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The advantages of a pet Tentacle Beast

Author’s Note: Okay, I’ll admit it — there are certain members of my family who are very into the whole anime/manga/hentai scene and I got dragged into it, kicking and screaming. Or at least, muttering a lot. In any case, a Lit member favorited one of my stories (The Tendril Project) and looking at her profile inspired me to write this. I had the hentai-anime version of it spinning in my head as I wrote it, and wish I was a good enough artist to do it justice. This is definitely tongue-firmly-planted in cheek tentacle porn parody, to be read with a firm Willing Suspension of Disbelief. It is in Incest/Taboo because of the relationship of the characters, all of whom are over 18. Please vote, as that is how I know how well I am doing, pleasing you, the reader. Enjoy!…


Hiru was not happy, although thoughts of revenge were making him feel better. His bitch of a stepsister, Suki — and his stepmother, too, for that matter — were always riding him about his imaginary world of Monsuta and how he always spent his time locked in his room daydreaming about it instead of doing his chores around the house.

Ever since his mother had died when he was twelve and his father had remarried, it had been like this. Even though he was now going to University and was finishing his second year, he was expected to do the majority of the housework while Suki — a year younger — was indulged, and seldom had to lift a finger.

To be sure, Monsuta, the Land of Monsters, was as real as his miserable everyday life. He had stumbled on it through a talisman he’d inherited when his father had passed. Trying to read the inscription cut into the stone had opened a gateway between the worlds.

His first few excursions were disasters and he’d been lucky to escape with his life. He learned to be cautious and avoid the more lethal Incubae, Succubae, fiends and daemons, as well as the carnivorous flora and fauna. It was on his latest visit that he’d acquired Tako, his pet tentacle beast.

Acquired may not be the most accurate term. Adopted by may be closer. He had discovered Tako caught beneath a pile of rocks which were apparently part of a landslide. For some reason, he had felt pity for the creature and had freed it. After that, it had become friendly. Very friendly.

Tako most closely resembled an octopus, although with sixteen variable length pseudopods Hiru figured it would be a hexadecipus. Regardless, it found itself ecstatic to be free and began hugging Hiru all over. Which Hiru understandably took to be an assault. He nearly shit himself when the creature flowed all over him, binding him with its tentacles as it explored its rescuer.

Fearing he was about to be dead, Hiru was not prepared to discover that he was responding sexually to being mauled. In fact, the creature seemed to zero in on Hiru’s skin and genitals, easily ripping away Hiru’s simple clothing and using its suckers to explore. It found Hiru’s groin particularly intriguing. Hiru was also not prepared for the blowjob.

As he would discover later, some kind of lubricating film on Tako’s skin caused a massive, even to the point of painful, sexual response. And Tako appeared drawn to and excited by Hiru’s taste and scent, and perhaps even subtle pheromones. Hiru’s erection seemed larger and firmer than it had ever felt before and a feeling was rapidly growing in his groin that he desperately needed to get off. Tako obliged.

When one of its probing tentacles found Hiru’s straining manhood, it first curled itself around him, then sucked him deep into one of the acetabulum until his entire inkei was engulfed. The gentle pulsing that followed was almost more than Hiru could bear, but when the creature inserted a tentacle into his anus, Hiru erupted deep within this amorphous blob’s pliant arm.

Hiru had never been inside a woman before and had nothing to compare the feeling to except his own masturbatory practices. The post-orgasmic thrill coursing through every cell in his body as he coasted down left all of those in the dust. For all of a minute or so. That was about how long it took before Tako began stimulating him again.

Hiru groaned as he came up hard again. Something about this creature was just so exciting, so compelling, that he had no choice. His body simply responded. A few minutes later and he was having another mind-blowing orgasm at the insistent ministrations of this tentacle beast. And a third a few minutes after that.

I should not have been so worried about avoiding a succubus, he thought as a fourth orgasm was ripped from his rapidly tiring body. I am going to die from a monster’s gratitude…

After some tentacle-induced prostate massage and a fifth orgasm, though, the creature’s activities began to abate. It released his penis, now swollen and slightly discolored from the sucking, and withdrew from his ass. Hiru was close to passing out.

Oddly, the hexadecipus continued czech streets porno to flow around him, cradling him off the ground even as it released its hold on his wrists and ankles. Hiru decided that he just couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer and drifted off to sleep, hoping he’d wake up again at some future point.

