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Roger and Anna

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Roger was an only child, but for most of his life, his cousin Annabelle was essentially his sister. They were born only a few days apart, and lived just a few blocks away from each other for years and years.

Though he felt slightly bad about it, Roger had always harbored a secret lust for Anna. As they grew older, his lust grew accordingly. By the time they were nineteen, he sometimes felt embarrassed when he looked at her. She was short, maybe five foot four inches, and skinny, with small breasts. She had bright green eyes, like himself, and blonde hair that hung past her shoulders. Her skin always seemed to have the perfect tan, which only brightened her eyes. Her nose was a beautiful little button.

Roger himself was just over six feet tall, with broad shoulders and rakishly cut black hair. He was well built and strong, having worked out as a hobby throughout high school, although he never played any sports, and lacked the grace and self-assuredness of an athlete. He was sure that Anna had caught his glances at her, and on a few occasions he caught her staring at him, with an odd look in her eyes.

They attended the same college, but rarely saw each other, as their schedules were different. After their freshman year, during the summer, Roger found himself with an excess of time and money after leaving his job for a few weeks. At first the long, quiet days were pleasant, sitting around doing nothing. Then they became boring, and he decided to change things up. He mentioned his plans to Anna one day, while she was over for lunch.

“I was thinking,” he said, “of heading up to my parents’ cabin for a few days.” Anna looked at him curiously.

“Oh yeah?” she asked. It was hot, and she wore a simple tank-top and shorts. A damp triangle rested between her breasts.

“Yeah, maybe do some fishing, swimming, that sort of thing.”

“Hmm,” said Anna. “That sounds pretty good.”

Roger suddenly blushed slightly. “Would you, ah, like to come?” he asked her. He always enjoyed her company, and it would get lonely all by himself at the cabin.

“Yeah,” she answered. “It’ll be fun.” She grinned at Roger, and he blushed a little more, but grinned back.

The drive up to the cabin by the lake was uneventful, and the weather was excellent. When they arrived, Anna wasted no time. As soon as she was out of the car, she pulled her shirt and shorts off, revealing a small bathing suit underneath. Roger’s face turned a deep red, and he was surprised to feel his cock stiffening in his shorts.

“Wh-what are you doing?” he asked her nervously.

“Going for a swim,” she said, and smiled devilishly. “Wanna come?”

Roger, all too aware of his erection, shook his head. “No, I’m gonna unpack our things. When I’m done I’ll come down, I think.” Anna smiled wider.

“Okay!” she said. She turned and ran down to the pier, and dove off the end into the water. Roger removed their bags from the back of his truck and headed into the cabin. He placed his things in the smaller bedroom, remembering how when he and Anna were younger and their parents would all come here, the two of them would share this room. One year he had walked in on her changing, and instead of laughing about it like they both would have when they were younger, they were both horribly embarrassed, and never shared the room again. He moved on and placed Anna’s bags in the master bedroom, which was larger bursa escort and nicer.

From the window of that room, he could see down to the water. Anna swam skillfully, gliding through the water with ease. Her long blonde hair clung to her skin, and her nipples were visible through her soaked top. Roger watched, fascinated, for a few seconds, then blushed and turned away. His erection was growing again, and he willed it to stop. After a moment his cock softened, and he went back downstairs to the kitchen, to fill the fridge with the supplies they’d brought.

After a while Roger headed down to the pier, having resolved to join Anna, mostly in an effort to convince himself that he didn’t feel that way about her. She treaded water near the pier and watched him. He stood watching her for a few moments, lost in himself.

Anna broke into his reverie. “Well?” she said. Roger started.

“What? Oh.” Sheepishly, he fumbled about with the hem of his shirt, and then removed it. He leapt off the pier and cannonballed into the water. Anna was thrust a few feet away by the impact, and she laughed at him.

