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Scratching the Itch Country Style

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


I need to slide down a cock, Shelly thought.

The neon lights of the bar flashed like a carnival ride. The same people that filled the bar every Friday night were filtering through the front doors. The same sluts and the same cocks. It was like an adult version of spin the bottle. Where the one you were facing at the end of the night was the one you were fucking.

Shelly was tired of the lame drunk humping. But small-town girls had little option. There is a limited supply of cock in the backwoods. Unless you start dating relatives.

Jimmy watched his niece Shelly dancing with the loser brigade that this tiny town consisted of. He had just recently moved back to the area and discovered that the town had not changed at all. The only difference was Shelly had gotten older, hotter, and extremely, mind-bendingly fuckable.

He was not a backwoods type guy that thought his gene-pool was a great place to fish for dates, but his niece was twisting his guts. Every time he looked at her long blonde hair, wide hips, huge tits and that cluster of freckles across her nose, he got rock hard and started thinking about tying her up in the barn and using her. Using all of those country girl holes, breeding that country girl cunt and milking them country girl tits.

He had been back for 6 months, and the limited supply of pussy was starting to get to him. He watched yet another Bo, Billy, Joe, Mac, rub up on Shelly and just couldn’t take it anymore. He texted her phone and slid out the backdoor. He circled the building and ducked low behind her car and waited for her to come out.

It wasn’t long before she came racing out the door and across the lot. She was struggling to find her keys and a bit panicked. As she stood next to her car door, sifting through her purse, Jimmy moved. He grabbed her from behind and put her in a hold that caused her to pass out. He picked her up and carried her to his crew cab truck and threw her in the back seat. He quickly hogtied her and blindfolded her before jumping behind the wheel and heading back to the family farm.

Off in the back stretches of the land there was a secondary feed barn that they kept so that they would have a halfway point to store the excess feed. There were bales of hay and a tractor, a loft and some pallets for stacking the hay. There was electricity and a well pump but otherwise it was fairly rustic. Jimmy didn’t really think about the end game when he grabbed her. He just knew that if he was going to have a chance to fuck and use her like the fuckdoll she was, he was going to have to do it without her knowing. There was no way that she would fuck family, they just weren’t that kind of family. They really did like their family tree to have branches.

Shelly came too trussed and blind and for a minute she was scared. Being a country girl though she knew better than to scream without knowing how that would end. The last thing you do is spook an animal with a lot of hollering, that is a good way to get hurt. She took a deep breath and calmed her heart rate. She was in a truck, she could tell by the sound of the engine and the shallow bench seat she was on. She listened closely and hear the tinkle of the hitch chain dragging the ground. The smell of hay and obsession cologne…

She was in Uncle Jimmy’s truck. There was no doubt in her mind. She inhaled a sigh of relief. Whatever was going on he wouldn’t hurt her. Maybe this was a prank.

Jimmy pulled into the back gate and headed down the bumpy access road to the barn. He stopped the truck and pondered why she was being so quiet. She had woken up a while back but didn’t speak. He shrugged and jumped out. He grabbed her by the bindings and dragged her across the seat. He positioned her over his shoulder and headed into the barn.

Jimmy dumped her on a bale of hay and proceeded to untie her feet. He kept her hands tied together but her feet he secured to the pallet the hay was perched on.

“What are you doing?” Shelly gasped.

“Shut up, or I’ll gag you.” Jimmy whispered, hoping that the lower tone would conceal his identity.

Trussed up and unable to move, Jimmy slid forward and began cutting away the sweet little sundress she was wearing. He cut it up the back from hem to neckline and pulled the edges away. Her strapless bra he quickly unhooked and the thong panties he cut at each hip.

“Wait, what are you-” She said, only to have the remains of her underwear thrust into her mouth. She struggled momentarily before Jimmy slapped his hand down over her ass.

“Keep fighting, slut and I tan your hide.” Jimmy growled. She calmed instantly and Jimmy smiled.

Jimmy knelt behind her and stuck his face in her open pussy. He sniffed the country girl cunt and moaned at the sweet smell. The soft lips were parted showing the shiny pink folds. He stuck his tongue out and flicked it over the nub of nerves nestled in the pink. Her back arched and she gave a muffled moan.

