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Road Trip Ch. 02

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I learn important lessons and we join the circus.



Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. Thank you to those who commented on the first story in what is now a series. I hope you enjoy the remainder of Hank and Celeste’s adventures. For those who haven’t yet read what has been renamed Road Trip Ch. 01, I suggest you read it before continuing with this chapter. I am open to suggestions about where you would like this story to go, if you wish to comment. Thanks.


As I rode the highway with a lighter heart than I could remember, I simply had to check my mirrors frequently to make sure that Celeste was still there. Part of me still could not believe we were now travelling together. I thought over the past half day, the lessons she’d taught me already, the great sex we’d had. When I’d set out on this trip after losing Sandy I’d been heading to the coast, figuring that I’d be able to pick up a hot chick or two to slake my sexual desires, maybe for the Independence Day holiday. Now that goal seemed strange; a hot chick had instead picked me up. Should I change my goal?

Yes and no, I decided. While I apparently didn’t need to be concerned about the hot chick, I still fantasized about a week or more on the coast, so I continued heading roughly south-west, California bound.

We rode for a while, the miles disappearing effortlessly beneath our tires, until we came to a roadhouse. I was low on gas, had no idea how much Celeste had, and I felt a bit hungry so I indicated to Celeste and turned in. It was almost deserted, just a beat-up car outside. We filled the tanks, Celeste insisting on paying, telling me I was broke, she was flush, and to remember her lesson about learning to accept. I wondered how long this would go on and whether I’d ever get used to it. I found the whole idea of a woman paying for me as a challenge to my independence, if not to my manliness.

The café was quite basic, a bored waitress behind the bar prepared some freshly brewed coffee and took our order; Celeste paid again despite my feeble protests. We found a table under the awning and awaited our meal. I removed my jacket, breathing easier in the noon heat, but I knew Celeste had nothing on beneath her leathers so wondered how she’d fare. I soon found out; she simply unzipped her jacket and left it partly open, showing her gorgeous skin from neck to navel, with the inner sides of her globes tantalizing me as they shone with her sweat.

“What a sight for sore eyes you are,” I grinned at her, “Pity I can’t just take you off to bed and fuck you all afternoon.”

“Yeah, well, you’ll just have to wait. Actually, riding my bike makes me really hot, sexually as well as temperature, it’s almost like a massive vibrator between my legs. I have actually cum on two occasions while riding, so be prepared for some exercise tonight, lover.”

“Really? You’ve cum from riding? That’s so hot.”

“Yeah, Guessed you’d like it. One day I’ll get up the courage to stick a dildo in and go for a ride and see how that feels.”

“I’ll ride behind you and watch. You’ll probably weave all over the road.”

“Well, I could always do it while riding pillion behind you,” she grinned. At that moment I knew she was going to do that, it was just a question of when.

“Anyway, where’re we headed?”

“To the coast. I was tired of deserts and mountains so was heading that way to lose myself for the summer, thinking the five esses might help me get my shit together.”

Celeste looked at me quizzically. “Five esses?” she queried.

“Sun, sand, sea, surf and sex,” I enlightened her.

She chuckled. “Well, I think you’ll be fine for the last one, so long as some bronzed surfer doesn’t carry me away with him. Lucky I packed my bikini.” I tried to imagine Celeste in a skimpy bikini; very easy on the eyes. Seeing her in that would probably be worth the trip in itself. “So, where’re we stopping tonight?” she asked.

“Well, I intended sleeping rough all the way, while you’re probably wanting to stay in hotels. You Ok sleeping rough?”

She didn’t answer immediately, obviously thinking of the implications of her choice. Finally she seemed to make her decision.

“I’m happy to sleep rough but you’ll need to share your bedroll and keep me warm. Deal?”

“Deal,” I replied, thinking I knew one great way to keep us both warm.

“Great, let’s hit the road again then.”

