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Quiet Time Ch. 04

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This is a story about me, a technician’s technician, mechanically capable and an absolute perfect gentleman. Any resemblance to real live people, places or things is purely intentional and is completely ridiculous and absurd. My name is Tom. Oh yeah. Also in the story is my kid sister, Barb. Okay, she’s only ten minutes younger than me, but I am the older child in our family.

We’re almost 20; and yes, my sister and I are twins; but if you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t even think we were related. I got the height, at 6’4″; she’s only 5’2″. She might be a hundred pounds wet and with rocks in her pockets; I weigh in at two hundred and fifteen pounds. She got the looks; I got the muscles. She has the easy tan skin of our Greek mom; I got the fair skin from our Irish dad. Even our hair is different, mine is the red that is almost orange and I keep it really short; hers is halfway down her back and the deep auburn that is almost brown, just red highlights in the bright sunlight.

This part of the story picks up on the fifth day of our vacation. That first day had been a real bummer, all about traveling to the cabin for our planned two week stay. The second day seemed to start out bad, but turned around pretty well shortly after lunch time. The third day, actually I learned a lot more about my relationship with my sister. The fourth day, I was in heaven all day; the day started well, pre-lunchtime was fantastic, afternoon was stupendous, and the day ended in the best way that a day could. For today, I’d probably have a lot less activity, but I think I’m going to really enjoy my quiet time today, too.


Bam, bam, bam! I awoke to Barb pounding on the door of my room.

“Tom, you meathead, why didn’t you wake me up before you put me in my bed; I nearly peed myself before I could get into the bathroom?”

“Well, you were the one who said you’d stay awake and make sure I didn’t burn the cabin down. I guess all that dancing around to your music and putting so much effort into sunning doesn’t prepare you for such a long walk in the woods.”

“Okay, I guess I did conk out on you. But did you at least try to wake me so I could go before putting me in bed?”

“No, you were really sleeping deep, even snoring. I just figured you were too far gone to wake, even for the bathroom.”

“I don’t snore! How could you say that I do? I’m a delicate little girl, and girls don’t snore.”

“That’s what you think. If I hadn’t been a little tired myself, I could have used you to cut some more firewood. It would have gone lickety-split.”

“Mom, tell Tom to stop teasing me. He’s claiming I was snoring last night…”

“Now Barb, everyone snores a little bit when they are really tired, even us girls. Dad claims that sometimes he’s afraid I’ll shake the pictures off the walls with my snoring. I just never hear it because I’m asleep.”

We all got a good chuckle out of that and I started getting myself together to head into the bathroom so I could start my day. Mom was sitting on the couch already, and Barb said she was ready to fix some French toast for breakfast, so if I wanted any I should say so now. I never passed up French toast and asked for my usual four slices. Coffee, French toast and sausages; my kind of breakfast; we all sat down to eat our fill.

I wondered if dad had fixed himself anything to eat before he left this morning. I know he hadn’t tried to cook anything because there wasn’t a burnt smell coming from the kitchen area. He probably had his usual bowl of cereal and any fruit that was available, just like always when mom wasn’t there to fix something for him. Dad could grill over a fire with the best of them, but at a stove, he was all missed timing and burnt food.

Barb had found a note that dad left for us explaining that he had taken the left over rabbit to eat for lunch and that he planned to check on the next cabin site down before he came back at supper time. He always checked each site when we came up here since he had designed the basic cabin plan and made the blueprints to be followed by the builders. He wanted to be sure that no changes needed to be made as each of the cabin erections took place.

I told mom that we could just all hang at the cabin so we’d be there if she needed anything. She said that was fine by her, but that maybe I’d walk Barb up to the waterfall pool for some splash time later in the day. Barb said it was more important that we be here for mom than to go play in the pool.

I had an idea that I wanted to check out down at the creek right at the foot of our walkway up to the cabin. So while I was doing that, Barb would be playing her music and mom could sit and read from her tablet. My idea was that with a little work, we could clear enough of the rocks from the creek to enable us to have a small pool right there, maybe even have one deep enough for some swimming. Of course for that deep, we’d probably need to use some bursa escort kind of backhoe or bulldozer, but since dad wanted to put in a crossing and a drive partway up to the cabin, we’d be using one here eventually anyway.