The gush of liquid dvd full porno seeping from the hole surprised him. He thought for sure he was going to have to really warm her up to get the sweet juice flowing but apparently little Shelly was an easy fuck. A slut wrapped in the girl next door look. Innocent facade, he thought before he stood up and ripped open his pants. His jutting cock fell heavily from the open fly. He was endowed with a huge cock, 10 inches long, thick and when erect heavy. The kind of cock that could easily hammer nails. He stepped behind her and lined up his cock. He leaned forward and removed the panty gag, wanting to hear her clearly when he rammed into her waiting hole.

He slid the tip through the wet and slammed deep and hard into her soft sheath. She screamed like a virgin. His dick was bigger than anything she was used too and she was barely wet. He only had about 2 inches of cock left hanging out of her pussy but he was determined that she would take it all. This might be his only opportunity to be buried balls deep in his niece and he planned to get every inch inside. He pulled back and rammed deep again.

“It hurts, Uncle Jimmy, stop.” She panted.

“So you know it is me. Guess there is no reason not to go all the way in then.” He said pulling off her blindfold. He looked down and could see the last inch that needed to get buried. He pulled back and she whimpered. He didn’t give a fuck if he was hurting her pussy, she was going to have to get used to this. Now that she knew it was him there was no reason he had to stop using her ever. He slammed hard and buried the remaining length in her hole.

Shelly thought she was going to lose organs he was slamming her so hard. He was stretching her cunt so much that she could feel the invasion in her chest. He was in and she could feel his balls against her clit. His circling motion was driving her toward an unholy painful climax. She didn’t want to cum on her Uncles raping prick, but her body didn’t care who he was or why he was there. He pulled back and started to thrust quick and deep creating friction against her cervix.

He was grunting and straining. She was panting and moaning. The rhythmic slapping of his balls against her flesh. The wind in the trees outside. The crickets chirping. The soundtrack to the steady climb her body was taking. Up and up until like a tidal wave she broke, her body clamped down hard and forced his cock from her depths, as her cum squirted from her body soaking his cock and jeans in the lewdest of ways. He gripped her hair and plunged deep again.

“That’s it whore, cum for me. Uncle Jimmy is going to own these holes from now on slut. So you better enjoy what I give you, as much as you can.”

Shelly relaxed into his hold on her. She felt the natural control he had over her and realized this was what had been missing. All those country boys that pawed at her tits as they raised her skirt in the back seat of a crew cab pickup. Scrambled, hasty, unsatisfying poking with their cocks in the parking lot of the local honky-tonk. Here she was trussed up in a feed barn finally getting truly fucked right for the first time by her blood uncle.

Jimmy knew she was a slut, even if she didn’t. God didn’t give good girls tits and ass like she had. He gave those gifts to girls that needed cock, needed to be used. They were given bait to catch cock. They may not even know it until it happened to them but once they saw it there was no going back.

“You know, them tits, that is what drove me over the edge. Watching you flaunt them tits at the whole town, made me want to slide my cock between them. Fuck them tits and spray my dirty uncle cum all over that pretty face.” Jimmy grunted as he fucked hard into her. “You’re going to let me play with them tits whenever I want.”

“Yes, Uncle Jimmy.” Shelly moaned. Somewhere, probably in the cum that she sprayed on the dirty barn floor, she lost the idea that Jimmy was raping her. In its place was the realization that he was taking what was rightfully his. He wanted her, wanted to use her, who was she to argue?

Jimmy grabbed her tits in each hand, mauling them. Pinching the nipples, pulling them, twisting them. Shelly squirmed and moaned. Jimmy groaned as she squirmed on his cock. The tight feel of her clasping cunt was driving him insane.

“You better come up with a good story, slut.” Jimmy said just before ejaculating his seed deep in her warm depths.

“Uncle Jimmy, no.” Shelly said trying to breath in the throes of euphoria and fear. How would she explain a pregnancy to her granddaddy? What kind of inbred baby would she have? Nothing to do at this point but pray his seed didn’t take in her soil.

Jimmy growled and yanked his softening cock quickly from her well used tunnel. He smiled as the white cum oozed over her labia to trail down her thigh. The thought of breeding her caused his spent dick to twitch. He was going to ruin her for all others Appalachian style.

Jimmy reached down and untied her slowly, leisurely caressing ensest porno each limb as he did. When she was free she slowly turned to face him. She felt guilty, dirty and ashamed so she couldn’t meet his eye.

