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Sex Education Continues

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(This is in continuation of my earlier story SEX EDUCATION which must be read first to enjoy this story.)

I was very eager to take my next lesson the next day and when I woke up in the morning I saw that I had a very stiff problem under my kacchha ( a type of underwear worn in India which is a piece of cloth tied around ones cock and balls and ass to cover them) . My cock was standing fiercely and I thought of getting some relief as Mom as taught me the last night. So I wrapped my hand around my stiffness and slowly started to rub the smooth foreskin of my tool back and forth. I speeded up my jacking and closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt a hand on my balls and I opened my eyes to see Mom smiling at me. Mom laughed and asked, “My dear son seems to need some relief in the morning also. My, my how hot the rod is. Do you want me to help you by doing what I did last night? Did you like it?”

I said, “Yes ma I loved what you did last night. It was so nice. Will you help me now?”

Mom smiled, “Momma is always ready to help her son in any way he wants.”

Saying this Mom moved on the bed and came near me. She took hold of my stiff problem and rubbed it fast with her hand. This she did for a minute and then smiling she lowered her mouth on my dick and kissed the head. The next thing she did gave me an electric shock. She moved down the foreskin and played her tongue on the rim of my cock slowly touching the ridge and rubbing it with her tongue. It was awesome. She then poked her tongue at the slit which was by now red with excitement and leaking lots of pre cum. she continued doing this while playing with my balls all the time. She finally lowered her mouth on my cock and engulfed my red hot member in her sexy mouth. She looked up at me to see if I was enjoying it and I almost came seeing her doe like eyes looking at me inquiringly. Her lovely mouth went up and down on my shaft while she massaged my heavy balls. She suddenly left my cock and went down on my balls. She held the balls together and started to lick them. Oh I felt like cumming but didn’t. Mom kept licking and then slowly took one of them in her mouth and swirled her wet tongue on it. It was heaven. She next took the other ball in her mouth and now my whole sack was in her mouth receiving wet treatment. While doing this she started to move her finger over the vein just under my sack and I almost came. She assaulted my balls for sometime and then resumed her sucking my dong.

I moaned and said, “Mom please suck my cock faster. I can not hold back any further and want to cum in your mouth.” ( Ma amar bara take bhalo kore choso. Ami ar dhore rakhte parchi na chere dite chai tomar mukhe).

Hearing this Mom started to go up and down on my thing fast while massaging my balls more. She played her free hand on my tool as her mouth came up and went down. I was now gasping and suddenly stiffened up and shot my hot load in Mom’s mouth. I just placed my hand on the back of her head and pressed her more to me to feel the top of her mouth on the head of my excited dong. Oh it was heavenly and I continued cumming for sometime. After my spurts stopped Mom again started to work upon my tool. She was squeezing out the last drops of my cum that way. She kept going at it for some more time till she drained my hose of all cream and then she came up smiling and said that it was a huge amount of load considering the fact that I had spent in her mouth just a few hours ago at night. She then told me to go and freshen up.

In the afternoon Mom came to the fields with my lunch. Mom said that we should take a bath together so that we could clean up each other as both of us were very sweaty. It was a new thing because Mom had never taken her bath in the fields although I sometimes did so. I knew that I would have to clean Mom well once again and thought that may be my next lesson would be after our dinner at night. I was hoping that she would teach me something after lunch itself.

I went near the well in the field and saw Mom waiting in her blouse and petticoat. She had already kept her sari on the branch of a tree. It felt very sexy to see her waiting for me in the middle of our fields. This place was quite secluded and there was no fear of anyone coming to see us abruptly. The place was cool with the shades of large mango trees and dense bushes. I was in my kacchha as usual. We started to bath and Mom first pulled down my kacchha to reveal my limp cock and sack between my thighs. She squeezed it a few times to get it excited and rubbed its head. She then let it go and taking her hands to her blouse unhooked it and threw it away. Her milky white globes were naked in front of my eyes and I looked at them hungrily. She saw me stare at them and gave them a nice czech harem porno shake. They jumped up and down and immediately had the intended effect on my tool which began growing.