I was just going to move enough rocks to see if the bottom of the creek was a flat shelf of rock all the way across, like at the waterfall. I could do that in an area that was only about a foot to a foot and a half wide to see how deep it would be also. So I pulled off my shirt and shoes and in my trunks waded in and started moving rocks. There was no rush since it was all an experiment for now. If it worked out, each cabin could have its own swimming hole in the creek without having to dig a complete swimming pool.

After about an hour up at the cabin, Barb came roaming down to see what I was doing. She told me that she had talked with mom about the camera and the pictures and that everything was cool, that I should just not mention it at all. She said mom liked the idea of separate memory cards too.

Barb actually sat on the tree-trunk bridge that dad and his buddies had built when this site was selected for the first cabin. It was made of two trees, each about 10 inches in diameter and spaced about 3 feet apart. They were anchored at each end between several large rocks to keep them in place. Cross pieces were 8 inch diameter logs cut in half, arranged with the cuts up and touching side to side, and with the ends shaped to fit over the trees and pegged down to them. The middle of the bridge was about 8 feet off the ground so the highest water levels wouldn’t touch the bottom of the trees.

I was doing my experiment about twelve feet upstream from the bridge since I knew that dad intended to put in the vehicle crossing right on the upstream side of the tree bridge. He had already ordered four ten foot long, 24 inch diameter corrugated steel culvert pipes to allow the creek to flow right through them while allowing a roadway to be built across over them.

That twelve foot wide section was a natural ford before dad and his buddies had apparently dumped on an additional ten inches or so of big gravel which brought the bottom up so that in the dry part of the year, there was only about 8 inches of water going over that ford bottom. They had done that so they could bring in a bobcat to dig the foundation hole for the cabin. The path up the hill to the cabin is where they had driven the bobcat up and down hauling in supplies to build the cabin. It would be too steep for any kind of car; the drive would loop off to the side so as to angle up the hill and form a switchback to a parking spot near the front of the cabin.

Where I was working, the creek formed a little bit of a pool already with the water being almost 4 feet deep in the middle. It was just a little shallower to the road side, maybe only 3 foot, 6 inches. I was pulling out rock on the cabin side of the creek to see if the shelf I was standing on continued sloping down slightly and reached far enough under to make clearing it off worthwhile and deep enough to actually be able to swim.

My trench was only going to cut in about four or five feet from the middle. I was throwing the rocks I was removing from the trench up above the high water mark on the cabin side as a retaining wall for when the drive was cut in and filled. I wasn’t trying to move any rocks bigger than about 50 pounds; I’d leave anything bigger than that for a backhoe or bulldozer, especially since I had to duck down into the water to grab the rocks.

My ducking into the water was making it a little difficult to carry on a conversation, but I had to stop every so often as it was hard work and there isn’t really any reason to rush. Barb was talking about trying to wade in here, but I told her the rocks were too slippery and I didn’t want both of them nursing bad ankles. I’d walk her up to the waterfall pool after we had lunch with mom; that way we could have some quiet time, or not-so-quiet time of our own, too.

I had just started back to move some more rock after asking Barb to go start fixing some lunch, when I ran into a rock too big for me to move that was about 3 feet back in the trench I was excavating. Well, looked like a good place to stop to me. I was able to see that the area behind that rock was filled with smaller rocks so it wasn’t a shallower shelf that wouldn’t be moved even with equipment. And luckily, it was the upstream end that was still buried, so when we bring in a backhoe, we should be able to move it out.

The ending shape of the pool would be almost rectangular about 12 to 15 feet wide and it would be as long as we could make it by digging for the time we would have with the equipment, maybe 25 feet or more. The bottom did appear to be one big shelf that angled slightly deeper to the cabin side of the creek, so it would be about 3 and a half feet to about 4 and a half or even 5 feet deep on the cabin edge.

