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Sleepover at Shelly’s

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Alaina Dawson

01 The Sleepover

To be honest I was a little nervous as we headed back to Shelly’s place. We had been fucking for about three months and things couldn’t have been better. She was young, beautiful, fun and she didn’t push me for any relationship commitment. Best of all she had a libido to match my perverted sex drive. Even with her limited experience she was up for almost anything.

Her parents, Malcolm and Annie we’re cool too. We had been to dinner with them and it felt more like going out with friends and not my girlfriend’s late forties parents. They didn’t even seem to have any issue with the fact I was older than Shelly, (at 29 I was over ten years her senior) or that she was one of my undergraduate students in her first year of university. She wasn’t the first student I had fucked, but she was the first whose parents I had met. So the thought of spending the night with her at their house was a little daunting. Sure they had said it was ok, but still it was going to be kinda weird fucking their 18-year-old princess in her childhood room while they were in bed just across the hallway.

It was some relief that they had already gone to bed when we got back to the house and all was quiet as we sneaked upstairs and passed their closed bedroom door and into Shelly’s room.

“I feel like a teenager again,” I whispered as I slid my hand up her inner thigh. She parted her legs slightly as my hand moved higher, my finger softly tracing along her panty-covered slit.

Shelly put her hands on my chest and kissed my mouth, her tongue sliding across mine. “I feel like a naughty little girl,” she giggled and fluttered her eyelashes as her hand slid down my body to rub my growing cock through my jeans.

I looked in her brown eyes and smiled, “I think its time you started sucking some cock then, don’t you? Naughty girl.” She obediently dropped to her knees and unbuttoned my fly, slowly stroking my fat member as it hardened to the sensation of her warm wet tongue lapping at the base of my cock head. She looked up giving me the cutest innocent look as she slowly licked and kissed her way down my meaty shaft. “That’s it baby, worship my cock, show me how much you love it.” My voice was soft, conscious of her parents sleeping across the hall.

I sighed in pleasure, taking her ponytail in my hand, pulling her head onto me as she took my cock in her mouth. Leaning back against the door breaking from her gaze I looked around the bedroom. It was a mess, clothes strewn across the floor. With the exception of the double bed, nothing about this room looked adult. The walls were painted soft pink and covered in pictures of Shelly and her friends, pouting and posing for the camera trying to look grown up despite the fact they were in their school uniforms, hair in ribbons. This was not an adult room. It was the room of a private school girl who had only finished school just a few months earlier. It was the room of the girl who was on her knees in front of me, her hand now under her short dress, rubbing her pussy through her panties as she slobbered all over my throbbing cock.

I looked down at her and smiled as I yanked down the front of her strapless dress freeing her perky b-cup tits. “You’re just a dirty cock sucking slut aren’t you Shell?” She nodded and stared back at me in lust, saliva dribbling down her chin. Maybe it was a result of her privileged upbringing, but she loved it when I talked dirty to her and the more degrading the language the more she got turned on. I slid my spit covered cock from her mouth and slapped her face playfully with the heavy meat as she continued to rub her slit. “Is your fuckhole wet baby?” I spoke softly.

“Uh huh,” she nodded and replied in a cutesy voice, “It’s soaking wet.”

I cock slapped her again. “Then you better get on the bed hadn’t you? You little fuck piggy. Get on the bed and show me that fat ass of yours.”

Her ass wasn’t fat, but it was big. Through years of horse riding and gymnastics training she had developed beautiful solid thighs and one of the perfect teen booties I had ever seen. It was the sort of ass that rooms full of eyes would follow as she walked past. It was the sort of ass that would mean she would have a lifetime of guys fucking her from behind and it had never looked better than now as she climbed onto her bed, on all fours. Looking back at me over her shoulder as she slid her short black dress up over her waist, her thighs slightly parted as she arched her butt into the air presenting herself to me.

“Are you going to fuck me like a puppy dog?” She cooed as I slid off my T-shirt and stepped out of my jeans. With my cock in my hand I moved behind her, easing the crotch of her pink lace thong to the side to expose her smooth hairless pussy and puckered pink ass hole. Pre cum oozed from the engorged head as I rubbed it along her moist slit.

“Aren’t you going to say please Shelly? I thought they would have taught you some manners at school,” I teased her.

She arched her back more, pushing her ass up further and still looking back over her shoulder at me. türbanlı porno “Pweaaaase fuck me,” she whimpered in that little girl voice that drives me wild. “Pweaaase make me your widdle fuck piggy.”

