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Prom Nite!

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All persons in this story are over the age of 18. Enjoy and please comments.

As I turned back around from closing our hotel room door, Bridgette’s black, silky prom dress was already on the floor. She was standing there in her lacy pink panties. I could tell she was wet by the dampness showing. Her naked, firm breasts were rising and falling against her body as she exhaled and inhaled. Pushing against my tuxedo pants, my cock wanted out. I looked into Bridgette’s pure steel blue eyes, I saw desire in the them. She licked her lips. My hand reached down and began to fumble with the button of my pants, trying to release my cock from its prison. Biting her lengthy golden blonde hair, she was watching me with anticipation. I thought to myself “This is the night we are finally going to fuck,” as I slid me pants down to just past my knees. After letting her take in all my 7 inches of glory, we both stepped closer to each other.

“Baby, I love you!” I told her as I wrapped my arm around her fit toned waist and pulled her closer.

As we kissed and fell into each other’s arms then onto the bed, she whispered, “Cory, I love you too and I always will.” My hairy member was hovering just a few inches above her waiting pussy.

“Are you ready, Bridge?” I questioned

She said, “Oh ma God, yes Cory, put your stiff prick in me” .

My tip was just nudging in as the lunch bell rang and brought me out of my dreaming state. My eyes were adjusting to the bright light as I wipe the drool of my mouth and desk. “Fuck” I though it was just getting good. My semi was subsiding as I got up and headed towards the cafeteria.

As I stood in line to receive my food; I spotted Bridgette, the girl of my dreams and my girlfriend for the past 10 months, sitting out our booth. After purchasing my food, I trotted over to her and sat down. “Hey honey, did you get your prom dress yet?”

“Hi Cory,” She said as she looked up from her lunch, “and um no.”

“Why not?”

“Cause I don’t wanna go with you any more and I think we should see other people.”

“What the fuck? Why? Did I do something to bring this heartbreak onto to me?”

“Um no, I just have been in love with someone else and um I’ve been seeing him for the past 3 months.”

My fists clinched under the table, “What the fuck?” my anger was getting the best of me, “Who the fuck is it.” She didn’t answer as she just got up and left. I finished my lunch in fury and despair. I could not focus on anything for the rest of the day.

When I got home, I called some potential rebound girls to be with my date. Having reasonable looks-I am told I look like Tom Cruise or Matt Damon- I was surprised when I could not find another date. Every girl I called either had other plans or a date.

Not wanting to waste all the money I spent on my tux, tickets, and the corsage and it being on Friday night; I called my 24 year old sister, Hadley, hoping she would consider on being my date. Hadley and I have always been pretty close, being best friends growing up; until she moved a hour away to go to college. We still called each other every Tuesday night just to catch and talk. She had just broke up with her boyfriend, so I knew she would not have any plans for the night, yet. There were only two rings before she picked up.

“Hiya little bro, what’s up it’s not Tuesday.”

“I know, I called to ask you sumthin.”


I barely stammered this out. “Um me and Bridgette broke up today, so I was um calling to see if you would consider going to um the prom with m..me.”

There was a long pause before she spoke, “Of course babe, I would love to. I had a fun at escort ataşehir mine so why shouldn’t you. And maybe you might even get laid,” she giggled.

Was she serious or kidding? I just laughed it off. “Ha ha. OK. Thanks Had, you’re the best sis ever. I’ll pick ya up at 5 o’clock on Friday.”

“He he. Why don’t you bring some clothes and stay the weekend?”

“K. Sounds like a plan.”

*****Skip to a few hours before prom*****

As I stepped out of the shower I watched as a drop of water rolled down my body from my broad shoulders and muscular biceps to my flat, hairy chest then down past my fit stomach. I combed my medium length shaggy brown hair before I trimmed up my goatee.

After I knocked on her door, she answered wearing a towel wrapped around her breasts, covering up her soaking wet body. Her shoulder-length brown hair was wet and clung to her shoulders. Her long sexy legs were freshly shaven. The nose ring gleamed as it reflected the setting sun. “Oh hi babe come on in and make your self comfortable while I finish getting dressed”. I sat down and was about to turn on the TV., when I saw in the reflection Hadley taking her towel off to dry her hair. Her ass staring at me as I watched her walk to her room. As she did this I swear she turned and beam that sparkling, luminous smile at me. “Am I going crazy? Is my older sister flirting with me?”