* * * * *

Now, Hiru sat cross-legged on his bed, a tentacle in his lap teasing him and thoughts of getting even with his sister running through his mind.

Suki had dared to burst into his room while he was changing and after informing him that Kamiko, her mother, expected him to clean the kitchen and take out the garbage before having dinner ready in half an hour, she had then proceeded to make fun of his Chisana, as she called it, ridiculing him for being small.

She had then turned on her heel and skipped out, not even closing the door, while he was still fighting through his anger and embarrassment to try to make some kind of retort.

She needs a good gangbang, he’d thought uncharitably as he watched her go. She has no idea how big I grow when I get hard. It would serve her right to find out. Or maybe I should just open the portal and toss her through…

It was at dinner, though, that the plan began to come together.

Suki was incessantly picking at him about anything she could find that bothered him, from his lack of culinary skills, to his struggles with his classes, to his lack of any social life, and so forth. Every time he tried to defend himself, his stepmother — he refused to think of her as his mother — would tell him to be quiet and pay attention to his dinner.

So he finally did… he just shut up and paid attention to his plate and finishing dinner. And to plotting revenge on Suki. The thought of throwing her through the portal resurfaced, and then he thought about Tako, living quietly under his bed and only coming out to play when Hiru locked the door and stripped down. Suki would have a life-altering experience if she ever met Tako, he realized. And that was all it took for his Dark Side to finally stand up on its hind feet and take over.

Tako had followed him through the portal after their encounter in Monsuta, like a stray puppy. Hiru had been worried that he wouldn’t know how to take care of the creature. It turned out that the hexadecipus lived on libido… other creatures’ sexual energy. And Hiru had an excess to share.

Now Hiru intended to share Suki’s. He would have to trick her onto the bed somehow. Once there, Tako was so fast, he would have her restrained before she knew it. The problem would be gagging her so she didn’t scream and alert Kamiko. Then it would be a simple matter of watching while Tako fed.

* * * * *

Suki obviously couldn’t let go of tormenting her stepbrother. Since her mother had married his father, it had been one of her few enjoyable pastimes… a consolation prize for having to give up her mother’s attention to that oaf she married. It didn’t matter to her if they were going to be on the street if her mother didn’t marry into money, she hated being displaced from the center-stage spotlight. She couldn’t take her frustrations out on her stepfather — too many consequences — but her stepbrother…

When Kenta, her stepfather, had died about a year ago, she felt that things might get back to normal, that she would be the center of her mother’s attention once again, and Hiru could go get lost. But Hiru didn’t leave. He stayed living with them and going to University, a fact which gave him at least a little worth in her mother’s eyes, and that was annoying as all hell.

She managed to keep her own struggles at University hidden from her mother while deflecting potential criticism to Hiru. And she loved criticizing his body, whenever she could, belittling him, because she wasn’t about to admit that he was really rather attractive. She certainly couldn’t let him outshine her. Her best chance, of course, was when he was careless locking his door. Surprising him in embarrassing situations was always worth it. In fact, he was overdue for a double-whammy. She’d already surprised him before dinner. Now she would do it again, when he was getting ready for bed. She’d have to time it for when he was changing…

* * * * *

The moment Suki burst into Hiru’s room, Tako’s tentacle zipped off the bed on the far side, disappearing under the bed. The sudden motion interrupted Suki’s rant as her brain tried to figure out what she saw… besides Hiru’s rather prodigious erection in his hand and the unnaturally calm look on his face. Her brain jumped to an obvious conclusion.

“Ha! I knew it!” she gloated. “You’re playing with yourself! What kind of toy do you have? Trying to hide it from me? You’re not supposed to have sex toys.” She moved forward into the room, expecting Hiru to yell at her for invading his privacy.

“I don’t have a toy…” he told her, spreading his czech taxi porno hands to show her they were empty. “Just my chisana cock, as you like to call it, though I don’t think twenty centimeters is that tiny.” He flexed his muscles and bounced his erection for emphasis. Suki pulled up short, watching his bouncing cock.

“You do, too, have a toy,” she accused him after shaking her head to stop staring at him. “I saw it when I came in.” She moved forward towards the bed. “What did you do? Hide it under the pillow?”

