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Siblings with Benefits Ch. 04

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It was ten o’clock on Friday night and I was lying in my bed completely frustrated. The big night I had looked forward to all week was here and somehow was ending like all the rest of my nights. I was alone, unable to sleep and would eventually jerk off because it was the only way I ever got off. I stared up at the ceiling watching the patterns the flickering of the candles on my nightstand made and sighed.

The day had started out as it was supposed to with Doug and Denise leaving early in the morning to drive to New Hampshire where they were going to stay until Sunday. This was the first time they had gone away since I had lived there and coupled with Megan’s having to work until eleven it gave me the house to myself for most of the night.

Summer had just started and I was working at a construction site where Doug had gotten me a job. The pay was decent, and I enjoyed the work, it was hard labor, but it was outside so I was getting a great tan while adding to what was already a pretty solid build.

I got off at four, cashed my check, and after stopping home to shower and change, picked up Krissy who was the main part of my plan. Krissy looked hot in a denim mini and the cutest little pink top that showed off her amazing tits, well I assumed they were, it’s not like I had seen them yet. I was driving the black 78 Lesabre the folks had bought me as a graduation present and I took her to Friday’s for dinner, then a ride to the beach for Ice Cream. After that I stopped home, and asked her if she wanted to come in.

Krissy knew no one was home but after a brief hesitation said okay. I was nervous but excited as we went up to my room. I lit the candles and shut the light off, when I turned to Krissy she was on the bed with her shoes off and hair down. This was it I thought I was finally going to get laid! I sat next to her and we started making out pretty hot and heavy, I got her shirt off and seeing her tits in just her lacy pink bra had me so hard it hurt. Krissy grabbed my cock through my jeans and after giving a little gasp-not that I had much to go by, but from what I had seen in the magazines I seemed pretty well hung- began to rub it.

At that point I went all in and sliding my hand up her skirt, slipped my finger into her panties and felt her wet pussy, we both moaned and I rolled over on top of her ready to try to get her skirt off when a car door slammed directly under my window. Krissy jumped off the bed so fast she almost fell off. I looked out and saw that it was only the guy next door but when I turned back to Krissy she was putting her shirt back on and saying she was sorry but she was too nervous. I tried to talk her into it but after a couple of minutes gave up, she really looked upset so I took her home.

As soon as I got back home I went up to my room and jerked off, then still feeling wound up went into the basement and lifted for an hour, pumping the weights thinking I should be pumping Krissy. I took another shower, a cold one. Slipping on a pair of shorts I lied down and tried to read for awhile.

I was reading Aleister Crowley’s Do as you Feel with mixed emotions. Like Anton Levay Crowley talked about being better than the rest, a God amongst the herd, I felt I was one of those people. I had graduated top of my class and was going to PC in September with a full scholarship. I made all state in baseball and after only two years of karate was going for my black belt next month. As far as my looks went I turned the head of every girl I walked by, unfortunately I couldn’t get anywhere with them. Well Krissy was the only one I wanted and so much for that.

I tossed the book aside disgusted. True I had all those things going for me but I was also an eighteen year old virgin who was afraid of the dark and slept with his sister when I had bad dreams. Not just slept with her but let her hold me like I was a baby. Yeah I was an alpha alright. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep which was always a crapshoot on the best of nights, let alone when I was aggravated. I tried just letting my mind drift and as always I started thinking about sex again.

It only took a couple of minutes of that before I started getting hard again. I tried to fight it, I mean I had just jacked off a couple of hours ago, but then again if you’re not getting any it’s not like you’re wasting it. I slipped my shorts down past my hips and using my left hand began to stroke it. Closing my eyes I replayed the scene with Krissy except this time after grabbing my cock she slid down onto her knees and unzipping my pants began to suck on it. I started jerking faster as I pictured my big dick in her face going in and out of her mouth. I was getting close when it happened again; Krissy’s face was replaced by another girl’s and not just any girl; Megan.

I stopped stroking thinking; again with this? It happened for the first time a couple of months ago. I was jerking off thinking of Krissy, when I had a vision of my sister underneath me, naked, sweating, and moaning my name. I felt so bad the next day I couldn’t even mofos porno look at her. Since then though, it was hard not to.