She came back from her room wearing the sexiest dress I have ever seen on a woman. It was black. It reached down past her knees, still showing off her legs. Then climbed up past her thick thighs then her fit but meaty stomach (I can tell she has gained some weight after breaking up with her last boyfriend) and finally it split a part at her bodacious B-cup breasts then wrapped back around her neck. She was wearing no bra. Her silky brown hair was curled.

“You ready to go?”

All I could do was to stare back in amazement. Finally broke from my trance I said, “Yeah lets go!”

We climbed in to my Jeep Grand Cherokee and headed to this fine-dining Italian restaurant. Over cokes and chicken parmesan for me and shrimp fettuccini for Hadley we talked about life, school, friends, our parents, and other stuff. During this I swear she was playing footsie with me. After dinner we headed to the main event-my senior prom.

When we first arrived, we meet up with my friends, grab a few drinks and a table. For the first 45 minutes we just sat around and talked. Then my sister finally asked me to dance to a slow dance. We went to the dance floor and awkwardly held each other. Her hands were wrapped around my neck as mine we interlocked just above her butt.

As we were dancing and holding each other close, I saw my ex-girlfriend and her new flame dancing a few feet away. I guess they saw me staring so they began to make out. Disgusted I turn away, Hadley noticed. She leans over and whispers in my ear, “Lets make her jealous, little bro”.


“Just follow my lead.” Hadley looks at Bridgette.

“Wha”. Hadley placed her fingers on my lips. She gives me a warm and playful smirk. Her blue eyes pierced through me. Then the unexpected happen, Hadley leaned over and placed her delicious, soft, warm lips on mine. We began to ‘make out’ passionately. Her lips felt so wonderful sucking and kissing mine. Caught up in the moment I closed my eyes, and took in her stimulating aroma. Our tongues were wrestling inside my mouth. “Wow this is absolutely wonderful but why is she going this far?” I questioned to myself, but I wasn’t going to stop her. My cock twitched. We continued this for at least half a minute. When I looked back up, Bridgette and her lover kadıköy escort left.

After another hour of dancing and fun, we decide to leave. On the way back I asked “Had can I ask you something about our kiss?”

“Sure little bro.”

“Did you feel anything as we kissed?”

“Um I’m not going to lie to you. I did feel passion and love as we kissed. Why? Did you?” She pierced deep into my eyes.

“Definitely.” I looked back into her eyes. She licked her lips and leaned over the center console and our lips meet again for the second time that night. This time it wasn’t as passionate or long as the first one.

She pulled back slightly and whispered “I love you babe.”

“I love you too.” She took my hand into mine and begin to play with my palm with her fingers.

When we got back to her apartment, our kissing has become more heavy and zealous. She lead me by my hand to her bed. Then Hadley pulled me onto top of her. Our lips encountering every chance they got. I was in heaven as I straddled my sexy older sister. My dick was forcefully pushing against my pants as it grew its entire 7 inches. I noticed my sister noticing it as it grazed her inner thigh.

She began to slide my jacket off as my kisses moved down to her neck and her head arched back. My jacket slid off as I sucked her neck. I reached behind her and unzipped her dress. She leaned her face down and nibbled on my ear. I pulled back and reached up and took her dress straps and slid them off of her shoulders down to her stomach releasing her beautiful bountiful breasts. I stared at all of their glory.

I tilted down and took her right breast in my mouth and begin to suck on her nipple. She slanted her head back and stretched her arm over and behind her head. She moaned slightly as she grabbed her hair and pulled forward. “Oh Cory.” Waves of excitement flowed through her body as I continued to nibble, lick, and suck her breasts.

As I was giving her breasts attention, she lifted her body up allowing me to gradually slither her dress down her thick thighs and past her ass. I glanced down and saw she was wearing no underwear. This drove me wild knowing she has been walking around without any panties on.

I kissed in between her soft, round breasts then declined to her stomach, paying special attention to her pierced belly button. I whispered, “I love you so much Had,” as I kissed her trimmed pubic hair. My nose took in her sweet lovely scent as it rose up from her. I teased her clit with my tongue. Oh God I love it when women play with my hair, and my sister’s fingers were especially sensual. I almost came in my pants right then.

