my cunt, my ass, my mouth, my feet, my eyes – they all served as conductors of energy. Possibilities to make connections. I sensed a Holy Slut in myself, a woman ripe and ready for a meaningful fuck. I tended to my pussy ritually. I loved how her electricity surged through me, firing up my belly and my mind. I was genuinely in love with the world. Fucking for peace. And getting better at it by the day. The shells, the personae, started to matter less to me. I experimented with older guys, women, couples, groups. Everyone around me seemed so potentially fertile. And I was Ms. Hornbot, ready to serve.

I grabbed a venti iced tea on my way out of the airport and headed straight for the rental cars. I had set up a return directly at JFK Airport because I was going to visit our offices in the city after the reunion weekend. The lady at rental service desk greeted with an air of familiarity. “Hi, where are you headed today?” I liked her instantly.

“Down to Hudson and then on to Kingston.” Even though she was cute and accommodating, I wanted to get to my uncle’s house in Hudson before dinner. I got straight to the point. “I only need something practical. Oh, and my company covers all of the insurance.”

Doesn’t it seem like rental car agents hammer a whole hell of a lot of keys into their computer after you already booked everything online? This attractive young lady separated herself from the rest. She was fast. “Damn, looks like you hit the jackpot,” she smiled at me warmly. “One of our SLK convertibles needs to be returned to the city. It’s just a two-seater, though. Is that all right? We’ll give it to you for the same price. It’s silver.”

Ooh, she was making this hard on me. Cruising down 9J in an open convertible. Hell to the yes. It would add thirty minutes to my drive, but I couldn’t miss the scenic views on the river. I stopped in the bathroom on my way to the car. I intended to drive commando, no underwear and no bra. This is a special treat for me on longer journeys. My sex needed to be out in the warm open. I could feel my pussy tingle at the thought.

I texted my Uncle Daniel as I arrived at the car. He would be cool with my later arrival. He had been my best friends all of my life, my godfather. Sure, he and Dad had their huge bouts around Daniel’s alcoholism. My father understood himself as his older brother’s caregiver sometimes. Codependency is half the stress in a dysfunctional relationship, I’m telling you. But they settled something major in the summer of 2011. I had never thought of Uncle Daniel as an alcoholic, but he considered himself such. Dove right into AA that August and was nowadays generally happy and friendly. A little later Mom left Dad to come live near me in Chicago. Dad moved back into his parents empty house in the city of Kingston, where he hoped to fix it up for him and his brother. They joked about living there together when they got old.

I loved the both of them, my dad and uncle. Dad was a true-blue engineer. Uncle Daniel was an artist and photographed for clients on the stretch from Albany down to Poughkeepsie. (I turned out to be seriously business-minded.) Dad was dedicated to golf. I’ve never been sure what my Uncle Daniel thinks of the sport. In their free time, however, they played together when they could. Uncle Daniel was gay. Dad was straight. (I most definitely consider myself hyperactively polysexual.) My uncle and I were relatively open with each other about our orientation. Dad seemed a little secretive with his inclinations.

The drive to Hudson was lovely and a little shorter than I had expected. Once I hit the road, I hiked up my skirt and unbuttoned my blouse. Sure, someone could see me in the open car, my ass buck naked on the seat. I was joyous in the warm evening air anyway. Using my left hand to steer, I slowly attended to my cunt with the right. Imagine having sixty minutes of time to masturbate in quiet. God, ataşehir escort bayan I can jack off for hours. This time around I didn’t have anything to do but drive. One particular fantasy preoccupied me as I drove: two girlfriends, coworkers, visiting one of their families for a weekend of sauna and spa. I imagined everything getting quite out of hand. Waves of orgasm came and went as I worked my fingers through her soft wet folds. Every now and then I licked my fingers clean of my own salty syrup. I was heavily lubricated. Following an urge, I massaged the slick into my rosebud. From the outside most people saw a young businesswoman driving an expensive car. Little could anyone know that I was passionately jacking my two entryways with my middle finger and thumb. (I hope that everyone masturbates in the safety of his or her own car. It makes excessive driving so much more pleasant. A sure cure for road rage.)