They swam for an hour or so, wrestling about, trying to drown each other as everybody does. They raced across the small lake, like they’d done as kids. Eventually they tired out, and pulled themselves onto the pier, where they lay catching their breath. Roger’s eyes seemed to move of their own accord over Anna’s body, but he did little to stop them. Suddenly, she rolled up onto her side, and regarded him.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked suddenly. Roger was taken aback.

“That’s an odd question.”

“I’m just wondering.”

“Well, no, I don’t. I sort of had one a few months ago, but I guess we broke up.” Anna frowned.

“That’s no good,” she said. Roger shook his head.

“I guess not.”

That night, they ate a simple dinner of a frozen pizza and some beer Roger’s dad had given them. They talked about their school experiences and all the friends they’d met. When they were done, they moved over to the couch, where Anna insisted on watching a movie she’d brought. Roger rolled his eyes at the cover of the movie, which featured a bumbling English man who seemed to be in every one of these movies, and some vacant actress with a small acting range. Initially he resisted, but Anna pouted at him, and suddenly his resolve vanished. While she started the movie, he made popcorn, and then joined her on the couch.

When the movie started, they sat nearly on different ends of the couch. Roger noticed, however, that Anna seemed to be moving closer. By the time the movie was halfway done — felt like forever to Roger, the movie was so boring and predictable — she was sitting right next to him. She rested her head on his shoulder and her legs were curled up underneath her. Suddenly her right hand drifted onto his thigh, and Roger blushed. He’d noticed throughout their short trip that she had been looking at him differently, especially when he told her he didn’t have a girlfriend.

Anna’s hand idly caressed his thigh, and Roger’s waning attention to the movie ceased altogether. She stretched her body up, and kissed him on the neck. Roger recoiled slightly, and opened his mouth to try and say something, despite very much enjoying what she was doing. He was sure she could see his erection, even in the low light of the den.

Before he could speak, she leaned further bursa escort bayan in, and kissed him on the mouth. Her tongue quickly found his and began exploring him. Roger’s left arm snaked itself around her back and he pulled her closer. Anna’s hand slid across his thigh and grasped his rigid cock, sending a jolt of electricity through his body. She squeezed him gently, delighting in his squirming.

Without separating her mouth from his, she unfolded her legs and slung one across his lap, pulling herself over and coming to rest on his crotch. Roger’s erection pressed into her groin, and she grinded lightly against him as they kissed.

They stayed this way for a while, tongues playing in each others’ mouths, moaning quietly. After a bit, Anna leaned back, crossed her arms, and lifted her shirt over her head. She wore no bra, and her small but firm breasts bounced slightly. Her nipples were small and perfect, pink in contrast to her tanned flesh. She leaned back in and kissed Roger again, and then slid off his lap.

Resting on her knees between his legs, she grasped the waistband of his shorts. Roger raised his butt off the couch and she pulled his shorts and boxers off. His stiff prick sprung out, swaying slightly and throbbed almost imperceptibly. Roger was struck by a sudden sense of guilt.

“Anna—” he began, but she cut him off, deftly placing her lips around the head of his cock. In an instant, his guilt vanished. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock, as she slowly slid her mouth down the shaft, swallowing nearly all of it before backing off. His member glistened with her saliva. She looked him directly in the eyes as she slid down around him again, this time gently pressing the tip of her nose against him. Her tongue slipped out past her lips and gently caressed his scrotum.

Roger’s whole body tingled. He had received blowjobs before, but Anna clearly had practice. She kept his cock buried in her throat as she worked all her muscles, massaging it. Roger’s shirt was nearly soaked with sweat now, and he removed it. Anna reached up and stroked his chest, softly pinching his nipples.

She continued sucking his cock for long minutes, working her way up, down and around, eliciting groans from Roger. Finally she stopped, and stood up. Roger’s prick was hard as steel. Anna slid her shorts down, wiggling her hips and dropping them to the floor. She took a few steps forward, and straddled Roger. She leaned against him, pressing her tits into his chest and wrapping her arms around him. The tip of his cock brushed against her wet, unshaven pussy. Roger quivered, and so did Anna.

