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Reese and David: Proposal Time Ch. 02

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(This is the final installment of the ‘Tuition Time’ and ‘Reese and David’ series, the conclusion of a two-parter. I hope you enjoy the culminating adventure between an older woman and her younger lover.)

It was down to a week before the wedding.

Vi and I were heading out to meet with friends for dinner. It was to take the place of my bachelorette party as yes, I’d put my foot down saying a forty-two year old bride did not need one. All that foolishness was for younger girls I told my little sister. I had been ‘around the block’ several times over and didn’t need to raise a ruckus before entering into a lifetime commitment with the man I loved.

As Vi drove along she harangued me for the hundredth time with another raunchy story of her and Mike doing it in the backyard. She talked on and on until I looked out the window and realized we were certainly in the wrong part of town for the quaint Italian restaurant I had selected for my special ‘last meal’ as a single lady.

“Are you lost? The restaurant is on Nelsen Avenue. This isn’t the way.”

“Change of plans. Just sit back and shut up.” Vi looked straight ahead but I could see that devilish grin on her face.

“I specifically selected that restaurant. I want…” At that moment we turned into a parking lot and I leaned forward in my seat. “What’s this? This certainly isn’t a restaurant.”

We pulled up to the swanky new hotel which just opened a few months earlier.

“Well, actually they do have a couple of nice restaurants here.” Vi stated as she pulled to a stop, shut off the engine and turned to me. “I know you said you didn’t want a bachelorette party, but well, you got overruled by a bunch of horny housewives that would feel cheated if you didn’t give us the opportunity to send you off in traditional style. So you are just going to enjoy it whether you want to or not.”

“No, I told you I was not going to have a party? Besides, this place is too classy, and…” Vi had gotten out of the car and slammed the door shut before I could finish my rebuke. She wasn’t waiting on me either, as she walked right on and entered the hotel with the uniformed doorman holding open the door for her.

“Crap!” I exclaimed to no one but myself.

I knew could sit there in the car and pout or follow Violet on into the hotel and take whatever surprise was in store for me. Of course, I’d be sitting there all night if I didn’t go in as I knew my sister well enough to know she’d just let me sit out there all by my lonesome.

I heavily sighed, said ‘Crap!’ one more time and with purse clutched tightly, in some sort of defiance, I walked on up to the hotel entrance and the smiling doorman.

“Good evening, madam. Welcome.” He waved his white gloved hand for me to enter.

“Uh, thank you. Thank you very much.” I swear I felt like I curtsied as I passed by him, it just seemed the proper thing to do going into a hotel the likes I’d never been in before.

I spotted Vi up at the counter already.

“Yes, that’s our group,” I heard her say as I walked up behind her. “I would like another cardkey just in case, please.”

“Yes, ma’am, certainly.” The young man turned to the back of his work area.

“So, just what are you up to little sis?” I came up and elbowed her from behind.

Vi jutted her backside into my hip. “Just never you mind. This is our treat to you, so just shut up and enjoy.”

“Well, first, if you keep telling to shut up I’m not sure how enjoyable it’s going to be. Second what the heck are you getting a room for? I’m not planning on staying here tonight.” I looked at her and then around the opulent lobby. The décor was not just fantastically new but it looked so extravagant I just knew even the tiniest of rooms here would cost an arm and a leg.

“We shall see. The night is early yet.” She spoke without looking at me, but I could see the one upturned corner of her mouth from the side and knew she was smiling big time. Vi was surely up to something she knew I was not going to be happy with.

The desk clerk came back around, smiling broadly and handed Vi a cardkey. “There you are Miss, the special card to the Penthouse Suite. The elevators are just down the hallway. You’ll put that cardkey in the specially designated slot on the right and it will take you all the way to the top.” With that last statement, the man looked over and gave me a very interesting look and then a somewhat knowing nod to my sister.

“Okay let’s go!” Vi hooked my arm and with a bit of whiplash she started practically dragging me along.

“Penthouse suite! What the heck is going on here?” I said a bit louder than I should have, but I was a bit perturbed about this whole secrecy thing, let alone the dollars signs I was seeing with a room called the ‘Penthouse Suite’.

“Shhh, for the tenth time will you.” She said as she nearly jerked me into the elevator.


“Shush I said!” Vi was almost getting too ornery for her own good or at least for my patience anyway.

