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Rekindling Old Passions Pt. 06-07

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The Morning After

When Clara woke up she would have thought what happened last night was all a dream if she didn’t feel a little sore in her pussy. Clara was stretched roughly by her husband’s big hand. She had thought for a minute he would shove his whole fist in her.

Her husband frightened her last night with his animalistic behavior. He also extremely aroused her. She felt used and to her surprise she liked it.

Clara hoped they could move pass her indiscretion. She kicked herself for letting things get so far with Preston. At first she thought it was harmless to enjoy the much younger man’s compliments.

Her downfall was when they were paired into a group assignment. They had a reason to exchange numbers but quickly much of their correspondence had nothing to do with class.

She loves Matt with all her being but for quite some time now she missed the days Matt would be romantic and give her compliments. She should have been honest with him told her how she felt. Told him she needed to be seduced sometimes.

Though how he treated her last night was far from wooing yet she still got wet at the memory of it. Matt never acted mean to her before. He certainly was mean last night. He looked sexy being mean. Matt taking what he wanted suited him Clara thought. When Matt ripped her shirt she had felt so wanted. Like he needed her so bad he couldn’t control himself.

They were both still nude when they fell asleep last night. Clara had hoped they would talk and was disappointed when she found Matt snoring a bit when she came out of the bathroom. It was probably for the best. She had been tired too. So tired she crawled into bed without putting something to sleep on. She was fast asleep within minutes.

Clara needed coffee. She grabbed her blue silk robe and went to brush her teeth before heading downstairs. When she was fixing her coffee she heard Matt coming down the stairs.

She turned to see Matt who still looked sleepy with his hair a little messed up. He was wearing a grey t shirt and a pair of red and grey boxers.

Their eyes met and then Matt hesitantly said, “Good morning.”

“Morning.” Clara went to sit at the kitchen table while Matt poured himself a cup of coffee. He sat down at the table across from Clara and they sat in silence sipping their coffee.

“I guess you slept well last night.” Clara said trying to break the tension.

“Yeah. Well I guess I was really beat.” Matt continued, “We should talk. About last night. About everything.” Matt paused then said, “Are you alright?”

“I’m ok. A little sore.” The eyes staring back at her were the eyes she recognized. Blue pools of love and concern. “I’m kinda disturbed and…surprised that…I liked it. You scared me at first and to be honest I was scared of you even when I liked what you were doing to me.”

“Fuck..I,” Matt got instantly hard at the thought of his wife liking her rough treatment from the night before. He looked at her and thought she looked incredibly fuckable with her hair down falling below her shoulder and in that little blue silk robe. He wanted to sincan escort pull it off her and find out if she had on anything underneath it. The rational side of him told him that he needs to talk to his wife. “I don’t understand how you have been so reserved with me for quite some time now and yet you were ready to do all sorts of things with this kid. Things you hadn’t done with me or wouldn’t do with me.”

“I know. Maybe I was all talk and braver because I never planned on actually taking it further than talking. Or maybe because we’ve been together so long I’m starting to get curious. Also yes I know you still want sex from me but I was missing feeling desired. Here comes a good looking young man who could easily have someone his own age but he chooses to chase me. Give me compliments. You are still so attractive to me but if it’s been a long day and you out of nowhere pull down your pants that doesn’t necessarily mean I am dying to gobble up your cock.”

Matt felt like a bit of an ass. Maybe he had been taking her for granted. “Shit, babe, I’m sorry. I guess I’ve been a bit of an ass. Still you should have talked to me first. I’m not a mind reader.”

“I know.” Clara reached to touch her husband’s hand.

“I want to move forward. It’s going to take some time to fully trust you again. First thing you got to do is block this guy from your phone.”

“Of course. Already done.” Clara was quick to answer.

That was the easy request. Matt was thinking how to put his other criteria for moving on. It was unconventional way to solve a marriage problem. “I fantasize sometimes. About you with other men.”

“Oh.” Clara wasn’t sure where this was going.

“If you would have said you had interest in this kid, I may have been open to it. It’s the sneaking around I have a problem with. Also I had been wanting to broach the topic of opening up the relationship.” Matt took another sip of his coffee. Clara was silent but her brown eyes were open wide in surprise. “I was thinking about it because I thought maybe you didn’t like sex. I thought maybe this would be a win win for the both of us. Now I see that’s not the case. It’s because I haven’t been obvious with how much I still want you. Do you trust me, Clara?”

“Of course.” Clara squeezed his hand tighter.

“I need you to prove you trust me and that at the end of the day I want you to know, and show me you know, who you belong to. Not for forever but for now I don’t want you to say ‘no’ to me. Ever”

“What?” Even though Clara was confused she couldn’t help but feel herself get wet. Her husband’s blue eyes were turning a little cold like they were last night.

“In the bedroom. I want you to be open to things. I want to try anal sex with you and other things. Trust me that I won’t hurt you” Unless she wanted him too, Matt thought but didn’t say. “I’ll be better in letting you know how much I still want you but sometimes I’ll be using one of your holes like it’s my toy.” Matt’s penis started to get hard again. “Also I’ve realized there are things I want to explore but I don’t want to do it without you.” ankara escort Matt hesitated a bit due to being nervous telling Clara about his personal revelation, “I think I’m bisexual and I want to explore that. I don’t want to have sex with anyone. I want to have sex with Trent.”

