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Sisters Exchange Husbands

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The much-awaited DNA report was due to arrive that afternoon. The father of the premature baby lying in the incubator was much in dispute. Two cousins had apparently been courting the babys mother and each came forward to claim the baby as his own. ‘Had I known that Jim had made the claim, I would have kept my trap shut. But how would I have known that Celestine was playing both of us,’ thought Steve. But it was now too late.


Celestine was the daughter of the flamboyant Governor of the County. Rising from obscurity to political supremacy had taken her father almost a decade. Some said that he was involved in the drugs trade, but nobody could furnish any evidence to it. The fact remained that he was extremely rich; he owned several high-rise buildings in the capital; he had fleets of trucks doing business between Mombasa and the neighbouring countries. Celestine attracted friends to herself like flies. The people of the Fourth estate adored her. Girls wanted to be seen and photographed with her at parties, fashion shows and dinners. They were assured of having a good time without having to spend much money, as Celestine was reputed to be very generous to her friends. Over a Friday evening at the K2 Clubhouse she was known to have mounted a bill of a hundred thousand.

Men too were drawn to her, attracted by her beauty, class and fashion sense. Going out with her meant that they could hook up with glamorous girls who flocked around her, although many soon found out to their chagrin that the girls had no money of their own and only shone with reflected glamour from Celestine. She was not averse to treating a guy to drinks and food while in her company, so they did not necessarily need a fat wallet, although to shore up his image a guy would need to buy a round or two for gathered company.

Jim worked as an event photographer charging exorbitant rates so that he catered only to those who can pay my price as he put it. He had first met Celestine at a fashion event staged in the Villa Rossa Kempinski Hotel. Only invited guests were allowed, of whom he was one by virtue of being an event photographer.

Once the show was under way, Jim took a number of shots at the beautiful Celestine, intending to send her copies of some of them. Then a wild idea seized him. He bought a bottle of wine and asked the waiter to send it to her table with his compliments. Meanwhile he was working the other end of the room, wanting to avoid being thanked by a simple wave of the hand, no matter how delicately shaped it may be. He would collect them in his own time in his own way, but did catch the waiter pointing him out to her.

Later in the evening he arranged to be near her table, and clicked a few more shots of her. She gave him a radiant smile and called him over. Thank you for the wine. We girls enjoyed it very much!

Never mind, he replied politely. It was my pleasure.

When it is not so hectic, would you mind joining us for a last glass? She had given him a specific time to come to her table, not a moment earlier. So he did. A few days later he published photos of Celestine admiring some of the outfits, on a very famous rumour website. He was sure the information would get to her on the grapevine; he had made sure to include the photo credits so that she would know it was his work.

Hello! a seductive voice said when he answered an unknown number on his phone the evening of the same day that he had put the photos up. This is Celestine. I loved the photos so much that I visited your website to see your work. What do you do with the photos after they are taken? They look really special!

Jim was very pleased with the opening of that conversation. I do some light editing before delivering the results.

I do not remember seeing any photos as good as yours, including the Kempinski ones of me. By the simple device of a bottle of wine, a lens and editing software Jim had entered Celestines circles. They took to each other instantly so that they would have appeared in myriad publications, websites and news channels had it not been for Jims work taking him to other counties to capture events for posterity. He did once see his cousin Steve, the branch manager of one of the large banks in the City, in a picture of a recent wedding, in Celestines circle. He was mildly surprised that the man in the photo looked so much like him, a fact he had never before appreciated.

Celestine invited him to her residence on Riverside Drive for a party several times before he found himself her lover. Their attraction for each other boiled over in a very short time. My time is running out fast, and I have no child to call my own.

Your parents would never approve of me as your husband.

Whos talking husbands here?

Oh? Jim was speechless.

I want a baby with you, but I have no wish to enter the primitive arrangements that my parents generation worship. You will get to know your child, but that does not mean you have to provide for her needs.