I scrambled up out of the bursa escort bayan creek and picked up my shirt and shoes and headed up the hill. When I got to the porch and asked when they were going to feed me, mom and Barb told me it would be just a few more minutes. I could just sit there and they’d bring it out and we could all sit and talk while we ate.

Once they brought out the food, mom and Barb started a conversation about what we were going to do for the afternoon. Barb and I planned to just stay at the cabin in case mom needed us, but mom said that we better make the most of our afternoon. After we got the parts for the windmill tomorrow, dad was likely to keep me going until it was all hooked up including the electric appliances that dad had stored down in the basement, so it would be a couple days without much of a break.

Mom had several more books to read for this vacation and planned on getting started on the next book this afternoon while she had some peace and quiet. She said we’d be bored stiff if we just sat around all day watching her read, and she had the air horn if anything came up that required our attention. So by the time that we had finished eating and cleaning up after lunch, mom had Barb and I convinced to go up to the waterfall and splash for a while and I could take my magazines to read while Barb sunned.

I did want some more quiet time with Barb, so I only put up a token resistance before I surrendered. I hoped that my actions would fit with whatever understanding mom and Barb had going on. Barb and I really need to spend a bit more time so I understand what is going on, and how I should be acting; I didn’t want to come off like a nun in a bordello, or a whore in a church. I thought that Barb and I better start our conversation as soon as possible so when we reached the bottom of the hill and turned to head to the waterfall, I opened our talk.

“Barb, how am I supposed to act around mom and dad now? After mom telling me the other day about you two having sex talks, and since you talked with her about the pictures they took, just what am I supposed to do? I don’t want to screw this up and get us in trouble.”

“First off, Tom, you aren’t to do any ‘acting’. You just ‘react’ the same as always; you need to do the same things you’ve always done around them. If you start acting funny at all, mom would know it right away. I doubt that mom will start any more conversations with you about sex and she probably didn’t say anything to dad about talking to you about sex, so he won’t either. If for some reason she does say something, it would be reasonable for you to be reluctant to talk, just take a second to think if it is something that she has already spoken with you about, and by all means, always tell her the truth about how you feel about stuff. Just don’t bring up anything about our sex stuff.

“While I’m thinking about it, I didn’t tell mom that you’d seen the pictures, I told her that I’d found them. I figured that would be less embarrassing for her. So don’t say anything about seeing them.”

We continued walking and when we arrived at the waterfall pool, as her guardian, Barb had me cross the bridge first to check for killer rabbits and such before she’d hop down. I laid the big towel down on the rock for Barb and put her sunscreen lotion and an extra towel down beside it. I carried the rest of the pack over to the rock table and chairs that were located just in the shade. I’d stay mostly in the shade since I didn’t tan well at all. But I kept an eye on Barb as well so I wouldn’t miss anything as she peeled off her clothes and bikini to sun. I definitely didn’t want to miss when she would request help with applying the sunscreen lotion, my favorite job as her guardian while we were here on vacation.

I pulled out my magazines and proceeded to start reviewing what was in the second one. It turned out that I had unknowingly picked up a magazine dedicated to nudism. Although I’d never thought of it before, since I had never spent much time naked, I could very easily take up a nudist lifestyle if I had the chance. The freedom of not wearing clothes looked somehow right and good, and it would save me time and effort and money spent on clothes and doing laundry. Yes, that would be nice in many regards. That lifestyle only required money, and therefore a job to earn enough of it.

Barb had laid down on her back to sun first. I had barely finished looking at the listing of articles in the magazine before she got back up and walked over to stand under the falls. I had to watch her as she wiped her hands down over her body making sure that the water cooled all of her skin. My eyes just wouldn’t let me pull away and continue reading in the magazine.

That’s why I immediately saw when she made that come here signal, you know the one, where you curl in the hand, starting with the little finger, then the ring finger, then the middle and finally the pointer finger. I was up off the escort bursa seat before the middle finger started its curl. By the time I was wading across the pool, I would have been very embarrassed of the tenting of my swim trunks, except that I knew what we would be doing this afternoon, and therefore had taken them off before sitting down.