Jimmy gripped her chin so she was forced to connect eyes with him. “Anyone finds out about this, I will punish you. Severely. You hear me, slut?”

“Yes, sir.” Shelly said rubbing her wrists.

“I will find you something to wear home, and I will take you to get your car in the morning. Better make sure your jaw is loose, because you are going to swallow my dick on the way. This is your new life, princess, enjoy it.”

“Yes, sir.”

“What is the main requirement for you to find this enjoyable?” Jimmy asked. Shelly shrugged. “Do what I say and keep me happy. That is the job of any fuck toy. Holes open, no arguing. Try to remember that.”

“Yes, sir.”

Jimmy glanced down and noticed her unbound tits. They were slightly discolored from his rough treatment earlier. The nipples were hard and the areolas puckered in the chill of the barn.

Shelly noticed his line of sight and tried crossing her arms to cover herself. Jimmy growled. “Don’t you cover yourself, whore! Hands at your sides.”

Shelly lowered her hands to her sided and Jimmy slapped the side of her tit hard. He bit his lip in pleasure as the soft mound wobbled and pinkened from the attack. Shelly whimpered as the pain bloomed across her flesh.

“You remember that if you think about disobeying me or telling anyone about this. I am not afraid to punish you, little girl.”

Shelly felt the pain recede into a pleasant warm pulsing that made her nipples harden even more, which caused her clit to pulse in response. Shelly was all kinds of confused. First this was her Uncle, he should not be making her pussy throb. He was hurting her, which should not be making her want him even more. He was being mean and harsh, which made her want to try harder to please him. She was so ashamed of herself, but even that was turning her on.

Jimmy headed out of the barn to his truck and came back holding a flannel shirt. He threw it to her and waited while she shrugged into it.

“Once we get back to the farm house, you gotta act like none of this ever happened. But it did and it will whenever I say. I plan to breed you, use you and own you from here on. Granddaddy don’t know and won’t know, because any trouble you cause I am going to take out of your hide.” Jimmy stated again. “If granddaddy catches wind, you going to catch all the blame. I am going to tell him what a whore you are and how I tried not to but you wouldn’t let me alone. So unless you want the whole world to know what a cock-hungry whore you are you best not draw attention.”

Shelly nodded and followed Jimmy from the barn. The flannel shirt covered her ass barely and the snap buttons struggled to stay closed over her tits. She carried the tattered remains of her dress and panties along with her bra as the headed back to the farm.

Jimmy watched her fidget in the seat next to him, wondering what kind of ants she had in her non-existent pants. The flannel shirt cupped her tits as they jiggled with every bump in the road. Tired of the shirt impeding his view he reached over and snatched the shirt open so her tits bounced free in the dash board lights. “Spread them legs too.”

Shelly obeyed quickly. She could feel the wetness building inside her, it was so wrong that it felt this good. She didn’t know if he was looking at her splayed pussy and it didn’t matter. The fact that he could was enough to make her clench with excitement.

“Cover up we are almost there. For your sake you better pray Granddaddy is asleep.” Jimmy said rounding the curve that led to the drive.

The lights were off in the house and Jimmy jumped out the truck motioning Shelly to go around the back. She let herself in through the kitchen and headed to her bedroom. Her room was next to Granddaddy’s room so she knew she had to be quiet. She washed up quick in her attached bath and crawled into bed.

As she lay there in the dark she thought about what had happened in the barn. How big Jimmy’s cock was. How good he fucked her. How he had slapped her breast. She started to tingle. She slid her hand into her pussy and started reliving the night. She was so absorbed in her pleasure, she did not notice the door opening quietly.

“I tell you it was okay to play with that pussy, cunt?” Jimmy whispered over her. She gasped in surprise and blushed at being caught. “Guess if you touching it, you didn’t get enough.”

Jimmy pulled back the covers and crawled in beside her. He gripped her tit and shoved 3 fingers in her fuck hole before the covers even settled around them.

“Guess you know this already, but you best stay quiet as a mouse while I play. Granddaddy is right on the other side of that wall and we all know what happens if he hears you.”

Jimmy pumped his fingers into her dripping cunt and leaned down to suck her exposed nipple. Shelly tried not fake agents porno to moan, but soon realized it would be out of her hands. She grabbed a pillow and placed it over her face as the thrill of Uncle Jimmy playing with her made her cum. He grunted and pulled his fingers free of her contracting fuck-hole. He lined up his cock and thrust hard and deep into her tightness.