Megan was absolutely gorgeous with her long dark hair, amazing blue eyes, and that adorable smile. I also couldn’t help noticing her body was pretty hot too. I checked out enough girls to know she wasn’t too big in the tit department, but at 5’8 her legs were incredible and she had a perfectly shaped ass that I had a hard time not looking at whenever she bent over.

“You’re a sick fuck Mark.” I said out loud.

Then again it was only a thought, I mean I wouldn’t try anything. Megan was the best thing that ever happened to me. Doug and Denise were nice to me, but Megan loved me. I trusted her completely, knowing she would never hurt me the way so many others had. So at this point if I started thinking about her I would usually just let it go, it was just a phase. If I ever got laid I would probably get over it. Of course what didn’t help was the fact we slept together sometimes. For a longtime Megan would wear a t-shirt and shorts to bed, lately however that had turned into underwear- a tank top with, as I was painfully aware of; no bra.

I think she caught me looking down her shirt one night; I could see all but her nipple and was staring when she woke up and asked what I was looking at. I mumbled something stupid and rolled over. It got worse a week later when I had spent a torturous half hour staring at her ass in a pair of black panties. Megan rolled over with her back against me, pushing her ass into my hard on. If there was any chance I thought she didn’t notice it was gone when she giggled and said;

“Someone must have had a good dream!”

Speaking of those black panties, I realized I was still holding my cock and figured why the hell not? I returned to stroking it picturing my sister in those little panties, her tight little ass. Yeah I thought, afraid of the dark, a virgin, and jerks off to his sister.

I jumped at the sound of a quiet knock at my door. My heart pounding I looked at the clock on my nightstand, it was just after eleven.

“Mark, you awake?” Megan called softly. Before answering I pulled my shorts back up and made sure the covers were over my lap.

“Yeah,” I called out.

The door opened and Megan came in, still wearing her uniform from Vinnie’s which I was quite a fan of. The uniform consisted of a formal looking long sleeved white blouse and a black skirt that didn’t go down much further than the curve of her ass, black stockings, and heels that I had no idea how she walked in.

“Hey little brother,” She said “Sorry I’m late, they let me stay until eleven, and I could use the money.”

“No problem,” I said “I’ve been home since eight.”

“How was work?” She asked. As she came closer to the bed I looked down at her legs and thought again how good they looked. The stockings making them look even better. I wondered what those stockings would feel like.

“Mark?” She asked again louder.

“Sorry.” I said looking up at her. She was looking at me strangely.

“Work?” She repeated.

“It was alright.”

“What about after work?” She asked, flashing that famous crooked smile of hers. She had known what I was planning. “You see your little Krissy?”

“Yeah I picked her up after work and we went to Friday’s.”

As I spoke I notice she was looking at me, but not my face following her eyes I swore she was staring at my chest or arms one of the two. Seeing she was no longer looking at my face my eyes slid back down to her legs again.

“That’s cute.” She said. I looked back up but she still seemed to be fixated on something other than my face. Finally Megan looked up and smirked.

“So, you bring her back here?”

“I did. I got her in here.”

“Oooh,” She sat on the edge of the bed. “Tell me more.”

“Nothing to tell,” I began. “We were getting pretty close, and then she heard a car door and got scared.” I shook my head disgustedly. “I feel like a fucking loser.”

“Don’t Mark, she’s a good girl and you’re still kind of shy, but it’ll happen.” Megan put her arm around my shoulders and smiled reassuringly.

“Maybe even sooner than you think.”

“I guess.”

“You want to talk?” She asked.

“No, I’m okay”

Megan stood back up,

“You sure? I don’t mind.”

“No really, I’m fine.” I told her.

“That you are little brother,” She said in an odd tone that made me look back up at her she was staring at me again with a weird look on her face.

“What do you mean?” I asked. She gave me an odd smirk and shrugged.

“Just telling you that you look good Mark, those weights are really paying off.”

“Oh thanks.”

Megan continued to stare. I began to feel a little uncomfortable with the way she was doing it, then she smiled again, a real one.

“Well I’m going to shower and go to bed okay?”

“Good night Megan.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek the added with a wink.

“Sweet moms girl porno dreams little brother.”

