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Realtor’s Dream

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I am a realtor who specializes in high priced homes. Our office got a call on a house we have been trying to sell for almost six months. My boss gave me the name of the interested party and told me to get right on it. I normally try and investigate the buyer so I don’t waste my time trying to sell a home to someone who can’t afford it. I didn’t need to investigate this person. I knew the name.

The man was one of the dot com millionaires you read about in the news. This guy was loaded. I called his office and set up an appointment to show the house. I was waiting around six thirty pm one evening when the doorbell rang to the house. I made sure the owners were long gone. When I opened the door there stood Robert. He was more handsome than his photos. He had to be in his late twenties, tall with brown hair. He was handsome enough, that was for sure.

I invited him in and we took a tour of the house. We only looked at a few rooms when he asked if we could go back to the kitchen. I thought I had lost the sale and he wasn’t interested.

“What else is involved with the house?” He asked me.

I started to spout off all the extras that came with the home. He stopped me short.

“I mean, what will it take from you to make the sale?”

Hell, I would have given him a blow job if I could have sold this seven million dollar home. He must have read my mind. Robert’s hand went to his zipper and he pulled it down. He reached in and pulled out his cock. Well that was the first time that ever happened to me. We just stared at each other for a long moment then I kicked off my shoes. I walked over and knelt down before Robert. I took hold of his long cock and I brought it to my lips. I opened my mouth and Robert slid his cock into me.

I damn near gagged on that monster he had. Robert didn’t waste any time. He placed his hand on the back of my head and he began to face fuck me. I was gagging as he slid deep down my throat. What could I say, I wanted to taste that big rod he had in his pants. Robert’s sacs were hitting my chin as I kept my mouth open and he forced his rod down. Thankfully he pulled away after a few minutes. Robert pulled me up to my feet and he moved me over to the kitchen counter. etimesgut escort He boosted me up and pushed my skirt back.

I was shocked when Robert took hold of my nylons and panties and ripped them away. He had a wild look on his face. I have to tell you I was dripping wet right then. Robert took hold of his pecker and brought it to my pussy lips. I watched as he moved his hips forward and entered me. God, he felt enormous. I wasn’t used to an eight inch cock sliding into me. Robert didn’t waste a second. He began to pound my pussy as hard as he could. You could hear the skin meeting skin as he took me there on the counter.

I had to fight back screaming my head off. It had been awhile since my last lover and I felt tight as Robert pushed all the way into me.

“Put your arms around my neck,” he told me.

I did as he said and Robert lifted me up from the counter. Robert stood and drove his cock deep into my belly as we stood on the kitchen floor. I just held on for dear life as he gave me a fucking I wouldn’t soon forget. I guess we maybe did it for fifteen minutes or so. My pussy was going into convulsions being stretched like that. Robert dropped me onto his cock one last time and then he erupted.

I felt his warm seed go squirting deep into my belly. I do remember my body was shaking like crazy as he thrust into my pussy. We did it for a few more minutes when Robert lowered me down to the floor. I thought I might fall, my legs were shaking so badly. After he pulled out his spent dick, cum came dripping out of me. There was a pool of it that hit the floor. I told him I better go and clean up. When I got back from the bathroom Robert was fully dressed once more. I cleaned up the spunk that was still on the floor.

“Will the owners take six five?” He asked me.

Just like that he made an offer that I knew the owners would accept. I told Robert I would need to check with them and then get back to him. We walked out of the house and to our cars.

“Will you be available for dinner some night this week?” He asked.

I wondered what a young guy like him wanted with a forty-four year old real estate agent. What could I say? I told him that is would be great to have dinner sincan escort with him. Like that, Robert drove off. I got into my car and had to compose myself. I drove back to my house and got a shower and changed my clothes. I drove back to the office and told my boss it looked like we had a sale. He was happy as a clam and told me to take the rest of the day off.

I went back home and got out of my clothes. I got onto the bed and reached over for my vibrator. I couldn’t believe I was still horny after that fucking I took. I worked my vibrator all over my clitoris and I came a few more times. A couple days passed and I heard from Robert. He invited me over that evening. I went home from work and cleaned up. I drove over to the address he gave me. It wasn’t quite the home he was going to purchase. It was a small suburban home you wouldn’t think anything of.

I rang the bell and Robert opened the door. He had a bathrobe on. He asked me if I was hungry. I was hungry for just one thing. I told him no. Robert smiled and he led me to his bedroom. The bed had to be twice the size of a normal king size bed. Robert told me to get comfortable. I stripped out of my clothes and got onto the bed. Robert dropped his bathrobe to the floor and joined me. Robert didn’t waste a second. He went down on me and used his tongue to lap up and down my folds.

I felt like some old whore who needed cock. He slipped his tongue inside my folds and flicked his tongue all over. All I could think of was I needed that cock between his legs. He didn’t disappoint me. Robert pulled away and used some tissues to clean his face. He took hold of my ankles and pushed my legs back to my chest. I looked down at his raging hard-on. I soon felt Robert pushing past my folds. I just started to scream. I didn’t have to hold back there in Robert’s bed.

Robert stretched his legs out and he took me hard. There wasn’t any build up. I was feeling his big ball sacs hitting against my ass. If I could have, I would have pinched myself. Here was a young, handsome millionaire fucking the hell out of me. Robert used his cock and circled around in my pussy, stretching me wider. Robert also stopped and let me feel how big he was. I could feel his escort etimesgut dick flexing inside me. I started to orgasm. My pussy was gripping his rod as Robert pushed deep in my belly. It felt like he was hitting bottom with his cock strokes.

I am betting we fucked for well over an hour. My pussy was getting sore, but I couldn’t ask Robert to stop. Thankfully, Robert grunted a few times and exploded inside me. I think he came even more times than at the house viewing. I held on tight, gripping his huge rod as Robert flooded me with his seed once more. Robert didn’t stop stroking me as he came. He kept pumping his thick cock into me and I just lost it. When Robert finally stopped my body was shaking from the fucking I had just taken.

Robert finished me off by keeping his cock inside me and leaning down to bite on my nipples. I cried out and had a few more small orgasms. Robert did finally get soft and he pulled out of me. I felt like a wet rag. I could barely move. Robert got off of me and lay down next to me. We ended things with some passionate kisses.

“I have extra rooms at my new house. Would you consider moving in with me?”

My head was spinning. What did this rich guy want with a real estate agent. I had to be fifteen years older than him.

“Why do you want me?” I had to ask.

“You are the best lover I have had in a long time. I thought you might be interested in me.”

You know I wanted to say yes. I wanted him so bad. I told Robert that it was a big step for me and I would like to think about it some. I think he was let down, but he didn’t say so. I did end up staying the night with Robert. You can guess what followed. That man was a sexual Superman. I took his cock in my mouth and made him hard again. I then mounted Robert and he pushed me down onto his cock.

Robert fed me his thick dick again and again. I lost count how many orgasms I had that night. Robert did manage to shoot more cum into my pussy. I wondered where it all came from. I woke up early the next morning and got cleaned up. I dressed and Robert showed me to the door.

“Think about my offer,” he said.

The only thing I had to think about was if I could take Robert’s cock for a long period of time. I felt wiped out from a night’s worth of lovemaking. I am now at the office and I can only think of one thing. I know Robert will be fucking me again very shortly. I just have to decide whether I move in with him or not.

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