But escort sincan I gave up for the moment and let her be until we arrived at the top floor and the elevator opened. When it did, before I could engage her in an argument again, I almost lost my breath. I looked out onto the most extensive and luxurious room I’d ever seen. To call it a suite was an understatement. Just from taking a few steps inside it already looked to be larger than most normal apartments. There was even a full sized kitchen off to the right side!

Vi ushered me on in and almost immediately out of every nook and cranny of the place came women screaming.


I was so startled I grabbed Vi for support before I fell back into the ornate foyer table. Vi had to act fast and catch the expensive looking lamp before it fell over. With that, as a group all the women came rushing forward and crowded around us. One by one, they kissed and hugged me. There was Mac, Jenna, Dee, Shellie and Amanda. It was the whole crew. All the ‘horny housewives’ as Vi had put it. Mac was a divorcee with two children, but she did have a serious new man. And Amanda, well, Amanda was the lesbian of our group. She may not have been an actual housewife, but she was not any less horny than the rest of them.

These were the same ladies that were supposed to be sitting down to a nice quiet dinner at one of my favorite restaurants just on the other edge of town. Instead we were in a swanky suite in the middle of downtown that was probably bigger than the restaurant!

After cheek smooches from Amanda, Jenna, Shellie and a huge squeeze by the littlest of the bunch, Dee, Mac came up to me and laid a wet one on my lips. It took me by surprise a bit, but to be honest it quickly brought back some incredible memories between the two of us when we were both sans men for a while.

She eased back then whispered in my ear. “Just so you know, your sister made us all swear to absolute secrecy about this whole affair. It’s all her fault if you don’t have a good time, but all the rest of ours if you do.” With that she stuck her pointed tongue into my ear and gave it a little swish.

“Oh thank you!” I shivered and then we hugged some more.

“So here she is,” Jenna announced as I walked on in to see my friends all now standing with drinks in hand, “the blushing bride to be!”

“I really don’t think I’m up for this…” I said aloud, then licked my lips trying to think of what to else say, when my sister came up behind me and smacked my backside.

“Sorry, but you’re not bailing on us, sis. This is your party. Jenna got her hubby to pull a few strings to get us a deal on this place, so you’re stuck with it!” She took a drink that Amanda handed her and turned back to me. “Besides, it’s our one fair chance to see naked men, other than our own husbands.”

“What?” My head shot up and I glared at her. “No, no way. No strippers. I refuse to…”

“Okay, okay no strippers!” Vi raised both hands above her head, drink in one, as if to surrender.

The room got completely quiet and the rest of the women looked at my sister with questioning looks.

It was Shellie that raised her glass and broke the silence. “We’ll just all get drunk and one or maybe all of us will do a striptease then. How about that?”

Amanda immediately jumped up, raising her glass high. “I’m down with that!”

“Yeah you would be, you dyke.” Mac sniped.

“Hey, that’s no way to talk to the sexy lezy of our bunch.” Dee leaned over and puckered up in front of Amanda’s face. “I think you are very sexy Mandy. Mmmmmwwwwhhhaa!”

Then the two proceeded to alternate kissing one another’s cheeks before locking lips for a brief moment. Then breaking their embrace to toss the rest of their drinks back, they finally jumped up and down giggling like school girls.

“It might be time to cut you two off already.” I offered up.

The teasing and playing went on for about an hour before I realized had to go to the bathroom.

“I shall be back, ladies. Time to relieve some of the soft drink I’ve consumed already.” I stood and walked toward the hallway in search of one of what I was sure were multiple bathrooms in that place.

As I went I heard the loud voice of Jenna back in the living room. “I can’t believe we aren’t going to get Reese drunk at her own party. Just doesn’t seem right.”

“I know, I know.” I heard Vi add. “But you know her well enough. After the second drink she’d probably be sleeping on the couch, then what good would it be for our surprise later?”

Ha! There was another surprise. Maybe I should have just sat alone out in Vi’s car after all.

I finally found a bathroom; if you could call it just a bathroom…this one was absolutely incredible! There wasn’t just one sink, not even two, there were three huge sinks and the mirror was the length of my entire bedroom at home. I almost felt self-conscious sitting to do my tinkling business. When it came time to wash my ankara escort hands, I felt worse, thinking I’d mess up such a beautiful bathroom. I gently wiped my hands on the plushest hand towels I’d ever held when the door opened and in came Mac.

