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Sister, Brother, Summer Lover

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It is fair to say that in many ways Gary and Jan were the quintessential Aussie kids.

Born just a year apart, they were the eldest two of four children, growing up in a typical Aussie family, in a beachside town north of Sydney. Gary was 19 but still living at home, and Jan had just turned 18.

Their Mum and Dad, like almost all the parents in the region, both worked… their dad at a nearby steelworks, and their mum as a freelance book-keeper for a number of small businesses in the town.

All the Anderson kids did OK at school, they had the usual complement of friends, and they shared the almost universal Australian love of the beach.

Perhaps the only unusual factor in their lives was the closeness that the kids felt for each other…and particularly the closeness between Gary and Jan.

While most of their friends seemed to merely tolerate their siblings, Gary and Jan genuinely liked each other’s company…and often seemed like great friends, rather than brother-and-sister.

Perhaps it was that closeness. Perhaps it was their shared love of the beach, and of sunbathing. Perhaps it was that each had, unbeknownst to each other, discovered the joys of porn via the internet. Perhaps it was the phase of the moon? Who knows?

But whatever the cause, some spark was struck that hot January day, a spark that ignited a lust that neither of them knew they had.

It had begun like any other summer’s day. The kids had been on holidays since the week before Christmas, and weren’t due back at school until the last week of January, still a fortnight away.

The summer had been typical: long, hot, languid days with clean clear azure skies and just enough breeze blowing in from the ocean to make this temperate climate the best of all possible worlds.

The Anderson kids, like most Australian youngsters, had spent the majority of the summer within a bushman’s Cooee! calling distance of the water-either the beach or the local public swimming pool was where you would find them most days.

But today would see a change in that pattern. Sandra, the third of the Anderson children, was due to start High School when the term resumed in two weeks. That mean a new school uniform, new books, a new bag…and THAT meant a trip to nearby Newcastle.

Along with the daughter, Mrs. Anderson decided to take Billy, the youngest of her brood, on the shopping expedition, as he was growing out of all his clothes so fast, they too would need replacing before school resumed.

For Gary and Jan this was a bonus…it meant they needn’t be tied down looking after their siblings and could spend the day lounging about in the sun without interruption.

“So…you going down the beach today?” Jan asked her brother as they finished their breakfast cereal.

“Well, I thought I might go over to Banana Bay instead,” Gary replied, referring to a small beach in a national park just south of the town. “Wanna ride over there with me?”

“Why not,” Jan responded. “I’m getting bored with the same old people down at the surf club. Hey…we could make lunch, and take it, and spend the whole day there if you like!”

“Kewl,” Gary exclaimed. “I’ll go get the bikes ready, while you make us some sandwiches, eh?”

Half an hour later, and the two were laying down their bicycles, having ridden along the bush track leading to the secluded beach that got its nickname from the copse of fruit trees growing just back from the small stretch of sand.

“Jeeze, Louise, what did you put in that backpack?” Gary asked, as he slung the bag containing their lunch on the sand. “It feels like it weighs a tonne!”

“Oh, just a few sandwiches, some fruit…oh, I know what was so heavy…I put in a couple of two-litre bottles of water in case we get thirsty” Jan replied.

“Thirsty?” Gary snorted good-naturedly. “I’m sweating like a pig already after that ride, and carrying that backpack. I’m gonna strip off my shirt”.

With that, he tore away his T-shirt, showing a deeply tanned torso that reflected a childhood spent in the sun.

“Not fair,” Jan laughed. “You guys can just rip your top off anywhere. Us girls have gotta keep some parts of us covered up no matter how hot and sweaty we get.”

“Oh, I dunno,” Jim replied half-jokingly. “There’s only the two of us here…and I’m not gonna complain if you want to get comfortable.”

Jan looked quizzically at her brother for a moment, seeming to weigh something up in her mind. Then she smiled, as she came to a decision.

“OK then, smartypants…want to go skinny dipping?” she challenged.

Gary looked at his sister, gauging whether she was joking or serious. He saw a half-smile play across her lips and thought she was in jest, so said “OK…I’m game.”

But the he had misread her expression… something he realized as his sister first lifted off her t-shirt… and then reached behind and undid the straps on her bikini top.