I didn’t need to be asked again and holding her round butt cheeks in my hands I pushed forward, my thick cock snaking into her tight juicy pussy as it stretched open to take me.

“Ooh fuck your cock feels amazing,” she moaned as she bucked back against me making the bed squeak loudly. Lost in the moment she was clearly forgetting or not caring that if her parents could hear us there would be no mystery about what we were doing. I was so worked up that I was starting to care less about her parents but still tried to keep the noise down as I fucked her in a slow, deep piston motion, trying to keep the bed from squeaking with each thrust.

Shelly was still moaning but more softly now as she reached back between her legs to fondle my balls and rub her clit. Keeping this slow, steady rhythm, the shaft of my cock glistened with her creamy juices and her legs trembled, a sure sign she was getting close. I was getting close too, but I was enjoying this too much to let it finish just yet.

Reaching forward I held her chin in my hand. “Are you going to cum baby? Are you going to cum while I fuck you like a dog? While I fuck you like the dirty little fucktoy that you are?” All she could do was mumble a reply as I pushed my thumb to the back of her mouth making her gag. Her pussy tightened and her legs trembled more as I brought my hand back and pushed my spit covered thumb into her tight anus. Shelly’s body spasm in orgasm and she buried her face into the bed moaning and whimpering in pleasure, her quivering pussy so hot and wet on my cock and her asshole squeezing on my thumb.

“Baby that was soooooo good,” she sighed as I kept my cock buried deep in her pussy and worked my thumb in slow circles in her anus.

Leaning forward I licked her ear and whispered, “I haven’t finished with you yet, you fat ass slut. You’ve got one more fuckhole I want to use.”

I popped my thumb from her butthole and brought it to her mouth where she hungrily sucked on it. “Mm-mm yummy” she sighed. My cock was so hard it ached as I withdrew it from her soaking wet cunt and pressed the engorged head to her pretty little sphincter.

I had taken her anal virginity the second time I fucked her. I remember the tears in her eyes as she orgasmed, bent over my desk, her shorts and panties around her ankles and my cock stretching her ass hole open. In the months since then she had developed into a good little butt slut with her tight little hole learning to easily accept my long thick cock. I would fuck that delicious ass every chance I got.

Tonight as I pushed the head past her ring she was already pushing back like a bitch in heat. I held still as her anus slid down the greasy shaft of my cock and her warm squishy bowels engulfed me. “That’s it Shell, wank me with your ass hole Make me cum inside you,” I groaned at the sight of this big firm teen booty taking my cock deep in its tight fuckhole. My cock throbbed from the tightness of her ass and the heat of her insides as I thrust the full length deep inside and when I felt her wet pussy lips kiss my ball sack I was beyond the point of no return.

“Yes baby” she whimpered as I let out a deep groan and unloaded gush after gush of my warm seed into her waiting bowels.

I sighed Collapsing on top of her as her ass milked the last of my cum. “I can’t wait for tomorrow,” she cooed still grinding her big butt back against me.

“Me to Shell, me too,” I whispered, my cock stirring at the thought of what we had planned.

02 Meet the Parents (One week earlier)

“We need to get going Shell, we don’t want to keep them waiting.” I scooped a thick dollop of spunk from her chin and fed it to her with my finger. She looked up at me passionately as she sucked my finger clean. “You’re such a good little cum bunny.” I smiled, taking her hand in mine and helping her up from her knees.

She was dressed casually, but still looked sexy as always. A fitted white T-shirt highlighted her tanned skin and showed off her perky breasts. (She had told me she had been completely flat until she was 16, so two years on her freshly blossomed tits still had a very youthful pert, puffiness to them that always made my cock stir.) The curves of her strong thighs and round ass we’re accentuated perfectly by her tight jeans and black high heels. She was wearing the same jeans on the first morning she walked into my class, and like that day her hair was pulled back from her gorgeous face in a ponytail. She had the ass of a porn star and the face of a school girl and more days than not I was shoving my hard cock into both.

Shelly had arranged for me to meet her parents, she had told them about me and they wanted to “get to know her new man”. She and her mum we’re very close and apparently they chatted about “everything”. When she had told me this I wasn’t sure just how much was included in “everything”.

We türk porno were to meet at a casual restaurant near the university and near my apartment. As we strolled down the street hand in hand I smiled to myself wondering how much she had really told her mum. Had she told her how in the time since she had started University she had developed from a “good girl” into the depraved fucktoy of one of her professors? How she had left school only having fumbling sex a few times with her first and only boyfriend and now was she would eagerly give herself to whatever perversion I was in the mood for?

