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Rites of Passage Ch. 02

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It has been several months since I leant of the right of passage celebrated by my family; mum and I haven’t spoken of the night other then brief discussions with mum, dad and myself shortly after the night. I can’t stop thinking about it. The thrill of having sex with an older woman is great, but add to that the fact that it is taboo and I still am filled with images from the night that I have masturbated to more times then I can count.

I would love to have a repeat night with mum, I think I am a better lover now then I was then, I have had more sexual experience and am able to sustain an sexual contact for longer before unloading, I’ve also discovered how to eat a pussy, I would love nothing more then to go down on mum and suck her pussy and lick her clit, but since she hasn’t brought it up I’ve resorted to simple masturbation or day dreaming of her while I am fucking my girlfriend. The thought has crossed my mind to tell her what I am thinking of, but that can only lead to tears and why fuck with a good thing?

Our world was thrown into chaos one morning when mum and dad called both Jo and I to have a family meeting, Jo and I walked into the kitchen not sure what to expect, the sight of tears rolling down mums face only meant bad news.

“I don’t know how to say this any other way kids,” dad spoke in a monotone voice

“I’ve been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, I’ve been given little more then 3 months,” tears rolled down his cheeks as he spoke.

All 4 of us sat in complete silence expect the sounds of sniffling as all of us sobbed, trying to comprehend what was happening. I don’t really remember what happened for the rest of that day, I draw a blank when looking back.

One of the last conversations I had with dad was about the ‘family tradition’ and how it must continue, I thought dad was a complete fool for wasting time on talking about the tradition but also enjoyed spending time alone with him and would have talked about anything with him. We must have talked for three or four solid hours before I left him to get some sleep, within the next week he had passed, it had been six months since he told us of the cancer, dad ensured he sucked as much out of life as he could.

On Jo’s 21st birthday, mum slipped in a DVD for us to watch, we all started to tear up as an image of dad appeared on the TV.

“Jo, happy birthday dear, I’m sorry I can’t be there physically, but I am with you in spirit,” dad spoke

Dad went on to explain the family tradition to Jo, she simply looked around at both mum and I as dad explained his personal experience much as he had done for me, dad also spoke about the night that mum and I had spent together, it was this point that Jo turned to us, all three of us blushed. Dad then continued by ensuring her that it was her choice, if she continued the tradition it would be me that filled the role of the male seeing as no other male family figure is around. I was well aware of it having spoken to dad before his passing and had time to digest it while Jo was being smacked with it for the first time. As the DVD finished pendik escort all three of us sat in silence, tears still rolling down our cheeks.

“What do you think Nic?” Jo spoke after a minute or so.

Jo had matured into a sexy woman, she stood at about 155 center meters and had a full figure weighing about 65 kilograms, her bust has grown to a large C cup if such a thing exists. Since I leant of my responsibility I paid attention to her development, and I was looking forward to an opportunity to be able to have sex with her.

“Well, I know my place; I’ll leave you two alone,” mum said as she got up and left the house without saying another word.

“So Nic, what do you say, are you ready to make me a woman?” Jo spoke in a rather sexy tone.

“Why don’t you get a drink while I freshen up,” Jo continued

I poured a stiff drink as I heard the shower run, my head filled with images of my sister naked, and what I could expect, I had images of spreading her lips and sucking her sweet pussy, before forcing my cock deep inside her before unloading my balls on her pretty innocent face. Then bending her over and fucking her from behind and filling her pussy with my seed. My daydream was interrupted as Jo stood in the door way wearing nothing but pair of white knickers and pink singlet with no bra and matching slippers she stood gripping a stuffed teddy.

“Are you ready to make me a woman?’ She asked in a sweet innocent tone that got an instant reaction from my groin

“Whoa, you look so sweet but so sexy,” I managed to get out

“Thanks, I figured this is the time I turn from a girl to a woman, what better way to go?” Jo added in the same sweet tone.

“Please make daddy happy and make me a woman,” Jo finished

All my thoughts and images went out the window the moment I seen her and she spoke to me, I was now filled with one ambition, fuck her brains out, I walked over to her and grabbed her around her waist, her skin felt warm and soft, I gripped her tight and pulled her towards me. I kissed her deep and passionately, Jo retaliated as she slipped her tongue deep inside my mouth. As we kissed, Jo began to grind her hips against my swelling cock. Her hands moved to my ass were she pulled me tighter still towards her; she didn’t let up the grinding. Her tiny tongue danced about my mouth, as my own tongue explored her mouth.

“Wow, looks like you know what you are doing sis,” I complemented her

“What do you expect, I’m 21, I lost my virginity after my 18th birthday,” Jo spoke

“So why are you dressed like that?” I asked in wonderment

“To keep to the sprit of the tradition, now are you going to talk all night?” Jo quickly responded

“Get on your knees, whore!” I ordered Jo

Jo did as instructed and was on her knees before me, I unzipped my fly and my cock sprang out, I gave it a few tugs to stiffen it up some more, before Jo leaned in and wrapped her lips around the head, she applied a little sucking causing the head to swell further. I placed my hands behind her head and applied some pressure myself causing escort pendik Jo to suck deeper on my cock.

“That’s it, suck my cock whore!” I grunted

Jo continued to suck my cock, each thrust, my cock slipped deeper and deeper down her throat, Jo’s hands cupped my swollen balls, the feeling of them being held in her warm hands felt good. Jo now had a steady rhythm with my cock being driven down her throat to the hilt with each stoke. Jo was no stranger to giving head that much was evident.