She stood, turned to the table across the room where two truckers had been ogling her for the last ten minutes, opened her jacket fully to flash them her breasts, sincan escort refastened her jacket then gave them a wave as we continued towards the door, accompanied by their appreciative whistles. The hours and the miles rolled by until we stopped again as the sun approached the horizon and we had supper in a small-town café. The waitress told us that a few miles out of town there was a small park and sometimes people slept the night there. “I think it’s pretty safe,” she added, “At least, there’s been no murders there this year.” She grinned over her shoulder as she removed our dishes. “The only problem is that a circus came through earlier and I think they were planning on stopping there the night. So it may be a bit crowded.”

“What do you reckon?” I asked Celeste.

“Well, you’re the one who’s done this before. I’m a newby to sleeping rough.”

“I’ve never had any problems, but then I don’t usually have a guy magnet like you along either. We can probably find an area away from the circus; if you’re happy about it, we can stay, otherwise I think there’s a doss house around the corner, probably not near as good as last night though.”

“Ok, let’s try the park.”

It was almost dark when we found the park, which contained several big rigs, some smaller vehicles and an elephant tied by a foot to a stake in the ground. There were many people moving about, a large grill cooking food. We stopped on the roadside and checked it out. It looked fine, nobody seemed to be aggressive and there was space for my bedroll on the far side by some trees. I was about to lead Celeste to that area when a guy walked towards us.

“Hi, you guys looking at camping here tonight?” he called as he approached.

“Yeah, sure thing, if there’s room,” I replied.

“Hell yeah, enough space for an army here. Just wondered if you’d like to join us for supper?”

I looked at Celeste and saw her grinning through her visor, so assumed she was happy with that arrangement.

“Thank you, we’d be pleased to join you. We’ll just head over and park, set up our bedroll and then be back.”

“Ah, you don’t need to do that. Just pull in over there and join us. We’ve got plenty of spare beds so you can sleep in comfort tonight, if you want to, of course. Anyway, come and have supper and meet the crew. Sleeping space can be arranged later.”

For a split second I felt a twinge of fear, the type of fear you get when you’re no longer in control but feel you should be. He sounded genuine and helpful, and we could always leave, so what the hell, I thought, as I parked my bike in the space suggested.

“You Ok with that idea?” I asked Celeste.

She removed her helmet and the grin on her face was enough to reassure me.

“I love circuses,” she said, barely able to control her excitement. “Look, there’s even an elephant!”

“Yeah, just as well we’re not in a bedroll on the ground; she may have walked on us.”

“No, she can’t. Elephants are trained from a very young age. When they’re small their ankle is attached to a very large stake in the ground and they simply cannot move it. As they grow the stake is made smaller until when they’re adults the stake is so small the adult elephant could easily pull it out of the ground, but their earlier training has taught them that there is no point in trying to do that because they cannot move it, so they simply accept it.”

“That’s really interesting,” I replied, “So they just give up because they know they cannot escape, even though they could quite easily.”

“Yes. And the interesting thing is that it happens to people as well as elephants. If a person tries something and finds they can’t do it, tries again a little later and finds they still can’t do it, they often give up trying even though later in life they have the skills to achieve what they want, but they have convinced themselves that they’ll never be able to gain that for themselves.”

I thought back through my life; had I done that? Quite possibly I had. I was on the run from myself, effectively, right now. The circus guy approached and interrupted my thoughts.

“I’m Neville, or Nev as most people call me.”

We introduced ourselves as we attached our helmets to our bikes and I unzipped my jacket, wondering what Celeste would do now. She also unzipped her jacket, but only part way down, far enough to allow others to see she was naked underneath, while still keeping her breasts mainly under wraps. Judging from Nev’s line of sight, he had certainly taken an interest in what was revealed.

“You’re just in time for supper so come on over and I’ll introduce you to the others.”

We quickly lost track of who was who as we were introduced to everyone before sitting on folding chairs to eat. The food was delicious, washed down with a cold Bud, and the company was excellent. Everyone was interested in where we were from and where we were heading, as well as sharing anecdotes about the circus and where they’d been during the past few months. The young woman sitting beside ankara escort me was named Ali, short for Alison, she told me, and she said she was the circus contortionist. She was certainly built for this role, being very small and thin. After we’d finished eating I asked her what sort of things she did, and instead of telling me, she simply wrapped both her legs around her neck, placed her arms over her feet and lithely jumped off the chair, landing on her hands on the ground, then walked on her hands for a bit before quickly forming a circle with her body, her face facing inward, and rolled around my chair. Then she let go everything and stood up with a grin on her face.