“Sorry, but I really have to go, too.” She did a little dance toward the separate little toilet room. “Don’t go though. I need to talk to you.” With that she closed the door and I could hear the trickle before I swear she could have had time to sit down. The most relieved sounding sigh came through the door.

I looked at myself and grinned in the mirror as I touched up my face and hair while I waited.

Finally the flush and Mac came out with her skirt still bunched at her waist as she fought to straighten her panties.

“Uh, you need a little help there?” I teased.

“Funny, but you know not much more than a year ago, you would have been taking these off me.” Mac finally got her underwear back in place and smoothed her skirt down before she came over to wash her hands. “Those were some hot times weren’t they, back when we were together.”

“They really were, dear, they really were. And if David hadn’t come along I’m not sure if you and I wouldn’t still be together.” I walked up and touched her forearm. It was true. I still had a soft spot for my former lover and best friend.

“Yes, but I also have a good man myself in George. Oh, and I’m expecting to get proposed to before very long.”


“His brother let something slip about him being to a jewelers a couple weeks ago.”

“Oh Mac! Yes, congratulations!” I hugged her as she finished drying her hands.

“Yes, George has been a dream come true. He loves the kids and they love him. Plus, George makes hubby number one seem like a bumbling teenager when it comes to time in the sack. Oh my, he’s got talents.” She feigned a mighty swoon as she went limp in my arms.

“You naughty girl! But good for you.” I pecked her on the cheek and hugged her tight before letting her go finally. “Of course, my David has the brass ring for me when it comes to making sweet love. Mmm-mmm-mmm.” I hugged myself.

“Well, if you remember me telling you that first weekend you and lover boy were together I knew it was meant to be?”

“Yea, I remember.”

“I also said every time he was doing something to me, when the three of us played together early on, he was always watching you. He may have had a little fun with me, but he truly made love to you.” She took my hands. “David really did come along at the perfect time for you.”

“He did, didn’t he?” I smiled inside and out.

“One day I plan to be a happily married woman, but for now I’ll enjoy seeing that bride-to-be love in your eyes.”

“Thank you dear.” I squeezed her hands. “It’s does feel like he’s always been waiting for me. I feel him in my heart and it feels so right. I want David and I want to be with him forever.”

“And so you shall, my dear, so you shall.” She grabbed me, hugged me tighter still and started crying. “And I am so very happy for you.”

“And me for you.”

We balled for a bit longer then made ourselves back up, before walking back out to the party where were immediately handed fresh drinks. Before I got mine even close to my mouth for a sip I could smell the alcohol.

“Hey, I think I got someone else’s drink.”

“No,” Jenna came over. “That was made special just for you, enough booze to taste but not enough to put you out. We all know the lightweight you are.”

I chuckled at the obvious and then lifted the drink to my nose. “Sure smells pretty strong.”

“Trust me.” Jenna said before she took a good slug of her own drink.

“Normally I would, but…”

“Shut up and drink Ree!” Vi called from across the expansive room.

I turned my gaze toward her and gave her my evil eye. “If you don’t stop telling me to shut up…”

“What? You and who else is going to do something about it?”

Before I could reply Amanda jumped up in front of my sister. “I’ll oblige Reese and give her a hand or anything else you want me to.” And with that she raised her hand and caressed Vi’s cheek as she gave her a very hot look.

“Uh, oh, okay.” Vi responded. “Reese, I’m going to be busy for a while so do what you want.” I watched as my sister grabbed Amanda and the two of them embraced and groped one another playfully.

All the other girls hooted and hollered egging them on.

I shook my head and sipped my drink, which really wasn’t so strong after all.

And so the party went on. The only problem was it appeared most of the girls were all getting too nicely drunk to do much of anything. So I figured I was probably off the hook for something really awful happening. Most of the girls would probably pass out and they could make use of the suite for the night. I could go on home and be with my lover.

It was then Vi jumped up and announced, “Okay ladies, time for our guest of honor to open her gifts.”

With that, Shellie etimesgut escort bayan bounded into the kitchen and came back pushing a serving cart stacked with wrapped boxes and packages.

“Oh my,” I put my hands to my face feigning surprise. “All for me?”

This surprise I could handle.