Within moments, and before his startled eyes, Gary was treated to the vision of a succulent, near-perfect pair of globes on his sister’s chest, with their tan-lines ensest porno cutting diagonally just above the small brown nipples, were exposed to a man’s view for the first time.

“Oh wow,” he breathed, as he drank in the sight.

But before he could comment any further, Gary watched in amazement as his sister reached down and slid both her shorts, and her bikini bottom, to the sand, to stand there, arms akimbo on her hips, her splayed fingers pointing to the soft downy hair covering her mound.

It was as if she were saying to her brother “well, what do you think?”

What he thought was that he had never seen anyone as downright sexy as the vision that was suddenly before him.

The sheer grace and symmetry of his sister was startling.

Her hair was burnished red, and surrounded her face like a teak photo-frame before falling, gently, to her shoulders.

Her neat brown eyes had flecks of green in them, as she challenged her brother with a look, and her slightly upturned nose and high smooth cheeks were dusted with a light coating of freckles, like cinnamon sprinkled on apple.

Her breasts were pert and somewhat conical, with a chocolate brown aureole covering a full quarter of their ripening globes, and they held a promise to her future babes-or men-that would later suckle from their succulence.

Gary’s eyes were drawn down, across her lithe and tanned stomach to the reddy-brown patch of fur that both covered her womanhood, and announced it to the world.

All this crossed Gary’s mind in an instant or two, and he was still gathering his thoughts when Jan raised an eyebrow and said “Well?” Are you going to join me?”

With that, she turned and sauntered toward the water, the rise and fall of her firm young buttocks outlined by their white tan-free status.

Gary knew he had no choice, and that a deal was a deal. So he, too, slid his shorts and swimming trunks to the ground, before jogging toward the water.

As he passed his sister, he reached out and gave her a resounding slap on the tush… a move that prompted Jan to first shriek, and then take off after Gary as they both splashed into the water’s edge.

“Soon you die!” Jan laughed, as she ran after her brother, his red handprint slowly deepening on her perfect white buttock.

“Hah!” Gary responded. “You and who’s army?”

He dived for the cool, clear water as soon as it reached halfway up his legs… because he knew he had to get his groin in cold water, and soon.

The sight of his sister, unabashedly naked in front of him, had caused a sudden rush of blood to his genitals…and he knew there was no way he could stop the raging hard-on that had sprung, unbidden, to attention.

She was, he acknowledged to himself, absolutely stunning…but she was also his sister, his conscience brayed, and he wasn’t supposed to think of her in a sexual sense.

But while he told himself that, his surging hormones were saying something else entirely, and his prick was continuing to extend to its full seven inches.

Jan watched as her brother splashed into the water just in front of her. She saw his firm, ripe buns tighten as he prepared to enter the sea, and between his legs she caught a tantalizing glimpse of his balls, moments before the scrotal sack withdrew toward his belly, shocked into submission by the coolness of the water.

The sudden halt in his forward momentum caused her to stumble over his feet and she, too splashed into the water…falling into, and onto, her brother as she did so.

Gary instinctively put a hand up to steady her…a move that didn’t do much to stop his erection, because his open palm brushed firmly against Jan’s left breast, as she fell.

He quickly withdrew his hand, but Jan didn’t seem to mind the touch…she was too busy laughing, and slapping at his bare shoulder in revenge at the smack on her derriere he’d delivered moments before.

The two tousled and tangled for a few more moments, before both dissolving into fits of giggles and breaking apart slightly in the gently surging waters of the sandy cove.

Jan stretched out on her front in the shallow water…her feet and knees touching the sand, her upper body raised slightly as she held her head aloft, in a lazy sort of push-up.

Her brother was also lying face down in the water, but he had more than comfort on his mind.

Gary was still beset by a hard-on that wouldn’t quit, and didn’t want to embarrass either of them by having it show.

Jan looked over at her brother and giggled, saying “Your bum looks so funny-all pasty white against your tan! Still, I suppose mine does, too!”

“No,” Gary replied without thinking. “On you, the tan-line just makes you even more beautiful.”

As he realised he was almost making a pass at his younger sister, Gary began to blush-as did Jan, who found the compliment both exciting and nerve-wracking.

“Well, thank you kind sir,” she said with mock servility. “A woman does like to look her best at all times.” With that, she again burst into a fit of giggles, and turning onto her side fake agent porno began to languorously swim away like an eel, letting her buoyancy and the soft surge of the small surf do the work.