I reached my uncle’s apartment in downtown Hudson just around eight in the evening. He looked handsome and vibrant when he opened the door for me. Not considering it much, I hugged him with both my clean and my nasty hand. His hair was snow white and his eyes sapphire blue, a cosmopolitan sea dog. He was in his early fifties but possessed the vigor of a man in his thirties. I always hoped that I inherited his sap and his radiant skin. I felt nice to press my throbbing snatch against him as he held me in his sturdy arms.

I dropped my bags in his room – we shared a bed when I visited – and sat in the kitchen to eat and talk. Our conversation quickly turned lively and humorous. He let me know that he was, indeed, considering living with his brother, but that he wanted my father to sell the house and move to Hudson. They had enough work to do and were both also regionally flexible. He had a couple of lovers, all of them married. He didn’t name names but clearly felt more for a somewhat younger guy.

As the evening wore on we made our way to the bedroom with our tea. As he stepped out of his clothes and into his t-shirt and boxers, I had a look at his cock. “You could seriously hurt somebody with that thing.” To bring it to a point, he had a very large penis and very heavy balls. I felt a slight ping of regret when I noticed that he trimmed his body hair. His balls were cleanly shaven. I prefer my men and women as wooly and natural as the come. My pussy, too. Now, I know that a lot of guys groom to make their rods appear bigger.

(My uncle seriously does not need any kind of styling. I can appreciate, though, that Uncle Daniel takes wonderful care of himself. Always smells good. He sports just a few small tattoos: one star on his left pec and a rose on his right bicep. Old school stuff. Unlike me. I have a group of thirteen sparrows flying down my left side. The tattoos are placed so that they are fully hidden under my business attire. I love my tattoos and would get more if I didn’t have such difficulties with the pain.)

Since I wasn’t wearing much in the first place, I decided to sleep naked at Daniel’s place that night. He interjected, “That may lead to problems, Dear Niece. I think you should wear something in bed when you’re with me.”

“Excuse me?” I really didn’t believe my ears. “Gone straight, have you?”

“I’m not straight. As a matter of fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone who is. But I am right around eighty percent gay, Sparrow, if I were to put it in your statistical terms. Doesn’t mean I can’t get it up for a girl. It just means that straight sex isn’t my preference. Even if you are my niece,” he huffed as he walked around the room. “Girl, put some goddamn clothes on,” he called impatiently from the bathroom.

“Ok, prude. You got a t-shirt for me?” He got me wondering. I guess I had never considered that he may swing both ways. I called out to the bathroom, “Do tell. Under which conditions would you swing the other way? What’s your thing?”

“Well, if another guy was involved, that’s for sure. I’d probably need something in my ass, too. A plug. The guy.” He was smiling as he walked back into the bedroom and threw me a soft burnout t-shirt. “Put this on.” He was wearing a pair of loose boxers to bed. We giggled a little as we talked. I was sleepy from the travel. My cunt was a little fussy from my fingerfuck and needing a nice cock to fill her. I wanted to close my eyes and forget about it all. And I did.

My uncle was spooning me when I woke up in the morning. My t-shirt was hiked up under my breasts and I felt his warm, furry belly against my back. More importantly, I felt his morning boner pressing directly against my ass. It had slipped out of his baggy silk boxers. This was too delightful. I snuggled in closer to him and pressed his cock up into my crack. I could feel its wetness leaking at the tip. He was clearly excited. I pushed back a little more. “Do I have a say in this, Young Lady?” Oops, he was awake. His voice sounded entertained and irritated.

“Good escort kadıköy morning,” I feigned innocence.

“Come on you randy little thing,” he pulled away from me. “Let’s grab some breakfast in town and do a little shopping. I want to walk along the river. And there’s a new great place for lunch. We don’t have to be in Rhinebeck until six to meet your dad. We can take it slow.” The day was intimate and wonderful. A little before five o’clock we took the convertible on a slow drive down to meet my dad at a restaurant in Rhinebeck.

My father looked incredibly handsome and hardy. “Hi Cathy,” he welcomed me and held me in his sturdy arms. I felt like I was being embraced by an oak tree. Something wise and weathered. I loved his smell of cedar and lavender, a cologne he had been wearing since Mom went back to Chicago. He was wearing a golf shirt, khaki shorts and flip flops. Like his brother Daniel, my dad was much more Esau than Jacob. A jacket of dark and thick down covered his arms, legs and chest. Even little patches of fluff grew on his toes. I cradled my head under his wooly beard and felt at home.