I lied back and closed my eyes again. I had kind of lost the mood to get off, and now just tried to keep my head clear, and drift into sleep. I heard Megan enter our adjoining bathroom, and start the shower. I pictured her in the shower, her naked body covered with soap. This time I succeeded in stopping myself and began to take long deep breaths like when I meditated at karate class, after a few minutes my thoughts cleared, and I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to the sound of the bathroom door opening. I was lying on my side facing the other way, Megan whispered;

“Hey little brother, up for some company?”

Having fallen asleep on my own and fairly early by my standards, I was a little annoyed she had woke me up, but if she was coming in it meant she couldn’t sleep and needed me. My sister had let me come into her bed many times so who was I to tell her no?

“Yeah okay.” I answered groggily.

“Oh, were you sleeping?” She asked. Still facing away from her I said;

“Yeah, but that’s okay I don’t mind.”

“I feel bad though,” She said from a little bit closer than before. “Maybe I can make it up to you somehow.”

“That’s okay,” I repeated still shaking off sleep. “Really.”

“That’s good,” She said. “Because I want to talk to you little brother.” As she spoke I rolled over onto my back and turned to look at her. Oh, fuck me I thought.

Megan was standing a few feet from the bed close enough that I had a good view of her in the candle light and a view was what I was getting. Megan was wearing a silky red tank top that had black lace across the top of it. The top didn’t even go all the way down stopping several inches above her waist showing off her flat stomach and if the top wasn’t enough to make my eyes widen the panties were nothing short of breath taking. The front was red lace and the sides were literally only black strings that were tied at the sides leaving her legs bare all the way to her hips. I swallowed hard. Oh, it was going to be a looong night.

“Something the matter little brother?” She asked. I shook my head not trusting my voice.

“Good,” She said, and took a step towards me then looking over her shoulder said(,) “Oh I didn’t close the door.”

“That’s okay.” I said quietly. She shook her head.

“You know how I am with open doors at night…”

I did. She was afraid of them because as a little girl she was forced to sleep with it open so her step father could watch her. With that Megan turned around and walked towards the door. I felt my jaw drop.

Megan looked just as good from behind the shirt was lower cut leaving almost her entire back bare her long dark hair fanned across it. But once again more eye catching were the panties(,) like the top there was less in the back. Almost her entire ass was visible as she walked over to the door. I stared transfixed by the sight of her legs, ass, the swing of her hips, even the small of her back everything looked so good. Realizing I was hard as a rock I looked down and saw the covers had risen around my crotch. As I heard the door close I quickly slid up into a sitting position so the blanket was gathered around my waist. Megan turned and walked back over. I was staring and knew it but I couldn’t help it at this point she stopped a couple of steps from my bed and asked;

“Watcha looking at Mark?”

“Umm I..” I shrugged, “You I guess.” A whole lot of you.

“Yeah? Just me? Or do you like my new jammies?” With that she raised her arms up over her head which made the top ride up even higher. I swore I could see the curve of the bottom of her tits.

“Uh yeah,” I whispered hoarsely, “They’re umm really pretty.”

“Good,” Lowering her arms she made her way over to me. “Because I wore them just for you.”

She sat on the side of the bed facing me one leg up on the bed the other on the floor.

“You did?” She nodded.

“Well I know you like red and black and,” She winked. “I know you like to look at me.” Megan leaned closer. I could smell her perfume. “Don’t you little brother?” She asked and smiled, it was an odd one. It was real, but not sweet at all.

“I guess so.” Was all I could come up with.

“You guess?” She asked and pouted a little as she did I noticed she was wearing lipstick. Why would she be wearing lipstick? I wondered.

“Mark? You don’t like how I look?”

“Of course I do” I told her. She smiled this time it was more like her normal one.

“Good.” She said and reaching out touched my face. Megan’s nails were long, and bright red with black tips. Using just those nails she lightly ran them down my cheek giving me goose bumps. “Because I love to look at you.”

“You do?” My heart was beginning to pound.

“I do.” She nodded “You are a hell of a good looking guy Mark. The best looking guy I’ve ever seen.” She stroked my face again this time with the back of her hand, as she did momsbangteens porno my eyes dropped she was leaning over and I could see half way down her shirt. “My beautiful little brother,” She said then sat back.

“I’ll tell you Krissy’s a lucky girl.”

“I guess.”

“Oh trust me Mark there’s a lot of girls jealous of her, they want to know what she’s got that they don’t.” Megan smiled coyly. “They figure she must give it to you pretty good, and you guys haven’t even done it yet.”