The sounds of the rain pounding on the roof of her apartment entered my ears. My tongue tickled her insides, while I gnawed on her lips. Not being very good at eating a girl out, it was not a surprise when my sister told me to stop and kiss her again.

I got up off of the bed and Hadley. Slowly and seducing I undid my tie, unbuttoned my shirt and vest, slipped them off, and tossed them into a pile in the corner. My sister sat up and ran her fantastic fingers across my stomach. Her fingers slide down to my belt buckle and fumbled with it to get it off. After unbuttoning my pants she yanked them down to my ankles. Followed by my boxers. “My God” was on her face as she took my 7 inches with her steel blue eyes. “I’ve been wanting your cock in my mouth for awhile now”.

“You have?”

“Yeah little bro ever since I peeked in on you when you were in the shower one time.” she said as she wrapped her fingers around my thick shaft. Her warm breath felt wonderful on my dick as she breathed in and maltepe escort bayan out. She licked the precum off of the tip of my head, before she slipped into her mouth and began to stroke my shaft up and down. She continued to give me a pretty incredible blow job, while she played and fondled with my ball sac.

“Had I’m about to cum!”

“Then do it,” she said as she released my balls and jammed two fingers into my tight asshole and began to run the circumference. I have never had a girl do this but it felt wonderful. When she slipped her fingers in deeper, my cock erupted like a volcano pushing a tablespoon or two of my hot, salty cream deep into her mouth to her throat. She took her fingers out of my ass as she licked my cock clean. My cock softened, I was hoping I can get it up again to so I could fuck my sister.

“That was fucking wonderful, sis. I’m sorry I couldn’t get you off.”

“Don’t worry bout it babe.”

I kicked off my shoes and pants and climb in the bed against my naked sister. My sister was laying on her stomach so I saw her blue and pink butterfly on her lower back just above her abundant, fat ass. “When did you get this?” I asked as I traced it with my finger.

“A few months ago.”

“It’s so fucking hot!” I exclaimed.

“I’m glad you like it,” she said as she turned and gave me a warm and playful smirk. I leaned down and kissed her lips. I made my way to her neck and back down to her ass. My tongue licked the entire length of her ass crack then back up to her hole. My tongue pushed into her somewhat lose asshole. “God that feels so good, Cory.” My cock became erect again from this statement. I was feeling wonderful knowing I turned my sister on. Deeper my tongue pushed into her hole. “Oh Cory put that cock off yours into me.”

I got onto my knees as she got on all fours. As she pushed back, I jammed my cock into her waiting asshole. I slammed her hole, back and forth. I slapped my sister’s buttocks. I felt empowered as I fucked my Hadley’s ass. Faster and harder my cock was rammed into her. I began to cum a lot faster than my blowjob since I just got off. I coated her bowels with white sticky load. My cock dwindled and withdrew from my older sister’s anus.

Hadley turned over onto her back and I rested beside her. “Oh Had I wanted to fuck your pussy but I don’t think I can get it up again.”

“I’ll get it up,” she whispered teasingly as she begin to stroke it and slipped an unnoticed finger into my rectum. I do not know why this turns me on so much but, I began erect instantly.

She got up and straddled my stomach and lowered her self to just above my cock. With her fingers wrapped around the shaft of my dick she rammed it into her waiting, wet pussy. It went in with ease. She began to slide up and down, slowly at first then a little faster as the anticipation build up. Her engorged melons were bobbing as she went. She felt amazing on my dick. I thrust up towards her.

I reached my hand behind her and up to her ass and returned the favor as I slide two fingers into her dripping wet anus. I tickled her bowels. She must as liked it because she quickened her pace. After about 45 seconds with my fingers in her ass, I pulled them out and lifted to my mouth and slurped my cum and a tiny bit of poop off.

That turned on even more because I felt her body shake. Her juices flowed over my cock and out of her slit as she orgasm and her pussy lips enveloped my dick. This caused me to orgasm. She collapsed onto my chest in exhaustion. “You’re the one of best fuck I’ve ever had, little bro” she said as she rolled off of me.

“Thanks sis YOU’RE the BEST woman I have ever been with.” I leaned up and kiss my sister not as my sister but as my new lover. I placed my head onto her stomach and she began to run her fingers through and play with my hair. “I can’t wait for our new lives to start, Hadley.”

“Me too.” she said as we dozed off to sleep.

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