Our conversation over a wonderful dinner covered so many areas of our lives. We gossiped, spoke of much more personal things, and reminisced on the past. I sat between them at the four top. Their knees touched and framed mine. We kept contact the whole evening like that. I loved being with my dad and Daniel – being contained by them. Every now and then we would brush hands, arms, shoulders. I sensed an erotic undercurrent between us. Subtle and consistent. I was still commando in my light dress, and my attentive cunt swelled and relaxed with my changing emotions. Pretending to adjust my napkin during our meal, I ran my fingers across the radiating hood and tickled my clit.

Dad had one beer during dinner. Daniel drank water. I settled on a couple of glasses of wine. When we left the restaurant, I knew I wasn’t drunk but shouldn’t be driving. Plus, Uncle Daniel would’ve had none of that. He had lost his license years ago. My dad offered to leave his motorcycle in town and drive us over to his place in Kingston with the SLK. “You know, I’m always praying for rain,” my dad stated, “but not tonight in a convertible.” Uncle Daniel chuckled. Those guys were always telling some private joke – just about half of which I understood.

I agreed to sit on my uncle’s lap for the short trip over the Hudson River. Just as we left town, I realized I should’ve stopped by the restroom. No worries, I thought, the ride over to Kingston is short. I imagined being at my dad’s place in just a fifteen minutes. About a quarter of the way over the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge traffic started to slow. Just a little later everything stopped on the bridge. After about ten minutes standing still, I explained, “Guys, this isn’t funny. I had to pee when we left and now I really have to go.” I even started giving my uncle a I-gotta-go-pee-pee lap dance. Couldn’t help it really. Besides, it added to my point.

“Go outside,” my uncle suggested. “And stop squirming around on my lap, damnit. You’re a grown woman and I’m just about an old man. That hurts.”

“Hey man, we are in the middle of a traffic jam on a bridge. Everyone will see me. Not into that.” I picked up my venti cup. “Besides, this will do. You’re just going to have to help me.”

“Are you fucking kidding me, Kid?”

“Don’t be a wuss.” I definitely felt tipsy. “Hold the cup and I’ll be neat. Promise.” My dad stared at me. He said nothing. His brother looked him questioningly in the eyes. “C’mon guys. This is no big deal. I know how not to splatter.”

“All right, Sparrow, but only for you,” my uncle sighed. He held the cup in his lap.

I lifted the back of my dress and slipped out of my heels. This would be easy. I wasn’t wearing underpants. I squatted carefully over the cup and positioned the rim with my fingers so as not to wet my uncle in the process. I gently let the warm liquid flow out of me. There was no definite smell in the open car. I had been drinking water and white wine all night. I could hear the cup filling and tried hard to control the steamy jet from my pussy down into its wide opening. I shuddered over the release. To be safe I pinched off the stream before it overflowed. The amount had been more than enough to get me home. Before I pulled my dress back down, I felt the cool night air brush my wet mound for just a moment. Sweet chills ran across my skin.

“Jeez, never put a hot drink in a thin plastic cup,” my uncle commented. “There is no barrier with that thing.” He slowly dumped my brew out onto the road and threw the cup to the side. I heard a car honk in protest. Just as soon as we had finished the emergency process, the traffic started to move again. My uncle and I chatted as we headed toward the city. Dad didn’t talk the rest of the way home. Dead silence.

After kicking off our shoes and dropping of our things in the maltepe escort living room, the two brothers assembled at the kitchen table. I slipped out of my dress and into my uncle’s t-shirt and a pair of my cutest panties. By the time I joined them, my father was still silent as he sat between us. I knew something was up. “What’s wrong, Dad? You stopped talking over an hour ago.”

“He’s been confused since you pissed in the car,” my uncle, the older brother, replied for him.

“It’s a rental, Dad. The seats are leather. Nothing was ruined.”