“I’m going to cum, I want it on your face the way whores like it,” I ordered

Jo promptly removed my cock from her mouth and stroked it a few times before I unloaded shooting ropes of cum towards her pretty face, Jo moaned as each rope splattered across her forehead, the last of the drops hit her lips and chin, Jo licked what she could from her lips and chin, then she scrapped what she could from her forehead and sucked her fingers clean.

“Get on your hands and knees now bitch,” I ordered her

Jo followed direction and was on her hands and knees, I positioned myself behind her, I pulled her panties down with a fierce motion, exposing her freshly shaved pussy and tight ass. Jo lifted her legs to allow her knickers to be removed fully. I then positioned myself so I could part her ass and tongue to wet pussy. As my hands touched the warm soft skin of her ass, she let out a light squeal. The sent of her sweet pussy sent tingles to my cock. I parted her cheeks and was greeted with her tight brown anus. I quickly moved lower as Jo spread her legs a little. Without a word I buried my face deep in her thighs and brushed my tongue across her pussy lips towards her clit, Jo giggled as my tongue slipped across her wet pussy, the sweet musky taste floating in my nostrils and mouth.

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” Jo moaned

I paid little attention to her or her wants and needs as I focused on my own lust of tasting her pussy. My tongue flicked against her bud causing her to squeal with each flick. I buried my tongue as far as I could in her little pussy, with my best effort I wiggled my tongue about; Jo’s breathing became heavier as I continued to tongue fuck my baby sister. My nose was getting rather close to her anus; I could smell the sent of her ass as I pushed my tongue deeper in her. Jo’s breathing was shallow and fast, I could tell she was nearing an orgasm, wanting to prolong the sensation as long as possible I slowed down and backed out a little, allowing the tip of my tongue to flick against her clit in a steady motion.

“Oh god Nic, that feels so good, don’t stop please” Jo near pleaded with me.

I slowly came to a complete halt despite Jo’s plea to continue; once I stopped I rolled my finger across her wet smooth pussy coating it in her juices, once it was nice and wet I slipped it between the soft folds of her pussy lips, Jo let out a moan as my finger slipped in. I slowly moved it deeper inside her, I started to rub were I thought her ‘g’ spot was after a moment Jo let out a rather loud moan, thinking I was on the money I get playing in the pendik escort bayan area. Jo only moaned more, each moan louder then the last.

“fuck Nic!” Jo moaned

“I’m Cumming, fuck I’m Cumming!” she continued

I felt her muscles tighten around my finger, and then it felt as if a pressure spray had been released and it hit the tip of my finger, Jo continued to moan and her pussy stayed tight around my finger. I was unable to move it until she let go of the pressure around my finger, I quickly slipped it out as whitish clear liquid run out and down my finger.

“Oh my fucking god Nic, that was amazing!” Jo moaned.

“Were not done yet,” I replied

My cock was rock hard again, I moved to be directly behind her again, I held my shaft and positioned it at the entrance to her wet pussy and slipped the head of my cock inside her. It was extremely wet and loose, my cock slipped in with complete ease. I reached around and began to fondle her breasts, squeezing them and flicking my fingers across her erect nipples, with each flick Jo let out a giggle. Jo then applied pressure around my shaft, the sensation of her tight pussy felt amazing, I grabbed her hips and rocked back and forth in a steady motion.

“You’re so fucking tight!” I exclaimed

“That’s because you’re so fucking big brother,” Jo replied

“You like being fucked by your big brother do you whore?” I asked

“Oh god yes, you feel so big in my tight pussy,” Jo responded

I continued to thrust deep inside her as we spoke, I felt my balls slapping against her skin, and the sound of the slap was made louder due to the juices that coated my balls and her skin. I wanted to shoot my load deep inside her, but I wanted to prolong the sensation of fucking her tight pussy. The dirty talk was not helping me in the slightest.

“Make me your dirty whore brother, I want your cum deep inside me,” Ho moaned

“Daddy would be proud of you,” I managed to speak, trying to concentrate on not Cumming.

“Daddy would be proud of you, fucking his little princess like this,” Jo said.

Her words sent me over the edge, I felt my balls tighten, as I was about to lose my load I felt my shaft expand as the fluid filled it. As the hot ropes shot from my cock I let out an almighty moan, Jo too let out a loud moan as she too was in the midst of yet another orgasm. Jo grabbed my shaft with her pussy as I continued to unload my balls deep inside her pussy.

Both Jo and I collapsed on the floor once I removed my cock from her pussy. We laid on the floor for a good couple of minutes, I felt my heart rate slow back down to normal and I was regaining my breath, Jo’s breath too was slowing to normal.

“God, that felt good, I hope we have a daughter so she can experience this too,” Jo remarked

“What do you mean we have a daughter?” I asked

“Well, guys normally were protection, I’m not on the pill Nic,” Jo responded.

“Don’t you want a daughter to do that too?” Jo then asked

“The tradition would continue when she is 21,” I finally responded after lying thinking for a moment

“I love you Nic, I hope I give you a daughter,” Jo rolled over and gave me a kiss on the lips.

“I love you too Jo, we’ll wait and see what happens,” I answered as I gave her a kiss on the lips.

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