Clara couldn’t say she was surprised. Thinking about her husband being with his beautiful young friend seemed to burn a fire inside her.


“…..I want to have sex with Trent.” Matt stopped talking to try to gauge Clara’s reaction to his admission.

Clara had always kid that Matt had a man crush. Sometimes when Trent was over she would look at them talking and laughing and she could have sworn there was a chemistry there. She had even jokingly said to Matt , after one of Trent’s visits, if he was a woman she would be really jealous of him.

Sometimes she thought she caught Trent looking at her chest sometimes when he was over for dinner and she would feel a shiver of excitement shoot up her spine. She would then tell herself she probably imagined it. No way this gorgeous blonde haired young god could be interested in his coworker’s 35 year old wife. Not that she would do anything about it anyway.

Trent made quite the impression on all of the wives the first time he had gone to their house for a barbecue. She had invited him after meeting him at the company picnic. When he spoke it was like he put a trance on all the woman there. They were all ears whenever he opened his mouth and they gazed at him like he was saying the most interesting words to ever be uttered. Now that she looked back on it Matt had acted the same.

She liked Trent. He was very affable in addition to being easy on the eyes. Could she handle Matt having sex with him? All those years ago she had first been apprehensive letting Matt and Alyssa touch each other but as they explored more Clara found herself at night pleasing herself to fantasies of her best friend and boyfriend being together.

“I also have another confession to make.” Again Matt thought he had to choose his words carefully. “When I left I went over Trent’s and I kissed him then he started to go down on me but I stopped him” Matt braced himself for Clara to be upset.

“I’m not mad,” even Clara was surprised of how unaffected she was by this admission. Well that’s not entirely true. She didn’t feel jealousy but she felt the need to rub her legs together, “I understand. I pushed you into someone else’s arms. Thank you for being honest.” Clara smiled and moved to the chair closer to Matt and put her hand on his cheek. “You were supportive of me exploring my sexuality all those years ago. I want to be supportive to you. I want to win back your trust. I want to show you that you can depend on me.”

Matt felt overwhelmed by how much he loved this woman and kissed her with so much need. He reluctantly broke away because they still had more talking to do.

“Do you want me to have sex with him?”

“I would like that eventually but I think we should ease into that. I don’t even know if he’ll want to explore this with me. I know etimegut escort he is attracted to me but…I don’t know,” Matt placed a kiss on top of Clara’s cute little nose. “I would also have to maybe go slow myself.”

“When you say I’m not supposed to say ‘no’ what does that mean?”

Matt took one hand and kissed her knuckles. “Basically I want to own your body. I guess it’s sort of like a dominate thing. If I tell you to bend over or get on your knees I want you to do it no questions asked. I don’t want you to come without my permission.” Clara moved her hand to Matt’s chest and started to slide it down passed his stomach feeling his abs and then to under his boxers to grab that massive hardon he was sporting. “I want to tell you what to wear sometimes. If Chloe is around or we’re with family and friends, of course I won’t be inappropriate but when we’re alone, in our bedroom, or somewhere it is appropriate I want you to be prepared to be used like a slut…oh fuck.” Matt was distracted by the skilled handjob he was getting from his wife.

“You want me to be a slut for you now?” Matt reached down to feel the wetness pooling at his wife’s center. “You have me so wet.”

Matt couldn’t take it anymore. If they had more talking to do, it could wait for later. He pulled Clara with him as he stood up. He opened his wife’s robe excited to see she hadn’t had anything on underneath it. He bent down to kiss her roughly and then turned and bent her over the table. His thrust went into her fast and hard. He pounded into her like a jackhammer.

“Fuck. You are being such a good little slut.” Clara was moaning underneath him. “Don’t forget you aren’t allowed to come until I say you can come.” Matt was pushing as deep as he could go. The sounds of his body slamming into her body adding to his fire. He reached around and rubbed her swollen clit. “Whose pussy am I fucking?”

“Yours. It’s your pussy.” Clara was seeing stars. “May…I…c..come.”

“No.” Clara whimpered at not being given permission. “I’m not done with your cunt yet. Fuck you think I don’t desire you? After all these years…and being in your cunt is still…my favorite place to be.”

“Please!” Clara was almost crying.

Matt wasn’t going to last much longer either but he wanted to play this out a little longer. “I could stick my dick in younger pussy anytime I want but they wouldn’t be as hot as this hole right here…shit….you are still tight…fuck…ok..you can coooome” Matt’s orgasm hit him with the force of a bulldozer.

At the same time Clara had a body shaking orgasm. Juices spilled out of her cunt and she made a puddle on the floor.

They both were breathing heavy and Matt was gradually slowing his pushing in and out of Clara until her orgasm seemed to cease. “Wow. Fuck. You squirted.” He pulled out of her but he didn’t move away so he could look down to admire his cum and her juices dripping from her sex down her legs to the wetness that gathered on the floor.

Clara felt a little embarrassed, “Sorry.”

Matt laughed. “What for? That was fucking hot.” Matt mentally patted himself on the back for pleasing his wife so much.

“I’ll clean this up.” Matt backed away so Clara could straighten up and take care of the mess she made.

“Oh by the way Trent is coming over for dinner.”

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