“That’ll do for a start,” she said, “Maybe I’ll show you more later, if you’re interested.”

“How long have you been doing that?” I asked, ignoring the possible innuendo.

“Oh, about all my life. That’s my Mom, Trish, over there,” Ali pointed to a woman on the far side of the circle of chairs, “She worked for the circus as the contortionist until she became pregnant with me. She’s now the fortune teller and works from a tent outside the big top. My Dad’s over there too; he’s the strongman talking to your girlfriend.”

I looked towards Celeste and noticed she was deep in conversation with a huge man who seemed to have muscles growing on top of muscles. As I watched they both stood up and Celeste stood on a chair while he placed his hand under her ass and she sat down. He then seemingly effortlessly lifted her up with one arm until he held her above his head. Now I knew that Celeste wasn’t all that heavy, but I also knew that I had absolutely no show of lifting her with one arm. So he quite obviously was a very strong man indeed. I looked back at Ali, estimating that she was about half Celeste’s weight.

“So, if that’s your Dad, how come you’re not built like him?”

“I seem to have inherited my Mom’s genes, thank goodness. I certainly couldn’t do what I do if I was his size. Maybe then I’d be the strong woman.” She laughed briefly.

Nev came over and I thanked him for supper.

“Ah, that’s Ok. We occasionally meet people at our overnight stops and we like to be able to give them a meal. We carneys sometimes get a bad rap, and I’ll be the first to admit that some circuses deserve that, so we like to try to even the balance a bit. Anyway, I’ll show you where you can sleep if you wish to stay; we’re a bit short staffed at present so have spare space. We’re usually quite early to bed because we have a busy life and besides, there’s lots to do in bed besides sleep, as you undoubtedly know.” He glanced over at Celeste then gave me a wink as he led me towards one of the vehicles. I noticed that Celeste was hurrying towards me, obviously wanting to see where we would be sleeping, and the strongman, whose name I had either forgotten or to whom I hadn’t been introduced, was following along behind her. Once they arrived she introduced the guy as Tiny. I chuckled, and he told me that his real name was Regan but everyone called him by his nickname Tiny.

We stepped into the small room in what was probably the main sleeping vehicle and noticed a small but adequate double bed with good lighting and even a small bathroom attached.

“It’s pretty crowded, especially with Tiny in here too, but you’ll find it very comfortable if you choose to use it,” said Nev.

Celeste and I hadn’t had an opportunity to discuss matters before now and I asked her quietly what she thought.

“These people are so very open and giving, I think it’ll be fine to stay here if that’s Ok with you,” she told me.

I knew that she liked comfort, but for me a major factor about being on the road was being away from comforts. I also knew that if she shared my bedroll it would probably be uncomfortable and cold, while here it would be warm for her, but claustrophobic for me. The sensible suggestion, I told myself, would be for her to sleep here while I slept in my bedroll over by the trees. I would have loved to have slept with her again tonight; the memory of our love making was still fresh in my mind. She would possibly have liked to repeat our previous encounters as well, but there would be time and opportunity for that once we’d arrived at the coast and had sorted out our sleeping arrangements. I reluctantly made up my mind.

“This place is too small and claustrophobic for me,” I told her, facing her and holding both her hands in mine, “And my bedroll would probably be too cold, small and hard for you, so much as I’d like a repeat of last night, why don’t you sleep here and I’ll sleep in my bedroll beside our bikes? That way I’ll be able to protect our bikes as well, not from these people, but you have no idea who might be prowling around.”

I saw the sadness pass over her face, probably at the thought of us being apart after so recently having found each other. However, she also probably realized the sense in my suggestion so nodded her head seemingly reluctantly.

“Yes, that’s possibly the best idea,” she agreed, etimegut escort without much conviction.

We left the room and used the ablution trailer to shower together, each of us arousing the other but not consummating our desire. Outside the shower room we had a final fond farewell. Celeste had wrapped her towel around herself and I watched her move away, carrying her leathers to her bedroom, while I headed towards our bikes wearing my trousers.