They were on mommys girl porno her queen-sized bed, wet with exertions of their last sexual romp. This was all too new to him, yet it excited something deep inside him.

His cock, beginning to slump, stood up again ready to deliver the sweet blow. He turned her over, kneeled behind her, held onto her buttocks for stability and speared her cunt from behind, like a randy dog. He slid in on his previous discharge right up to the hilt. She screamed her renewed pleasure at this. He had discovered that she liked it fast and furious, which unfortunately took him over the edge in scant minutes. It was the same this time. She came loudly and wetly, fortunately only a few seconds before him.


The DNA investigation shows that the baby was fathered by both men, which is plainly impossible. The only logical conclusion is that the two are brothers, said Dr Ichangi to the gathered family members.

Impossible! erupted Steves father, Walter. Then he caught his sister-in-law Florences eye, and a strange expression crossed his face. Simon, Florences husband caught the look and turned his gaze to Pauline, Walters wife. The doctor saw the flash of looks from one to the other, and the resulting expression looking somewhat like guilt, or maybe puzzlement. He was unable to tell which it was, but was sure there was a fascinating tale behind it.


Twenty-six years earlier

Simon loved Pauline with all his heart. He promised himself that as soon as he landed a job with the Government, or the Railways, he would marry her. But it bothered him that another member of their fellowship, named Walter, was also nosing around Mzees Barrys household. He was already working with the Ministry of Health as a pharmacist so had some advantage. Simon was quite confident of working for the Railways since his marathon running prowess had gained him recognition when the recruiting agents had come to his school. They did not tell him the results, but he had a strong feeling he would be picked. He need not have worried about Walter; he had his sights on the younger girl, Florence.

Sure enough, before term ended, at the end of November a letter arrived for him. He would start training at the Railway Training School in January. But the following month, he learnt that Mzee Barry had hit the roof one evening about Walter being found in the coffee plantation with his daughter Pauline. He told the young people that he was not ready to be humiliated by Pauline becoming pregnant due to their secret rendezvous. And on his own farm, too!

How many times have you done this shameful act? he demanded. Walter tried to protest that the Lord whom he served would not allow him to commit such a deed. That moved Mzee not a bit. In fact the incidence of being caught in the coffee plantation was nothing more than meeting Pauline on his way in, and they had stopped to wish each other a good evening. Walter had intended to visit the family and in the midst of it all, unseen by Mzee or his wife, snatch a moment to speak to his beloved Florence. He tried to tell this to the furious old man but was cut short cruelly; Mzee insisted that he weds her in a month.

But Father, we do not have money to have a church wedding like you would want! pleaded Pauline.

Keep quiet, girl! roared her father. I will arrange with the minister to keep the ceremony simple. In fact I have decided it will be the second Saturday of January.”

And so it was done. Simon thought Pauline looked desolate that she was getting married before she was ready. He well knew that had it been himself caught in the coffee trees with his beloved, the same fate would have befallen him. What would he have done with a bride, without a job, he asked himself, trembling with horror at the thought.

Florence was only two years younger than Pauline, but they were so alike that the idea of switching began playing at the edges of his conscience. Sure, Florence was almost more beautiful than Pauline, but he had no clue whether she would accept his suit. Meanwhile he had reported to the Railway Training School in the first week. He was enjoying his studies on the development of the Railways in Kenya. At the end of the month he received his student stipend, astonishing him with its size. True enough he had earlier been told of the amount but when he held it in his hands, an exhilaration seized him, and he ran and jumped in sheer excitement. Let Mzee force me to marry now!

Instantly his heart fell when he remembered his sweetheart Pauline, now living with her husband some 160 km away. She could not even visit her family because it was so far, there was hardly any transport from there, and when there was, it cost too much for the young people. Walter would wonder whether she was mad demanding such an amount when they were barely surviving on his meager earnings. Simon saw all this in his minds eye.