“Mine first!” Dee somewhat tripped trying to get around the cocktail table in her quest to get to the cart. She grabbed a pink box and literally ran it over to me. “Something to make sure once you’ve got him he doesn’t change his mind and run away.”

“Hmmm, some extra sexy lingerie I suppose.” I commented as I ripped on the paper and opened the box. Inside, I found two pairs of fuzzy handcuffs, one pair pink the other blue.

“Of course,” Dee added, “you may also find some other illicit ways to use those.”

A clatter of giggles and high-fives ensued all around.

“Mine next.” Shellie tossed a soft package at me. “These will hopefully get some use. Then again, knowing you they’ll likely just go to waste.”

“Now, why would you say something like that?” I said as I ripped the paper open and out spilled several pairs of panties, in the wildest colors and patterns I’d ever seen.

“Being you don’t often wear any. After I’d bought them I figured I had wasted my money,” Shellie fell back on the couch and took a good swallow from her glass.

“I will have you know I wear underwear every day to school.”

“Yes, I’m sure you do, but how many others times do you?” Dee asked.

“Yes, in fact, I bet you aren’t wearing any right now.” Shellie added.

“Oh, maybe I should check.” Amanda jumped up off the love seat and started to make her way to me.

“Oh no, not you,” Vi stuck her leg out and almost made Amanda take a forward tumble. “I think I can be certain for all of us she doesn’t have any unders on.” She winked at me.

“You got me ladies, I’m bared bottomed tonight, as usual.” I wiggled in my seat to give them a little show.

“Okay, okay. Anyway,” Shellie sat back up, waving her empty glass, “check out the green pair with pink stripes.”

I fingered through the half dozen or so flimsy undies and found the suspect pair. Holding them up, I didn’t at first see anything special. But the girls on the other side of the room all started pointing and laughing. When I turned the panties around, I saw the reason…they were crotchless!

“You can wear those, when you want to feel open and free to do whatever it is you do when you walk around bare ass under your skirt.” Shellie called back as she was over refilling her drink.

“Yeah, now David won’t have to wait for you to drop your drawers when you come home from work.” Jenna added. “He can just flip up our skirt, bend you over and ram that big hard rod right on in through that hole in your panties!”

With that she stood and started thrusting her hips, obviously trying to pretend to be David.

“Oh wait!” Dee yelled out and ran over in front of Jenna, stuck her butt up and Jenna proceeded to thrust up against her. Dee moaned and groaned, calling out, “Oh yes, give it to me David. Give me that big hard cock of yours!”

“Yeah, girl, give me that pussy!” Jenna lowered her voice trying to make it sound more like a man as she thrust harder, so hard she ended up bumping poor Dee almost head over heels onto the plush carpet.

“You girls are going to hurt yourselves.” I called to them, trying not to laugh, so as to give in to their sophomore antics.

I couldn’t help it though and belly laughed with the rest of them.

By the time I had just about finished opening gifts I had an assortment of incredibly hot and sexy panties, two sets of massage oils, as well as a few very nice, yet still extremely sexy outfits I could pack for my honeymoon. Oh yes, I also got a new very pleasurable-looking vibrator, from Jenna, which I told her and the other girls I would have no need for anymore with David around. Of course I got more ribbing for that comment along with another crude display of a mock sexual act, this time between Shellie and Dee.

Finally, I got to the last gift and proceeded to open it to an immediate new round of hoots and hollers. I didn’t recognize what they were at first, but they reminded me of a variety of multi-colored lollipops. Then I saw the writing on the package…

They were multi-colored, multi-textured condoms!

At first I gasped, then quickly I thought of a way to work the gag back on them. “My, what a waste these will be too!” I held up the package and shook my head. “They just don’t make condoms big enough for my man.” With that I reached over, grabbed the new vibrator and stuck it between my legs. I jumped up and one by one went to hump it front of each of the girls’ faces. Of course, guess who stepped right up and did me one better? Dee, our petite little ball of fire, grabbed hold of the vibrator still between my legs and gave it a very realistic and noisy blowjob. I couldn’t help but go along and feigned being David and gave my deep male voice a try, “Yeah, baby, suck my big cock. Get that pretty little mouth around this thing. More than a mouthful, huh?” I thrust it at her a couple times.

Dee took a lot more of it than I thought she could.

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