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Siblings Ch. 03

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The whole day, Marco and Erica wait for their sister to come home. They try to not to engage in any sexual acts as they do, so that they can be at top form for their sister. So they decided to watch a movie on the television while they waited.

Half way through the movie Erica looks over to her brother and asks, “Will you always be there for me?”

Marco is slightly taken aback by the question. After a few seconds linger on, he says, “Of course. He wraps her in a comforting hug. “You’ll always be my special sister.”

Erica snuggles into his embrace. “Thanks. I suppose I can share you with Sandy if she wants. She shouldn’t miss out on all the fun.” She looks up at him with an adoring smile on her face.

“Is that what you are worried about?” he asks.

“Well a little. I mean I just thought if Sandy is better than me, you may want her more.”

Marco smiles at her. “There is no better. You are special in your own way as Sandy will be in hers. I love you sis.” As they hug, Marco moves his hands down to her ass. “Speaking of which…”

“Why don’t you save if for tonight,” she replies playfully. She gives him a kiss before heading out of the room.

Left alone, Marco finishes watching the movie. By the time it is over, Sandy is walking through the door.

“Hey, Marco,” she says. “How was your day?”

He shrugs and acts as casually as he can. “Not too bad.”

“Where’s ankara escort Erica?” she asks placing her keys on the table.

“She’s in her room.”

For the second time today, he is left alone.

Sandy slides into her sister’s room and closes the door behind her. “Hey Erica.”

Erica looks up and smiles. “It’s been a long day waiting for you.”

“Did you tell Marco about what we discussed?”

“I sure did and he was excited by the idea,” Erica says.

“Good, now before we double team him, I think you and I need to spend some time together.”

Sandy sits on the bed next to her sister. Sandy’s long blonde hair contrasts with Erica’s shorter brown hair. She is also accessorized with large, hoop earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Sandy loved jewelry and was never without any.

One of Sandy’s hands move toward Erica and slips under her shirt. Erica sighs as Sandy’s fingers begin to stroke her pussy through the thin fabric. It isn’t long before Erica is moaning to the action taking place between her thighs. A few moments pass and his sisters stretch out on the floor.

Sandy slides her hand up under Erica’s shirt, tracing a path up her thighs. Sandy puts her other hand around Erica and leans in for a kiss. Their lips meet at the same time as Sandy’s fingers find the damp material of Erica’s panties. The dampness is cold and clammy left over from escort ankara her earlier excitement, but as her fingers trace up and down the outline of Erica’s pussy, the cold dampness is replaced with heated moisture.

The kiss they share is unique. It doesn’t have the animalistic passion when Erica kisses her brother. Instead the kiss is slower, softer and gentler, but with more of a caring and comforting emotion behind it. Sandy slides her fingers underneath the panties to explore Erica’s pussy directly. Her entrance is very hot and very wet. At the first direct contact, Erica’s body twitches in excitement. Her body starts grinding against Sandy’s hand as it traces around and through her pussy.

Erica’s participation in the kiss becomes more and more detached as her attention focuses on the orgasm that is building within her. Almost unconsciously, her hand moves up to squeeze her breast to complement the feelings her sister’s caresses are bringing in her. Her orgasm comes like an avalanche. It starts slowly, building at the top of her stomach and then grows in a long rumble as the feelings tumble down to her groin and rebound through her legs, arms and head. A long, low moan of satisfaction escapes her lips as the orgasm runs its course through her body.

When it passes, she sits forward and embraces Sandy in a big hug. “I love you so much Sandy.” Disengaging from the hug, Erica asks, “Is ankara escort bayan what we’ve done wrong?”

“Of course not, silly. We can do anything we want. Besides, it feels really good.”

Erica smiles devilishly, “It feels so good! It’s so amazing when Marco touches me, the sensation are so strong.”

“Better than when you touch yourself?”

“Oh, yes. I guess it’s like tickling. You can try to tickle yourself, but it doesn’t work. It’s only when someone else tickles you that you feel anything. When he touches me, the feeling is so much stronger.”

“And when he fucks you?”

“It’s this incredible feeling of fullness. Like that satisfied feeling when you stuff yourself on a good meal.” Erica pauses. “Well, not like that, but you know…” She starts giggling. “It’s complicated.”

“Well I think I’m going to watch you two first,” Sandy says.

“You want to watch us?”

“Is it weird for you?”

“A little,” Erica says. “But not much weirder than the things that have happened already.”

“What about Marco?”

“I’m sure he’ll go with it. But he did seem really excited about having you as well as me.”

“Then he will be our special brother,” Sandy says.

Marco sits flipping through channels for the next half hour and almost gets up to put a movie in when both his sisters quickly zip into his room. Both of them are wearing t-shirts and he can’t see if they have underwear on or not. Curious now, he gets up and heads for his room.

As he walks into the room he sees his sisters on his bed. They look up at him and both smile.

“Sit on the bed, Marco,” Sandy tells him.

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