“Hi Daddy, Hi Mummy,” Shelly hugged and kissed her parents, her breath fresh with the scent of my cum.

“Nice to meet you,” I put out my hand to Malcolm. A fit man in his late forties, tailored shirt and chinos, he was dressed like a typical off duty banker or lawyer. I actually didn’t know what he did, but whatever it was it was clear he had done well out of it. I turned to Shelly’s mum and placing my hand on her hip I leaned in and softly kissed her lips, “and nice to meet you Annie.” I’m sure she blushed as I held her gaze.

One look at Annie and you could see were Shelly got her prettiness from. Annie was stunning. She shared her daughters complexion and dark hair. Though Annie’s hair was shorter and unlike Shelly’s dark brown eyes, Annie’s were bright blue. When she smiled they sparkled with a girlish cheekiness. She was wearing a low-cut, sleeveless top and white tailored shorts that many women ten years younger would struggle to get away with. At 48, she was in incredible shape for her age, her body was more petite than Shelly’s, slimmer hips and thighs but lovely full tits and a deep cleavage lightly spotted with freckles. Her outfit was completed by single string of simple but expensive looking pearls.

We walked inside, Shelly walking ahead with her dad with Annie and I following. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Shelly speaks very highly of you. Apparently you’re the big man on campus.” She grinned.

I laughed, “I wouldn’t call myself that, I’m just a junior professor that gets on well with his students, and Shelly’s a very enthusiastic student.” I wondered if Annie had any idea how “enthusiastic” her fuckdoll of a daughter was.

We took our seats and continued to chat. I sat beside Annie, Shelly opposite me next to her dad. The conversation flowed easily and I couldn’t help but flirt with Shelly’s mum. I’ve learned from experience with mature women that you can get away with being very forward and quite blatant. I placed my hand on Annie’s knee under the table, “You know Shelly didn’t tell me you were a complete MILF.” Shelly giggled and Malcolm chuckled. He was a relaxed guy and seemed to enjoy his wife lapping up the attention.

Annie laughed along with the rest of the table then, looking quite embarrassed, asked meekly, “What’s a MILF?”

“You’re such a dork Mum!” teased Shelly.

“It’s an acronym dear” said Malcolm in slightly patronising tone.

“For what?” asked Annie, feeling very silly.

My hand was still on her knee and I let it slip a little higher, “It’s an acronym for; Mum. I would. Like to.” I paused and looked across at Shelly who was giggling almost uncontrollably. Malcolm was laughing too. Looking back to Annie I continued, repeating myself “Mum I would like to,” pausing again, “be Friends with.” I smiled looking in her eyes.

Annie still looking puzzled as she thought it through. Then as she worked it out, her eyes lit up and she squealed with shocked, excitement. “Oh my! That’s, that’s,” she was almost lost for words, “that’s so naughty!”

“Naughty, but true.” I winked at her and slid my hand to her inner thigh

“Yeah Mum, you’re a total MILF” said Shelly.

“Yes dear you are” agreed Malcolm still chuckling a little.

Annie sat smiling loving the attention, “OK then, I’m a MILF and I’m proud of it!”

The evening continued along these lines, lots of chat, lots of laughter, the conversation laced with double entendres as I shamelessly flirted with Annie (and felt her up under the table). I even got so bold as to complimented her on how “nice she looked with a pearl necklace” and “how much Malcolm must have enjoyed giving it to her.” Everyone had laughed, though I’m not sure if Annie caught on. For all her classy sophistication she was incredibly naïve and like her daughter she seemed very compliant.

We stayed late into the evening and my hand had become a permanent fixture on Annie’s toned thigh. If she was uncomfortable with it she didn’t show it and if Malcolm was aware he didn’t show it either. Or he didn’t care that my hand and was now nestled snugly at the top of his wife’s leg, the side of my fingers rubbing her mature pussy through the soft cotton of her shorts. To add to the craziness of the situation Shelly had taken off her shoe and was rubbing my cock through my jeans with her foot, a sure sign that the little minx was as horny as I was. I knew I wasn’t going to get to fuck Annie, but I sure as hell would be filling her daughters tight holes türkçe alt yazı porno with my aching cock. I called for the bill.