“I don’t have a toy,” Hiru iterated as he moved off the bed and stood next to it, arms spread and hands open. “Look for yourself.” He calmly moved behind her as she moved to the bed, quietly closing and locking his door.

Suki was sure he had hidden whatever he’d been playing with. She didn’t see it on top of the covers, so he must have stuffed it under his pillow. She climbed into his bed on her hands and knees, and lifted the pillows, looking beneath them. There was nothing there.

“Okay, so you probably threw it over the side,” she decided and leaned forward to look. That’s when Tako made his presence known. Hiru had to move fast because it didn’t take long for Tako to have Suki trussed up by the wrists and ankles and spread out on her back on the bed. The surprise delayed her a little, but when she opened her mouth to scream, Hiru stuffed a sock in it.

Suki’s eyes were the size of saucers as she tried to comprehend what was happening to her. Hiru’s smirk was obvious.

“I’d like you to meet my pet, Tako,” he told her as he watched Tako’s tentacles begin to explore her. “He, or she — not sure on that one — is not a toy. He, she or it is a creature from Monsuta, the Land of Monsters you and your mother claim doesn’t exist. So obviously you are hallucinating.

“You couldn’t possibly be getting turned on by my pet’s tentacles… I’m sure your nipples aren’t standing out a mile and your thighs aren’t glistening with your love juices… and certainly your wide eyes and flared nostrils are from the nightmare you are having, not arousal… you most assuredly could not be emitting the sexual pheromones that attract creatures like Tako — creatures who thrive off libido.”

Hiru had been observing and commenting on all the signs of sexual excitement Suki was showing.

“I sure hope you are not a virgin,” he commented as Tako lined a tentacle up on Suki’s pussy. And ass.

“MMMmmmphhhhh!!!” Suki screamed into the sock as she went nearly cross-eyed from Tako plunging his tentacle into her bare quim.

“MMMmmmmm…” she groaned, closing her eyes, as Tako’s suckers played with her nipples and she arched up, thrashing against the hexadecipus.

“NNNNGGGGHHHHhhhh!!!” she screamed, her eyes flying open as Tako plunged a tentacle into her anus and coincidentally, made her start cumming her brains out.

Hiru stood by, watching her cum and stroking his cock, wondering at how good it felt to watch his awful brat of a stepsister get reamed. And sucked. He shouldn’t forget that part. What Tako was doing to her nipples was awesome. Almost as awesome as when Tako sucked her clit into one of his acetabulum and started milking her with it.

It’s a good thing she’s tied down, Hiru thought with a smile, or I’d be scraping her off the ceiling.

Suki’s screams gave way to moans and groans and cries and mewls, all muffled by the sock. She was repeatedly peaking and Tako was barely allowing her any downtime. Tako was curious about every part of her body, including tentatively sticking a tentacle into her ears and into her nose. Hiru damn near laughed out loud when one of Tako’s tentacles pulled the sock from Suki’s mouth and he could see the momentary relief. He could also see her take a deep breath as if to scream, and might have if Tako hadn’t plugged her mouth with a tentacle… a tentacle that was doing a fair imitation of deepthroating.

Hiru found it hot that he could see the bulge in Suki’s throat while she struggled against it. Tako must have sensed that this female pheromone factory needed to breathe because he withdrew the tentacle. Suki gasped for air several times before taking another deep breath, which is when Tako put the tentacle back in. Apparently it was a tough, muscular arm with plenty of resistance to being bitten, because Suki only tried that once. That got the tentacle even farther down her throat. She eventually gave up trying to scream.

Over time, she seemed to give up resisting, too. Maybe she was simply being worn down, or maybe she was enjoying being ravished and had stopped fighting it. Whatever the case, she became more docile the more her body was wracked with orgasms. Then Tako changed things up and Hiru had to admire him for it. Tako turned Suki over, holding her as if she were on all fours, doggy-style. And kept right on fucking the hell out of her.

The change in position seemed to spark Suki back to life. She shook digitalplayground porno her head as if trying to clear it and Hiru knew the effects of the liquid on Tako’s skin was having its effect. In addition to being an aphrodisiac, Hiru had found that it had a kind of soporific effect. Eventually it would lead to the subject of Tako’s attentions passing out. Hiru had decided that must be a defense mechanism, allowing the tentacle beast to escape before its victim could retaliate. He wasn’t sure, but it might have been an amnesiac as well.