He wondered about her fathers insistence that Walter momsbangteens porno had fucked Pauline among the coffee trees. He was eager to see if a baby would show up on time. But Walters letter informed the family that their son Anthony was born on 25th November, rather than early September if Mzee was indeed correct. Simon rejoiced secretly that his Pauline had not betrayed him. Maybe she still had feelings for him and that may have been why she was so sad on her wedding day.

An offshoot of this abundance was that Florence looked at him differently. She seemed to enjoy his visits more than before. She was a teacher in the local school, and had recently been given extra responsibilities. But then disaster struck. Her mother sickened and died unexpectedly. After the funeral, Mzee decreed that Florence must now take on the responsibilities of her mother, in addition to her work. Her brother and two sisters were still at school, so she must look after them and the home.

When he got to his quarters, he stamped around in frustration. Twice mysterious forces had thwarted him. He decided he had had it with girls and immersed himself in his studies. The political situation in the country went against people of his tribe, with the colonial powers taking out their fury on that tribe for fomenting trouble. Thousands had been thrown into detention camps while many others had died cruel deaths. There was a band of guerillas fighting from the forests, further muddying the waters.

Three years passed in this way, during which time Florences brother finished his schooling. The two sisters were almost done, too. Simon had managed to buy himself a second-hand car lifting his esteem in the old mans eyes immensely. Florence must have noticed this increasing respect that her father paid him, and it fueled her own admiration for a man who had raised himself so much higher than ordinary boys of her age. She herself went to school on her own bicycle. So when he approached her she was far more amenable than at the death of her mother. They married in August of the following year, nearly four years after he had put off his suit of her.


It was inevitable that Walters young family would visit Florences sister who was after all, closest to her in age. It turned out to be an electric event. Pauline danced around her house on seeing her sister climbing out of her husbands car. Sheer joy took possession of her and she hugged Florence almost desperately. When it came the turn of Simon she could clutch at him with strength without alarming anybody. But still some electrical energy passed between them, who had loved each other some eight years before.

Walter took advantage of the situation to draw Florence to his chest. His love for her in his young days came to the fore; she clutched him back more forcefully than a sister-in-law would. In the event Pauline had turned out to be a good wife but Mzees panic as he saw it, had landed him with her rather than Florence. He even suspected the old man would have forced Simon to marry first because Pauline was the older one, or else force Walter to marry Pauline (as he did), if Simon was not ready to get married, as they all knew he was not yet employed. Whatever, Florence would never have been allowed to get married before her older sibling.

The two men greeted each other civilly, but it left Simon confused as he had been expecting to see, in Walters look, knowledge of what he had done to him many years before. On his part, Walter looked for signs of resentment on Simons face for taking his intended away, but instead saw a querying look which he did not quite understand. Pauline welcomed them into her little house, but found her panty was wet. She was unable to say whether it was the excitement of seeing her relatives after so long, or it was due to hugging her old flame.

The hosts sat next to each other on a low seat, while the visitors were placed on another one facing them. Of course this brought Simon face to face with Pauline, while Walter could see Florences every facial expression. The host went to the kitchen to prepare a small repast, leaving her husband to make small talk with his perceived rival, while Florence took desultory part in the conversation.

What crops do people plant here? I thought I saw some coffee plantations as we came, Simon asked to head the conversation onto tame topics.

In his deep voice, Walter said, Yes, we do have some coffee, but bananas, maize, potatoes and beans also do well at this altitude. To our north, as you get closer to the mountain, tea also thrives.

What mountain? asked Florence, a surprised frown on her face.

Her husband almost berated her, but remembered on time that Mount Kenya could not have been visible to them on the way. To keep things civil before Pauline came back, he said gently, We are on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya here.

Walter, glad for an opportunity to talk about his native land added, Not far from here, one can join the road to monsters of cock porno Embu which lies east of the mountain, go on to Meru, north of the mountain. Further on the road circles the mountain to Nanyuki, to the west of the mountain.

Florence quick to apprehend this, asked, Can one then return to this place after a circuit of the mountain?