“This pussy is a perfect fucking fit.” Jimmy sighed softly as he began to gently fuck his niece in her bed. “You like Uncle Jimmy in your bed? You like playing grown up games with Uncle Jimmy right here in your little girl bed?”

Shelly moaned as his dirty words ratcheted up the heat coiling through her. She could feel the deep slow thrusts he made in an attempt to stay quiet. It was torture. It was ecstasy. It was the epitome of filthy and wrong.

“Such a dirty slut, taking your own uncle’s cock deep into your tiny little cunt.” Jimmy whispered against her ear. “You want it, don’t you? You want your uncle to breed this slut chute, don’t you?”

“No, please. Uncle Jimmy. I don’t want a baby, please.”

“Not your choice, though, is it slut?” Jimmy growled. “I own this, I do what I want.”

“Oh, God.” Shelly moaned. Half in plea for mercy, half in orgasmic bliss. Her body surrendering to his ownership, his command and his cock.

“Dirty cum rag. Cumming like a whore on your Uncle’s cock. Such a good little cum catching niece.” Jimmy said thrusting deep and hard as his own climax approached. “Take it, take my cum whore.”

Jimmy hadn’t intended to use her in his father’s house but laying in the bed down the hall he imagined her in the barn, spread out and wet. His cock got hard and as he wrapped his hand around it he realized there was a better place to shoot his load. He had his own living cock sleeve right under the same roof.

Tomorrow he would take her back out to the barn, tie her up and use her hard. He imagined how he would use her as his balls emptied their load into her womb. The electric pleasure kept on and on as he imagined his sperm taking ownership of her womb.

Shelly really didn’t want a kid but the idea that Uncle Jimmy was taking that from her as well made her feel shamed and squishy. There was way too much going on in her head and Jimmy decided that she was wasted to the thinking arts. He pushed her under the covers.

“Clean it up slut.”

The next day Shelly was cleaning the kitchen when her grandfather came out to tell her he was heading to the store. “You want to come with me?”

“No, sir.” Shelly said. “I was thinking of going for a ride.”

“Well, then I will see you at dinner, sugar bean.” He said heading out the door.

The dust had barely settled in the drive when the back door was thrown open and Uncle Jimmy came charging in. He gripped her by her hair and dragged her out the door. She stumbled along beside him, bewildered. He dragged her to the truck threw her in the passenger seat and climbed in beside her.

“I think you know where that gaping mouth is supposed to be, slut.” Jimmy said driving the truck away from the house. “You might think about ditching them jeans if you want to be able to wear them home later. I don’t plan to be gentle or slow about getting to that pussy.”

Shelly prioritized the commands being given. She knew that he had to come first. She unfastened his jeans and pulled his semi erect cock out. She knelt on the seat and swallowed his shaft. She worked him in her mouth using her tongue but not bobbing up and down. She tried to balance as she worked her jeans off as much as possible. They were around her thighs when his cock got hard enough to gag her. She needed her hand. Her bare ass was in the air waving with the bumps and curves in the road.

Jimmy was transfixed by her ass. He knew that he had not devoted enough time to that particular asset yesterday but meant to rectify that oversight today. A nice shade of red would look real good on that swinging cock magnet.

The turn to the barn came up and Jimmy barely slowed. The quick right turn caused a good deal of momentum, she lost her balance and his cock ended up deeper in her throat. She started gagging and trying to pull off but Jimmy clamped the back of her head and held her pinned and struggling on his cock. Her spit was flowing down his cock and balls wetting his jeans. Her body was convulsing as her gag reflex engaged.

Shelly needed air. Her whole body was focused on this one pursuit. Uncle Jimmy didn’t care about that need as he continued to pump into her mouth. He growled loud and started spewing cum into her constricting throat. Shelly seriously thought he was going to drown her as she struggled to swallow his load. When he finished, he yanked her up and tossed her toward the passenger seat. She lay there choking and gasping. Her eyes were full of tears and they started pouring down her cheeks.

Jimmy smiled. “You like that slut?”

Shelly fiercely shook her head. Jimmy laughed. “I think you are under the impression that I am supposed to care. We are not here for your pleasure, are we? We are here for my cock. Whatever it takes to pleasure me, that is your only concern. If that means holding your breath, gagging a bit, or choking on cum your body is designed to take it. That is why you have all holes and no cock.”

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