“You don’t get anything, do you? The guy’s been sporting a hard-on since it happened. That’s his thing, Cathy.” He winked at my father. “Well, at least one of the few I know of that pokes the bear.” He jabbed his finger lovingly in my dad’s belly.

Swapping his brother’s hand away, Dad left the room and slammed the door to his bedroom while yelling, “Shut the fuck up, Danny!”

“I’ll be right back, Sparrow.”

I finished my water while they talked. Watched a little TV. Growing impatient, I couldn’t take it anymore and went to my dad’s room. The two brothers were huddled together on the bed giggling like little boys. Little boys with strong thick fingers and handsome beer guts.

“Dad, are you all right?” He looked ashamed and withdrawn. I wanted to console him. “Jesus, everyone has a sexual trigger. So yours is pee. So what? Weird stuff turns me on, too.”

“Like what?” my uncle inquired. I had set up the hook myself and knew it.

“Big ones,” I replied looking straight at his crotch. A jest and not a jest.

“Now that was quick! A size queen, eh? No wonder the glossiest pics of super-sized photoshopped cocks are getting the most hits on Tumblr. Jesus Christ.”

“Don’t divert. You know damn well you’re endowed.”

My dad chimed in, “Ain’t that the truth. I was definitely in a different line when they were distributing attractive cocks. Dad’s side of the house is in my blood.”

“I’m goddamn sick of the age-old question, ‘How do I measure up?’ Seriously, did we invent inches and centimeters for the sole purpose of one guy establishing the fact that he is bigger or smaller than the other? What a waste of time. Sure, my cock’s bigger than average. Hard enough to find a dude who can swallow the whole thing. And there is absolutely nothing discreet about my basket when I don’t wear support. I’d love to go commando in sweats and shorts every time I leave the house.” He combed his hand through his thick silver hair. Huffing, “Girls with their big titties and guys with their big dicks. Can’t we bury this, John? Your cock is handsome and just perfect. And, believe me, I’ve seen a number of them.”

“Smooth talker. You damn well know I’m not well-endowed. That was painful in the locker room growing up. Oh, I hated the showers in seventh grade. Where other guys had a schlong I had a stub. Fuck, Cathy couldn’t even see that I had an erection tonight.”

“Didn’t cross my mind. You were all bitchy. And, by the way, this is getting stupid,” I interrupted their bickering. “Line up.”

“What?” They were shocked.

“Let’s do a lineup, I said. Let me see your business. Stop being babies. I want to have a look for myself.”

“Are you kidding me, Cathy? You’re my daughter.”

“Do you even hear what you’re saying? We’re way past that. Somewhere back there when I peed in a plastic cup next to you in the front seat and turned you on. Drop your britches, gentlemen. Please, let’s get this over with.” Waiting for them to get their shit together, I remembered that my uncle hadn’t come clean yet. “What gets you fired up?” I asked him.

“That’s an easy one,” my uncle replied. “Any guy fired up enough to leak precum. Yes, that’s one of my triggers for sure. A precum drippin’ piece of manmeat. Oh, and a dick up my ass pushing hard on my button, of course.”

He was stalling. “Guys, let’s get this out in the open,” I appealed to their mutual intimacy with me. They both shrugged, looked at each other with wide grins, and acquiesced. I was well aware of the fact that this wasn’t all necessary, but I wanted to make a point. I knew exactly what my uncle’s penis looked like. Just saw it that morning. And of course I’d seen my own dad naked many times, even though it had been a while. But I kind of wanted to see them naked together, and I also wanted them to feel comfortable in the nude around me.

Here they now stood before me with their shorts around their ankles. My dad’s boxers were all tangled up around his feet. My uncle threw his trunks on the floor. Tangible heat and energy emanated from both of their loins. They were both beautiful in their own way. My uncle simply had a proud slab jutting out from his heavy nuts, even though his pubic hair was (regretfully) neatly coiffed. His dick was fleshy, thick and heavy. My dad’s cock was smaller, indeed, but his crotch looked like a place you would call home. Thick wool surrounded his balls and his compact dick. Their hips and thighs, on the other hand, resembled each other more – both coated with thick body hair. Their colors matched, too; each had a few wiry strands of white in his pubes.

“Ok, you’re right, Dad,” I called out casually. “But that’s soft. Now hard.”

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