She looked down at me and saw the effect. She cupped her boobs with her hands and said, “Don’t you want to clean your Mom’s boobs? Take them in your hands and start cleaning them well. Massage them well. Rub my nipples well so that there is no dirt on them.” (Kire mar mai gulo porishkar korbi na? ne ederke hate nie ghos ar bonta gulo ke bhalo kore ghosbi).

I did not need to be told a second time and I grabbed them in my hands and started to feel them. Mom poured some water over them and taking the soap I started to rub it on them. I pressed them, spread them apart and again brought them together and kept soaping them well. Her brown aureoles and nipples came next in my attention as I saw them grow into two little points that looked like peas. Mom’s tits were now rising and falling rapidly and they became firmer. I asked, “Ma why do your tits become firm and nipples grow into peaks when I play with them?”

Ma said, “that is because they love to be handled that way and because they are being loved by my son.”

I kept massaging her whoppers for some more time and then she poured water over them and washed away the suds. She took some more water and poured it over my head and then took my cock and shook it well. It was stiff. Mom smiled and to my amazement she started to untie the strings of her petticoat. I looked on as she untied the strings and let the petticoat fall. I was surprised that she was wearing one of my kacchhas. I just stared at Mom standing in front of me in the white kacchha with her glorious thighs all exposed in front of my eyes.

She smiled and said, “Oh you must be surprised that why I am wearing a kacchha. Well dear sonny whenever I used to take bath with your father in the fields I wear a kacchha. As I am bathing with you I thought of wearing it. I hope you do not mind.”

I was too excited to mind. I wet her body by pouring lots of water over her head and reached down and started to soap her thighs. She stood with her thighs spread wide apart so that I could easily clean her. I scrubbed her thighs well. Mom said, “Now do my ass. Rub the cheeks well and clean the insides also with your finger.”

She turned her back to me and I lowered her kacchha and started to scrub her ass cheeks. I then parted her cheeks and just like the previous few days I put my finger inside her asshole and poked it in and out. I did this for a few minutes when Mom stopped me and told me to wash off the suds. I pulled up her kacchha and washed off the soap. She then said, “now sweety you have to clean my slit. Come I will show you how to do it.”

Saying this Mom crossed the final milestone in the Mom-son relationship. She pulled down her kacchha, down her waist ass, cunt and thighs to reveal her jewel to me. It was the first time I was seeing any cunt and I was dumbfounded by its beauty. Her cunt was covered with lush dark curly black hair. She she did not trim them so they were very dense. It was perfectly in contrast with her sexy white thighs and ass. I was very much amused and openly stared at her jewels. Mom smiled and asked me what I was looking at so intently. I replied, “Mom this place between your thighs is so beautiful. You have so much hair down there.”

Mom, “You also have such a dense jungle between your thighs. And your forest is more beautiful because you have such a nice long stem growing from the forest. Just look at your wood how stiff it has become. Let me feel you dear.” (Tor okhaneo to ghono jongol ache re. art or ta to khoob shundor dekh tor bara ta kamon kore tor jongol theke berie ache).

Saying this Mom held my erect rod in her hands and started to pump it. Pre cum was already leaking out of it. Mom said, “Sweety do you like my bush? Then why don’t you touch it? Go ahead touch it feel it. Women call this pussy or cunt. It is from where children are born and you too came out of here only. Take your Mommy’s cunt in your hands. You have total rights over my cunny. You can do anything with it. It is yours for loving. Here let me help you. Give me your hand.” (Shona amar jhant tor pochhondo hoeche? Ote hath de na amar khoob bhalo lagbe. Tor mar gude hath de. Amar gude tor pooro adikar ache).

She held my hand and put it on her pussy. I felt its warmth and some sticky fluid was leaking out. Mom lied down on the ground and parting her thighs wide she called me near, “Come dear I will lie down to make it easier for you.”

I lied down on the ground beside her. She was now breathing hard and her swollen boobs seemed to have swollen even more. She told czech mega swingers porno me, “Come here between my legs and I will show you my pussy.”

I did as told and she put her hands on her thighs and parting her dense pubes she held her pussy lips wide for me to see inside her sexy cave. I saw a red wet passage and put a finger on it. Mom smiled and said, “This is where you came out of and so you have a right to go inside it as you like. This is my pussy. These are its lips and if you rub me here I will be very happy. Hold the lips apart and put your finger inside and move it back and forth. That will give your Mommy immense pleasure.” (Eta amar gud. Er lips gulo phank kore dhor. Ekhane amake ghosle amar khoob aram hobe. Ekta angul bhetore dhukiye age piche kor daroon lagbe amar.)