Gary watched his sister’s ass swish away for a few more moments, then decided this would be a good opportunity to get away from his sister for a while, and do something about the potential embarrassment engorged between his legs.

He stood quickly and moved toward the shore before his sister could see his boner, soon breaking free of the water and heading behind the trees that gave Banana Bay its name.

He glanced out into the cove, to make sure Jan was still in the water, and then leaned back against the trunk of the tree, making himself comfortable.

Gary closed his eyes and took his prick in his right hand, wrapping his top two fingers and the thumb around the base, while his lower two fingers gently caressed his testes.

It was a grip that was almost hard-wired into his brain, he used it so often-because, like all boys his age, Gary wanked regularly…and some days almost constantly.

His prick was pretty typical for a lad his age…five inches long from the base of his belly to the tip of his exposed glans, and hard as a rock, if a little skinny.

Not as white as the rest of his un-tanned groin, it was tinged slightly pink as it jutted out and up from the thatch of hair surrounding it.

The underside was corrugated, its stretched smooth skin interrupted by veins, and capillaries, and running all the way along, a channel to carry the young man’s semen.

The head was exposed-he’d been circumcised as a baby-and had a purple hew to it, especially at times like this when the whole thing became aroused, and engorged.

Gary began slowly, gently but firmly tugging on the skin of his prick until it rose half-way up the head, like a collar worn up to fight off a cold wind.

Then he reversed direction, pulling down on the outside of his cock until the skin became stretched from the ‘helmet’ to the base, forcing the muscle to bend slightly to the left like the bananas in the tree to his back.

He repeated the movement a half-a-dozen times, each time tugging a little more vigorously, and then let his hand slip from the base, to cup his balls gently and roll them between his fingers.

Then he moved his hand away slightly, until the palm was just gently touching the hair on his ball-sack, and the warmth from his hand was replaced with the coolness of the air.

He waved his hand around, savouring the feather-light touch that felt like a gentle breeze swaying the sensitive hairs on his balls…a sensation that was akin to massage by remote control.

After 30 seconds or so, Gary once again grabbed the shaft of his manhood, and started to pump it more vigorously this time, leaning back against the tree and rhythmically tightening and loosening the muscles of his legs.

His eyes remained shut, and he began to moan lightly, when something about the nature of the light beyond his closed eyelids changed.

His eyes snapped open…to reveal his sister, still naked and wet from her swim, standing quietly a few feet away and watching intently.

He quickly let go of his turgid todger, and pulled his knees to his stomach, in order to cover up his offending member.

“Oh god, I’m sorry,” he began, but Jan intervened, waving her hands toward the ground in the sort of gesture one uses on a frightened horse.

“No, I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to interrupt. It’s just…I’ve never seen anyone do that in real life and I wanted to watch.”

“I’ve seen men masturbating in pornos,” Jan continued, “and there’s a bloke with a webcam who I met on IRC last month who’s done it for me a couple of times, but it looked much…sexier for real.”

Her brother looked a little more relieved, and some of the bright red colouring that had rushed to his face began to ease…but he still wasn’t comfortable with his sister knowing he’d been masturbating.

She seemed to understand his continued reluctance, and tried to assuage it by telling him she knew about his solitary habits.

“Hey, don’t forget…I help mum with the washing,” she said, “and we sometimes laugh a.t how you can sleep on sheets that are so crusty!”

Jan gave a little giggle at that last, and sat on the sand, her legs beneath her.

She would have looked every inch the demure young woman…except that she wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing, and her naked breasts and the thatch of pubic hair below her lap rather prevented that image from taking hold.

“But what got you so randy?” she asked. “One minute you were with me in the water, and then you are hiding away up here.”

“Well,” Gary murmured, “It’s hard to explain.” He stopped, and his sister cocked a quizzical eye at him.

Not wanting to offend her by saying she was the cause, Gary tried to temporise.

“Well, when a guy sees a naked woman, he sort of gets turned on,” he started. “And well, you know, I sort of…oh don’t hate me, but you looked sexy fake cop porno and it just sort of happened… Listen…do you wanna go now?”

“Go?” said Jan. “Why would I want to go? It’s only about 10 o’clock! And why would I hate you?”