If her smile was the indicator that I thought it was, Barb was not disappointed in the view as I approached. And that was confirmed when she jumped at me, wrapping her arms over my shoulders and behind my neck, and locking herself against me by crossing her ankles behind my back. Of course, I had thrown my arms around her when she did that to be sure she didn’t fall, placing one hand on the middle of her back, and the other halfway under her butt.

She did however, allow herself to slide down slightly until her butt was touching on the top of my prick, aligning her ass crack with my erection like looking upside down at a hot dog on a bun. By pushing and pulling with her legs, she slid closer and farther away from my belly. It felt wet so there wasn’t any friction, but it wasn’t a water kind of feeling… No that was her juices that were feeling so nice on my prick.

She kept one hand behind my neck, but the other she slid down between us and caught the root of my prick and pushed herself slightly further away as she aligned her pussy with the head before sliding back tighter against me, impaling herself on my prick. I think she thought that she was wet enough and stretched enough to be able to get my prick to slide in, in one smooth motion, but she was just too tight for that to happen. She did do it in just three pulling movements but I don’t think she realized it since on the start of the third pull; she started shaking and moaning as she went into her first orgasm.

I managed to stand there through her first orgasm, but I couldn’t kiss her lips since her head was below my chin, and I couldn’t caress her tits since I was afraid to move my hands from her back or below her butt. I pressed my mouth to the top of her head and I did manage to rub her back a little and squeeze one butt cheek while the other was resting on my wrist. I dared not let myself come while we were standing like that, afraid I’d drop her or slip and fall with her ending up on the bottom when we hit.

While she started coming back around, I turned and walked us back to the towel. I sat down on the edge of her sunning rock with my feet in the pool, allowing Barb to sit on my lap until she became fully aware again. With my hands now free, I reached behind and uncrossed her ankles and lay her feet on the rock to either side of my butt. Grabbing her hips, I started to slide her back from my groin. She stopped me from sliding her any further when the tip of my prick was just about to come out of her pussy. If I tilted my head down and leaned her back and myself forward, I’d be able to kiss her on the lips. So I moved my hands from her hips and started to massage her tits, plucking at her nipples between squeezes while I kissed her several times.

Barb was trying to scoot forward to get more of my prick in her pussy and I already had my right hand tilting her chin up so I could still keep kissing her. Her head was laid back and she was looking straight up into the sky. I had to put my left hand against the top of her belly to push to hold her back or I’d lose contact with her lips; I was already scrunched as far as I could get. She was pulling with her feet behind my hips and her hands up under my arms and behind my shoulders. One of us was going to lose this push-pull war and it was going to be me since I wanted my prick buried in her also.

Finally I just kissed her lips one last time and kissed over her cheek and under her left ear and licked up her ear and nipped at the upper tip of that ear, then kissed just off the tip of her eye. I kissed the tip of her nose and then just off the tip of her other eye. I tried to nip at the top of her other ear but missed and had to settle for a kiss on her forehead before a last kiss on the top of her head as I released her chin from my grip. With my left little finger and ring finger, I caught her right nipple while I stretched my hand to catch her left nipple between the tips of my thumb and pointer fingers. I moved my now free right hand around and down her back and aligned my middle finger with her ass crack, sliding it down and under to lightly touch her little pucker. I would be able to use that hand splayed out under her ass to provide a small lifting motion to allow her to slide easier on my lap.

Barb tried so hard to lick and suck at my nipples, but with both of her nipples being pinched between my fingers, and with her pucker being pressed by the middle finger of my other hand and her clit rubbing along the top of my prick as she slid forward burying about another inch or two into her pussy, she couldn’t stop herself from starting into her second orgasm, a stronger one even than the first that had rattled her such a short time ago. Her scream was muffled as she slammed her mouth against my chest and shook as though she were enduring an 8.4 earthquake at the middle of a suspension bridge.

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