I happily complied. Mom closed her eyes and enjoyed as I finger fucked her. Mom was now moaning in pleasure and I saw her smile broaden. She was gripping my arm with one hand while with the other she was rubbing her titties and pulling at the taut nipples. Mom’s smile gave me more enthusiasm and I fastened my pace. Mom was now shaking and moaning loudly. She bit her lips as I felt hot sticky cum drip from her cunt. I looked down to see her cum while continuing my finger fucking her pussy. Mom kept her eyes closed for a few minutes and then opened them. I looked down at my cum wet fingers and asked Mom what it was.

Mom said, “That is what comes out of a cunt when a woman gets pleasure. It is called cum. Just as you cum from your cock I cum from my pussy. Take your hand and smell and taste it.”(Ota amar raush jeta gud theke ber hoe anondo hole. Otake chete dekh khoob bhalo khete.)

I smelled my fingers and the smell was so raw and stimulating that I put it in my mouth and tasted Mom’s cum. It tasted salty but so nice that I wanted to have some more and I said so to Mom. Mom smiled and said, ” My dear son loves to eat my pussy juice, oh how nice. Come dear put your head between my thighs and lick my cunt. First separate my lips so that you can clearly see the inside. Then a little above the slit you will also see something sticking out like a small cock. It is called clitty. You have to rub my clitty while you lick the juice from my cunt. If you rub it I will give out more juice for you to suck. That will increase my pleasure more. Give me your hand.”(Amar Shona chele nijer mar guder raush khete khoob bhalobashe. Ae nijer matha ta amar thigh ar gude diye ota chaat ar aste kore kha. Ar amar guder opore dekh ekta choto button aache ota amar motorshunti ota ke aste aste ghosbi amar gud chatar somoy tahole amar gud theke aro raush bar hobe tor chatar jonno. Now Shona amar gud ta ke ebar chete amake anondo dao).

Mom took my hand and parting her cunt showed me her clit. It was standing like a small cock out of her dense forest from her folds. I rubbed my tongue over it as Mom said. Mom seemed to get a shock and almost jumped up. I started to lick her clit roughly and inserted two of my fingers in her pussy and started finger fucking her. As I took Mom’s clit between my teeth and bit softly Mom started to move her hips and now it was difficult to keep Mom stable in a position as she started to move her thighs and ass wildly, pressing my head more on her pussy. Her hips were bucking like she was in the throes of intense pleasure and her eyes were closed. She pressed my head on her mound and moaning loudly said, “Eat my pussy more. Chew on my clit slowly.”

I took her clit between my teeth and nibbled on it delicately while pumping my fingers inside her. She was now nearing another orgasm and her eyes were glazed. Suddenly she stiffened up and I felt the rush of warm, sticky fluid on my mouth and I drank to my heart’s content my Mom’s honey. I kept sucking her for some more time till her orgasm subsided and she told me to stop. I came up and Mom was smiling contently.

She said, “Momma is very happy with you dear. So now I will show you how to give real pleasure to a woman. You too will get immense pleasure which is more than any other pleasure that you have got over the last few days. Come let us join ourselves into one body and let your young seed flow into your Momma’s hungry body. Quench the thirst of my pussy son. Come lie down on me.” (Ma tor kaje khoob khushi tai ebar ami toke dekhabo ki kore ekta meye kea ram dite hoe. Esho Shona amra ek shathe ek shorir hoe jae ar tomar gorom maal amar shorire niye dhonyo hoe jai. Esho Shona amar guder thesta ke mitie dao. Amar opor shue poro nijer bara take hate dhore.)

Mom parted her thighs as wide as she could and said, “Now hold your rod in your hand and take it near the pussy. Yes that’s it. Now slowly insert it inside my hole.” czech pool porno (Ebar tor bara take hate kore amar guder kache nie ja ar aste kore otake amar futote dhoka.)

I did as asked and putting my cock at her entrance slowly tried to out it in. But it needed a big push and I said, “Ma it is not going in.”