I settled into my bedroll and lay awake for a while, looking at the stars, as I loved to do when sleeping rough, hearing the quietening sounds from the camp as people headed off to bed. Thoughts were whirring around in my head; where was my relationship with Celeste heading? Was she THE one or simply one more to come and go with? It must have been nearly an hour that I lay there, unusual for me as most times I drifted off to sleep quickly in these situations, when I noticed a shadow moving from the vehicles towards me. I was on my guard, but lay still, waiting to see who it was. As the person approached I was able to get a better look and could tell it was a diminutive female; I figured it must have been Ali.

She came to me and knelt down beside my bedroll. “Is that you, Ali?” I asked.

She gave a start. “Oh! You’re awake. Yes, sweetheart, it’s me. Have you got room in there for my tiny body, darling?”

I threw back the cover and she quickly dropped a gown to the ground and climbed in naked beside me. I felt a pang of guilt that I was lying next to another naked girl after so recently having made love with Celeste, but, well, um, what else could I have done? It would hardly have been charitable to have sent her on her way. Anyway, from the look of her, Ali was only about 14 or so, I guessed, so best just send her on her way as quickly as possible.

“What are you doing here, Ali?”

“I wouldn’t have thought you’d have needed to ask, honey. Don’t you want to make love to me?”

“You’re far too young. Lying together naked is probably illegal at your age. You’ll get us both arrested, well, me anyway. Now go back to your bed and we’ll just forget all about this.”

“Too young? Me? How old do you think I am?”

“About 14, I guess.”

“My last birthday was in May and on that day I had a birthday cake with 20 candles. So now, you tell me how old I am.”

“Well, I guess you’re 20 then. You don’t look 20.”

“No, I don’t. Yes, I am. So, if you like you can make believe that you’re going to be fucking a 14-year-old. That should get you hard.”

“Well, no, it wouldn’t. I don’t have a fetish about underage sex. So, you’re a 20-year-old, that’s wonderful, sweetheart.”

“I’m pleased you approve,” she said drily, reaching down and feeling my cock and balls, caressing and squeezing gently, which caused them to respond instantly, especially after the teasing Celeste had given them earlier. I ran my hand over her tiny body, feeling her small breasts with what felt like disproportionately large nipples, then slipping my hand downwards, feeling her smooth, flat stomach, completely hairless crotch, and her soft, moist labia. I slipped my finger between them, feeling her heat and juices, then rubbing my coated finger over her clit then back into her entrance, easing it inside. She felt tight, as I had guessed she would being the diminutive size that she was, but she was obviously experienced and pressed her mons into my hand seeking more penetration, more stimulation.

She reached her mouth up to kiss me and once our lips met, she opened her mouth and sucked my tongue inside, then pressed her tongue into my mouth. Her hands were also busy, pulling the loose skin down my cock and rubbing my precum over the head. I felt my body go limp from the sensations, then used my other hand to caress and stimulate her nipples. Within a few short minutes we were both ready for more.

Ali rolled on top of me, sliding her body down until the tip of my cock was pressed between her labia, bringing the top of her head below my chin. She was so tiny, I wondered how my medium to large sized cock would fit into her. I needn’t have worried; she grasped my arms and used them to push herself downwards, sliding seemingly effortlessly onto my cock. I expected I would only be able to fit halfway inside her but she continued sliding until the base of my cock was pressed hard against her clit. I was very surprised that the tip was only just touching the end of her tunnel.

“You’re so long, sweetie, how do you do that?”

“I make love to many of the circus men, including my father. His cock is immense, not surprisingly, so I guess I’ve adjusted to fit him. Actually, it was he who took my virginity on my 18th birthday. You feel really great inside, honey.”

She lay on me, unmoving, for several minutes then she threw the covers off herself and sat up on my cock.

“Hold me upright,” she instructed, so I held her ribs at breast level. She then surprised me by lifting her feet off the ground and bending her legs upwards until she could cross her lower legs behind her head. The whole weight of her body was now on my pelvis with my cock deeply implanted inside her vagina. She reached her arms around her legs and rocked forwards to hold my biceps.

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