“Well, because I sort of got turned on by you. I thought you might have thought I’m some sort of pervert,” Gary responded.

His sister smiled, then looked serious for a moment.

“Gary,” she said, “If I turn you on, then I am really, really glad. That means that you think I look OK…and that makes me feel sort of… hummy.”

“Hummy?” he asked.

“Well, I don’t know if I can think of a better word,” she said. “I just feel like my whole body wants to…hum!”

“Now,” she continued. “Where were we? Oh yes…you were playing with yourself, and I was watching. Don’t stop on my account…I’d really, really like to see this!”

“You’re sure?” her brother said. “You’d really like to see?”

“Oh, yes,” Jan said. “I’ve been wanting to see it for a long time.”

“Well,” Gary said, “in that case it would be rude of me to disappoint you.”

The tall tanned boy stretched out once again, dropping his knees from his belly where he’d been hiding his prick for the last few minutes. His erection had rapidly subsided when he was first startled by his

sister, but her continued presence sitting just feet away stark naked and her obvious desire to watch him get his rocks off had made him go quite hard again.

As Gary began to stroke his member once again, Jan leaned forward, rising slightly on her haunches before settling this time on her knees, her cute ripening breasts jutting forward and her nutmeg-brown nipples visibly hardening as she watched.

This time, instead of closing his eyes as he jerked, Gary watched his sister-his gaze travelling from her succulent thighs and the secret place at their top to Jan’s tits which now pointed toward him invitingly. His gaze travelled upwards to her pretty young face, and their eyes locked for a moment-a spark seeming to jump between them.

Then, as Gary’s orgasm began to build, his sister’s eyes travelled down toward his throbbing penis, and she seemed mesmerised as she watched her brother’s right fist pumping faster and faster, his legs straightening and loosening in a cycle of sheer pleasure.

The hand that was bringing him such pleasure continued to rub harder and harder, delicious friction calling the semen from his balls, which had already tightened and tensed, ready to release their cargo of blessed relief.

Jan, who’s only experience of male masturbation had been through the sterile medium of a computer screen, was fascinated, as she watched her older sibling’s prick which seemed to swell even more before her eyes.

Then, with a primeval grunt, Gary jammed his hand down hard on the base of his boner, as it began to erupt with its sticky white fluid. It sprayed all over his belly, and up his chest, and a globule even whirled past his face, slamming into the trunk of the banana tree he rested against.

Jan leaned forward in wonder, and reached out to touch a droplet of semen from Gary’s chest, rubbing it between thumb and forefinger, as if to check its quality and consistency. Then she sat back down, this time cross-legged, breathing almost as heavily as her brother.

But rather than returning to normal, Gary’s breath became even more ragged, as he saw his sister’s snatch exposed to his view for the first time.

“So, how was it?” he panted. “Was it good to watch?” His gaze kept returning to the precious pussy laid open and inviting just feet away.

“Oh, yes!” Jan purred. “It was wonderful.” She noticed where her brother’s attention was being directed, and laid a hand across her crotch-but somehow, instead of covering it up, she seemed able to only hide half her womanhood…the other remaining exposed to his admiring glance.

“In fact,” she continued, “it made me feel quite randy -but let’s wait until after we have a bite before I deal with that.”

She smiled a smile that seemed somehow full of innocence, and abandon, and promise all at once-and rose to make her way to the bikes, and the backpack, where their refreshments lay waiting.

Gary wondered exactly what his sister meant, as he watched her sashay toward the food, her pretty little behind dusted with golden sand from the beach.

If he wasn’t mistaken, it meant that he may be getting to see a show that many men would pay a fortune for. He slowly, shakily rose to his feet, his legs still tense from the orgasm that had rocketed through him a few moments before.

But he was young, and he was virile, and the energy soon returned…as did the hunger.

As Gary followed his sister toward the bicycles he saw her bend over, her lightly frosted quim exposed. There wasn’t a great deal of hair covering her snatch, but what was there was reddish-brown, much like the colour of the bricks that dominated Australian suburbia.

Wispy tufts of the downy fur peeked out from between her legs. They accentuated, rather than hid, her sweet and virginal cunt lips. Although Gary couldn’t see it, those lips were glistening as his sister’s vagina continued to secrete the delicious musky lubricant that only an aroused woman can create. After a few moments, Jan straightened up and turned to face her brother.

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