“She’s nervous,” That got another laugh from her.

“Just her?” I put my head down.

“Guess I am too.”

“Why? Your damn good at everything else Mark I’m sure you could handle that.”

“I don’t know.”

“Bet you’re a great kisser.”

“I’m okay I guess.” I thought I was pretty good, but it’s not like it had gotten me anywhere.

“You like it?” She smiled again “You like kissing your little Krissy?” I nodded.

“Yeah? You think about it all the time? Her soft lips?” She was making me nervous, something wasn’t right here.

“I do.” I answered simply.

“So Mark?”


“You ever think about kissing me?” I looked into those weird ice blue eyes, was she kidding?

“No” I lied.

“Why not?”

“You’re my sister.” I pointed out. She shrugged.

“I’m also a very pretty girl who loves to kiss.” She cocked her head and winked at me.

“And I have very nice lips. They look good for all kinds of things no?” I knew exactly what she meant, one of the kids at school had made a comment that Megan had blow job lips. Of course I had sent him home with a pair of split ones. Megan pushed her lips out me.

“Go ahead Mark give me a kiss, you know you’ve thought about it.”

“I don’t know Megan I…” I stopped as she shook her head.

“Guess you don’t like me then.”

“Well it’s not that it’s just…”

“Just a kiss Mark. I just think you’d be a hell of a kisser. Please?” She asked and pouted again.

“Just one little kiss?”

She was using the little girl voice that I was a sucker for. With that she closed her eyes, and tilted her head waiting. My heart pounding, I hesitated, she looked so good, her lips were parted and pushed out just a little. Taking a deep breath I leaned over and kissed her quickly, and pulled back.

“Oh come on Mark!” Megan exclaimed rolling her eyes. “What do you call that?”

“A kiss?”

“I want a real one not one you’d give Denise.”

“I wouldn’t kiss her on the lips.” I said lamely.

“C’mon Mark, one real one.”

Once again closing her eyes she waited with those perfect red lips. Okay I thought, she was the one asking I wasn’t doing anything wrong it was just a kiss. I leaned in again, but this time when I kissed her I did it softly and stayed with it moving my lips back and forth. Megan returned the kiss and turned it into another, keeping her lips locked on mine.

“MMM.” She moaned in her throat. The sound made me kiss her harder. Megan reached around and put her arm around my shoulders, then slipped her tongue into my mouth. Surprised I went to pull back.

“UH-UH.” She grunted, and putting her hand on the back of my head held me there. Again Megan pushed her tongue between my lips. This time I opened my mouth and let her. Our tongues swirled together, and I made a noise that sounded like a pathetic whimper. Megan made a laughing noise in her throat but continued to kiss me. Unable to resist I put my hand up and began to run my fingers through her long black hair, I could smell her strawberry shampoo mixed in with her perfume.

“MMM HMM” Megan encouraged, sliding her other arm around me. I put my hand on her bare shoulder as we continued to kiss, alternately sliding our tongues into each other’s mouths. Krissy didn’t kiss like this, I thought then felt bad, but not enough to stop. Megan took her right hand away from my head and grabbing my hand slid it down placing it directly on her left tit. With a start I pulled back breaking the kiss and yanking my hand away.

“What’s the matter?”

“I um I can’t…” I stopped feeling embarrassed. I was out of breath and at this point so hard it was painful. Megan looked at me, then shrugged and said;

“Damn Mark that was one hell of a kiss. I mean it,” She shook her head. “Damn little brother,” Like him, she was also breathing heavier and her normally fair cheeks were flushed. “Did you like that?”

“Yeah that was something.” I told her. I was going to need to sneak into the bathroom for sure tonight.

“How come you moved?” She asked sliding closer to me on the bed.

“I… Shouldn’t touch…” I couldn’t finish.

“You don’t like my tits?”

I stared at her shocked. This was way past a kiss, despite the cool air coming through the window I was beginning to sweat. I could feel how red I was, and was well aware of the painful throbbing in my crotch,

“It’s um…”

“I mean I know they’re not as big as Krissy’s but there still nice.” She told me putting her hands up underneath and cupping her tits through the shirt. I sat there with no idea what to say.

“I mean you’ve played with hers right?”

“A little.” I said softly just happy to be off the topic of hers.

“A little? Come on Mark are you telling me you haven’t done that?”

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