Suki was in one of Hiru’s favorite positions — all fours with ass up and shoulders down — when he mentally slapped himself upside the head. What the fuck am I waiting for? An engraved invitation? He could crawl up behind Suki and jerk off on her and no one would know the difference. He loved the idea of seeing his cum all over her backside. Suki was still moaning through cum after cum… she wouldn’t even know he was back there.

So Hiru moved up onto the bed, kneeling behind her and leaning in close so he could rub his balls against her ass while he stroked himself. Tako actually seemed to make room for him.

That is one considerate pet tentacle monster, he thought as the warmth of Suki’s ass helped crank him up. And damn! Who knew the brat could feel so good?

Hiru was building up and thinking about where and how he wanted to spray his seed over his asshole stepsister when Tako almost made him prematurely get off. A tentacle came winding its way up from underneath to gently cup his balls and suck on them. Which made Hiru look down and notice that Tako was slowly withdrawing his tentacle from Suki’s ass, while two others were gaping her for him.

You, Tako, are ingratiating yourself like you wouldn’t believe, Hiru thought as he changed tactics. Fucking Suki in the ass just became top on the list.

When Tako was completely out of the way, Hiru lined up on Suki’s rosebud and plunged in.

“OHMYFUCKINGGOD!!!” Suki moaned loudly, a tentacle gag no longer necessary. Apparently she did notice when he was back there. “Oh my God, Hiru! Oh, God… yes! I am so sorry, Hiru… I am so sorry…”

What the fuck? Hiru thought, easing up a little. She’s apologizing? I don’t want her apologizing…

“I am so fucking sorry that I didn’t fuck you before, Hiru! God! Do me! Do me deep! Fuck the hell out of your little cumslut!!!” Suki cried out.

Now that makes sense! Hiru thought as he resumed pounding away. Cumslut, huh? Her ass feels so good, I wouldn’t mind doing her again… with Tako’s help, of course… damn! She’s so fucking hot and tight, I’m not going to last…

Hey, but why should I? This is my revenge. Okay, bitch, catch this hot cum enema!

Hiru let go of his self-control and quickly ramped up. Of course, having Tako stick a tentacle up his ass and hit his prostate kind of set things off in a big way.


Hiru let loose and felt like he pumped cum into Suki for hours. It wasn’t, of course. It only felt like it. When he finally felt empty, he eased his slowly deflating cock out and watched the trickle of his semen run out of her ass… until Tako’s tentacle came up and started cleaning it up, obviously happy with the offered meal. He decided to go back to watching as Tako kept doing Suki until she passed out.

Tako slowly let Suki’s comatose form down onto the bed and withdrew underneath, leaving her there in the middle of sheets soaked in her juices. Apparently, she had squirted quite a bit, but Hiru didn’t remember seeing it. Of course, it could have been hidden by her body. It was not going to be comfortable sleeping in the “wet spot”… the entire bed was wet. Hiru sat back for a bit, to think about what he wanted to do. Eventually, he decided.

He eased the soiled sheets and mattress pad out from under Suki, making a pile on the floor. Then he lifted her out of the bed, still out of it, and put her on top of the pile. With her out of the way, he got out fresh linens and made the bed.

I’ll deal with her when she wakes up, he thought. I’m exhausted. I hope Tako doesn’t want to play until I’ve gotten some sleep… He unlocked his door, crawled in bed and turned off his light, drifting off into self-satisfied unconsciousness.

* * * * *

“Wha… what… what am I doing here?” Suki’s tentative whisper woke Hiru. He sat up and in the faint moonlight coming through his window, he could see her naked body struggling to sit up on the pile of bedding. Honestly, she looked pretty hot, for being ravished into unconsciousness.

“You crashed out in my room,” he told her. “You should probably go back to your own room… and take your soiled linen with you.”

“I… uh… what?” she asked, looking around and realizing she was on top of the linens. “I, uh…” she faltered, looking embarrassed. “I… uh, yes… of course, sir…” she mumbled and stood up, obviously very sore in multiple places. She moaned as she felt her pussy and her breasts. Without another word, she gathered up the bedding and headed out Hiru’s door, closing it softly behind her. He was fairly certain she had no idea what she’d done or even who he was, or she wouldn’t have called him “sir.”

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