Mom smiled and said, “My dear son is going to fuck me and he does not even know how to enter his Mom. Well dear give it a mighty push. Ram it inside me.” (Chele make chudte choleche ar gude bara dite jane na. are haramjada jore chaap diye dhokate hoe ota. Jore thela mar dhuke jabe.)

Mom reached behind and caught my ass and pulling me to her told me to push. I put the cockhead on her lips and forced my dong in. I felt some strong door inside her getting parted and accommodating my cock. It was very hot and I said so to Mom. It was so tight that I thought that pushing it would hurt Mom and so I stopped pushing it in any further.

Mom got irritated and said, “It is hot with desire for fucking my own son so push you mother fucker, push your rod deep inside your own Mom’s hole and tear it apart. Push it in more ….give it to me upto your balls.” (Amar gud gorom hoe ache tor choda power jonno, amar cheler bara amar gude dhukbe bole wait korchi. Are madachod tor bara ta jore thele dhoka amar futoe. Tor bichi obdi amar gude dhoka.)

I got the idea what she wanted and pushed more and then suddenly I felt I was in her up to my balls. Mom too must have felt it as she said, “Now start pumping by going up and down on me.” (Ebar thap de).

I started to pump but due to inexperience my cock slipped out of her pussy and I said, “Mom my dick is out of your cunt.” (Ma amar lauda tomar gud theke berie gelo.)

Mom said, “What are you waiting for you fucking fool put it in me and pump.” (Wait korchis keno lauda ta ke gude dhukiye thap mar bokachoda)

I put it in her and started to pump again and again it came out. Now Mom was in a very charged up state and my fumbling with my cock irritated her. She decided to take things in her hands and she told me to lie down beside her. I lied down and she put her legs on each of my sides and slowly lowered herself on me. As she came near my dong I held it and she lowered her hole on my pole and in one swift action I was fully in her. Now she started to jerk her hips and go up and down on me. As she rode me I saw her enormous bubbies sway and I grabbed them in my hands and pumped them. Mom leaned forward to give me easy access to her swinging globes and I pulled at her nipples which were so erect that I thought they might burst at anytime. I pulled at them and played like a child. Mom was smiling and asked me to suck her boobs. She lowered her tits a bit more and pushed one of her globes in my mouth. I started to suck on it as a hungry child. Mom was meanwhile horse riding on my fuck pole and now she had settled into a steady rhythm. I now felt the familiar rumbling in my balls and taking out her tit I said that I was going to cum. mom looked very happy at the prospect of taking her son’s spunk in her womb and shouted, “You mother fucker cum in me put your seed in your mom’s cunt. Give me your cream baby mommy is hungry, cum in me cum in me cum in me.”

I was now moving my hips in unison with mom’s movements and was meeting each of her thrust. I felt my seed coming to the base of my shaft and grabbed mom’s ass tightly and pulled her more in me. She increased her speed and now was going very fast and suddenly a wave of pleasure swept through me as I spurted inside mom’s cunt. I was still cumming when I felt mom stiffen up a bit again and have her own climax. I kept my hold on her ass and pulling her to me I sucked on her tit as she fell down on my chest totally exhausted.

I slowly sucked her one tit while playing with the other one. The nips were still very tight. My cock limped out of her cunt and rested on my forest. Mom was now smiling very contently and said, “Did you like what we just did?”

I said, “Yes mom it was very nice. I loved it and I love you. Mom can we do it again sometime if you do not mind?”

Mom rubbed my nose lovingly and said, ” You naughty boy you want to fuck your mom again and asking her if you can do so? Of course dear we will do it whenever you feel like it. If you need to fuck me just tell me and I will spread my thighs and pussy for you. But you have to promise me that you will not waste a single drop of your precious seed outside and will always pour that honey from your rod inside my mouth or my cunt.” I made a solemn promise that I will always release my spunk in her mouth or her womb. Mom was very happy and we went to take another bath together.

I wondered if there would be another sex education class for me and if I had learnt everything that I needed to know and I asked mom. Mom replied that there would be some more classes to educate me further and added that soon I would be having some live sex education. I did not know what she meant by live sex education but I knew that it would be highly interesting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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