Pauline who had overheard everything from the kitchen was just coming in through the door. Yes, you can. Walter has been promising to take me on that circuit when he buys a car. Instead he has given me three sons. And she fixed him with a mock irritation, causing him to show his very white teeth in a smile.

She set the food on the low table and served each one. Thank you Pauline! said Simon sincerely.

That goes for both of us, smiled Florence.

Next time you must give us some notice of your coming. This is a land of plenty yet now we cannot offer you much because you took us by surprise.

The visitors hastened to assure her they “could not ask for better than this.”

Suddenly, Pauline always the feisty one, asked, How is the Mzee?

He is very fine. I think he has gotten used to being a widower. But some reports claim he seeks a bride to keep him company on cold nights! said Simon, a little resentment creeping into his voice.

He certainly caused crossed lines with his daughters, said Florence, her brows knitted with some irritation . An ominous quiet settled over the room.

Simon was puzzled. What do you mean? he asked his wife. Walter looked from one to the other, not sure what was coming.

Pauline said, We did not understand what was happening when he insisted on a wedding in a matter of weeks. But later on I saw that he was in a panic. He feared for his reputation, if his daughter became pregnant, while unmarried. The scandal would have killed him, I think. That is why I forgave him long ago.

But we had only just said good evening to each other when Mzees friend Githieya came upon us. He yelled his alarm, probably seeking to protect his friends reputation, and Mzee heard his cries. So there we were, caught between the two old men, in a dark secluded part of the path, looking for all purposes as if we had selected the spot by design, supplied Walter.

Wait a minute! We all believed you two had been caught in flagrante delicto! almost shouted Simon.

Florence allowed her pent-up emotions to pour out. I saw Walter as a dirty scoundrel, who betrayed me with my own sister. Come to think of it, I didn’t feel very kindly about you, sister!

Pauline’s hand flew to her mouth, and Simon was looking at his wife strangely. He had had no idea up to this point of Walters suit of the younger girl.

Pauline sought to clear the air. We had not touched each other apart from our hands in greeting!

The four sat in silence digesting these truths. Finally Walter being the oldest among them, and furthermore the host, sought a solution. How could this can of worms be sealed again? I guess its too late to go back to each our beloved because church weddings have been performed, a legal contract signed, and we now have three sons. History cannot be rewound.

Yet the old loves are still smouldering. I saw how Simon and Pauline embraced each other,” Florence said slowly, with no trace of jealousy in her voice.

Ha, look who is talking! Everyone here is witness to your warm embrace of Walter! said Pauline. This brought much laughter all round. She was the first to cross the floor and hug Simon in a most unsisterly fashion. Walter looked from his wife to Florence, whose face was all invitation. He took a few steps but Florence was already on her way; they met midway. Thus the worms crawled out of the can all over the floor!

The little boys, Steve 3 months old, Mark 5 years and Anthony 7, met their “Aunty” and “Uncle” for the first time. Steve would never remember this event, only learning about later it by hearing it described to him. Simon played ball games with the two older ones in the small grass patch outside the house. Pauline took a minute to watch them admiringly; thinking how it could so easily have been his and her sons he was playing with. She turned into the house with resignation.


What a wonderful idea you had of coming to visit us! exclaimed Walter that evening. They had come to the agreement that Simon and Florence would not drive back that evening but would stay the night. It was further agreed that after the wonderful afternoon of finding each other again, they would spend with their original loves from eight years ago. In each of their minds, right after laying the blame for their separation at Mzee’s door, was thankfulness that it was only one of mere miles, because the two women were bound together by blood ties. That bond had remained alive, resulting in the reunion that afternoon.

Neither was the separation going to rear its ugly head ever again especially since they would hereafter be open to their spouses about hankering after an old flame. Little did they know that two of the children born after this date could have been fathered by either of the two men, which would boil over into a crisis of major proportions. Jealousy among the women would not even arise, being sisters who were close in age and outlook.

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