After a few minutes, Anna sat back and raised her hips. She reached behind herself and grabbed the shaft of Roger’s cock, placing the tip within her folds. Her juices dripped down his dick. She let go and it stayed, planted slightly in her. Leaning forward but keeping her hips in place, she kissed Roger on the mouth again, and then slid her hips down, engulfing his steely erection completely.

Roger reached around her and placed a hand on each half of her soft, round butt, grasping her firmly. Anna twisted and squirmed around him, squeezing him in waves with her cunt. Roger lifted her gently, and she slid slowly up his shaft, stopping just beneath the head, squeezing hard and creating a sort of suction. She moved back down and ground her clit against him. Their lips remained locked escort bursa together.

Anna moved up and down his dick faster and faster, rotating slightly in one direction on the down stroke, the other on the up. Roger separated his lips from hers and leaned forward, taking a pencil-eraser sized nipple in his mouth. He nibbled it gently, and Anna moaned louder. Suddenly her breath caught in her throat and she rose up on his shaft, stopping briefly at the top. Then she grunted and slammed down on him, grinding her clit hard against him.

Roger felt Anna’s pussy spasm, as she came on his cock. Her eyes were shut tight, and she dug her fingers into his shoulders. Her muscles tightened and released, tightened and released on him, and fluids soaked him. His arms slid up, one wrapping itself around her waist, the other reaching up across her back and grabbing her shoulder. He pulled her hard against himself, thrust a few more times, and then came explosively, in the midst of her orgasm.

His hips bucked reflexively as he shot rope after rope of his come into her, while she continued to grind her clit against him, riding it out. Finally, after what seemed like forever, their orgasms subsided. Anna collapsed onto his chest, breathing heavily. After a few moments Roger’s still-twitching cock deflated and withdrew, trailing a line of jizz and Anna’s juices. They lay over onto the couch and Anna twisted around, resting her back against his chest, and pulled his arm over her, like a blanket. They slept that way, their legs intertwined, each smiling faintly.

They awoke the next morning in the same position, Roger’s arm wrapped around Anna’s chest. One of his legs draped over hers, pulling them back and pressing her butt into his groin. Roger felt that he should say something, anything, about what they did that night, but Anna preempted him by turning her head and kissing him. She wiggled against him, and he was surprised to find his cock already half engorged. He quickly grew harder as she moved and continued to kiss him.

Roger moved his hips slightly, sliding his cock up and down along Anna’s firm ass. She spread her legs apart and as he slid down, his member poked between her thighs, sliding along her moistening cunt. Her lips moved along his shaft, and she tightened her legs, squeezing him, and grinding him against her clit. Roger reached around her hips and caressed her pubis, pulling slightly on the short, curly blonde hairs.

Anna moved her hips faster and faster, her breath quickening. Roger thrust faster, too, and then Anna moaned and bit his lip. He could feel her pussy quivering as she got herself off, grinding on his erection. Finally it subsided, but she didn’t stop moving. She spread her legs and reached down, and at the end of one stroke she pushed the head of his cock into her. Roger took over, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her back into him.

Roger thrust his hips steadily, all the while playing with her clit. Anna kissed him fiercely, and he knew he wouldn’t last for very long. He increased his speed, determined to get his cousin off again. He slammed his cock into her again and again, and her eyes lolled in her head and her chest flushed. Roger felt her orgasm, and it triggered his own. He came harder than he had the night before, his hips spasming as he flooded her cunt. After a few minutes, they both finished, panting and covered with sweat. They were silent for a few moments, and then Anna spoke.

“I don’t feel like doing anything today,” she said. “Do you?”

Roger shook his head. “Nah, not really. This is fine.” Anna nodded, and they both dozed off.

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