Finishing up we said our farewells. I shook Malcolm’s hand and he head off to fetch the car. As I kissed Annie goodbye I let my lips linger and my hand slid around to rest on the side of her ass. “I’m sure you two won’t be sleeping for a while,” she winked.

“You could always join us Annie.” I (half) joked.

“Baby!!!” squealed Shelly.

“Oh you are a naughty boy” scolded Annie and gave me a playful slap on the butt. I think the two glasses of wine she had was going to her head. She was clearly blushing and was trying to compose herself when Malcolm pulled up in their Range Rover. She kissed Shelly goodbye, “have a lovely night princess.”

“Oh my god, I think my Mum is totally in love with you” exclaimed Shelly excitedly as we took the short walk back to my place, “she’s was like a giggling school girl.”

I placed my hand on the small of her back, then slid it down to squeeze her big ass. “I don’t think its love Shelly, I think your mum just needs a good hard fuck” I grinned.

Shelly bit her bottom lip looked up at me, “You are sooooo bad baby! She’s my mum!”

“Yeah, so?” I continued “She probably loves sucking cock as much as you do. She probably loves a nice deep ass fuck as much as you do.” As I spoke I pushed my fingers firmly against her asshole, pressuring it through her jeans, causing her to let out a soft involuntary sigh of pleasure.

“She probably doesn’t even know how amazing that feels.” Shelly said softy, her voice was just above a whisper, like she was more thinking it than saying it. I could tell by the look in her eyes that her sweet little pussy was hot and wet. It was the reaction I had wanted.

When we reached my apartment I excused myself to get changed. It felt so good to release my cock from the confines of my jeans, it had been in a state of semi arousal throughout the evening and my balls were churning with that creamy syrup that Shelly had learned to love so much. I stripped off and put on a short silk robe, tied loosely at the front. It had been given to me by another one of my students who had joked it as my “Hugh Hefner” robe. I liked the tacky sleaziness of it and it was the perfect thing to slip on if I was entertaining one of my students.

When I returned to the room Shelly had stripped down to just a tiny leopard print thong and her high heels. “You’re a well trained cum bunny aren’t you?” I said as I approached. She had a flicker of vulnerability and embarrassment in her eyes as I inspected her young body with my gaze. Her dark pink puffy nipples standing erect, her tanned belly with just the tiniest hint of baby fat curving down into the tiny triangle of fabric that barely covered her smooth mound. “And such a sexy piece of fuckmeat,” I sighed in approval and walked across to sit down in my favourite leather armchair.

I slowly opened my robe, my semi hard cock rested heavy on my thigh. “I think it’s time for dessert don’t you Shell? Take off your panties and bring those yummy holes over here.” I instructed. Obediently she slid her panties to her ankles and eased them off over her shoes. Her hips swayed as she walked over to me, her panties in her hands. “Do they smell good? you dirty little girl,” I asked as she stood naked in front of me.

She brought her panties to her face, breathing deeply inhaling her own sweet young scent. “They smell delicious baby,” came her soft reply as she looked in my eyes, her tongue tracing along the crotch of her dirty panties tasting her own juices.

I patted the arms of the plush chair, “then you better let me taste those delicious little holes of yours.” Shelly obediently obliged. She climbed onto the chair, on all fours, hands and knees on the wide armrests, her legs apart. She was completely exposed. Her moist pussy and precious asshole level with my face. My hands sliding up the back of her firm thighs as she took my cock in her hand. “You’ve got such a pretty little cunt Shell,” I groaned as I squeezed the bald pink lips between my thumb and forefinger, softly kissing the puffy outer lips.

“Oh baby,” was all she could mutter as my mouth trailed higher placing my lips in a circle around her anus. I softly sucked the tight little ring as I pushed two fingers into her molten hot pussy. She kissed and licked the head of my throbbing cock, still holding her wet panties in her hand. I probed her with my fingers as my tongue slid over her puckered hole. Her breathing was heavy and she let out soft whimper of pleasure as I tongue kissed her delicious 18 year old asshole. For my plan to work, I knew I had got her worked up so much that she couldn’t think straight, and when my thumb started rubbing her clit she was already on the brink of her first orgasm of the night.

My fingers slid easily back and forth in her pussy with the same steady rhythm that I was rubbing her clit and tonguing her ass. The tip of my tongue slipped past her sphincter as I reached forward with my other hand to push the back of her head and started to thrust into her mouth. Her body was shuddering and she was pushing her big ass back on my face. All she could do was let out muffled moans of pleasure as she climaxed with my fat cock relentlessly fucking her pretty mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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