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Pounding Holly Pt. 01

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Holly was hired while I was on LOA. When I returned we had daily conference calls to go over the company metrics. I heard her voice and I thought it sounded sexy. We would text back and forth because she was helping me with some of the new requirements. One day I needed some help and she called me. She definitely had a sultry voice and I found my self getting aroused. I was looking forward to meeting her the next week because we had a meeting at corporate.

The next week I arrived early for my meeting and went to the Starbucks next to the corporate office. I was thinking it would be nice to put a voice with face and I was anticipating meeting Holly.

There was this very sexy woman a few people in front of me while we waited in line to order coffee. She was about 5’7″ dressed in business attire. Her brunette hair was long and curly. It flowed to just above her amazing ass. Her calves looked luscious below her skirt. She ordered her coffee and walked over to the end of the counter. My eyes were glued to her ass. At one point she saw me ankara eryaman escortlar looking and gave me a wry smile.

I heard her say thank you to the barista and the voice was eerily familiar. I was trying to place as I watched her walk out the door. She glanced back as exited and gave me a wide smile and a wink. Fuck I wanted me to drink to see where she went. Oh well she was gone.

I arrived early to get coffee and see a few other people before our 11:00 meeting. I went to our office building next door and decided to head upstairs. I went into the elevator and went to the back as I was one of the first ones in. I glance up from cell phone and who walks in and stands right in front of me, none other than the sexy brunette from the coffee shop. People just kept getting on the elevator and it was tight fit. The brunette back her luscious ass into me at one point and quickly said I’m sorry. She turned and looked at me and I realized She was from the coffee shop and gave me that wry smile. That voice why did it sound so familiar. escort etimesgut A few more people tried to squeeze in the elevator and the brunette backed her ass into me again. A litter harder and deeper. Not that I am complaining. It felt soft yet firm pressed against my crotch area.

She started talking to another lady in the elevator and I am trying to place the her voice. How did I know it. The whole time as we are riding up the elevator she is grinding her ass ever so subtly against me. A few floors a few people get out but the brunette does not move her ass away from my crotch. Not that I would have preferred that to her current position. A few more floors, a few less people she doesn’t move. Then all of a sudden the elevator abruptly stops and jerks forcing her to lose he balance and fall back into me. I grab her by the hips to steady her but my phone slipped out of my hand. I reached down to grab it and the elevator jerked as she lost her balance again and her ass was pushed against my face. batıkent escort I could smell her perfume. It was very intoxicating. She giggled as I stood up. Her ass was still pushed into my crotch causing my cock to stir. Oh fuck this was not the time or place. Please don’t betray me here. I think she felt the swelling in my pants because she started to gyrate her ass ever so gently. My god what was happening.

Suddenly the elevator started moving and went to the next floor. No one got off but a few more people stepped on. She continued to grind against my now very hard cock. She grabbed my hand and placed against her hip ever so subtly. Another floor and more people exited but she did not move away.

Another jerk and the elevator stopped and this time the lights went out. I guess that made it ok for the brunette to grind on my cock harder and faster as she reached behind her and steadied herself with my hips. What the fuck was happening! I am rock hard in an elevator full of people and his gorgeous woman is grinding on my cock. I have to be dreaming. Elevator starts to work and up we go. The elevator stops at the next floor and the maintenance guy says we have to get out. So I am trying to hide my hard on as we exit. The brunette motions me to follow her with a look and head nod. I followed her into an unoccupied office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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