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Remember When Ch. 03

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Thanks luvtaread for editing.


“As you might recall.” Brandon began the next night, “Mel and I had a conference in Dallas a few months after I took that new job at her company. It was all pretty routine for us until the last night…”

Brandon sat at the table full of his coworkers when one of the Vice-Presidents, who had come along and was in charge of the trip so to speak, called for everyone’s attention.

“Well team I hope you all learned a lot this week, we will be counting on you to lead us forward in the coming months. That said I’m sure some of you are rather anxious to get home so as soon as you are finished here you are free to head back home.” Brandon nodded and smiled to himself thinking of Ashley, Katy, and his kids and wanting to get back to them. “Oh, except for you Metcalf. Murphy and I need to speak with you before you leave.” Brandon was baffled at what his boss wanted but he finished his meal and afterwards he met with Mel and the VP.

“Brandon, so glad you could join us. Sorry about making you nervous like that but we need you to stay a day more. Mel here is closing in on an important client and we’d both feel better if she had someone with direct knowledge of the software. Since you designed it I see no reason why you should not represent us in this matter.” Brandon agreed and the VP stood saying, “Wonderful, I’ll let you two work out the details. As for tomorrow don’t worry about it, you both get it off. Unfortunately though with another conference coming in tonight we were unable to extend your stay in your rooms, or get new separate rooms for you. It seems you’ll have to share, but as you’re both happily involved, I doubt we’ll have any trouble. “

With that the VP left and Brandon immediately asked, “Okay Mel what is this all about?”

“Well as Bill said I am close to getting a new big client here in Dallas that Andy set me up with. I asked for a little help closing and Bill and I both agreed that you were the best man for the job.” Brandon just stared at her and she said, “Oh come on Brandon it’s a day off and a huge opportunity for both of us and I’m not just talking about professionally.”

“Does sincan escort that mean what I think it does?”

“Yes, Brandon it does. Officially we are staying to make the pitch tomorrow but unofficially…”

“We’ll be on a date of sorts.”

“Yes, I don’t think you and I have been on one and I think it would be fun.” Brandon went to reply and Mel said, “Before you ask of course Katy and Ashley know and they think it’s a great idea as well. In fact they both told me to tell you to give me the star treatment tonight or else.” Brandon raised an eyebrow at this.

“Well then it seems we have a date Mel. Although on that note I am at a slight disadvantage, I don’t really know the town well.”

“Don’t worry about that Brandon I do and lets just say you’re not the only one they had instructions for.”

“Well,” Brandon said with a smiled, “If I didn’t know better I’d say our wives were trying to set us up wouldn’t you?”

“As if it would be the first time?” Mel asked in response and both smiled seemingly remembering their first time together.

Both left the restaurant and headed for the hotel where they rechecked in they both sat down in their room to prepare for the meeting the next day. Mel ran through her presentation for Brandon and after a few tweaks from both they were satisfied with the finished product.

As evening approached Brandon showered and changed before going over the software that Mel was pitching tomorrow in anticipation of questions from the potential buyer. When he was finished Mel was clearly still getting ready so he went downstairs to the bar downstairs to wait for her.

As he waited Brandon remembered sitting here the previous night listening to some of his co-workers call Mel an ice queen, but he knew that everyone of them considered her a milf and would do her in a second. Brandon just chuckled to himself. It was childish and he knew it, but something made him proud to be the one that could get in Mel’s panties virtually any time he wanted. To know that her child was also his gave him a feeling he could not describe, no matter the cost of their arrangement. Brandon was shaken ankara escort out of these thoughts by his stunning companion for the evening.

Mel had certainly dressed for the occasion. The dress she wore made her look sexy, but in a hot mom out on the town kind of way. The effect took Brandon’s breath away as she asked if he was ready. When he had composed himself they left and headed for an up scale steakhouse where they enjoyed each other’s company on what really was the first time the pair had ever had an evening just to themselves.

One odd thing that Brandon was still getting used to was Mel occasionally admiring the young waiters around her. The idea of Mel admiring any man was still odd to all of them.

“Mel,” Brandon said quietly as he caught her admiring their waiter.

“Sorry,” Mel said blushing a bit. “It’s just…”

“I understand, but as your date for the evening…”

“I know,” she said cutting him off, “It’s just it’s such an odd feeling. After my breakthrough last month it’s as if this whole new side of me has awakened and is making up for lost time. I mean man hasn’t gotten me hot for god knows how long.”

“Well I hope that’s not entirely true.” Brandon said.

“Of course not,” Mel said seemingly realizing her mistake. “But, you’re different baby, we have history and a daughter together. Of course you make me hot, but it’s just you used to be the only one and now…Not that I’d act upon it of course.”

Brandon nodded his understanding and they discussed her breakthrough more before changing topics. When dinner was finished they headed back to the hotel. When they reached it they both had only one thing on their minds. Even though the presentation was early the next morning both ravenously began kissing each other.

Mel broke the kiss and said, “I have a surprise baby why don’t you get out of those clothes and wait here?”

Brandon complied and after removing his clothes lay on the bed awaiting Mel. He was rewarded moments later when she came out wearing black lace lingerie and walked provocatively toward the bed. When she reached the side she leapt on to it and the sexual frenzy began. etimegut escort After several minutes of kissing and caressing Brandon was shoving his hard shaft into her waiting pussy.

Driven by lust it did not take both long to cum. This however stopped neither of them and they simply slowed down and let deeper feeling drive them on. Free of the influence of Missy for the first time since they met Brandon felt it as Mel truly gave herself fully to him. They went on like that for hours before both came together and collapsed into a pleasure induced sleep.

“….Of course the next morning we rocked the presentation.” Brandon said to his audience, “But that night together was certainly quite memorable.”

“Of course that presentation was important too. As that was one of the reasons I was so sure Phoenix could work I knew I had a competent partner that could really help move the product if need be.” Mel said.

“Yeah and I forgot about that time when you were checking out every cute guy that passed you back then. Funny thing after that trip you didn’t do it as much.” Katy said smiling.

“Yeah well let’s just say that I found, or rather rediscovered, my man that night. After that trip I needed no other man, Brandon was it.” Mel said.

“Which, explains why you also started to wear a lot of jewelry with aquamarine in it. Just like your dear wife had pretty much since Brandon’s trip to Boston.” Ashley said.

“Wait you two did that for me?” Brandon asked a little surprised.

“Of course baby, it is your birthstone after all. We were unofficially marking ourselves as yours.” Katy said.

“We originally did the same when we were dating I would wear opals for Katy and she would wear turquoise for me. Of course once we got married we stopped. The aquamarine thing seemed a bit odd since we had living reminders of our feelings for you in Kara and Leah but it seemed fitting all the same.”

“Well ladies I have to say I’m touched, really that’s pretty cool.” Then after a pause he added, “I am curious though hearing about your dating life how was it you two exactly got together?”

“Brandon you already know that story we’ve told it a hundred times.”

“Yes,” Ashley said, “But I think he mean the sexual part. I don’t think he and I have ever heard that particular story.”

“Well,” Katy said, “I dare say you shall hear it tomorrow.”

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